The Stunning Princess of Crossing

"Four days ago, some of them went to the Red Chamber in Chuan and gave them a large sum of money, saying that they wanted to take five girls back to their residence. I happened to be in the Red Chamber at that time, and I felt that they were all tall and had hidden kungfu.". Although reckless, he was very disciplined and did not look like an ordinary person, so I sent someone to follow him. As a result, he disappeared under the mountain range. Two days later, the girls who had gone out had not returned, so I was in a hurry and went around to make inquiries in person. It was not until yesterday evening that I learned from a farmer that there were people on the mountain, and all of them were big men. Early this morning, I pretended to be a woodcutter to go up, but I was driven down. After walking around the mountain for most of the time, I found a path behind the mountain. After I went up, I found that it was actually a military camp. At a rough estimate, there should be twenty thousand people. The man who was called fifteen said a lot. I'm afraid those girls are doomed. Ruan Hongqiao said bitterly. Fifteen, lead the way. Yan Li said in a deep voice. "Well, childe, Wang Ye, you must be careful, there is a swamp ahead." Small 15 said then toward one side, Ruan Hongqiao and others hurried to follow up. Rustling rustling rustling followed behind little fifteen,Whirlpool bathtub, shuttling through the waist-high grass for a long time before he came to a knife-like cliff. By the glimmer of the hundred-year-old clam beads on the sword of the phoenix dance, the four of them could see clearly what the path said by Xiao 15 looked like. In fact, it is an exaggeration to say that it is a path, which is just a narrow road that can only stand with feet together. Little 15 took the lead in stepping up, only to see his chest against the cliff, his hands holding the twigs on the cliff, slowly moving forward. Ruan Hongqiao followed him up and walked slowly forward in the manner of Little Fifteen. Ah- "Fu Wanyi shouted in a low voice,endless swimming pool, which startled Xiao 15. Fortunately, Ruan Hongqiao held him up quickly and did not fall down." What's wrong Yan Li asked softly. I stepped in a depression. Fu Wanyi said in disgust, "Han Xiao, give me a hand." Just speak kung fu, Fu Wanyi has fallen down a large section. Yan Li and Han Xiao took him by the hand and pulled him up for a long time. Be careful, everyone. It's too dangerous here. Ruan Hongqiao said with concern. Uh Several people answered in unison. The more you climb up, the more the narrow path shakes. Several people were frightened to the top of the mountain, and it was already an hour later. By the light from below, they found that their position was actually a small hill. Several people crawled on the hill, watching the lower part of the valley, only to see the broad terrain below, huge tents one after another, stretching a large area, like a long line of white steamed buns, can not see the end. Now it is Hai Shi, best whirlpool tub ,jacuzzi bath spa, but there is still a team of ten people carrying lanterns patrolling back and forth, you can imagine how careful they are. When the patrol was far away, Ruan Hongqiao whispered, "Yan Li and I are together, and Xiao 15, Han Xiao and Brother Fu are together. We will meet here in half an hour. Be careful not to frighten the snake." "I know." Two teams of five men groped their way to the lighted tents in the east and west respectively. Ruan Hongqiao two people to the east of the tent behind, because close to the mountain wall, but it is an easy place to escape. Master He, thank you for your hard work. It's so late, and I have to bother you to come up the mountain in person. Here, have a toast. It was the voice of a man who sounded about thirty. "Master He?" Asked Yan Li? Is it He Tianyao? "It's possible. Keep listening." "Well, your master is kind to me, and that's nothing." Sure enough, it was He Tianyao's voice! "Eh?"? Master He is so capable. Do you still need help from others? "Well, it's a long story. At that time, I was chased by a sworn enemy. Fortunately, I met your master and helped me escape the disaster." "Oh, most of us here are bandits in Jianghu, and we have been blessed by our masters to avoid the days of adding blood to the edge of the knife." "Keep the army for a thousand days and fight for a while. Your master said that he would rise up on the tenth day of the next month. When it's done, you, Yang Meng, must hold the post of General Jianwei." "Ha ha ha ha, I didn't expect that I would have a chance to be a general because of my reckless background.".
"After Yang Meng took a sip of wine, he continued," As long as the master gives the order, twenty thousand of us here will guard the car for the master! Even if I lose my life. "Well, he is a real man!"! I, He Tianyao, admire a hero like you most in my body. Come on, I propose a toast to you. "I hope the master will soon wear a yellow robe and trample the dog emperor Yanjing under his feet." When Yan Li heard this burst of blood boiling, Ruan Hongqiao pressed his shoulder and said, "Don't bother." "Mmm." Yan Li answered unwillingly. At that moment, there was a noise from the lighted tent in the west. Yan Li and Ruan Hongqiao looked at each other and said, "Have Han Xiao discovered them?" "I don't know." Ruan Hongqiao said, pulling Yan Li to jump on the hill behind him, ready to act according to circumstances. What's wrong? Did someone come up? Yang Meng rushed out of the tent and shouted, "What happened?" The other tents heard the loud roar and lit the lights one after another. A small soldier ran over, bowed and said, "General, a woman in a brothel kicked and wounded a small sergeant who wanted to run away and was hacked to death by a random knife." Damn it, throw her down the cliff, so as not to stain her eyes. Let's all go to sleep and stop it. Yang fiercely swore back to the tent. Yes These animals! Ruan Hongqiao was indignant in her heart. No need to guess, the tent over there must be the JI battalion they set up, and the girls in that battalion must have been recruited from the Red Chamber. It was not until it was quiet everywhere that Ruan Hongqiao and others went down the hill the same way. Fifteen, next time someone goes to the Red Chamber to invite a girl, don't let any of them go. If anyone dares to make trouble,hot tub wholesale, he will be killed without mercy! Ruan Hongqiao pinched her hands with a click. Yes Little 15 felt a burst of sadness in his heart, remembering that he had just watched the girl in the Red Chamber naked and bloody, and that they could not come to the rescue.