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The advantage of the mecha is that it is small in size not to mention that the general combat mecha is tens of meters or even hundreds of meters high but compared with the starship with a length of ten thousand meters it is undoubtedly a small ant What does such a mecha depend on Naturally it is not firepower but well-equipped light and dexterous to avoid the loading guns on large warships so as to attack the ground air and even warships at close range It can be said that now is the age of mecha! And calculate for example the high-energy reactive particle cannon its firing rate is about 33000 km/s which is an astonishing speed and the mecha is often locked after it can not get rid of the fate of being destroyed so there is only one way to deal with such lethal extremely fast intelligent tracking weapons that is speed Uncle Rice although I know that the maximum speed of the third-generation mecha is 24400 km/H even such a speed is dozens of times or even close to a hundred times less than that of a weapon like a reaction gun Listen to you say that the fourth generation of mecha did not start on the speed then the speed of the fifth generation of mecha will develop to what extent Lin Cong analyzed it and asked 155000 km/H Rice said something that could scare Lin Cong to death What is that concept That is to say the maximum circle of the planet Afat is 50000 kilometers Electrical Equipment & Supplies so if the mecha runs close to the land (after leaving the air the distance will be much larger) it can circle the planet more than three times Is this is this speed Lin Cong told Rice that the five generations of mecha have been completely in a state of vacuum dementia You know the mecha can't make an interstellar jump First its speed is not enough and the hardness of its armor can't withstand the pressure brought by the space jump However when the speed of the mecha reaches 155000 km/H its own armor is enough to withstand the pressure brought by the jump That is to say the birth of five generations of mecha will be the outbreak of the next Star War! "Because of the war we lost our enthusiasm for mecha research and knew what kind of disaster would be brought about by the advent of the fifth generation of mecha so we fled the planet" In addition to the destruction of the Empire all the planets around the Empire of Coleso began to be on alert making it impossible for Coleso's ambitions to expand So what they need is five generations of mecha which can jump in space and can't be caught by enemy ships It's because of this that we took all the manuscripts of the five generations of mecha at that time and escaped Rice's words brightened Lin Cong's eyes Five Generations! Just now he said that they brought out the research manuscript of five generations of mecha A kind of hope and ambition was born quietly in his heart The forty-first chapter begins to operate (ask for collection ask for tickets) The forty-first chapter begins to operate (ask for collection ask for tickets) The next morning Lin Cong couldn't wait to start advertising on the Internet and the public recruitment market for about 40 mecha repairmen and five engineers Next Lin Cong and his father and Rice once again came to the equipment company and introduced a detector worth 70 million yuan Now that he wants to start and make the company bigger and bigger it is absolutely impossible for him to focus on development as soon as he comes up Moreover he thought that Rice China Factory a group of experts would design some mecha systems beyond the current technology and then sell them But after thinking about it he gave up Because in this way their own company will certainly attract the attention of others Rice and his thirteen people are easily exposed a group of scientists who have mastered five generations of mecha technology presumably any planet alliance will not let go After all once you have such a mecha planet you will do everything possible to invade other planets before they develop Lin Cong doesn't want to be a war criminal His wish is to be the first mecha developer and manufacturer in the stars Money is not the most important thing The most important thing is the sense of achievement Now that he has the trump card in his hand how can he give up such a great opportunity Chairman
"Odun knocked on the door walked into the office and saw Lin Cong sitting on the sofa with a tired face rubbing his brows" He has been busy recruiting and introducing equipment all morning and he has just returned to the company so he looks very Home Appliances tired Hmm Uncle Orton what is it Lin Cong froze for a moment and asked with a busy smile Ha ha it seems that you are very busy this morning I come to tell you that tomorrow is the final eight of the mecha competition Lu Yao has entered the final eight Do you need to contact her She left her contact information With these words Odun took out a video communicator and put it on the tea table A figure flashed a few times and Lin Cong saw that it was Lu Yao Hum I have already entered the final eight Don't forget your agreement with me and what should I say about the advertisement Lu Yao's appearance in the video communicator is also quite cute with a rude face holding out his chest and raising his head as if he was proud that he was about to let Lin Cong lose the bet so he won ahead of time Lin Cong said to Oudun with a smile "I thought she left a message to say something but she did it for a long time"! Uncle Oudun please help me tell her that when I come back after winning the championship I will keep my promise and let her rest assured Also the advertising words should not be too strong but should be euphemistic After all with our current strength if we really come to a few big customers we may not be able to cope with it "Well well yes one more thing hey look at my head" Odun nodded promised got up and was about to leave as if he suddenly remembered something and sat down on the sofa and said "Owen called and said that the propulsion system had been secretly manufactured And the next batch of new mecha will soon be equipped with this propulsion system asking if you need to send someone to look at it As soon as Lin Cong was stupefied he immediately smiled and shook his head and said "I can't imagine that he is really a hothead He has already begun to think about making it in just a few days He is undoubtedly afraid that I will be suspicious When the time comes they will conceal the actual sales and then give me a small amount of dry shares" 。