Dajiang is cold

After waiting quietly for a drink, he suddenly heard a loud laugh and said, "Why do you want to see Yan when you are talking about friends?" A figure fell like a hawk on the stone pedal seven feet in front of Tang Meng's body. Tang Mengzhou raised his eyes to see Yan Hongqing, the Lord of the Second Valley, in his name. He folded his fists and bowed, saying, "Is Lord Yan coming alone, or is there someone behind him?" When Yan Hongqing heard this, he was stunned. "What do you mean by talking about friends?" He asked. "I've come to tell you something," said Tang Mengzhou. "This is an important matter. I can't let a third person hear about it. If Lord Ergu is suspicious, he'll drop his face and leave immediately." Yan Hongqing gazed suspiciously at Tang Mengzhou and suddenly shouted, "Retreat immediately!" You can faintly hear the sound of the wind shaking the clothes far away. "Now that we're talking about friends," said Yen Hung-ching, "we can tell you." Tang Mengzhou took out a jade tablet beside him and handed it to Yan Hongqing, saying, "Lord Ergu can recognize this thing." Yan Hongqing took it and looked at it. He turned pale with fright and said, "Where did this friend come from?" Left palm congealed potential ready, as long as the spirit of a wrong, immediately shot to kill. Tang Mengzhou smiled and said, "I've been ordered to come here by Jing Yiming." That is to say, in a low voice, many people at the gate of the Five Poisons Castle were hidden in the Worry-free Valley,electronic board for classroom, and Jing Yiming ordered him to come to the Worry-free Valley to find out and annihilate them. Yan Hongqing changed his color in horror and said, "Is Shen Tuzong a disciple?"? Yan Mou did not know anything about it. Tang Mengzhou smiled coldly and said, "If Lord Ergu had known about it, I wouldn't have had to come. Jing Jianling was so worried that he didn't dare to leave before he could summon the Lord. So he ordered me to come with my token." Yan Hongqing said, "How did Jing Jianling find out the Five Poisons Gate and hide in the open valley?" When Tang Mengzhou saw that Yan Hongqing had got to the bottom of the matter, he was as careful as he was. He said with a slight smile, "Jing Jianling led a group of subordinates to sneak up on a deserted and uninhabited Wenchang Pavilion not far from the foot of Songyue Mountain. Unexpectedly, when they went out with Jing Jianling,86 smart board, Shen Tuzong led a group of bandits to attack them, and all his disciples were poisoned.." Yan Hongqing's eyes flashed with anger. "So," he said in a deep voice, "the plot of Mount Song has been discovered by the evil spirits behind Emperor Shen Tuzong?" Tang Mengzhou said, "I've known it for a long time. The other side also wants to infect Shaolin. It's a pity that it's the first step for our school, so that the other side can't do anything. The resentment is in his chest, so he plans to kill the people of our school." After a brief pause, he added, "Emperor Shen Tu Zong set up an ambush inside and outside the Wenchang Pavilion, waiting for Jing Jianling and his subordinates to return and be captured in a net. Unexpectedly, Jing Jianling was alert and the situation was different. With lightning speed, he killed one by one under the Five Poisons Gate hidden outside the Wenchang Pavilion. It's ridiculous that Emperor Shen Tu Zong was unaware of it. He peeped into the conversation between Emperor Shen Tu and his subordinates for Jing Jianling." Not only are there five poisons lurking in the worry-free valley, but there are also many people in the Xuanling Palace. Yan Hongqing's face suddenly changed and he said, "Where is Shen Tuzong, Lord of the Five Poisons Castle?" Tang Mengzhou replied, touch screen interactive whiteboard ,4k smart board, "Jing Jian Ling was afraid that Shen Tuzong would know that we had peeped into the secret, so he waited outside the cabinet. Shen Tuzong was impatient when he saw that Jing Jian Ling had not returned for a long time. He led the people to leave the cabinet and launched a fierce struggle. After Jing Jian Ling killed three of the Five Poisons, he retreated because of the disparity in numbers." "Where is Jing Jian Ling now?" "I'm still searching for the whereabouts of Shen Tuzong, and I'm still living in Wenchang Pavilion." Yen Hung-ching had cleared up his doubts. He folded his fists and said with a smile, "Please talk about friends." There was still a long way to go from here to the Worry-free Valley. Tang Mengzhou felt that the place he passed was very dangerous. He cut the wall like a blade. The cliff was steep and heavily guarded. He could not help but be frightened secretly! Clouds are floating and the evening mist is falling. Tang Mengzhou is in a fine pavilion in the worry-free valley. The windows are bright and clean, and the layout is elegant. The valley is spring-like all the year round. Qihua Yao grass is planted outside the window, and the fragrance is refreshing. Just as he was gazing out of the window, he saw a young boy in blue enter. "Lord Ergu has come to pay his respects to Master Tan," he said. Yan Hongqing had already moved in and gave a hearty laugh.
The little boy brought in the delicacies and wine from outside the door. The two of them sat down opposite each other. Before the wine touched their lips, a loud voice came from outside the window, saying, "Teacher Ji is here!" Yan Hongqing raised his eyebrows and said to himself, "Why did he come here?" A tall, thin, bright-eyed, middle-aged man in a black shirt rushed in and said, "Lord Ergu, the five evil gods outside the mountain and the masters of the Beggars' Sect have frequently appeared. It seems that they have a plan to harm this valley." Yan Hongqing said, "Pass down the order and keep a close watch." The tall and thin man answered in a low voice, turned around and walked out quickly. "This man is a disciple of the Five Poisons," said Tang Mengzhou. Yan Hongqing can not help but change his face! Yan Hongqing was surprised and said, "Why did the teacher recognize that Ji Huamin was a disciple of the Five Poisons? Ji Huamin has been loyal and diligent under Yan for many years." I'm afraid it may not be as the teacher said. Tan Ling said with a smile, "Lord Ergu, you might as well bring a dog and a cat to have a try, and then you will know whether my words are alarmist." When Yan Hongqing heard this, he clapped his hands and led a dog in quickly. A moment later, a yellow dog was brought, and Yan Hongqing poured a drum of braised chicken on the ground. The yellow dog seemed to be hungry, and in a moment the wind swept away the clouds. Yen Hung-ching watched the change of the yellow dog after eating. After a cup of tea, the yellow dog suddenly sighed in a low voice, as if his throat was uncomfortable. Suddenly, he was lying on the ground, his eyes were dim and dull, his mouth was foaming, and his four feet flicked a few times and then he did not move. Tan Ling smiled. Yan Hongqing turned pale with horror and said with an angry look on his face, "How did Mr. Tan know?" "Lord Ergu," said Tan Ling, "don't ask me how I know about it for the time being. I should go and see if the people of Jihua are still in Wuyou Valley." Yan Hongqing's face turned cold. "Call Ji Huamin to see me," he said in a harsh voice. Replace the wine and food with the order. A moment later, a man dressed in blue rushed in and said, "The people of Jihua have found nothing. They want to escape from the valley." When the strong man saw the yellow dog lying on the ground, he knew most of it. Tan Ling said with a sneer, "Ji Huamin is not far away. Just now, when he bowed down and folded his fists to report to Lord Ergu, he cast an invisible poison. Unexpectedly, he secretly used a'piercing finger 'to hurt his heart. His body could be found only within a radius of ten miles outside the valley." As he spoke, he gazed at the man in Tsing Yi. His voice sank and he said, "What happened here must not be publicized,touch screen whiteboard, so as not to frighten the snake." Tsing Yi pretended to be a man in a daze and whispered yes. With an angry look on his face, Yan Hongqing ordered his trusted followers to search for Ji Huamin's corpse. The food and wine had already been changed. Yan Hongqing offered a toast after drinking. "Talking about how the teacher found out the bandits in the Five Poisons Castle," he said. 。 hsdsmartboard.com