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Nan Huan Yue insisted: "I'm thinking for you. Yes, your kung fu is passable, but it's not top-notch. If the other party makes an appointment with a helper, and there are a few more ruthless characters, I'll try my best to take care of you at the same time. In addition, I have to protect Di Shiniang. In this way, it's a big problem. If I go alone, I can attack, retreat and defend. Why do you have to follow me to make trouble for me? Yang Ling's grievance: "I know, you just don't like me to follow you, you can also be outside with some fox spirit eyes, can move the crooked heart." South magic Yue helpless way: Baby, why do you bother? Just hurt some meaningless brains? Di Xiucheng side also advised: "Miss Yang, Brother Nan is right. Your kung fu is good, but it's not the best. This is a big risk. You'd better not follow it. If you get it out somehow, Hugh said that Brother Nan can't deal with himself, then I'll be in a state of uneasiness. It's better to do less of this thing that is very easy to regret. Miss Yang, not only for you,sodium cyanide price, but also for everyone's sake.." Yang Ling refused to accept: "But what about Huan Yue?"? He didn't go in the same way. Nan Huan Yue suddenly laughed: "My heart, with your two down son, and I compare, OK?"? Not to mention the difference between heaven and earth, at least it's more than a thousand miles away! Yang Ling was so angry that she blushed and stamped her foot: "You-you dare to make fun of me?" Di Xiucheng busy way: "Don't be angry, don't be angry, Miss Yang,Portable gold trommel, Brother Nan said for fun." South magic Yue laughed. "Yes, I'm just kidding. Don't be so angry with the golden branches and jade leaves." Yang Ling hummed heavily and gently poked the forehead of Nan Huan Yue: "Don't be so nifty. I'll spare you later." Nan Huan Yue stretched himself and said with a smile: "Wait a minute. Even if you peel me, that's another thing. Baby, you go and get something to eat first, and I'll clean up and shave. I have to do something." Yang Ling asked: "What is it?" Nan Huan Yue laughed. "Talk to the boss!" Yang Ling's long and thick eyelashes blinked in surprise: "What is there to talk about with him?" The mysterious way of Nan Huan Yue: "You guess?" Yang Ling lips a curl, angry way: "Well, I'm too lazy to guess!" South magic Yue way: "I have to tell him how to accept the price he promised me, which is a great knowledge!" Yang Ling beamed and said: "By the way, those big deals, those huge sums of money, God, I have never seen so much money in my life, gold shaking table ,tin beneficiation plant, I do not know how to pile up together dazzling way?" Nan Huan Yue looked at Yang Ling interestingly and said: "What a little miser you are!" Yang Ling twisted her body and said, "Who says I can't be close to my husband's wealth?" South magic Yue way: "Don't worry, when I get these things in the future, I'll give them all to you to keep and control, so that what you see in your eyes all day long and what you touch in your hands are all golden things.." Yang Ling Huan shouted: "I'll be a rich woman soon." Nan Huan Yue laughed for a while and said: "I really haven't seen much of the world.".
” Di Xiucheng accompany smile way: "Such great wealth is really amazing. How many people can't earn a small half of a hundred percent of their hard life? It's hard to avoid yearning for it.." South magic Yue nodded: "However, I spent more than three years in prison and almost the cost of life in exchange for these wealth, in my opinion, do not think too much, you think about it, Gu Xiaoran is afraid to get more than that!" Yang Ling suddenly said: "Then why don't you ask him for more?" South magic Yue quietly way: "People need to know how to be satisfied, how to be appropriate, and with these, as long as they make good use of them and live frugally, they will be inexhaustible for a lifetime. Why do they have to pile up mountains of gold and silver?"? Besides, the emergence of these wealth has been like gouging out Gu Xiaoran's heart and lungs, and squeezing him again will not squeeze out much oil and water. Di Xiucheng nodded and said: "Yes, yes, Brother Nan is right!" Yang Ling added: "So, how to deliver these properties?" Nan Huan Yue laughed. "I've got a plan in my mind-ask Gu Xiaoran to tell me where he hides the money. You don't have to tell me all. Just make up the amount I want. Then, I'll get it myself or ask someone to get it, and I'll get it without anyone noticing. In addition, the business of Dali Mansion also asks him to write a handwritten letter to the person in charge there to explain that the backstage boss has changed, and I'll send someone to check the accounts and collect the money monthly." This also avoids the trouble that will happen in the future. This is our own caution. In fact, 90% of Gu Xiaoran dare not do anything secretly, because his old life is still in our hands, and he is a person who cherishes life very much.. Di Xiucheng way: "Will he promise to do so?" South magic Yue nodded: "Of course, what can't he promise?" 。 Yang Ling was worried: "By the way, Huan Yue, it's easy for those businesses to go downstairs, but how can you get the huge amount of gold?"? Aren't you afraid to send a lot of people and hire a lot of cars? Nan Huan Yue chuckled and said: "If you don't believe that you haven't seen the world, why should we actually go down to get pure gold?"? Is it not good to fully exchange the silver note? Besides, fine and soft jewelry and jade are equally valuable. How can you be so stupid as to haul so much gold back? Yang Ling suddenly said: "Yes, that's the best way-" Immediately, she said: "I just didn't think of it for a moment, and you grabbed the fault to hurt me again!" Di Xiucheng lifted his body and said with a smile: "Well, don't raise the bar any more, baby, go and get something to eat first, the belly is all hungry flat, the patient can't afford to be hungry.." Yang Ling squinted at Nan Huan Yue and said: What kind of patient are you? You've already recovered from your illness. How can a patient speak so coldly and prickly? One side of Yang Ling put on her robe, and the other side of Nan Huan Yue held out a razor face towel. She said so,magnetic separator machine, but she automatically poured water to get the cup, and set up the bronze mirror on the table. Di Xiucheng stood up and said: "You two can chat for a while, and I'll go to the front and rub around." 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com