Archaic God King

See there are three Xianwujie messenger body flashing, standing on the ancient tablet of Xianwujie, their eyes scan the front of the figure, eyes have a terrible penetrating power, at a glance, all the people who touch their eyes, whether it is a saint or an ancient prince are quiet down, this quiet continues to extend, gradually, endless figure, unexpectedly have stopped the commotion. The vast and endless hundred miles of space is incomparably quiet, but this scene makes many people's hearts beat faster. The one who gets the order of immortals and martial arts, come to the stone pillar. The messenger in the middle of the ancient tablet in the world of immortals and martial arts opened his mouth indifferently, and the voice seemed to penetrate the void and spread across a hundred miles of space. The eighty-one people who received orders from the realm of immortals and martial arts were the ones whom the emissaries of the realm of immortals and martial arts looked at most. Almost all of them were the proud figures of the nine great sects, the great religions of ancient countries, and the great families. The people gazed ahead, only to see a figure strolling out in an instant and landing on a stone pillar in the middle. Emperor Tianjiao of the Imperial Family, one of the Tianjiao of the Eight Great Repression Era, was rumored to have killed his younger brother. After the emperor was killed, people strolled up one after another. Gu Liufeng,Wheel tape measure, that's Gu Liufeng, so handsome. "That's Li Tian, so magnificent." "Lin Xianer, the most beautiful woman in the world, also got the order of immortal martial arts." "Who is that man who is so beautiful that his beauty is comparable to Lin Xianer's, and his temperament is extraordinary?" "Princess Sun of the Great Zhou Dynasty is really outstanding. Who says women are not as good as men?" "That's the holy son of the Taiyao Sect. He has a strong evil spirit." "The Nangong Frost of the Nangong Family has also arrived. I wonder if the Nangong Family still hates the Fairy Sect now." One by one, the proud people of heaven stepped on the stone pillar one after another. The eighty-one people who would step into the stone pillar were all the favored people of heaven. They appeared together and immediately caused a sensation. (End of this chapter) Chapter 563 pontoon bridge ? Eight proud figures in the era of repression ,Walking tape measure, is undoubtedly the most dazzling eight people, almost the vast majority of the eyes, are locked on them. Ji Feixue and Qin Wentian set foot on the stone pillar together. They already knew each other and were brothers of the same school. Naturally, their relationship was much closer than that of strangers. They stood on the adjacent stone pillar. In addition to the two of them, there were two people on the two stone pillars next to them, a man and a woman, who were also members of the Sword Sect. Two people are Jiushan other two mountain disciples, the cool woman standing in the sun, but still let people feel the cold meaning, as if she is a fairy under the moon, can not touch, her position is just the opposite of Qin Wentian, Qin Wentian on the left of Ji Feixue, she is on the right. Lou Bingyu. The reason why Qin Wentian paid attention to this woman was naturally because of Meishan Sword Lord, horse weight tape ,Diameter tape measure, who was the favorite female disciple of Meishan Sword Lord, Lou Bingyu. In the world of immortals and martial arts, it is not allowed to use any magic weapon or treasure. The world of immortals and martial arts is a world of its own, excluding all external forces. In order to let Lou Bingyu have a stronger card and get great benefits in the world of immortal martial arts, the Lord of Meishan Sword did not hesitate to take advantage of the danger of others and let Ye Qingyun, the emperor of Ye people, dig treasure in his body and give it to Lou Bingyu. Now that treasure, should have been integrated into the body of Lou Bingyu, become a part of her, Qin Wentian heart secretly thought, deep eyes can not see any idea, but since the Meishan sword Lord from the emperor Ye Qingyun body to take away the treasure that moment, the relationship between Qin Wentian and Lou Bingyu has been doomed, although belong to the same door, but is not a friend. In addition to the eight Tianjiao of the suppression era, the endless figures outside the Xianwu world also looked at the others one after another. Among the eighty-one Tianjiao who won the Xianwu Order, the nine factions only accounted for one third of the number, and the rest were all Tianjiao of the forces in the Imperial Holy Land. Some forces had one person, and some forces had two people. Although there were some strange faces like Qin Wentian, when the crowd mentioned that Qin Wentian was the one who killed Ye Kongfan and the emperor's feather, they didn't have much idea. It was not surprising that he had an immortal martial world in his hand. It was a fighting talent to kill Ye Kongfan across two borders. What courage and boldness of vision it was to slay the emperor's feather in front of the emperor.
It's just a pity that his realm is really low. Although it's said that the real assessment in the world of immortals and martial arts is talent, which will give the strong people who step into different realms of the world of immortals and martial arts a fair competitive environment, there is no absolute fairness. In the end, they still have to rely on absolute strength to fight for the fruits of this trip. This is a feast, a feast of big waves washing sand. Xianwu Realm, Kai. The messenger on the Xianwu boundary tablet opened his mouth and said that in an instant, a rumbling sound came out, and the vast Xianwu boundary gate opened toward both sides, and countless eyes looked into the Xianwu world, trying to see what kind of world it was inside. They saw many floating islands, intertwined, like hanging cities, and the shocking scene was hard to forget at a glance. Are these the eighty-one pontoon bridges in the world of immortals? Although many people have inquired about the scene in the world of immortals and martial arts from the mouths of all previous strong people, it is still shocking to witness it with their own eyes. Eighty-one pontoon bridges are bridges, but each bridge is like a world, a kind of experience. The eighty-one pontoon bridges will correspond to the eighty-one owners of the Xianwu Order. It is precisely because of the existence of this pontoon bridge that there will be the Xianwu Order. The Xianwu Messengers select eighty-one people and don't want them to collide too early. Of course, if the eightyone are eliminated by others in a certain pontoon bridge, then they can only be said to be incompetent. Each of you, eighty-one, goes to a pontoon bridge. Each pontoon bridge will have a different experience, but the danger is the same. As for how you end up, it's up to you. Others, step on any pontoons at will. Go in. An emissary of the Xianwu Realm waved his hand and said, and in an instant the figures of the eighty-one people on the stone pillar flickered toward the Xianwu Realm. Qin Wentian and Ji Feixue walked side by side. When they stepped into the world of immortals and martial arts,Horse weight lbs, an invisible power of heaven seemed to fall from the sky. The road was invisible, but there was a real pressure enveloping all the strong people who stepped into the world of immortals and martial arts. They looked as usual without any change. Obviously, they already knew the general situation inside.