108 Ways to Repair the Way of Heaven in Zongman Quick Penetration

Due to the adjustment of work schedule, the update of new books will be updated in the afternoon or evening every day. You don't have to get up early at 7 o'clock to brush the update. As for whether it is in the afternoon or in the evening, it may not be stable in the initial stage. Please forgive me. Chapter 4 The Prince's Contract Lover (1) The feeling of passing through the portal was much better than Suihan expected, and he was not sent directly to a body like those fast-wear novels he read when he was in the world of mortals in the later period, but came to a room where the six walls looked slightly shiny white, and on one side of the room, against the wall, there were five. There is a table and a chair in the middle of the room, and there is a paper document on the table. Sui Han sat in a chair and opened the file on the desk. This is the problem that the plot of the world has been assessed. This D-difficulty world is called "Prince's Contract Lover", which tells a very simple and vulgar Mary Sue story. The background of the plot is an aristocratic high school. The people who study in this school are either rich or noble. The four people with the highest status and the best appearance in the whole aristocratic school are called "Four Princes". Because they join different clubs and are good at different talents, they attract different types of fans. These four people are: good at painting, the family is an artistic family, is euphemistically called "Sakura Prince" by fans of the East Prince Dongfang Chun; Good at music, especially singing, the family is an entertainment giant, known by fans as the "Mermaid Prince" of the West Prince Simon. Good at sports, especially good at tennis and basketball, the family is a transport tycoon, in fact, is the leader of the underworld, known as "Prince Lan" by fans. He is good at all kinds of brain and chess games. He is the world champion of Go chess flag. His family is a financial giant. He is called "Prince of Cold Spring" by fans. And the whole story of "Prince's Contract Lover" is the love story between the four princes and the strong and unyielding commoner Mary Sue girl Su Yingying. [Um.. To put it simply, it is a story about a strange man who falls in love with four princes who are stupid, silly, dull and stupid. Looking at the script, Sui Han concluded. The introduction of the plot in the archives is only to this extent, because there are many detailed contents, such as the heroine's strange. No,faux ficus tree, which prince did the heroine Su Yingying contract with, or how she had been entangled with other princes before and after, and was bullied by those students, and so on. These contents, in fact, may change with the start of the plot and the entry of the intervener, and it is better not to be preconceived. The next step is to explain the world's problems: the four "princes" have no political figures, which leads to the fact that in the derivative world, the government power of the world is very weak, basically only an empty shelf, and the foundation of the whole world is manipulated by the four families of "East, West, North and South", and each family is at this point in the plot. There are only four descendants of the four princes in the whole family. Plus the four princes all like the heroine, Faux cherry blossom tree ,silk cherry blossom tree, and each has its own means and methods. In the plot, they love each other as students, but the consequences are not obvious. At most, they just fight with students or occasionally use family power to throw money. However, due to their unswerving "love" for the heroine, when they grow up, they are either unwilling to share the heroine, which leads to the internal strife of the four families and the collapse of the social fundamentals in the whole world. Either someone succeeds in winning the heroine, others retire behind the scenes, and finally, except for the "prince" who marries the heroine, all the other "princes" are extremely infatuated and never marry.. Because of the protagonist's aura, no one in the family can force the four "princes" in any way, and finally three of the four families are the last. The world has failed to mend four times. In the first four times, someone tried to seduce the four princes, but the four princes seemed to be attracted only by the heroine and had no interest in other men and women at all.
The second time, the task person tried to let the four princes share the woman, let the woman give birth to four families at the same time, but the woman is a very traditional "Mary Sue", she must choose her true love to marry, and adhere to women's morality, determined not to open the harem. The four princes, who would never force the woman to accept themselves, would never force the woman to accept themselves, and would inevitably retreat behind the scenes. The third time, the taskmaster tried to use it to make the heroine have sex with four princes separately, but not only in the process of drugging because of the protagonist's aura, the whole process was extremely difficult, but also in the case that the heroine had already determined her "true love", the heroine who slept with a man other than "true love" just because of "drunken sex" decided to marry the prince who had sex with a non-true love. The end result is that all four princes have a tendency to be world-weary and hostile to each other, and the world collapses faster. There are also people who try to let other people in the four big families give birth to other candidates, but because of the halo of the protagonist, the four big families simply can not give birth to other successors of the same generation, even if the use of special props hard birth, will also lead to the birth of children with low intelligence level, simply can not compete with the four princes. The emotional line and the power line seem to be set very dead. Although such a task is D-level, it is not easy. Sui Han thought and turned the file to the last page, which was about the identity of the five models. Basically, which model he chose would be admitted to the aristocratic high school in the plot, while the other four models would disappear naturally because they failed. In order to give the tasker enough choice, the height, body type and gender of several models are different, and the female model or the male model can be chosen. Suihan doesn't have the habit of being a big man in women's clothing. Of course, he chose men. Because it's only a model,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, not a real person, Suihan can set the name of the model, and even set how similar the appearance of the model will be to himself. Suihan immediately embedded his name into the model and thought about it to adjust the similarity to 100%-he didn't want to see another person's face during the task. hacartificialtree.com