Eleventh Finger _ Qin Ming

"It's also possible that the white shadow lives in the alley," I said. "There's no need to leave the alley." "It's also possible that the method of moving souls has disappeared directly." Lin Tao said in a low voice. Can you introduce the basic situation of the case? I covered Lin Tao's voice with my voice, fearing that this superstitious guy would be laughed at by the criminal police at the grass-roots level. The conference room lights were turned on and lit up. I squinted my eyes, irritated by the sudden bright light. Here's the thing. Director Qiang said, "The director of Liqiao City Tax Bureau went to the police station this morning to report that his 16-year-old daughter Tao Zi was missing last night.". It is said that before Tao Zi disappeared, she received a phone call from her classmate at about eight o'clock in the evening, asking her to go to Guosheng KTV to sing. When a taxi came, Director Tao saw from the balcony that three of her classmates were in the car, so he didn't pay much attention to it. At twelve o'clock in the evening, before Tao Zi returned home, Director Tao called several of her good friends. Several people unanimously reflected that Tao Zi left KTV at ten o'clock and went home alone. "How far is Guosheng KTV from the Lost Alley?" I asked. It's not far. The investigator said, "about two hundred meters.". However, there is a main road in front of the KTV, so you can get a taxi directly. If Tao Zi goes home, there is no need to go to the lost alley 200 meters away. "Have the residents in the lost alley been checked one by one?" I asked. The investigator said: "It was only in the afternoon that we found this picture from many surveillance videos, so the investigation of 21 households in the lost lane has just begun.". At the same time,steatite c221, we are investigating several of Tao Zi's classmates. "What about Tao Zi?" I asked. People in the conference room shook their heads. Director Qiang said: "We haven't found it yet." I suddenly a little embarrassed: "Since there is no confirmation of Tao Zi's death, what do you call us to do?" Director Qiang felt his hair shyly and pointed at Lin Tao and said, "Actually, it's like this.". We called Mr. Chen, mainly to ask Chief Lin Taolin to give us some guidance, to investigate the location of Tao Zi's fall and the surrounding traces. Mr. Chen may have been busy at that time,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, so he may not have heard clearly and brought everyone here. "Oh." I nodded. "So Dabao and I can go back?" Lin Tao grabbed my sleeve and said, "No, wait for me to go back together.". Anyway, tomorrow is the weekend, and there is nothing to do. Besides, how can I get back if you drive away? When I saw Lin Tao panicking, I knew he was afraid of staying in a hotel alone at night, so I joked, "Why is it all right?"? I want to accompany my wife on the weekend. "Section Chief Qin might as well stay." Director Qiang said, "Judging from the current situation, Tao Zi is doomed.". Our police are conducting a blanket search around the incident, and we can't say that we will find something after a night's search. "You can't talk like that, ceramic bobbin heater ,Ceramic Bobbin," I said. "Director Tao will fight with you if he hears it. When you say this, it gives people the feeling that Tao Zi has met with an accident. "Well," said the investigator, "it's only half past seven. Why don't Chief Lin come with us to see the scene?" Lin Tao gave me a look for help. I smiled. "Let's go and see it together." The scene was really complicated, and under the weak light of the street lamp, I felt that I had really entered a maze. Under the guidance of the investigators, we found the location of the surveillance field of vision. The investigator said, "We have done all the investigation experiments. According to the length of the shadow under the light, the white shadow should be a person of about 1.75 meters." Lin Tao nodded, lay on the ground, and shone the side light on the ground: "Have you protected the ground?" Investigator shook his head: "There are residents here, we are also more than 10 hours after the incident found that there is a situation here, so there is no value in protection." Lin Tao jumped up, patted the dust on his knees and said, "No chance.". There was no trace at all, and it was all destroyed. "By the way, didn't you say there were two ways to bypass the surveillance and leave the maze?" I say. The investigator nodded. Then I said, "Then you take us along these two roads and let Lin Tao see the situation of the walls on both sides of the alley." In the gloomy alley, I followed Lin Tao, and Lin Tao followed the investigators to try their way one by one.
When he tried the second way, Lin Tao suddenly made a discovery. This trace is valuable! Cried Lin Tao, "a palm print, a wipe mark." I leaned over and asked, "What do you mean?"? What does it mean? Pointing to the wall, Lin Tao said, "This palm print is not a mark of direct contact between the palm and the wall, but a mark left on the wall through a textile fabric with very fine fibers.". Also, a large wipe mark was located about ten centimeters above the palm print. What does that mean, you say? I thought about it and said, "Most people don't wear gloves in this weather.". So how come the palm is behind the fabric? "The shadow in the surveillance is not suspected to be a person wearing a sheet?"? Then when he hides his hands in the sheets and holds the wall, won't he leave such a mark? I nodded. Not only these, "Lin Tao has a sense of accomplishment on his face," but also this wiping mark, which should be formed by textile scraping the wall. Combined with the position, it should be something that people carry on their shoulders. "You mean when a man carried Tao Zi here, he held the wall?" I asked. Lin Tao nodded. Great, if we determine the route of the white shadow,10g Ozone Generator, we can determine his direction, so as to lock in his living area. Said the investigator. Not only that, but it can also explain some other problems. I added. 3。 global-ceramics.com