Reborn Sparrow Becomes Phoenix _ Pai Pai Novel

Lin Junjie made up his mind, two-pronged approach, strive to get through the work of Jiakai first, otherwise his good brothers will be his biggest resistance, don't get to the end of the friends can not do, and then the starry night, he thinks that chasing girls is still very ~ ~ set, but the starry night will soon go to college, which makes him a little difficult to do, do not see the above also talk about the pursuit of it! Think again, there must be a wooden method. 。 The meal ended in such a strange atmosphere. Fortunately, Jia Kai and Lin Yan realized the seriousness of the new problem and did not struggle with each other. Starry night was happy to know Zhao Qi, a new friend. They left contact information with each other and made an appointment to go shopping together. Starry night and home Kai first sent Lin Yan back to the old man's home, Lin Yan on the bus just remembered that he had asked for two hours'leave with the master, already overtime, get along with a few also know that the master said one is one personality, afraid to go back to this punishment must be unavoidable, look at his pitiful appearance, to let the starry night not hide a few points less to him, this stupid boy, deserves to be punished. Lin Yan got out of the car and slipped into the yard of the He family in the ridicule of Jia Kai. The starry night when he returned home failed to escape the language bombardment of Jiakai. He described the university as an evil place where sexual predators gathered and cheaters were everywhere. He also wanted to cheer up the starry night. Don't believe the sweet words of the boys in the university. Those are sugar-coated shells. If you don't pay attention, you will be blown to pieces. You must see the fox tail behind those flattering boys. The final conclusion is that college boys do not have a good thing, of course,digital interactive whiteboard, they are an alien existence. Starry night gaped at the resentful Jia Kai, patted his chest, he was possessed by something! Why else would there be a sudden transformation? ! Chapter 153 went to the provincial capital (90 votes plus more). Lin Yan's time is arranged by his master, naturally there is no time to look for starry night, starry night these days also began to pack, this time is to live, to bring more things naturally. Starry night grandmother is a little reluctant, but also listen to everyone's advice,smart board touch screen, how can there always be children and grandchildren around you! When the wings are hard, they will naturally leave the nest. The old couple gave Starry Night the latest mobile phone. What made Starry Night happy was that this Nokia 8810 used to be the mobile phone she wanted most. At that time, because of the price of nearly 10,000 yuan, she looked at it helplessly. It can be said that it was the pioneer of luxury models before. Now it seems that it has not been seen on the market. It was bought by the old man in Telecom. The starry night naturally knew the value of this mobile phone. She hugged her grandmother and thanked her all the time. In her grandmother's words, it's good if you like it. If you like it, remember to call us a few more times. We can call you when we miss you. To this Luo is only greedy, who let his university in the middle school a wall apart, do to go to college and high school in addition to less schoolwork is no difference, but also under the eyes of his mother, but also a little sign of trouble can let his mother know, others are easy to play for four years, he is careful to endure four years, life is not miserable. Starry night and Zhao Qi to really cast the fate, starry night looked at everyone smiling like a classmate Chu yuanyuan Xue Bing, in fact, interactive whiteboards in the classroom ,digital touch screen board, is a cold-tempered person, who is not particularly bad or particularly good, especially difficult to treat a person confidentially, even though Zhu Xiaojia can put a large amount of money and goods to let her go. But also more because of their understanding of her temperament, but also because of the relationship between mutual cooperation, and Zhao Qi is her rebirth since the first want to associate with the same sex friends, although not to the point of heart-to-heart, but has been much better than the usual classmates and alumni. Two people in just a few days about a few times to go shopping for dinner, Zhao Qi gives the feeling of starry night and Catherine a bit like, but more gentle than Catherine can be more considerate, starry night naturally get along well with her, speaking of her past life and this life have not been able to have a few intimate friends of the same sex, nor like others have a best friend or something, to share the secret.
But let the starry night some dislike is that after the two meetings will meet to pick up Zhao Qi Hao Tianyang, if the light is Hao Tianyang also calculate, every time Lin Junjie will appear, and Hao Tianyang natural then Zhao Qi left, the rest of Lin Junjie will send her home, but on the way home will turn to what coffee shop, gift shop and so on. One to two to the starry night also know how to return a responsibility, but Lin Junjie did not point out, the starry night is not good to say you do not come to see me, fortunately will go to the provincial capital, also avoided. In the starry night, the day before I left, I went to the old house and the vegetarian restaurant to see that everything was fine. Although I couldn't say that I was getting rich every day, my business was booming. I told Zhu Xiaojia again, left my contact information, and went to Mr. He's house again. He said goodbye to the old man, he told her kung fu can not be left, often practice may be able to save lives that day, starry night promised to come down, but did not expect this really let the old man said, and later really saved his life, of course, this is the last word. Lin Yan looked at the starry night to say goodbye to some lonely, want to tell the master to ask for leave to go to the provincial capital with the starry night, the old man did not agree, Lin Yan is really a good boy to respect the teacher, the old man did not let him earn, just look at the star night to speak and stop, several times want to open his mouth and did not say it after all. Starry night looked at him like that and felt a little pitiful, temporarily softhearted, took the initiative to leave their own contact information. This action let Lin Yan suddenly spirit up, starry night to see him that as if to eat stimulants, suddenly regret, how will be soft-hearted to tell him, this boy will not run to the provincial capital to find any trouble for themselves! That night, Yu Zhongliang and Liang Huiru also came back specially, and the family had a meal to see them off in the starry night. At the end of the night,smartboards for business, the starry night almost packed all the luggage, and the starry night sat on the bed, holding in her hand the card given by her aunt last time.