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"He just wanted to be served, but you told him to get some glass cups." The old man took Shen Tianfang's words. "Well, forget it, Han Lao, you go and see if there are any other waiters and ask them to bring up all the dishes." Shen Tianfang Road. High-grade place, the quality of service is not general, Han Lao went out to see, then saw two doormen standing on both sides of the door, toward one of them, "you go, this set of things are brought over, we have arrived, to open the banquet." "Yes!" The doorman answered and said, "Please wait a moment. I'll arrange for someone to serve the food."! If there's anything else you need, just talk to him! He pointed to his companion and turned away. Uh Han Lao answered and retreated to the private room, saying to Shen Tianfang, "Shen Shao, they will serve the food right away." Shen Tianfang nodded his head and said courteously to Feng Yi, "I don't know what Mr. Feng and this young lady like to eat, so I ordered some dishes casually. I'll see if there are no two people who like to eat. We'll call again. By the way, Feng Shao, I haven't asked where the fairy village is yet." "North Shanxi!" Feng Yi casually reported the location of the Feng family here, although it was the address after a thousand years. North Shanxi, Fengjia! Shen Tianfang's eyes were brighter, and his eyes on Fengyi were about to ignite. You know,smart interactive whiteboard, now the North Shanxi Feng family is the world's leading family, the number of industries under its name is amazing, it is no exaggeration to say that the Feng family has the ability to subvert any country in the world. When Han Lao heard the north of Shanxi, he obviously thought of the existence of the Feng family, but he looked at Feng Yi with a surprised face. He really couldn't imagine why the people of the Feng family would be reduced to selling ornaments. It turns out that Feng Shao is a member of the Feng family. I said, how can ordinary people cultivate the aristocratic temperament like Feng Shao? Shen Tianfang's words revealed two important informants to Feng Yi. First, a thousand years ago, the present world also has the existence of the wind family. Two, the wind family is very strong now. Here,touch screen board classroom, the door of the box was opened, and several waiters, holding silver plates in their hands, came in and methodically put the dishes on the table safely and then retreated. It smells so good! Shui Yourou took a deep breath and said to Feng Yi, "Ah Yi, I'm a little hungry. Can I eat first?" Shui Yourou doesn't care whether others will say that she has no family education or not. Anyway, no one has taught him these things. It has always been her code of conduct to follow her heart. Now, because there is a Fengyi around her, she always feels that she should listen to Fengyi. This is like he asked, otherwise, she would have started with chopsticks. Greedy cat, if you want to eat, you can eat! Feng Yi joked, "Be careful not to eat too fat, then no one will want it!" "Yuck, he's not a cat!" Shui Yourou gave Feng Yi a white look, apparently blaming him for not using his natural enemy as a metaphor for himself, smart boards for conference rooms ,smart board for conference room, and, what does he mean by the following sentence, does he just like her appearance? Ten minutes passed quickly, and the waiter who had just run out finally came back to the box, holding a silver plate in his hand, which contained several delicate glass cups. Fortunately, Shen Shao, I have found this glass cup for you! He claimed credit. OK Shen Tianfang laughed, "Let me see, well, it's really a good thing, the light and color are pleasant!" Shen Tianfang played with a glass cup. This is also good! Feng Yi has long found that this glass is only defective, but also defective, but the later polishing process is better. Glancing disdainfully at Shen Tianfang, thanks to his family or engaged in jewelry line, it seems that he does not understand anything, and the side of Han Lao is also very embarrassed not to go too far, do not look at Shen Tianfang, a look I do not know him. All right, Shen Shao. Feng Yi opened his mouth and said, "Now we have a cup. Let's drink two cups first. I don't know what kind of wine Shen Shao is preparing." Feng Yi saw that Shen Tianfang had already praised the glass cup, and it was not good to refute his face, so he stopped saying anything and just asked him to take out the wine. If you don't want the wind, of course you must use the best wine.
"Shen Tianfang put down the glass cup in his hand and turned to the waiter and said," Bring me the bottle of Igon TBA you have here. " As soon as the waiter heard Shen Tianfang's words, he was a little dizzy. He was a little puzzled. Master Shen used to be the best scout, but today he had a problem. He hesitated and said to Shen Tianfang, "Shen Shao, you know, that's the treasure of our store here. Many people want to buy it, but our boss didn't buy it. You see, can you change a bottle? How about Eiswein? Although it's a little lower than TBA, it's also a rare good wine." "I said where did you get so many words?" Shen Tianfang stared and said, "If you want to go, you can go. Whether to sell or not is your boss's business. If not, you can ask him to come to me. Can Eiswein drink? Feng Shao wants to drink. How can he bring that kind of defective goods?" "All right, I'll ask!" This waiter is understood, today this Shen Shao is so difficult to scout because of this wind less reason, he was a little surprised to see the wind Yi one eye, but really can not think of the wind Yi in the end is what identity, unexpectedly can remember Shen Tianfang so attentive. But he is not the eye of fire, how can you see, although can not see what is the identity of Fengyi, but he also knows that he can not afford to offend the people inside, can only respectfully withdraw from the private room, to find their own boss. Volume 4: Fantasy-Endless Future Volume Chapter 27-Snatch the Treasure A group of people from the classical round table next to a pleasant taste of Igon TBA, the so-called treasure of the store is just nonsense, as long as the price is enough, how can it not be bought. Listening to the wine, Feng Yi suddenly remembered Xiao Yingxue, and did not know how she was now, that the first door successfully crossed, and then thought again, now! Well,classroom interactive whiteboard, I'm afraid Xiao Yingxue hasn't been born yet. Seeing the color of remembrance suddenly hanging on Feng Yi's face, Shen Tian asked with a smile, "I don't know what Feng Shao remembered?" 。