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    Hua was startled. She looked back and saw that it was the old man. She breathed a sigh of relief. If it were the old lady, she would be miserable. "Old man, there's a young lady named Bai outside. She wants to see the old lady." "Miss Bai?" Old Jane paused and looked at his room. His wife was still resting. It was better not to disturb her. "You let her go. Tell her we don't want to see her." "But." Hua hesitated a little. What "She still wants to see the young master." "All right, let her go." "Yes." Seeing that old man Jane said so, Ah Hua had to convey the meaning of old man Jane to the rabbit. The rabbit at the door clearly heard the sound of hanging up the phone, she called a few more times, there was no response, combined with the intermittent voice just heard, it should be Jane Zhengyang's grandfather did not let himself in, no, she could not give up, Zhengyang was inside, the rabbit began to ring the doorbell again, but pressed a few times, there was no sound. The servant Ah Hua took the deleted battery and asked old man Jane. "Old man, where is this battery?" "Put it on that table." "All right." "Go down and get busy." "Yes." Outside the door, the little rabbit made sure that the battery of the doorbell must be broken inside. He slapped the door a few times. His hand hurt and he bit his lip. The little rabbit stepped back a little, cleared his throat and shouted at the top of his voice, "Zhengyang, Jian Zhengyang.." Jane. Just. Yang.. As soon as he shouted a few times,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, the gate of the courtyard opened. The little rabbit was delighted. As a result, a man dressed in security clothes came out and looked at her seriously. "Miss, please leave. You disturb the rest of our old man and old lady." The little rabbit looked at the security guard who was twice as big as himself. "I want to see Jian Zhengyang." "The old lady will not allow it." "Can you tell me how he is now?" The little rabbit looked at the security guard with tears in his eyes. "Please, big brother of the security guard, I just want to know how my husband is." The security guard hesitated for a moment and said, "Master Jane is locked in his room by the old lady and can't come out." Is he all right? Are you thin, are you eating, do you want to see me? Sure enough,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, he guessed right, Chien Zhengyang was under house arrest, the rabbit was distressed when he heard it, why, why he was under house arrest, that is his man, that is, she was reluctant to be fierce with him, why they should treat him like this. Perhaps the rabbit's tears moved the security guard, who should not have disclosed the employer's information at will. The security guard hesitated and said, "Not so good. Master Jane has not eaten anything for six days. At the beginning, he made a lot of noise to leave. After being subdued by us, he has been locked up in the room. These six days, he has not said anything except calling the rabbit in his mouth. There is a doctor at home." Hang grape juice for Master Jane every day. "What!" As soon as the little rabbit heard this, Time Delay Tap ,Time Delay Faucet, he immediately became anxious. He had not eaten anything for six days and only used the grape night to maintain his physical strength. Was Chien Zhengyang's grandmother crazy? Just because she looked like her enemy, she would rather kill her grandson than let them be together? "Big Brother Security." "Well?" "I'm sorry." Without waiting for the security guard to come to his senses, the rabbit suddenly rushed into the yard. Oh, wait, you can't go in.. The security guard came to his senses and was depressed. He was actually trapped by the rabbit. Although the rabbit was not a beauty, she had shown weakness to him before, which really made him feel sympathetic. Who would have thought that she would suddenly rush in? If Mrs. Jane was unhappy, she would be scolded. The gate of the courtyard and the gate of the villa are not many steps apart. Although the security guard is tall and big, the rabbit is rushing suddenly. It is such a moment that she rushed into the villa with all her strength. "Zhengyang." Old Jane and Old Jane, who were eating, were startled by the rabbit that rushed in. Old Jane shouted, "Security guard, what happened? How did you let her in?" The security guard who came in later stared at the rabbit with some depression and laughed hurriedly, "I'm sorry, old lady, I'll drive her out right now." "Zhengyang, Zhengyang." The little rabbit just glanced at the two people at the table and ran upstairs regardless. Get her. "Yes.".
    ” As soon as the rabbit ran up the stairs, he found two security guards blocking his way, and another security guard caught up with him. No wonder Jane Zhengyang couldn't go home. It would be strange if so many people could go back. Before he ran up to the second floor, he was stopped by the security guard. The rabbit grabbed the stairs and stretched out one foot, staring at the security guard. "Unless you kill me, you can't let me leave." "Miss, please don't embarrass us." The security guard looked at the rabbit with some embarrassment, pulled a few times without pulling, and could not use brute force, if they really hurt the rabbit, they could not afford it, especially this is a girl. What's the matter? Can't a woman solve it? What's the use of me asking you? Old Mrs. Jane saw that the rabbit and the security guard froze and made a discontented sound. Old lady, look at this. The security guard got out of the way and let Mrs. Jane look at the rabbit's posture. It's not that they can't solve it, it's not easy to solve it. Pull her away. "Yes." Several security guards began to pull the rabbit's arm, the rabbit clenched his teeth and stared at the old lady Jane, thinking that she was the most hated landlady in the feudal society. "You have a debt owner, and you can't see other people's happiness if you are dumped by others. You don't even care about your grandson. Do you want to kill him? You love that man so much that you can't put him down when you are so old." So for the woman who robbed your man, even if she had nothing to do with her, just because she looked like her, where did you put your husband who had been married for many years? "Shut up, what are you talking about?" Old Mrs. Jane turned pale with anger at the rabbit's words. I'm just telling the truth. Rabbit's eyes are red, "don't say you are Jian Zhengyang's grandmother, if he dies, I will die with you, you this hateful and annoying temper, if I am a man also dumped you, thanks to Jian Zhengyang's grandfather can endure you for so many years, if you have a little conscience, you should forget that man,Prison toilet for sale, good to love the man worthy of your love." "You, you, you." Old Mrs. Jane pointed at the little rabbit and was too angry to speak. cnkexin.com

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    "Luo Keke, what are you going to do next?" A deep and strange voice floated into her ears, she frowned subconsciously, looked at the telephone number actually showed an unknown number, the number was hidden, she could not help but think of the unknown number that tipped her off before, is it the same person? "Who are you?" She sat up and asked in a cold voice. My surname is Wang. Luo Keke immediately searched in his mind and opened his mouth to confirm: "Are you a descendant of Wang Fengyu?" "Yes." Previously, she had read the genealogy of the Luo family at its peak, and had read all the disciples of the Luo family at that time, including one of the Wang family. She did not know what the identity of the descendants of the Wang family was now, but at this juncture, she called, which showed that he knew what was going on and could get the information in such a short time, and she was afraid that he was also a member of the Yin and Yang Alliance. Are you at the headquarters of the Yin and Yang Alliance? She asked tentatively. The other party reconfirmed: "Yes, I stopped you in the name of censorship. You can't go to the tomb of the Heavenly King." Luo Keke is indissoluble: "Why?" "It's too dangerous." "That's not the reason I want to hear." "Murong Anmin is already waiting for you on the way. If you don't want to die, I don't care about anything else. I can only do my best to make the danger around you a little smaller. The situation of the Heavenly King's Tomb is complicated,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, and there is a force involved in the dark. You can't take risks for the time being." Luo Keke gritted his teeth and finally responded with silence. The other side also said: "Although I use the reason of the review to let you wait for the summons in situ, but the review will be true, the Yin and Yang alliance has already targeted you, before you became a consultant, not Xiahou Xinfeng's reason, in fact, she has been secretly monitored,Flush Retrofit Kit, this time I just can't find a suitable excuse to advance the review." Luo Keke is speechless: "Won't you call me directly?" "Will you listen when I call you and tell you not to go to the Tomb of the Heavenly King?" Luo Keke: "…" Of course not! "Now the Yin and Yang alliance is very chaotic, all forces are mixed, I sometimes can't tell the difference between the enemy and me, the matter has come to this point, if you need our help, then listen to me, don't go near the tomb of the heavenly king, don't pay attention to those messy things, now to save yourself, our royal family has been favored by your Luo family, this kindness can only be returned to you, Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin ,Manual Flush Valve, you are the only descendant of the Luo family." My ancestors have told me that even if I don't want to, I can only help you. Listening to the other side's serious words, Luo Keke pursed his lips and finally answered softly. Bai Xiaomao has the land mother beside him. Her brother Bai Xiaomao has a special identity in his previous life. Those people may not be able to do anything to him. I will secretly send someone to follow up. In a word, you are not allowed to approach the tomb of the Heavenly King. Hearing this, Luo Keke relaxed a little in his heart. The other party hung up the phone, and she looked down at the phone thoughtfully. Inexplicably feel that something is wrong. When she learned that Bai Xiaomao had arrived near the tomb of the Heavenly King, she felt even more nervous. Fortunately, Bai Xiaomao and Diao Wen had joined forces, and it was safer to act together than to act alone. In the evening, Xiahou Xinfeng, who did not know what preparations he had made, came over and frowned when he saw Luo Keke paralyzed in bed. Let's go Luo Keke got up slowly and looked at her with a puzzled face. "Where are you going?" "Go to the tomb of the King of Heaven." "But." Xiahou Xinfeng went to the bedside and pulled her up. Then he took the coat next to her and put it on. He said, "Most of the big men in the headquarters of the Yin and Yang Alliance are from the Ning family. The forces of the Ning family have infiltrated into them. Even there are people from our Luo faction over there. Before the other party is not clear about their identity, it is impossible to determine who is who. Someone wants you to go to the tomb of the Heavenly King, and someone stops you." What are you thinking at the moment? Luo Keke gently pursed his lips and said, "I think …" Isn't that a little deliberate? Feiyue office with Xiayang office to maintain the closest relationship, Feiyue office here has movement Xiayang office can immediately know, Xiahou Xinfeng know that he was revoked consultant status is not unexpected.
    No matter how dangerous the tomb of the heavenly king is, it is not really only in and out. At the beginning, the ancestors of the four of them, as well as Diao Wen, all of them have entered the tomb of the heavenly king. Not all of them are safe and sound and come out with evil skills. She is not the only way to die when she goes to the tomb. Although there are Murong family and Ning family in the dark, as long as the safety measures are in place, there will be no big problem. The Murong family and the Ning family are more dangerous. The man who claimed to be a descendant of Wang Fengyu deliberately refused to let her go to the tomb of the King of Heaven. Although it was for her safety, there was nothing wrong with it, but he always felt that it was overemphasized. Or do you think too much? "You don't want me to go to the Tomb of the Heavenly King?" Luo Keke looked at Xiahou Xinfeng, the latter looked at her face cold: "Now the situation is special, do not go here to die?"? Do you think the people in the Yin-Yang Alliance are more honest? It's a mess like a pot of shit. Luo Keke was silent, and then said slowly, "As a female emperor, you can't say such vulgar words." Xiahou Xinfeng: "..." "Then go to the Tomb of the Heavenly King now?" Luo Keke asked tentatively. Xiahou Xinfeng nodded, "Let's go. I'll take you to fly over. Fortunately, it's not very far from here. I should be able to catch up with Bai before she enters the tomb of the Heavenly King." "I'll take the paper." She took all the paper that Hua Chushi had prepared before, as well as the statue of the goddess of heaven, and all the things she could take. When Luo Keke packed up, Hua Chushi communicated with the people of Luo Pai and came to pass the news. The foot of the mountain was surrounded by a large number of followers of the Murong family. Xiahou Xinfeng: "Let Nie Zilan handle it." Dropping the words, she pulled Luo Keke out of the door. Hua Chushi, protect yourself. If something happens,stainless steel shower tray, abandon the base and escape. Luo Keke dropped the words, the voice has not fallen, his body was Xiahou Xinfeng holding flew away. cnkexin.com

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    As a result, the Scourge, the Burning Legion, and the old forces of the sorcery world fought in a three-way melee and made a mess of it. Warriors of the God of War, kill all spellcasters. Power and glory The legion of legendary warriors across the sea swept across the earth like a hurricane, bringing greater chaos to the chaotic world. The harvest season has finally arrived. After twenty years of waiting, the place of eternal silence in the astral world, the one behind all this, opened his eyes with a smile. Chapter 497 collapse. "The wizarding world is in chaos." Li Yu raised his eyes and looked in the direction of the world of the gods. "It's time for the back hand of the world of the gods to move." The mountain of light. Twenty years ago, Li Yu placed the "Source of Holy Light" on the top of a nameless mountain. Now, it has become a holy place in the hearts of all paladins. In twenty years of exhibition, the path of the Holy Light has spread almost all over the world of the gods. The road of "punishment", "protection" and "redemption" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Even though the Church of the Gods and the "Church of the Holy Light" have had countless conflicts and wars. However, the path of the Paladin has spread more and more widely, and is deeply loved by countless civilians. "Punish the evil", "protect the weak", "rescue others", this kind of order power of good tendency, even the gods can not refute. Therefore, in the kingdom of God hanging high in the sky, the gods thought that this was another God's promotion. For this force of order and goodness,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, the gods are cautious to wait and see. In the era of the "Supreme God", that is, the sleeping consciousness of the world plane of the gods, any civil war based on the gods themselves is not allowed. For the plane will of the world of gods, the birth of any new God, or the resurrection of a fallen God, is to increase its own power. The consciousness of the plane,push button toilet flush valve, which has been immersed in accumulating strength, is of course unwilling to consume its main fighting power in internal strife. The "source of holy light" created by Li Yu, in the eyes of the gods, looks like the power of faith. Even if the paladins shout "holy light is not faith" every day, it is just another means of preaching. To this day, with the efforts of countless paladins for 20 years, the power of the Holy Light has accumulated to a very large extent. So it's time to move. Under Li Yu's command, in the temple on the peak of the Bright Mountain, the pure brilliance suddenly bloomed violently, and the brilliant brilliance shone on the world like a scorching sun rising from the ground. The Holy Light is above. Seeing this pure brilliance, warm brilliance, vast brilliance, countless paladins in the whole world of gods fell to the ground. My name is Uther, Messenger of the Light. In the brilliant light, a middle-aged man wearing heavy armor, Self-closing Faucet ,Flushometer valve, holding a square-headed hammer, with a golden face, appeared in midair. Fellow followers of the Way of Light, when you punish evil, have you ever thought about why the evil in this world can never be eliminated? "When you are guarding the weak, have you ever thought about why the weak in this world can never be guarded?" "When you are healing the pain, have you ever thought about why the pain in this world can never be saved?" "Because" In the brilliant light, Uther raised the hammer high in his hand, and the shining light suddenly pointed to the sky, to the kingdom of the gods. Because they caused all this. They are the source of all unfairness and injustice. "In the name of the Light, knights who follow the way of the Light, with our blood and faith, break the cage that envelops the whole world." "Boom" The mighty holy light burst violently, like the light of dawn piercing the darkness, resolutely, and hit the kingdom of the gods fiercely. This God of light, is he out of his mind? The gods saw this scene in the kingdom of God and immediately looked at each other. This should be considered a declaration of war, but a new God, regardless of line-ups, regardless of good and evil, regardless of strength, directly declared war on all gods. The realm of the true God, which is equivalent to the path of the rules of the seventh level wizard. But the power of the true God condenses faith with rules and transforms it into divine power. These divine powers are the source of the power of a God.
    A new God, even if he has been preaching for twenty years, how much power can he accumulate to declare war on the gods? This is obviously a brain problem, isn't it? More important is that the new God, do not spend the mind to build their own kingdom of God, do not first manage their own lair, even direct real body to fight Having the Kingdom of God is equivalent to having a fortress with unlimited firepower and strong defense. There is no true God of the Kingdom of God, but the real body goes to battle. This is a complete death wish. Yes, it is a death wish. The value of the existence of the "Holy Light Source" lies in seeking death. A holy light energy body without its own will, looking for death is completely desperate and fearless. The gods turned up their noses at this mentally ill "God of Light" and did not care. Just wait for this fool himself to come to the door, and then in front of all the people in the world, slap this fool to death, so that his reputation in the world of gods is better. However When the gods were planning to deal with the "God of Holy Light", the elves gathered on the island forever, and a huge tree that reached the sky and the earth burst out with a blue light that shook the world. Elves, the time has come to fight. After a hundred thousand years of silence, the great elves will regain their lost glory. "Fight! Conquer! Let the glory of the elves shine over the land." On Yongju Island, countless "Druid" legions, "Dawn Blade" legions, rushed out of Yongju Island like a raging tide and killed the whole world. The kingdom of the gods is in a mess. "Boom" Blue light all over the sky, the power of the ancient tree wizard of wisdom, burst out towering blue light, directly interfering with the power of the gods. What the hell is going on? The gods were horrified to see that they had lost control of the rules. At this moment, the power of the gods is in a blank period. The light never goes out. Uther took advantage of this opportunity to roar and rush into the sky crazily. In the startled eyes of the gods,Stainless Steel Toilet China, Uther suddenly plunged his head into the magic net. Ah "His goal is the magic net." "Damn it, stop him." However, it is already too late. "Boom". cnkexin.com

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    Let her think of unhappy things again. Su Jingxi parked the car in the community and saw Chunyi staring at the entrance of the building in a daze, like a monster's mouth, devouring her for so many years. Every time I come here, I'm so timid that I can't help running away. Chunyi is a butterfly. “…… It's a leaf. "It's a butterfly." Su Jingxi was particularly positive, pulling her forward a few steps, had stopped on the top of the wall of the butterfly was frightened, hula to fly into the thin light. With the back of her hand, she saw the butterfly fly away against the sun. It really has to wait until next summer. But this is not the one that will come back next summer. What comes back every day is not yesterday's spring. She is sprouting, breaking through the ground and growing up in the posture of a seed. We can never imagine that the towering tree is still a seed. Experienced countless possible tears and fear of sprouting. 「10」 Chunyi took advantage of the weekend to get some thick clothes at home, she thought she could see Chunyuan, but heard her mother say Chunyuan next week's monthly exam, did not come back. After dinner in the evening, Su Jingxi and Chunyi climbed to the roof to enjoy the breeze. This is the perfect place to see the stars, especially the autumn night sky, which is clean and flawless. Two people back to back can be silent for a night. Each has something on his mind. In Chunyuan's words, only when he marries Su Jingxi can he feel at ease. What two similar people. Don't you have something to say to me today? "Chunyi asked." Well, it's nothing. Su Jingxi raised his head and put his weight on Chunyi's shoulder, "My dad." May be getting married. "Oh,stainless steel squatting pan, congratulations, Su Jingxi, you're going to have a mother." "Don't make a scene." "I really want to have a mother again." Chunyi said in a very low voice, laughing while talking, so that Su Jingxi, who was in a very chaotic mood, could not help laughing. She is a vicious child,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, and she has been so unlovable since childhood. When she saw Chunyi, it was as if she saw another self. However, the world of spring is full of fog and thorns, and he can never enter the world. Chunyi ran out wearing a very thin autumn shirt, and the cold was heavy at night, so the two of them went home to get clothes. Pushing the door, I saw two people sitting on the sofa. Su Jingxi saw a guest say, "I went to bed, and went into Chunyuan's room.". Chunyi stood in the doorway with a low hum, not knowing how to react. Xia Sen Che is wearing a very casual dark red sweater, which is too loose to show the warm and white collarbone in the chicken heart collar. His hair was really long, covering his ears, but it made him look softer. She suddenly realized why Xia Senche was such a gentle person, Concealed Flush Valve ,Service Sink Faucets, because his mother sat beside him, whispering and smiling. What kind of mother will have what kind of children. So how much of her mother's deep-rooted bad habits did she inherit? It's impolite not to say hello to Aunt Qin Chu when she sees her. Mother winked at her with displeasure. Hello, Aunt Qin. Eyes hold back to the side of Xia Sen Che, finally did not hold back blurted out, "how did the senior come today?" "I went shopping with my mother and passed by your house." He asked her, "Don't you feel pain in your feet when you run around in sneakers?" "Well, it's all right." She said vaguely. Listening to their conversation, the mother realized that her daughter's walking posture was a little strange and asked in surprise, "What's wrong with her feet?" "I accidentally stepped on the broken bowl." The answer is even more understated. Look how clumsy you are. I have long thought of such a conclusion. Seeing that his mother's face had changed, he said hurriedly that the tea was cold and I was going to pour a new one. Qin Chu's voice in the living room is thin and soft. Yunxia, why don't you change your temper? Chunyu is a likable child when he was young. If you don't want me, I'll take him home. Only then did the mother laugh. Then you can take it back and make a daughter-in-law for your little Che. Qin Chu also laughed, don't regret it. What do you think? "Yes." Then she turned around like a cat whose tail had been trampled on. Her face was full of mischief. Xia Senche leaned against the door and said, "I'll help you serve tea. I'm afraid you'll break the cup again." It's none of your business. This sentence can not be said. It's like the softest part of your heart has been captured. In fact, he has long been captured by his smile, a boy who exudes the warmth of spring. 「11」 Had been hiding the matter of living with boys, but still because Su Jingxi's big mouth was known by Chunyuan.
    In fact, I can think that my brother will know sooner or later, just thinking that I can delay one day at a time, raw rice cooked rice, what a strange idea. Spring sitting on the bay window holding the mobile phone, the signal is not very good, intermittent. Chunyuan was silent for a long time on the other end of the phone. When the silence made Chunyuan panic, he breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Well, I'll accompany you to find a house on the weekend. Since it's arranged by my mother, it's not good to drive people out." "He's a nice guy. You can't move away by yourself for no reason.". Mom can't explain to Aunt Qin Chu. "I'll say it from Mom's side." "Brother." She interrupted. "It's not Mom. I don't want to move.". He's very nice. Last time I hurt my foot, he took care of me for a week. "Anyway, I'm going to find you a house near the school on the weekend." The attitude was surprisingly firm. You have no place to spend money, right? Then buy me the new Nokia mobile phone. Chunyu is most afraid of Chunyuan's dominating momentum, which arranges her life in good order. Like a beautiful puppet doll dressed up by him, no matter how beautiful, he always holds the line in his hand. In fact, there is nothing wrong, so many years is also the love of her brother to let her live so well. It's calm. Chunyi. I don't want you to live there. The voice softened again. Can think of his expression, must be resolute, just understand that this is a way to make her compromise. Thinking of the obvious impatience of Chunyuan, he quickly interrupted Chunyuan's words and said, "Don't worry about it. I'm going to eat. That's it." Xia Senche set up bowls and chopsticks in the restaurant, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, and insisted on not putting soy sauce for the sake of beautiful color. He insisted on cooking every day after he knew that even fried eggs would burn his hands. After all, eating is the biggest thing in life,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, occasionally meet the fingers of the spring, feel cold, is a symptom of insufficient blood gas. cnkexin.com

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    "Governor Sun and Governor Nie, I'll go back first and not disturb the work of the leaders!" Zeng Yi took his leave. The two men nodded slightly, did not speak, and entered the provincial government building one after the other. Zeng Yi took out his car keys and prepared to leave. As soon as he took two steps, he heard the cry of "Director Zeng, Director Zeng" coming from behind. A look back, Ceng Yi is happy, originally Cui Xixuan left in a hurry, unexpectedly ran to the convenience of Li Dongyi to leave behind. Secretary Hu led Li Dongyi to step forward quickly and said: "Director Zeng, has Mr. Cui left?" "Yes!" Ceng Yi looked at the unfortunate Li Dongyi, the heart of the first doctor in South Korea, in the eyes of Cui Xixuan, the original weight is not ah, unexpectedly left behind. Secretary Hu said with a smile, "Since Director Zeng knows Mr. Li, please send Mr. Li back to his residence." Ceng Yi didn't want to meddle in this matter. He was disgusted with Li Dongyi. But Sun Wenjie's secretary opened his mouth. He couldn't refuse. Just as he was thinking about how to shirk it, he saw Lu Xiaopeng standing in the hall waving to himself, as if he had something urgent to say. Secretary Hu, unfortunately, it seems that Governor Nie wants to see me! Zeng Yi pointed to the other side and said, "Mr. Li is staying at the Qingjiang Hotel. You can have someone send him there." Secretary Hu turned around and had no choice but to give up. "Well," he said,Time Delay Tap, "you go and do your work." Zeng Yi walked up to Lu Xiaopeng and said, "Director Lu, what are you.." Lu Xiaopeng dragged Zeng Yi inside for a few steps and said, "Don't mention it. I met that Korean devil again in the bathroom just now. He recognized me. His mouth was chattering and his expression was not good." "Cough!" Ceng Yi smiled and thought it was a big deal. It turned out to be this thing. "Don't worry, it's all right!" Lu Xiaopeng is afraid that Li Dongyi will continue to entangle. Last time, Li Dongyi did not know his identity. But this time, when he met, his work in the provincial government was known by the other party. If he really came,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, it would be very troublesome. Is it really all right? Lu Xiaopeng asked, he is also very suffocating, he is a secretary of the vice governor, unexpectedly also can not afford to provoke foreign devils, if ordinary foreigners are good to say, who let this Li Dongyi background is not small, when the time comes, he will be afraid of putting a big hat on himself to destroy investment attraction. Don't worry! Don't worry Ceng Yi waved his hand, he has seen, Li Dongyi that is a fox fake tiger power, people Cui Xixuan did not take Li Dongyi seriously, but Ceng Yi did not expect Li Dongyi this bastard in the provincial government also dare to be so arrogant, it is abominable ah, the last hit did not let you apologize, has been particularly merciful, did not expect you are endless. Seeing that Secretary Hu had already called a car and was ordering the driver, Self-closing Shower Valve ,stainless steel toilet, Zeng Yi walked over and said, "Secretary Hu, I'm really sorry. Look at my memory. I made a mistake!" Secretary Hu was a little puzzled. "What's the mistake?" Zeng Yi pointed to Li Dongyi, who was already on the bus, and said, "Mr. Li is not staying at the Qingjiang Hotel, but at the Qingjiang Resort. You can ask someone to put him down at the gate of the resort." The driver looked at Secretary Hu and thought to whom he was listening. Secretary Hu said: "Then send it to Qingjiang Resort and listen to Director Zeng!" The driver nodded, "Don't worry, it will be delivered!" With that, he boarded the car and drove out of the provincial government building. Secretary Hu exchanged a few pleasantries and then went upstairs, fearing that Sun Wenjie would have something to say. Only then did Lu Xiaopeng pull Zeng Yi, "Qingjiang Resort is in the suburbs, you send him there, nothing will happen!" "It's okay!" Ceng Yi laughed, "there is a long mouth under the nose, Dr. Li himself will call for help, did not send him to Baiyang is good!" Lu Xiaopeng shook his head and said, "You are too cruel. I'm afraid the Korean devils will be angry to death this time!" Only Zeng Yi dared to do so, he said. Li Dongyi seemed to have something to hold on to. He was pinched in Zeng Yi's hand. Even if Zeng Yi sent him to other provinces, he didn't dare to say anything. At most, the driver misheard him. If it's all right, I'll go back first! Zeng Yi said goodbye to Lu Xiaopeng and drove out of the government compound, ready to return to Baiyang.
    As soon as he ran out of Jiefang Street, the phone rang. Looking at the number, it turned out to be Tang Haoran. Zeng Yi picked it up and said, "Brother Tang." "Zeng Yi, where are you now?" Tang Haoran asked. I just came out of the provincial government and want to go back to Baiyang. Zeng Yi said, "what's the matter with Big Brother Tang?" "Well, Fang asked me to find out about Chairman Cui of Pinghai Group in Korea." Tang Haoran paused, "or you come here, I'm afraid it's not clear on the phone." Ceng Yizhi has a headache. How many people did Cui find? "OK, I'll be there right away!" On the phone, Tang Haoran suddenly said, "Wait a minute." Then Zeng Yi heard Fang Nanguo's voice on the phone, but he couldn't hear clearly what he said. After a while, Tang Haoran picked up the phone again and said, "You don't have to come over. Fang ordered you to go home at night. He wants to know the whole story himself." Zeng Yi sighed, "OK, I know!" Hung up the phone, Ceng Yi dropped a car, it seems that there is no need to go back to Baiyang, so as not to toss back and forth. When it was almost time to think about it in the evening, Zeng Yi rushed to the first building of the Standing Committee. He was already familiar with the way to come here. Pushing the door and going in, he saw Feng Yuqin sitting in the living room chatting with someone. That person Zeng Yi also knew was Cui Enxi. When Cui Enxi saw Zeng Yi, he stood up and bowed, "Hello, Director Zeng!" "What a coincidence! This is the second time we've met today!" Zeng Yi smiled. He could understand Cui Enxi's filial piety to his grandfather, but he really didn't want to cure the disease. It wasn't that he couldn't cure it, it was that he couldn't cure it. Sit down,Flush valve price, Zeng Yi! Feng Yuqin raised her hand with a smile and pointed to the sofa next to her. "Eun-hee is a college classmate of Chenying. It's rare for her to come to Nanjiang once. I invite her to be a guest at home. You and Eun-hee also know each other, so let you come together. You young people will have a topic, so it's more lively." 。 cnkexin.com

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    Cold dishes have always been Ning Xi's specialty, and this time, of course, is no exception. As soon as the cold sea cucumber appeared, everyone was amazed. I don't know what the taste is for the time being, but just looking at the wax gourd cup filled with cold sea cucumber makes people clap their hands. The peeled wax gourd was as white as jade, and was carved into a bowl and dish by Ning Xi's skillful hands. It was filled with cold sea cucumbers, and it felt refreshing and cool at a glance. The blue wax gourd skin is carved with exquisite patterns and placed around the plate, which adds a bit of elegance. In the hot and dry weather, I suddenly saw such a delicate cold dish, and as expected, my mouth and tongue were very appetizing. Lu Ziyan swallowed his saliva and took the lead in putting a piece into his mouth. The fresh, smooth, sour and sweet taste immediately conquered him, shaking his head and sighing: "Delicious, really delicious." Rong Jin eyes flashed a smile, also clipped a piece into the mouth, slowly chewing taste, the movement is very elegant. Ning Youfang was also a little nervous, looking longingly at Rong Jin. I do not know from when, people used to follow the lead of Rong Jin. Obviously, the Lu family had the most shares,spill plastic pallet, but it was already Rong Jin who really made the decision. Rong Jin, however, was noncommittal. "Little Anzi, go and ask Ning Xi to come over," she said casually. Little Anzi answered neatly and ran quickly to the kitchen, shouting, "Miss Ning, young master,plastic pallet box, please come over." Ning Xi had already prepared in his heart, answered unhurriedly, and subconsciously straightened his clothes and hair. When he reacted to his movements, he couldn't help laughing at himself. Busy in the hot kitchen for a long time, at the moment she must be very embarrassed, even if it is good to clean up again can not see where to go, Ning Xi will this silk inexplicable emotions behind the head, with the small Anzi went out together. Zhang Zhanyu naturally followed up. As soon as he entered the dining room, Lu Ziyan looked at him with a smile and said, "Sister Ning Xi, you have worked hard today.". It must be hot and tired after working in the kitchen for a long time. Her pretty face was red and her forehead was covered with sweat. It was really painful to see her. Ning Xi smiled and said, "Thank you for your concern. I'm not tired.". I wonder how the scallion braised sea cucumber and cold sea cucumber taste just now? Lu Ziyan was naturally full of praise: "Everything is very good." I can't say exactly what's good about it. Ning Xi pursed her lips and smiled. "What do you think, Master Rong?" Rong Jin gazed at Ning Xi, his eyes flashed a smile, and commented slowly: "Braised sea cucumber with scallion focuses on saltiness and freshness, euro plastic pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, and the soup should be collected well to achieve the best results.". You're a little behind Chef Ning on the heat, and that needs to be improved. Ning Xi was sincerely convinced: "Well, I will pay attention to it." Sure enough, he was a top diner, and when he said it casually, he said the flaws in the dishes clearly. Rong Jin hesitated for a moment and then went on to say, "The cold sea cucumber is really refreshing, and it is also very innovative to use the wax gourd cup as a container.". However, the taste is a little monotonous. In addition to garlic, you can also put some coriander seasoning. Ning Xi's eyes lit up: "I have always felt that there is something missing in the cold sea cucumber. Thank you, Master Rong, for your advice." It was the first time she had calmly listened to Rong Jin's comments on the dishes. Leaving aside his sharp and venomous tongue, having such a diner who knows how to eat is indeed a lucky cook. Rong Jin gave a rare gentle smile: "You have done very well.". Take the place of Chef Ning to compete in Baiwei Building tomorrow. It must be OK. Ning Xi suppressed the joy in his heart and nodded forcefully. Now that Rong Jin has spoken, of course everyone has no objection. Ning Youfang, in particular, is indescribably proud. Rong Jin suddenly smiled and said, "Actually, Ning Xi will take the place of Chef Ning in the competition tomorrow. It's a sure thing to win." Others had not yet reacted, but Ning Xi had already smiled sweetly and said quickly, "If I lose, it won't hurt my father's reputation.". I'm just an apprentice who hasn't finished his apprenticeship. It's not a shame that I can't win against Chef Xue. If it's a draw, everyone will surely think that the apprentice is already so powerful, not to mention the master's craftsmanship. If you are lucky enough to win Chef Xue, that is naturally the best result. When the time comes, it will be difficult for Ning Youfang not to be famous. Being said so, everyone understood and laughed one after another. Ning Youfang cheered up and said with a smile, "Well, I'll go with Xi'er tomorrow.".
    "Zhan Yu, you also go to help Xi'er." Zhang Zhanyu nodded without hesitation. Rong Jin took a faint glance at Zhang Zhanyu and suddenly said, "Since we're going to go together tomorrow, we'll stay in Rong Fu for one night tonight. Don't bump back and forth.". Little Anzi, you go and arrange it. Zhang Zhanyu answered with a smile, "Don't bother. I'll sleep in Ning Hui's room tonight." Rong Jin's eyes flashed and she said leisurely, "Ning Xi is not young. It's time to avoid suspicion. Chef Ning, don't you think so?" Ning Hui's house and Ning Xi's boudoir are next door. Zhang Zhanyu had a good idea, but Heng Ning didn't hear the implication of Rong Jin's words. He said with a smile, "Zhanyu is my apprentice, and he is half my son.". He and Xi'er are like brother and sister, and there is nothing to avoid suspicion. Just sleep in Ning Hui's room. Rong Jin pulled the corner of her lips and glanced at Ning Xi. Ning Xi obviously didn't think it was a big deal. "Yes, it's too much trouble to run around," he echoed with a smile. "Brother Zhang will stay." Rong Jin gritted her teeth secretly, but squeezed out a smile on her face as if nothing had happened: "It's all right. We all have a rest early tonight. Don't delay tomorrow's business." Zhang Zhanyu nodded with a smile and stood beside Ning Xi intentionally or unintentionally. Ning Xi smiled at Zhang Zhanyu and said something in a low voice. Zhang Zhanyu's eyebrows and eyes were stretched out, and he was unusually handsome. This time, even Lu Ziyan began to frown, but there was no position to say anything. Watching this scene, my heart is sour. Chapter 119 who is better? The next day, it was sunny and fine. Two carriages set out from Rong Fu and headed for Baiwei Lou. Rong Jin and others took a carriage, while Ning Youfang's father and daughter and Sun shopkeeper Zhang Zhanyu took another. As for the ingredients to be used,plastic bulk containers, they are well prepared and put in clean boxes. Ning Xi asked with concern, "Dad, is your arm better?" 。 cnplasticpallet.com

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    Zhai Sheng pulled the corners of his mouth, and he was particularly reluctant to answer Nannan's question. Qiaonan clearly rubbed his temple, a Qiu Chenxi has not given up, this is a transfer student, next time, she should add one more question, she wants to ask clearly, Zhai eldest brother in the end how many "good sister". However, Zhai eldest brother just explained to her, this transfer student looks not a stupid, then her relationship with Zhai eldest brother, is not? Zhai Sheng's finger tapped gently on Qiaonan's desktop, so that Qiaonan could rest assured that the relationship between them was known by Shi Qing, and the problem was not big. Don't worry? Qiaonan said that she could not rest assured that she was so worried that her stomach hurt. If the transfer student told Aunt Miao about their relationship, she had worked so hard and hid it for so long, wouldn't all her previous efforts be wasted? Qiaonan scratched his scalp, forget it, take one step at a time, and more importantly, the final consideration is just around the corner. Chen Jun, a transfer student, she has to put all these messy things aside. After sending Shi Qing, Zhai Sheng did not delay in Pingcheng High School and left soon. Although Qiaonan told himself, to put his mind on learning, as for Shi Qing can only put aside,mobile garbage bin, such as Shi Qing made a move, she said goodbye. But to Qiaonan's surprise, after Zhai Sheng left, Shi Qing changed her previous attitude of great interest in herself, but ignored herself, or completely regarded her as an ordinary classmate, how to say hello at ordinary times, neither like Qiu Chenxi's frowning at Qiaonan, nor like Xu Tingting's complete disregard for Qiaonan.Normal to let QiaoNan confused. What happened to you With only a week left before the final exam,collapsible pallet box, Qiaonan finished lunch and returned to the classroom to conquer the last question. Who knows, he saw Zhu Baoguo's clothes were in a mess, and his hair was even stained with a few grass. He came back in a mess. One second, Zhu Baoguo, who was grinning with pain, pulled his face back and tried to make himself look normal: "It's all right, it's all right." "It's all right. What happened to your pants? Did the dust go up with your pants?" Qiaonan cast her eyes on Zhu Baoguo's trousers. Zhu Baoguo hung his head and saw that the appearance of the grey tip was actually a small footprint. He was so angry that his face was blue. What kind of woman was this? It was clearly a monster! Than he this man will fight, so many days to find his trouble, narrow-minded! Only then did Zhu Baoguo pat the footprints on his trousers clean. Shi Qing, wearing a set of sportswear, did not see any of the quiet lady she had been when she transferred to school that day. She seemed to be a little more ruffian. She hummed some unknown tune in her mouth and walked into the classroom with great joy. When she passed by Zhu Baoguo, she gave a disdainful "cut". Zhu Baoguo was so angry that he clenched his fist and wished he could fight with Shi Qing again. But when he thought of Shi Qing's force value, which was not like a woman, Zhu Baoguo could only lay down his flag. Joe, let me tell you something. "What is it?" Seeing Zhu Baoguo deliberately lowering his voice to speak to himself, Qiaonan asked with cooperation. That Shi Qing, you must not offend, plastic wheelie bins ,drum spill containment, wait until the beginning of the next semester, you can offend whatever you want. "Why?" Why should she offend Shi Qing, and why can't she offend Shi Qing now, but only next semester? "This.." Zhu Baoguo suffocated to blush, he can not tell Xiao Qiao, Shi Qing this woman is too violent, as in the army, he not only can not beat Shi Qing, but also by Shi Qing no defense! If Xiao Qiao offends Shi Qing, he wants to help Xiao Qiao, but he can't help him. He can't beat Shi Qing. So, wait for his summer vacation, and then go to the army to hone their skills, when the time comes, he will be able to support Xiao Qiao, Xiao Qiao also need not let Shi Qing. It's done. Don't say it if you don't want to. Seeing that Zhu Baoguo was so red that he was about to burst his blood vessels, Qiaonan quickly stopped: "You can rest assured that the exam is coming. Do you think I usually provoke people?" What's more, it's not a question of whether she will provoke Shi Qing or not, but whether Shi Qing will let her go. Shi Qing unexpectedly can let the small overlord Zhu Baoguo all avoid her edge, this is Qiaonan most did not think of.
    In the face of Zhu Baoguo's kind reminder, Qiaonan still only lives her own life, reviews well, and makes final preparations for the coming final exam. And Shi Qing seems to be more serious than himself, no time to be distracted attitude also let Qiaonan rest assured a lot, it seems that Shi Qing, like her, is very serious about learning, not Zhu Baoguo said so terrible, no wonder that day Zhai eldest brother let her rest assured, it's all right. Although only a short period of less than a month together, Qiaonan's impression of Shi Qing is not much, just a little, usually not particularly talkative, at most like to stare with Zhu Baoguo. Shi Qing's serious attitude towards learning is no less than her own. It can be said that after the rebirth of Qiaonan met these women, in addition to their own several dormitories, Shi Qing is the one that saves her the most effort. Shi Qing really like Zhai eldest brother, Shi Qing transferred to Class One of Senior One, in the end for what, how can she not understand? Know Qiaonan heart perturbed and doubt, Shi Qing still has no reaction, Qiaonan love how to think, anyway, her purpose will not change. I finally have to think about it tomorrow. If I review like this every day, I will lose weight. I'd better die early and be born early. Tang Mengran tired lying on the table, said the words are full of resentment: "Nannan, or hello, the first grade, there is no need to worry about the exam." "Not necessarily." Sitting behind Qiaonan, Shi Qing closed the book and expressed her opinion for the first time in front of Qiaonan: "Grade one, it's time to sit down." Chapter 464 of the main text. As soon as Shi Qing's words came out, the classroom was quiet. You know, even though Qiaonan only entered Pingcheng High School for more than a semester, she almost took the first place in all the first grades of senior high school. It is Qiaonan who is so strong and unrivaled, so the senior students have even acquiesced in Qiaonan's first grade. Examination,foldable bulk container, Qiaonan, who competes with the front. Today, no one dares to stand up and challenge Qiaonan. How can this not make the students of Class One feel particularly strange. cnplasticpallet.com

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    Yu Qiao chuckled, grabbed the black cloth on one side, put it on as a cloak, put on a cloak, and went out of the carriage. Do you know that Ali will call me brother in the future? When Yu Qiao's figure disappeared, Xie Yun turned his head and dropped his big palm on Ali's head. With a gentle rub, he messed up the hair that Yu Qiao had combed for Ali in the morning. Ah Ali was still thinking about it, and Xie Yun added. "I am your brother Xie, and Aqiao is your brother Yu." "Brother Little Fish?" Ali always calls people by his own features. The real reason is that he always mixes people's names with their faces. Tut. It's brother Yu. "It's really troublesome to be familiar with children." "Brother Little Fish." Ali didn't see Xie Yun's contempt, and he was equally persistent. You are beautiful brother and little fish brother! Ali put his fingers together, raised his face and said happily, "Now, Ali won't mess up." What about me? My surname is Qin. Qin Shu came in, and he felt that he had a chance to get rid of the strange name. You're the green brother. When did he become a green brother again? "Am I not a flower brother?" "Ah, you are Brother Green Flower." Qin Shu was defeated! Two horses drive side by side, the speed is very fast, Yu Qiao drives the carriage, in the ear spreads Xie Yun Ali Qin Shu three people's voices, the corner of the mouth unconsciously rises. In fact, they may feel that they are very lucky to meet her, and she does not think so. Chapter 33. Carriage all the way south, completely away from the city of Mianzhou, the speed slowed down. First, the rainy and snowy weather, not easy to travel, and then Yu Qiao's driving skills are not very skilled, for the sake of safety, and did not go very fast. After dusk,wholesale plastic pallet, they spent the night in a farmhouse in a small village. At dawn, they went on their way. But that is already the best luck, not every time can find a place to shelter from the wind before dark, more or in the wilderness, four people nest together, warm each other, until dawn. For Qin Shu and Yu Qiao, who had a nightmarish experience of fleeing, with a carriage to shelter from the wind, and Xie Yun's super-high vigilance, no need to sleep in the open air,plastic pallet bin, no need to keep vigil, everything has been very satisfied. It took them four days to arrive at a small town at the junction of Mianzhou and Jingzhou. Yu Qiao took Qin Shu shopping in the street market and heard a lot of news about the war in Mianzhou along the way. Sure enough, as Yu Qiao expected, the morning after they left, Jin went straight to Mianzhou city, Xie did not live up to Yu Qiao's expectations, he succeeded in persuading Xie Hui, Jin into Mianzhou city as no man's land, was about to catch people looking for people, the gate closed, came to catch a turtle in a jar, all destroyed three thousand Jin! The sharpening of the Chu army, failed to attack and annihilate Zhao on the battlefield, what to show, the first battle of the great military power is displayed on the body. Even when the embattled Zhao was beaten, he had to resist and struggle to survive, not to mention Jin, who was known as the army of tigers and wolves. There were victories and defeats, and there were several tense confrontations between Jin and Chu. Enmity between the State of Jin and the State of Chu was inevitable. The next day, plastic trash bins ,heavy duty plastic pallet, the successive States of Wu and Wei also fought. Jin Wu this alliance, this pair of potential, Wei Chu again, after all, more than 20 years ago, the two countries also cooperated once, and then Yang Xi and Xie Hui in the middle of reconciliation, together is beneficial, why not? As soon as the prelude of the melee was lifted, the peace that was hard to maintain could never be restored. So, but Zhao got a corner of the breathing space, a time to deploy troops, gamesmanship constantly. But really hit the red eye, is also impossible, at present the confrontation is only for each to find the initiative of a word. Although the allied forces of Jin and Wu were brave, they were not as good as the alliance of Wei and Chu. Xie Hui and his men completely destroyed the Jin who came to Mianzhou, and joined the Chu army at the fastest speed. Jin and Wu retreated again and again, and had withdrawn from Ziyang Town. The battlefield of the melee was pushed back to the territory of Zhao again. Xie Yun listened to Qin Shu's vivid report, looked at Yu Qiao's eyes, splendor again and again, pursed his lips, he did not say anything like praise, Yu Qiao may not like, do not need such praise. Before Xie Yun only felt praised, but now, and even in the future, he must still be able to see Yu Qiao's actions.
    "Mianzhou city, has nothing to do with us." Yu Qiao looked up at Xie Yun's eyes, her expression is still very calm, no pride, no complacency, this is not disguised, but her state of mind is so. She is extremely intelligent, but she never abuses her talent. It is difficult for a wise man to do this, and it is even more difficult for a wise teenager. But Yu Qiao is still the exception. Go four or five days, we will be able to arrive in Jingzhou, when the time comes to see whether to take the water or land, "Yu Qiao to Xie Yun they said after the arrangement, the topic changed, her face finally showed a different smile." "Dad, when the time comes, you'll take us away." Xie Yun, dressed in the skin of a beautiful woman, is really out of line with the title of "Father". Xie Yun's age is there, Yu Qiao several people act also had the name, not too attracted attention, he also finally came in handy. My pleasure.. Joe. "My Joe.". Five days later, the carriage entered the city of Jingzhou. After Xie Yun was settled in the inn, Yu Qiao went out and came back in the evening. When she came back, she had a lot of things in her hands, including fresh fish, fresh meat and white flour. In the face of several people's puzzled eyes, she just opened her mouth and said with a faint smile, "Today is Ali's birthday, I cook, we have a good meal." "Ah, today is Ali's birthday." Qin Shu tilted his head and thought for a while before he remembered. But it's not important. What's important is that they have delicious food tonight. He ran to Yu Qiao with Ali. He mentioned the thing in Yu Qiao's hand, and Ali hung it on Yu Qiao's thigh. I bought fresh fish, and I can drink fish soup. Yu Qiao looked up and saw Xie Yun sitting on a big chair with a quilt on his legs. He had a little steam on his body, and the color seemed to be more gorgeous than usual, as if he had come out of a painting, like a fairy,plastic pallet supplier, more like a demon. Should be just out of the bath, he called up Qin Shu and Ali, can not see the slightest bit of outside. cnplasticpallet.com

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    The Scorpion Lady was stunned. She sighed and said, "God, where are you going?"? I didn't trust you in the past, but after you saved me under Dianmu, I have trusted you wholeheartedly.. "This kind of trust is unreliable." The Scorpion Lady suddenly snuggled into his arms and said faintly, "Please trust me, too, OK?"? If you don't believe me, I really want to cut out my heart to show you. Oh! Brother Cui, we hate not to meet. It's too late to meet. With a faint smile, he stroked her cold pink cheeks and said, "Didn't we meet?"? And share in life and death. The Scorpion Lady kissed his palm and said bitterly, "I once had a man and gave birth to a child for him." "Oh!"! Are you taken? He made a gesture to push her away. Instead, the scorpion lady hugged him and said in a trembling voice. Evil fate? "I have never worshipped heaven and earth with him, and he has never thought of starting a family." He was so frightened that he remembered his bad relationship with the beautiful green and gave him a cold war smartly. What's the matter with you, brother? The scorpion lady asked in surprise. Nothing? He answered casually. Actually, he is thinking: If Qiyuan is pregnant,plastic pallet supplier, what should he do? The Scorpion Lady did not ask, but said in a sad voice, "When I knew him, I was in a lonely journey. I was in a bad mood, and I was not satisfied.". He appeared, handsome,collapsible bulk container, young, handsome, well-spoken, is the prince's dream lover, sweet words make me fall in love. In this way, we became a couple. "In the future." "Who knows?" "Oh!"! Are you separated? Good dreams are the easiest to wake up from. Love is less than a hundred days. I was pregnant, but he took another woman, took my life savings and flew away without leaving a penny. Oh! Five years in the blink of an eye. "You should have gone to him." "Brother Cui, go kneel before him and cry and ask him to take in my mother and son."? Forget it. If he cries and begs me, I won't want him. That kind of lustful man who likes the new and hates the old is not worth a penny. "Who is he?" "Lian Zhongyu." "Oh!"! Is it the young owner of Sanhuai Villa in Xinling? "That's him." Cui Changqing was silent for a long time and said, "You should go to see him. He is very miserable." "To see him?"? I feel a lump in my heart when I mention him. Oh! You know where he is? How is he miserable? "Three years ago, Sanhuai Village was destroyed, wholesale plastic pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, and Lian Zhongyu broke a hand and a leg." "Do you know how Sanhuai Village was destroyed?" "I don't know." "He was forced to rape the disciple of the Red Gauze Witch. His family was ruined, and he lived in this world with a broken leg and a broken hand." "Damn it," said Cui Changqing with a wry smile! How dare he make plans for the Red Witch? It's like breaking ground on the head of Mount Tai! He didn't know it in advance. It's called retribution. Oh! At the critical moment of life and death, isn't it ridiculous for us to talk about these tasteless children's love affairs? Cui Changqing patted her on the pink cheek and said with a smile, "This shows that you and I are not frightened because of the critical moment of life and death. This is a good sign." "Brother Cui, I have something to say. Should I ask?" "You ask, whether he should or not?" "You really don't have a family?" "Hehe!"! I won't lie to you. "Oh!"! I want "What are you up to?" He asked with a smile. I want to make a match for you. "What?"? Matchmaking? That's a good idea. What time is this? He asked in surprise. The Scorpion Lady sighed and said, "I have confidence in you. I believe you will succeed this time. There are five of us. Only you can survive." "Oh!"! You My sister is sixteen years old and much more beautiful than I am. I hope that when you succeed, you can ask my poor sister to take care of you with her. If you like her. Be a wife and a concubine. "Humph!"! You're talking like an orphan. "Yes, I have a hunch that I'm going to die this time." "Nonsense!"! I don't think so. "Brother Cui, listen to me." I don't listen. To tell you the truth, I don't have time to take care of myself. How can I have time to take care of others? Even if he succeeds this time, he will have a narrow escape from death in the future.
    ” "You.." "You know the Blood Flower Club?" "I know, you." "I am irreconcilable with the Blood Flower Society, and this time I made a special trip to Jiezhou to prepare to fight to the death with the Society." The Scorpion Lady gave a deep sigh and said, "It's a pity. If only I could go back alive." "What do you mean." "I know like the palm of my hand the details of the General Secret Altar of the Blood Flower Society." "Really?"? You Can't I lie to you? This time I came from Xiezhou. "Oh!"! You Are you also a member of the Blood Flower Club? "No, I have a friend who has a very high position in the General Altar of the Association.". This time I had difficulties and made a special trip to ask for help. "They.." "I was rejected and almost turned against him." As soon as Cui Changqing's heart moved, he approached her and said in a low voice, "Sister Qiu, please tell me the details of the General Secret Altar of the Blood Flower Club." The Scorpion Lady giggled and grimaced at him, saying, "Look at you. You are a man with a sweet mouth. You are very utilitarian. In order to get the news, the elder sister called you so sweetly." He sighed, moved away and said, "It's right to call you elder sister. You are much older than me.". If you don't say it, you can't be asked to betray your friends. "Yo!"! Are you angry? Good brother, don't be angry. I'll tell you in detail. Cui Changqing was overjoyed, and was anxious because he did not know how to start after arriving in Jiezhou. Heaven followed people's wishes, and this time he did not run in vain. Daybreak, the wind and rain did not stop. Strange, the rain division did not turn to duel. The monkey stood outside the gate, staring at the storm and worrying. He turned to Cui Changqing and said, "Brother Cui, what do you think we should do?" Iron King Kong was wiping the rust on his whip and said, "Dry Monkey, aren't you asking about blindness?" "What do you mean by these words?" The monkey asked in puzzlement. The love of the scorpion lady is like water, and the love of the concubine is like cotton. At the critical moment of life and death, every inch of time is an inch of gold. They love and cherish the time before death. How can they have leisure time to think about ideas? Cui Changqing was furious and approached angrily. Iron King Kong looked up and said with a smile,stackable plastic pallets, "I heard you call the elder sister last night." Cui Changqing lowered his face and said, "Brother, you have to take back what you just said." 。 cnplasticpallet.com