The Counterattack of the Cannon Fodder Female Partner of Quick Wear

"Yi, come here quickly." Zhao Bo waved to Ning Shu. Uncle. Ning Shu walked over and saw a charming woman. This is your aunt. "I have an impression, aunt." "This is the bell." "Cousin." Zhao Ling'er was charming and charming. She looked up and down at Ning Shu and said contemptuously, "You are so short. Are you a man?" "Bell, how can you talk to your brother without rules?" Mrs. Zhao scolded Zhao Ling. Zhao Ling'er is obviously a spoiled child. Her father is the leader of the martial arts world, and she is the only child in the family. There are too many people holding her in Zhao's castle. Zhao Ling'er is the only heir of Zhao Jiapu. There is another saying that marrying Zhao Ling'er is equal to owning Zhao Jiapu. There is also a leader of the martial arts world to be your father-in-law. Don't be too comfortable. How many years less struggle. So wherever Zhao Ling goes, men flatter her. Now there is a person who makes parents care so much. So Zhao Ling'er was full of hostility to Ning Shu, the man who suddenly appeared. You are so short, but he is so tall, who is also taught by the devil. Zhao Ling'er pointed to Mei Wu, who was standing like a wooden stake. His brain is used to grow taller. Ning Shu said lightly, "If you had been a medicine man several times by a poisonous scorpion, you wouldn't be as tall as I am." Ning Shu said with an indifferent and merciless look on his face, "Not only did I live in the cave all the year round, but also when I first came to the Demon Sect, I was made a medicine man by a poisonous scorpion,large palm trees for sale, and my body was poisoned." "Why, what's the matter with you that I'm so short? What's the matter with you?" Ning Shu stared straight at Zhao Ling. Don't you dare talk to me like that. Zhao Ling pointed at Ning Shu. No one in the Demon Sect dares to speak to me like that. If he speaks to me like that, I will tear him in half. Ning Shu grinned and smashed his fist on the wall, making a small hole in the wall. Zhao Ling's words were blocked in her throat, and she stared at Ning Shu with big almond eyes. Ning Shu blew the dust in his hands. Yi'er, this is no longer the Holy Demon Sect. Restrain your emotions in everything. Ling'er is young and spoiled by her mother. Don't haggle with her. Ning Shu immediately said: "Yes,fake ficus tree, uncle is my fault, I will restrain my emotions, I am sorry." Zhao Linger stalked her neck and ignored Ning Shu's apology. Sit down, sit down and eat. Mrs. Zhao beckoned Ning Shu to sit down, and then kept putting food in Ning Shu's bowl. Mrs. Zhao winked at Zhao Ling'er, who reluctantly gave Ning Shu a fish head without meat. Lady Zhao glared at Zhao Ling'er, who said triumphantly to Ning Shu, "Cousin, eat fish head. Fish head is the best tonic." Ning Shu glanced at Zhao Ling'er and threw the fish head on the table. "I hate eating fish head most in my life." "Bell." Zhao Bo looked at Zhao Ling with unusual dignity. "What's the matter with you?" Ning Shu immediately said, "Uncle, this is my fault. I will learn to control my temper in the future. Sometimes I get used to it and my brain doesn't turn around." "Let's eat. After eating, outdoor ficus tree ,outdoor ficus tree, go to my study. I have something to tell you." Zhao Bo said. Ning Shu hum, holding the dish, half of the food on the table was almost eaten by Ning Shu. Zhao Ling whispered, "Git." Ning Shu ignored her and followed Zhao Bo to the study, followed by Mei Wu, who followed Ning Shu every step of the way. Yi'er, your friend, let him wait outside. Zhao Bo glanced at Mei Wu and said to Ning Shu. Ning Shu turned to Mei Wu and said, "You go to dinner. This is not the Demon Sect. I'm all right." Mei Wu looked at Ning Shu and did not speak. Ning Shu stared, "Go." Mei Wu turned around and left. Ning Shu spread out his hands helplessly. "He just has some problems in his brain. When he first arrived at the Holy Demon Sect, he was bullied. I helped him and followed me all the time." "It's good to have such a person around, and it's much more convenient to have a runner." Zhao Bo said without much care. Chapter 1131 the witch of the Demon Sect 10. Zhao Bo closed the door of the study room and said to Ning Shu, "Yi'er, you have been in the Demon Sect for so many years. You should be familiar with the terrain and traps there." "Familiar, I usually pay attention to the terrain." Ning Shu nodded and said.
Zhao Bo hesitated for a moment and said, "You are not willing to take away the things of the Demon Sect. We will catch all the Demon Sect while the Demon sect does not react, and do our best for the world." Ning Shu nodded repeatedly, "I listen to uncle." "And in another year, there will be a new election in Wulin. I hope you can become the next leader of Wulin Alliance. If you lead the team and gather decent people to attack, you will have a chance to become the next leader of Wulin Alliance with the reputation of Zhaojiapu." "I don't have an opinion. I listen to my uncle." Ning Shu's face was full of agreement. This is why Ning Shu killed Qi Yi directly, even if Qi Yi did not get the secret book of martial arts, escaped, backhand gathered people to hit the Holy Devil Peak. It is the same to find the secret book slowly after catching all the magic teaching. Anyway, no matter what you do, you will not lose money. As the protagonist Qi Yi, Qi Yi will succeed in everything he does, and there will be endless trouble if he lets the tiger go back to the mountains. Zhao Bo is going to attack the Demon Sect so soon, on the one hand, because he is afraid that the Demon Sect will spread the secret book and make Zhao Jiapu the target of public criticism. The second is to establish absolute dignity and merit among all factions. For the sake of the future Wulin general election, even if you can't be re-elected as the leader of Wulin Alliance, you must let Zhao Jiapu produce another leader of Wulin Alliance. Having the title of Wulin Alliance Leader is very important for the development of Zhaojiapu. The leader of Wulin Alliance commands Jianghu and can integrate resources. What's more, I want Ning Shu to hand over his things. Ning Shu nodded repeatedly, "when will the uncle call together a decent family?" "As soon as I came back, I began to send letters to the leaders of various factions, and soon these people will gather with their troops to attack the Demon Sect." Zhao Bo said. When the time comes, you will take these people to attack the Demon Sect and show your face in front of all sects. So fast,large artificial blossom trees, the action is really fast, Ning Shu nodded, "everything is arranged by uncle." 。