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As a result, the Scourge, the Burning Legion, and the old forces of the sorcery world fought in a three-way melee and made a mess of it. Warriors of the God of War, kill all spellcasters. Power and glory The legion of legendary warriors across the sea swept across the earth like a hurricane, bringing greater chaos to the chaotic world. The harvest season has finally arrived. After twenty years of waiting, the place of eternal silence in the astral world, the one behind all this, opened his eyes with a smile. Chapter 497 collapse. "The wizarding world is in chaos." Li Yu raised his eyes and looked in the direction of the world of the gods. "It's time for the back hand of the world of the gods to move." The mountain of light. Twenty years ago, Li Yu placed the "Source of Holy Light" on the top of a nameless mountain. Now, it has become a holy place in the hearts of all paladins. In twenty years of exhibition, the path of the Holy Light has spread almost all over the world of the gods. The road of "punishment", "protection" and "redemption" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Even though the Church of the Gods and the "Church of the Holy Light" have had countless conflicts and wars. However, the path of the Paladin has spread more and more widely, and is deeply loved by countless civilians. "Punish the evil", "protect the weak", "rescue others", this kind of order power of good tendency, even the gods can not refute. Therefore, in the kingdom of God hanging high in the sky, the gods thought that this was another God's promotion. For this force of order and goodness,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, the gods are cautious to wait and see. In the era of the "Supreme God", that is, the sleeping consciousness of the world plane of the gods, any civil war based on the gods themselves is not allowed. For the plane will of the world of gods, the birth of any new God, or the resurrection of a fallen God, is to increase its own power. The consciousness of the plane,push button toilet flush valve, which has been immersed in accumulating strength, is of course unwilling to consume its main fighting power in internal strife. The "source of holy light" created by Li Yu, in the eyes of the gods, looks like the power of faith. Even if the paladins shout "holy light is not faith" every day, it is just another means of preaching. To this day, with the efforts of countless paladins for 20 years, the power of the Holy Light has accumulated to a very large extent. So it's time to move. Under Li Yu's command, in the temple on the peak of the Bright Mountain, the pure brilliance suddenly bloomed violently, and the brilliant brilliance shone on the world like a scorching sun rising from the ground. The Holy Light is above. Seeing this pure brilliance, warm brilliance, vast brilliance, countless paladins in the whole world of gods fell to the ground. My name is Uther, Messenger of the Light. In the brilliant light, a middle-aged man wearing heavy armor, Self-closing Faucet ,Flushometer valve, holding a square-headed hammer, with a golden face, appeared in midair. Fellow followers of the Way of Light, when you punish evil, have you ever thought about why the evil in this world can never be eliminated? "When you are guarding the weak, have you ever thought about why the weak in this world can never be guarded?" "When you are healing the pain, have you ever thought about why the pain in this world can never be saved?" "Because" In the brilliant light, Uther raised the hammer high in his hand, and the shining light suddenly pointed to the sky, to the kingdom of the gods. Because they caused all this. They are the source of all unfairness and injustice. "In the name of the Light, knights who follow the way of the Light, with our blood and faith, break the cage that envelops the whole world." "Boom" The mighty holy light burst violently, like the light of dawn piercing the darkness, resolutely, and hit the kingdom of the gods fiercely. This God of light, is he out of his mind? The gods saw this scene in the kingdom of God and immediately looked at each other. This should be considered a declaration of war, but a new God, regardless of line-ups, regardless of good and evil, regardless of strength, directly declared war on all gods. The realm of the true God, which is equivalent to the path of the rules of the seventh level wizard. But the power of the true God condenses faith with rules and transforms it into divine power. These divine powers are the source of the power of a God.
A new God, even if he has been preaching for twenty years, how much power can he accumulate to declare war on the gods? This is obviously a brain problem, isn't it? More important is that the new God, do not spend the mind to build their own kingdom of God, do not first manage their own lair, even direct real body to fight Having the Kingdom of God is equivalent to having a fortress with unlimited firepower and strong defense. There is no true God of the Kingdom of God, but the real body goes to battle. This is a complete death wish. Yes, it is a death wish. The value of the existence of the "Holy Light Source" lies in seeking death. A holy light energy body without its own will, looking for death is completely desperate and fearless. The gods turned up their noses at this mentally ill "God of Light" and did not care. Just wait for this fool himself to come to the door, and then in front of all the people in the world, slap this fool to death, so that his reputation in the world of gods is better. However When the gods were planning to deal with the "God of Holy Light", the elves gathered on the island forever, and a huge tree that reached the sky and the earth burst out with a blue light that shook the world. Elves, the time has come to fight. After a hundred thousand years of silence, the great elves will regain their lost glory. "Fight! Conquer! Let the glory of the elves shine over the land." On Yongju Island, countless "Druid" legions, "Dawn Blade" legions, rushed out of Yongju Island like a raging tide and killed the whole world. The kingdom of the gods is in a mess. "Boom" Blue light all over the sky, the power of the ancient tree wizard of wisdom, burst out towering blue light, directly interfering with the power of the gods. What the hell is going on? The gods were horrified to see that they had lost control of the rules. At this moment, the power of the gods is in a blank period. The light never goes out. Uther took advantage of this opportunity to roar and rush into the sky crazily. In the startled eyes of the gods,Stainless Steel Toilet China, Uther suddenly plunged his head into the magic net. Ah "His goal is the magic net." "Damn it, stop him." However, it is already too late. "Boom".