The Complete Works of Bing Xin Volume 5

All sounds were soundless -- this million-strong army of justice stood solemnly in front of Tiananmen Square in the heart of the motherland, and all the Chinese people, all the Japanese people, and all the people of the world who uphold justice and love peace could hear these one million heroic and fervent hearts beating in an orderly and violent manner. These one million hearts beat vigorously and neatly, representing the unprecedented confidence and courage of the Chinese people 650000000! An editorial in the People's Daily of April 22 pointed out to us: "The east wind overwhelms the west wind. This is the new situation in the world today.." This new situation has given unprecedented confidence and courage to all peace-loving forces and all forces opposed to imperialism and aggression in the world. The situation in the world has changed, and the imperialists are dumbfounded and frightened! It was only forty-five years ago that hundreds of students in Peking held banners made of white paper in front of the overgrown Tiananmen Square, braving water hoses and white blades, and held a heroic demonstration against the traitorous government of the Northern warlords and Japanese imperialism. They sowed the seeds of independence and freedom here with their own blood. Please look at what a magnificent picture is in front of Tian'anmen today! Don't you see all over the country: Hankou, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Chongqing, Nanning, Yinchuan, Lhasa.. The flames of war against aggression and the defense of world peace have risen one after another,faux grass wall, burning the horizon of East Asia! Don't you see that the Japanese people have stood up strongly under the encouragement and support of the peace-loving forces of the Chinese people and the world? From Hokkaido to Kagoshima, from the Sea of Japan to the Pacific Ocean, the torrent of people's angry struggle, like the raging waves of the sea, is constantly and bravely attacking the Kishi Nobusuke traitorous government dragged out of the nest duck prison! Kishi Nobusuke's government is bound to follow the path of destruction of China's Northern Warlord Government 45 years ago,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, and Kishi Nobusuke himself is bound to follow the path of Syngman Rhee's destruction. And the U.S. imperialists are bound to follow the path of destruction by the Japanese militarists! This is like watching fire, hell and the crater is their common destination! In the new situation of the present world, with unprecedented confidence and courage, the heroic Japanese people, advance! No matter how tortuous the road is and how arduous the struggle is, make persistent efforts and persevere in advancing! Gone are the days when imperialism was brazenly rampant. Let us unite with the peace-loving people all over the world, sweep them together like garbage, and send them to their final destination! Notes.) wwW。 xiaoshuotxt=com To the Japanese friends who are moving on Novel txt Paradise Heroic Japanese friends: In a very excited mood, I picked up my pen to express my infinite sympathy and respect to the Japanese friends who fought against U.S. imperialism and its running dog, Nobusuke Kishi, fake ficus tree ,decorative palm trees, in their indomitable and great struggle! I get up early every day and can't wait to turn on the radio and unfold the newspaper. First of all, I listen to and read carefully the news of the Japanese people's struggle that has been surging for many days. It seems that I can see the magnificent procession of the waves and hear the loud and loud voice that shakes the earth! Heroic friends! Your struggle is not isolated, the people of the 650000000 of China, and countless people around the world who uphold justice and love peace, will always stand with you, walk together, in your voice, shake our spring thunder echo! From time to time, in the midst of this angry demonstration, many familiar faces, male, female, old and young, emerged. From every face, I will recall our cordial meeting after the war. Whether it is the reunion of old friends or the first meeting of new knowledge, we all hate the evil Japanese militarists who have ravaged our two peoples. We all vow to do our best for the unity of our two peoples and the peace of East Asia in our future life. Once upon a time, the U.S. imperialists pulled the Japanese evil militarists out of the nest duck prison one by one.
In order to carry out their own plan of aggression, in order to collect cannon fodder for their death, they colluded with their loyal running dog, the Kishi Nobusuke government, despite the opposition of 90 million Japanese people. We know clearly that the evil plan to seek huge profits for a handful of warmongers and plunge hundreds of millions of East Asian people into the abyss of suffering by using all despicable, vicious and brutal means to adopt the new Japan-US "security treaty" by force with China and the Soviet Union as enemies and the people of Asia as enemies will never work! Heroic Japanese friends! The people, who have suffered a lot, will have no illusions about the old militarists and imperialists. The "security treaty" mentioned by Kishi Nobusuke is "a treaty for peace and freedom", which is just a common camouflage used by political magicians! The U-2 plane that Eisenhower sent to the Soviet Union to steal was shot down with all its stolen goods, and his coat of "peace" fell to the ground with it. The people of the world saw a naked and vicious imperialist, just as the Chinese proverb says, "When a rat crosses the street, everyone shouts to fight.". Have we not read in the newspapers in the past few days the whole story of the Soviet Union, China and the people of the whole world sternly condemning and protesting against the aggressive ambitions of the U.S. imperialists and their sabotage of the four-nation summit meeting? Eisenhower and Kishi Nobusuke, in front of the people of China, Japan and the whole world, are already two rats crossing the street in a mess. The power of the people is invincible. As long as we unite closely and continue to attack the clouds that are temporarily pressing on the top,fake blossom tree, the light will come one day. The Chinese people, who have won the final victory in a life-and-death struggle with imperialism, Know this with conviction.