Immortal inverse

The whole starry sky, under this sentence, set off a thunder all over the sky, the thunder rumbled across one by one, lightning swam, in a twinkling of an eye, the endless starry sky outside the stars in the east became a hell of thunder! This sentence sound waves roar, seems to be able to break open the starry sky, collapse of heaven and earth in general, toward the front of the crazy spread, like the ancient gods roaring! Before Wang Lin step to form the storm, and what is it, at this moment in this sentence, countless times the majestic storm, instead of all monstrous, with Wang Lin's anger, with Wang Lin's anger, with the hatred of Wang Lin, with his thousand years of a question, boom out! On the dozens of small stars outside the east star, the forbidden light flickered in a hurry, but there were nine Xiuzhen stars, which collapsed under this roar! The loud rumbling noise spread all over the star fields in the east of Luotian. The nine Xiuzhen stars disintegrated directly and fell apart. At the same time, all the monks stationed on them collapsed one after another, and the primordial gods were crushed and died! Even the twenty-seven old men who controlled the array on the nine stars of cultivation had no resistance at all. In horror and shock, they were wiped by an invisible hand and died! Even the qualification to escape, in Wang Lin this millennium roar, also can not exist a little bit! On the rest of the small stars outside the east star,artificial coconut palm trees, the thousands of monks spurted blood one by one, as if the ban was constantly preventing the roar from rushing in, and there were still waves of aftershocks coming in, which made the monks'minds shake and raised an irresistible fear! But also in this roar, the east star suddenly shook, the earth above it in the click, there were countless cracks, countless peaks collapsed into rubble, and rivers roared everywhere! There is also the sea to the north of the star in the east, which is a huge whirlpool formed by the crazy waves. It seems that when the roar is transmitted into the sea again,large ficus tree, it turns into a wave of air, which goes directly into the bottom of the sea and pushes the sea forward. At the same time, it becomes a tsunami, rolling thousands of feet of waves and drowning towards the land! The sea goes straight to the land to completely cover it up! East facing the west of the star, the two old men in black almost just relaxed, they immediately heard the roar of the sky, two people's body shock, as if head-on by a strong rush into, directly rolled back a hundred feet, spurting blood at the same time, there is a direct physical collapse, screaming flesh and blood fell on the dark red earth. In the huge space of the sea of heads deep underground, in the roar of Wang Lin, the ground shook, as if it had been clasped and separated by two big hands, and in a twinkling of an eye a gully appeared! Most of the heads in this space burst open, and even the dead air that had filled the air for tens of thousands of years rolled back in the roar, retreating outward in a hurry, as if they dared not delay any time! The khaki coffin was even more shocked, artificial plant wall panels ,artificial grass panels, and the lid of the coffin was directly rolled up and smashed on the rear wall, falling apart! A low roar roared out of the coffin without the lid, and at the same time, a withered right hand stretched out directly from the coffin and clasped to the coffin next to it. On the earth, the old man in black who spurted blood showed an indescribable panic in his eyes. Without the slightest hesitation, he quickly pinched a black jade slip in his right hand.
"Deployment!!!"! Stop this man from entering the East Star at all costs! A strong breath, in the twinkling of an eye from the east star galloping out, occupied the north and south three directions, condensed a large number of monks, if the sky to see, this huge east star, at the moment the monks were no less than tens of thousands! In the north, where the Lv family is located, tens of thousands of monks sit on the ground, forming a huge array of prohibitions! There were even dozens of old men sitting cross-legged in the air, their hands pinching quickly, spurting blood again and again, their blood condensed together, and they turned into a blood shadow and emerged! In the south, the Xu family is also surrounded by nearly ten thousand monks. There is a huge blood pool in the middle. There is a crazy rush out of the blood pool. The nearly ten thousand monks look dignified at the moment and quickly walk into the blood pool one by one. East, Liu family, every group of seven monks, impressively occupied thousands of miles, beside each group of monks, there is a magic weapon tens of Zhangs high, these magic weapons look different, but all send out yellow awn! In this way, under the dense, if you look down from the air, you can clearly see that the entire eastern Liu Friar, has formed a huge sunflower pattern! At the same time, the remaining dozens of small stars outside the East Star, under the rapid twinkling of the forbidden awn, roared and rotated around the East Star, roaring and rotating at a very fast speed, forming a huge whirlpool in a twinkling of an eye, deeply wrapped in the East Star! Wang Lin looked coldly at everything in front of him, with a flash of light in his eyes and a step away! "Since you don't get out, let Wang Mou pull you out!"! All those who stand in the way will be buried with them! The third more to send, is trying to write the fourth more, beg! Volume VII Chapter 1484 Lu Fuzi's Mistake! Chapter 1484 Lu Fuzi's mistake! At the moment when Wang Lin stepped forward, in the Lv family in the East Star, there was a sound of sealing orders coming out! "Arraying the sky!" "Forbidden Demon Fairy!" "All directions are forbidden!" A seal hit, east outside the star that rotating dozens of small stars, thousands of monks together, suddenly, there is a light curtain directly out of the illusion, layer upon layer wrapped in the periphery! In the twinkling of an eye, this light curtain is thousands, thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, tens of millions.. Up to the 99990000 level! The light emitted from the light curtain can penetrate the starry sky and spread crazily in all directions, permeating the whole eastern part of Luotian, even in the other three directions, you can clearly see that there is a strong light from the east! The whole Luotian star domain, in an uproar, a group of groups are pulling Xiuzhen star monks, one by one Xiuzhen family, a pair of migration and the army of monks, at the moment all feel the strong light from the east of Luotian,silk olive tree, have looked away, although can not see the changes in the distant place, but can see the light from the endless distance!.