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In order not to let Ling find them, Yu Tian and Su Zijun returned to the human world, but at this time the human world has entered the interstellar age, to the vast unknown universe among the stars. After Su Zijun and Yu Tian got an identity certificate, they settled down in a small city. The two of them opened a bookstore here. They read books and basked in the sun every day. They lived a leisurely life. Fortunately, the more powerful the powers are, the longer their life span will be. So after Su Zijun and Yu Tian opened a bookstore here for hundreds of years, they still look young, and people who have lived here for a long time naturally know the identity of their powers. Su Zijun and Yu Tian lived here for more than a thousand years. Later, when spaceships could be purchased privately by citizens, they spent a lot of money to buy a few. Even the energy for spaceships to fly, they bought enough to use for hundreds of years. Fortunately, today's spaceships, in addition to special energy, can also be replaced by wood crystal, this time, Su Zijun thousands of years of collection of countless wood crystal will have a place to play. On a sunny morning, Su Zijun and Yu Tian left the planet in a spaceship and went straight to the vast sky. After that, all the creatures in the human and demon realms never saw them again, and no one knew where they had gone, whether they had died outside or were still roaming in the universe. The spaceship management center of the human world has never received the damage information of the five spaceships purchased by Su Zijun and the two of them, which has created another unknown mystery in human history. And where did Su Zijun,5 person hot tub, who left the human planet, go? It turned out that after leaving the planet inhabited by human beings, they flew out of this small galaxy. After that, they went to countless planets, some of which had life, some of which were dead. But without exception, no planet has intelligent life, except where they set out. Travel in the universe can be said to be very boring, after all,endless swim spa, a sudden look at the stars in the universe, feel quite shocking, quite beautiful. But after looking at it for a long time, in fact, it's just like that. It's really no big deal. Only Su Zijun and the two of them were on the huge spaceship, and all the planets along the way had no intelligent life. Although some have complete biospheres, ranging from top predators to single-celled organisms, they are all instinctive. Once upon a time, Yutian also wanted to help them open their minds, so that these creatures could have spiritual wisdom and become orcs in another sense. But as it turned out, he failed. This time, they came to a living planet. It was a beautiful blue planet, bluer than the one they had set out on. Almost ninety-nine percent of it is made up of the blue sea, and there are countless marine organisms in the whole world, which are much more prosperous than the ocean in the human world. Here, massage bathtub manufacturers ,whirlpool hot tub, they saw the legendary creature of the human world, the mermaid. But these mermaids just have the same appearance, and they are no different from other fish. They have no language of their own, let alone words. Their whole life is just for survival. May be similar in size, when Su Zijun and Yu Tian came to this planet, they were not attacked by the mermaid, but aroused the curiosity of the mermaid. Boring Royal Heaven, when he saw the mermaid, finally found his own entertainment activities besides sauce brewing. That is to guide mermaids to think, so that they can produce wisdom and become wise creatures. Royal Heaven uses the human method of child enlightenment, combined with clairvoyance, as well as the tips of the orcs. After three years of hard work, the mermaid was finally able to speak some simple words and understand some simple instructions from the Royal Heaven. Although in fact, it is almost the same as a child of about ten years old, but the Royal Heaven, which has failed too many times, now has no requirements at all. Are you really going to snub me for these mermaids? Su Zijun will sit on the boat of the royal day to play horizontal pick up, regardless of his struggle, directly back to the spaceship bedroom, will be pressed under the body, full of plaintive asked.
I spend twenty-four hours a day, ten of which are spent in bed with you, and ten of which are spent elsewhere with you. Where do you think I left you out? And you didn't think I was annoying before, and then you threw me into bed to educate me. Why aren't you happy now that I don't bother you? Yu Tian asked knowingly and said. In fact, Su Zijun before is just deliberately looking for an excuse to do something that husband should do, who would have thought, now actually lift a rock only to drop it on his own feet. But it doesn't matter, if there is any problem between husband and wife, it will be better to sleep, so they should sleep well! If there is anything, we will talk about it tomorrow! Then, under the control of Su Zijun's mind, the light in the bedroom of the spaceship became dim, and only a hazy halo could be seen. This light may not be clear to others, but it is just right for Su Zijun and Yu Tian, both ambiguous, and can enjoy their own beautiful scenery. Anyway, they are the only two in the whole spaceship, even if they play crazily, no one will bother them. It had been several days since Yutian left the spaceship bedroom again. Had it not been for the fact that they were not ordinary people, they would have been invited to drink soup by Meng Po long ago. Wandering in the stars of the universe for thousands of years, in fact, can also be said to be the two of them in the world of two people, lovers travel. This is a rib and the general soul condensed out of the body of the first step to weaken, and Su Zijun's body is actually an ordinary human, if not for the beginning of his cultivation, coupled with the later symbiotic contract of the Royal Heaven, he could not have such a long life. Now the imperial heaven is not good, he naturally does not have much time. With their current cultivation, it doesn't matter if they stay in space for a short time,4 person jacuzzi, so Su Zijun put the spaceship away. He, on the other hand, jumped into a collapsed black hole with the imperial sky in his arms. monalisa.com