Tianya Mingyue Dao

He suddenly smiled and said, "In fact, I am also impatient. If I want to wait until I untie the burden and kill again, I will be very anxious." At last he stretched out his hand to unwrap what weapon was in the bundle. Hu Kun really wanted to see what kind of weapon he was using, and his eyes could not help staring at the bundle. Who knows the burden has not been untied, Tu Qing has made a move. The weapon of his murder is not in this bundle. He has the weapon of his murder all over him. Hearing the sound of "Ge", seven cold lights flew out of his belt and sleeves at the same time, three tight back crossbows were shot out, two hands were full of iron lotus seeds, and two sharp knives jumped out of his toes. The hidden weapon was sent out, and his men jumped up and kicked out with a series of Mandarin duck feet. In that moment, he had used four deadly weapons. His eye-catching baggage, however, is still well placed on the table. This move was so unexpected that even Hu Kun was surprised. With this move, it was worth fifty thousand taels. He believed that Tu Qing would never fail this time, but he was wrong, because he did not know that the pale stranger was Fu Hongxue. Fu Hongxue has drawn his sword. The unique sword in the world, the skill of unimaginable. No matter how vicious the hidden weapon is, no matter how complicated the trick is, meeting this knife is like ice and snow in the sun. Knife flash, a series of golden bell like light ring, all over the sky hidden weapon fell to the ground,Walking measuring wheel, each piece of hidden weapon was cut off, are interrupted from the middle, even if the skillful craftsman with a knife one by one stop fine division may not be so accurate. After the light of the knife disappeared, I saw the blood, which flowed from my face. Tu Qing's face. A knife cut down from his eyebrows, across the tip of his nose, this knife only needs three more points of force, his head The sword has been sheathed. Blood flowed from the tip of the nose to the lips,Fish measuring board, hot, salty and bitter. Every muscle in Tu Qing's face was twitching with pain, but his man did not move; he knew his life of killing was over. It's a secret business that kills without a sound and disappears without a sound. Whoever has such a prominent scar on his face is absolutely unfit to do this business again. Fu Hongxue looked at the scar and suddenly waved his hand and said, "You go." Tu Qing's lips were also twitching, "Where to go?" Fu Hongxue said, "as long as you don't kill people, you can go anywhere." Tu Qing said, "You..". Why don't you kill me? "You must have fifty thousand taels to kill me," said Fu Hongxue. "If I want to kill you, I must have at least fifty thousand taels." He added coldly, "I never kill for free either." Tu Qing said, "But I've got more than fifty thousand yuan on me. If you kill me, it's all yours." "That's everything else," said Fu Hongxue. "My rule is to charge first and then kill." Rules are principles. No matter what kind of industry, people who can succeed must be people with principles. Tu Qing no longer opened his mouth and silently took out two stacks of silver tickets from his purse, Fiberglass tape measure ,Pi tape measure, fifty of them. He carefully counted it twice, put it on the table, and first looked at Hu Kun, "This is still yours." Hu Kun is coughing. "You can pay him fifty thousand taels and tell him to kill me," said Tu Qing. Hu Kun suddenly stopped coughing. "How many more do you have?" Tu Qing closed his mouth. Hu Kun stared at him, his eyes shining again. Tu Qing had picked up the bundle on the table and walked out slowly. Hu Kun suddenly shouted, "Kill him and I'll pay fifty thousand taels." Fu Hongxue said coldly, "If you want to kill this man, do it yourself." "Why?" Said Hu Kundao. Fu Hongxue said, "Because he has been wounded, he has no power to fight back.". Hu Kun grasped the railing with both hands and suddenly heard the sound of "Tuk". Three flying knives were nailed to the railing. Throwing knives are taken out of the bundle, which also contains weapons for killing people. "I never kill people for free," said Tu Qinglengling. "But I can make an exception for you. Do you want to try?" Hu Kun's face had already changed. He really couldn't guess how many weapons there were in the bundle, and how many there were on Tu Qing. But he saw that only one weapon, of any kind, was enough to kill him. Tu Qing finally went out, went to the door and suddenly turned back, staring at Fu Honglei, staring at the knife in Fu Hongxue's hand, imitating Fu had never seen such a person, nor had he ever seen such a knife.
Suddenly he asked, "What's your name?" Fu Hongxue said, "my surname is Bo." Tu Qing said, "Fu Hongxue?" "Yes," said Fu Hongxue. Tu Qing sighed softly and said, "in fact, I should have thought of who you are long ago." Fu Hongxue said, "but you didn't think about it." "I dare not think about it," said Tu Qing. Fu Hongxue Dao/dare not? Tu Qing said, "If a person thinks too much, he will not kill people." The night outside the door is deep, no house, no moon, Tu Qing must go out and disappear in the darkness. Hu Kun exhaled and murmured, "Why didn't you kill him?"? Aren't you afraid that he will reveal your secret? ?” Fu Honglei said, "I have no secrets." Hu Kun said, "Don't you want to kill Du 17?" Fu Hongxue said, "It's not a secret that I kill people." Hu Kun sighed again and said, "There are tens of thousands of taels of silver on the table. Kill Du Shiqi. These are all yours." "Pay first and kill later," said Fu Hongxue. Hu Kun forced a smile and said, "You can take it now." Fu Hongxue picked up the silver ticket and counted it twice before slowly asking, "Do you know where Du 17 is?" Of course, Hu Kun knew, "I have spent fifteen thousand taels to find out his whereabouts." Fu Hongxue said lightly, "Killing people is a cruel and luxurious thing." Hu Kun sighed and watched him take the silver ticket into his arms. Suddenly he said, "Isn't it a secret that you kill people?" "No," said Fu Hongxue. "Aren't you afraid of killing in public?" Said Hu Kun. "You can kill anywhere," said Fu Hongxue. Hu Kun smiled and really smiled. "Then you can go to him now.". "Where is he?" Asked Fu Hongxue. Hu Kun narrowed his eyes and said, "He's working hard." Fu Hongxue said,Adhesive fish ruler, "desperately?" Hu Kun said, "I'm trying my best to think and drink. I just hope he hasn't lost everything and drunk to death." Du 17 not only won, but also sobered up. tapemeasure.net