The leader is being destroyed every day.

Two people so groped to go in, I do not know how far, Mu Hanqing suddenly stepped on the air, the whole person fell into the darkness, Ji Wuxiu quickly grabbed Mu Hanqing's hand, did not hold him, and was pulled down by him. The moment before Ji Wuxiu fell down, he was still thinking, how could Mu Hanqing always pull himself to him today? Is that a hint? But the next moment, he couldn't think of anything. Chongqing used to say that he lost his memory because he fell into the water and had a serious illness. Now it seems that one of them is true. Because Ji Wuxiu really doesn't know water. And what fell into at this time was nothing but a pool! Ji Wuxiu felt that he was dying, dyspnea, his mouth was still spitting bubbles, forgetting who he was, forgetting that he could have used Shuifeiyun to fly out at once. But when it comes to water, it all goes up in smoke. But one thing he knew, he knew clearly that he was still holding Muhanqing's hand, as if he knew that Muhanqing was beside him, his heart was put down again, and his expression became serene. Mu Hanqing looked at Ji Wuxiu as if he was going to die without a doubt. He was really speechless. I don't know what he was thinking at the moment, but he could still show such an expression. But Ji Wuxiu suddenly let go and pushed Mu Hanqing with a little force. Now his meaning Mu Hanqing understood that he was afraid that he would drag him down, so he simply let go and pushed him up. This man is really, stupid! Mu Hanqing just wants to use these two words to describe him at the moment. Although the heart scolded him stupid, the body is very honest, regardless of Ji Wuxiu's struggle, Mu Hanqing held Ji Wuxiu in one hand, tightly clasped him,Inflatable dry slide, watched his mouth and nose constantly spit out bubbles, accidentally, kissed down. In the water, this is not called a kiss, at best, it is called crossing the air. Ji Wuxiu took a few breaths and dragged him to the surface of the water. He breathed the air himself. Ji Wuxiu also gasped for breath and choked out a few mouthfuls of water. Looking at Ji Wuxiu, he seemed to have breathed enough air and dragged him into the water again. There was light at the other end, and Mu Hanqing saw it. Into the water, Ji Wuxiu immediately turned into the original appearance,Inflatable mechanical bull, half dead was dragged by Mu Hanqing, from this end, swam to the bright side. In the middle is a small water hole, swimming through this hole, the other side, the light through the water layer, illuminating the bottom of the pool. Mu Hanqing finally pulled Ji Wuxiu out of the pool, but this time, Ji Wuxiu did not breathe by himself and did not cough up the water. He lay on the ground, quiet and quiet, very different from the noisy people in the past. Only then did Mu Hanqing discover that Ji Wuxiu's words had been less since he was speechless that day. Because of Su Yixuan? Perhaps, when he did not deal with Su Yixuan, he also had a lot of quarrels, and later recognized him as his younger brother, the quarrel was really much less, but also did not think now, in addition to precisely, he did not see a few words of nonsense. Why? Has it changed. Mu Hanqing pushed Ji Wuxiu's wet hair on his face to both sides, inflatable water slide ,Inflatable indoor park, and his cold hands gently stroked his cheeks. When he was defeated by Ji Wuxiu, he already felt that Ji Wuxiu was omnipotent. Even without him, Ji WuXiu could do what he wanted to do. Anyway, he would not be able to accompany him in the future. It would be better to take advantage of what he said to really break up, so that in the future, ah, not so reluctant. But only then did he realize that Ji Wuxiu also had something he couldn't do. He can't swim, and this time if there is no one else, he will die here without a sound. No one knows where he went, and no one knows he's dead. The leader of the Demon Sect was drowned by water. It's ridiculous to say that! Mu Hanqing sighed, after all, still can not let go of this person ah! He bent down slowly, put his lips on Ji Wuxiu's lips, blew into his mouth with pity, blew a few breaths, straightened up again, pressed his hands on Ji Wuxiu's chest, and pressed hard. I don't know if it works, but there's no harm in trying. This action Mu Hanqing repeated many times, but Ji Wuxiu never responded. Finally, Mu Hanqing seemed to give up. It was originally for Ji Wuxiu, but it turned into a kiss. He did not expect that Ji Wuxiu would die before him. So he kissed Ji Wuxiu gently as an answer to him.
He Mu Hanqing fell in love with the son of the man who killed his father, and he was happy with it. After a gentle kiss, Mu Hanqing began to untie Ji Wuxiu's clothes. The first thing he untied was his belt. Ji Wuxiu's body lay there motionless, and his body, which had been blistered, was terribly cold. Mu Hanqing untied his coat, untied his inner clothes, and his cold hands covered Ji Wuxiu's cold chest, feeling that Ji Wuxiu was even colder. However, his hand did not stay in the chest for long, and then slowly down, to the lower abdomen, and then down. The hand stopped, and the other hand on the wrist blocked the hand from continuing downward. I knew you were still in love with me, and you wanted to rape/corpse when you were dead! Faint and proud voice sounded in the side, Ji Wuxiu slowly opened his eyes, looking at Mu Hanqing's expressionless face and even happy to fly. Mu Hanqing slanted his head to look at Ji Wuxiu, looking at his smiling face, all want to give him a slap, is it fun to play with people? Don't you know that while you are playing with others, you just use his worries and feelings to make yourself feel happy? Ji Wuxiu got up and tidied up his clothes and said with a smile, "I know you know I'm faking it." It means that you know I'm faking and you still indulge me. It's not my fault, it's just that you didn't expose me. Mu Hanqing was silent, stood up and did not look at Ji Wuxiu, did not want to accompany him bored, they have not yet reconciled! Ji Wuxiu used internal force to dry the clothes, and quietly touched Mu Hanqing, found that his clothes had dried, and relieved, he stepped forward. This time, Ji Wuxiu was finally able to stand shoulder to shoulder with Mu Hanqing. This side of the tunnel is more spacious than the original, there are ever-burning lights on the wall, Mu Hanqing followed up with Ji Wuxiu side by side, not deliberately forward, and unwilling to lag behind, so the two hands often rub together. Mu Hanqing deliberately withdrew his hand,inflatable amusement park, and Ji Wuxiu rubbed some of it over. Originally, he thought it was boring to play with his sweetheart, and it really felt different.