Immortal Journey 2

Hei Tianjiao shook his head slightly and said, "That's his own clan. It should be up to him alone. But when I think about it, I can't believe that Jiang Hong became the suzerain so soon. Hehe.." Ugh? Why isn't the Black Devil Zhou in your house. Hei Tianjiao said and looked around, but there was no sign of Hei Mingmo Zhou. Hei Yudie said with a wry smile, "He is also a busy man now. He helps Jiang Hong to take care of the affairs of the clan. Don't you know? Yesterday, the two of them went to Dad's place to drink. Dad appointed a Dharma Protector for Jiang Hong, who is the Black Devil Zhou. Now nearly half of the affairs of the clan are taken care of by the Black Devil Zhou. How can he still have time to accompany me?" When Hei Tianjiao heard this, he said in surprise, "Oh?"? Dad asked the Black Devil Zhou to help Jiang Hong? Did Dad intend to let Jiang Hong attack Lincheng? Hei Tianjiao said, staring at a pair of big eyes, I do not know what the heart is thinking. When the Black Jade Butterfly heard this, she wondered, "Lincheng?"? Dad has never mentioned going to Lincheng, and now he has just captured Bibo City and Pengcheng. Is it too early to attack Lincheng? Black jade butterfly some do not quite believe what black Tianjiao said, after all, Jiang Hong's strength is limited, even if there is black Ming Mo Zhou to help him, attacking Lincheng for Jiang Hong, it is really difficult. Hei Tianjiao shook his head slightly and said, "On the day we returned to Hei Ming City, Dad had said something about attacking Lincheng, because Lincheng is only a very weak city, and there are not many monks in the city. Therefore, there is no need to send too many people to go there. However, if ordinary people go there, I'm afraid they really can't fight down.." Hei Yudie said with a smile, "Oh, Jiang Hong's magic power is not as good as yours and mine. Even with the help of Hei Mingmo Zhou, he may not be able to take Lincheng smoothly. It's really dangerous to let Jiang Hong go. Aren't you worried?" Hei Tianjiao smiled indifferently and said, "Oh, Second Sister, you don't know that Jiang Hong also contributed a lot to the successful capture of Pengcheng this time. If Cen Yufei hadn't defeated Tianji Xianjun, I'm afraid it would have taken some effort for us to capture Pengcheng. Therefore, Pengcheng can be said to have been captured by Jiang Hong alone." Hei Tianjiao is not too much to say, if there is no Cen Yufei, Yingxue can also put Tianji Xianjun to death, but that will make the dark keeper owe Yingxue a favor,mineral flotation, but also a great favor.
But Cen Yufei shot is not the case, Cen Yufei has shown his identity, he stayed in Daguang tomorrow's purpose is only to protect Jiang Hong, and Ceng Yufei shot this time, but also for Jiang Hong's head, to help Jiang Hong's help, and between the city of Hades, there is no relationship.. Hearing what Hei Tianjiao said, Hei Yudie nodded and said, "If that's the case, I think there's another reason for Dad to let Jiang Hong attack Lincheng, and let Hei Mingmo Zhou go with Jiang Hong. Could it be that Dad intended to let Hei Mingmo Zhou and Duoluo Tianshi assist the old Jiang Hong and let him be the Lord of Lincheng?" Hear this, black day pride also couldn't help Zheng, black jade butterfly said is very reasonable, if the dark Hades don't have this idea, also won't put more than Luo Tianshi and Gongsun Wuji sent out at the same time, in terms of topography, more than Luo Tianshi in the city of friends, Portable gold trommel ,Carbon in Pulp, the nearest to Lincheng, if no accident, the dark Hades will certainly command more than LuoTianshi to help Jiang Hong seize Lincheng together, If so, then Jiang Hong's group of people will be all, and then let Jiang Hong sit in Lincheng is not impossible. "Hehe.." Sister, don't think too much, I think that's what Dad means, what's wrong with Jiang Hong being the Lord of the city? This is a very rare opportunity for him, ah, looking at the thirty-three days above, which monk in the first thirty-three days less than a few years, will be able to sit on the throne of the castellan ah.. The Black Jade Butterfly finished and smiled indifferently. Chapter Three Hundred Seize Heaven Jushi go to the dark, Jiang Hong is determined to take the risk Dark Hades after Jiang Hong and others captured the city of Bibo, they intend to attack Lincheng, although the number of people in this big city is not very much, and there is no magic way extraordinary people, however, the attack Lincheng is a very important thing, for the dark Hades, can take Lincheng is very important for him. And, send what people to attack Lincheng is also a big problem, after the city of friends and Bibo city this matter, many castellan have focused on the city of the dark, the dark city in such a short period of time, then destroyed several big cities, will expand their territory again and again, and now is the time of robbery, which castellan don't worry about the dark king of the dark? Therefore, on the one hand, the dark keeper must take Lincheng in one fell swoop, on the other hand, he must send a person who will not attract too much attention, and this person must also have the ability to help himself take Lincheng, otherwise, after the first World War, the castellan of Lincheng is likely to choose a strong backer, in order to prevent the dark keeper. Dark keeper want to think, or decided to let Jiang Hong to do this, although Jiang Hong's own strength is not enough to take a big city, but, with the help of Cen Yufei, it is not difficult to take Lincheng, because Peng Cheng is mostly Jiang Hong seized down, if not because of Cen Yufei, which is so easy to seize Peng Cheng? Dark Hades now also have the intention to let Jiang Hong do the Lord of a city, in terms of Jiang Hong now the strength of the clan, in thirty-three days although can only be regarded as a general small clan, however, as long as Jiang Hong will Lincheng seized, soon, Jiang Hong's clan can be expanded, and even become a very large clan, after all, in Lincheng, most of them are some casual, basically, There is nothing. Most of the people have no clan. The only choice for these people is to join Jiang Hong's clan after the Dark Hades captured Lincheng. Otherwise, they may be killed by the people of the Dark Hades. Therefore,gold heap leaching, Jiang Hong's clan can also take this opportunity to expand. The stronger Jiang Hong's clan is, the happier the dark keeper is. After all, Jiang Hong is still an out-and-out "own man" to him.