The obligation to recommend [fantasy] elders

"Then I don't know why I went to catch goldfish. Other children didn't seem to catch goldfish, but I caught one at a time. The clown guarding the goldfish stall was a clown with makeup and fancy clothes. He took the lead in clapping, and then other children around who didn't catch goldfish began to clap." "I felt as if I had done a great thing, and I was very happy, so the goldfish I caught that day was very ugly, and I took it home happily." "And then-" the stream asked him. It seems that just a few days after that, my parents packed me up and sent me back to Coldwater. Only then did the palace shop remember that this was the reason. It seemed that because I went fishing for goldfish, they searched for a long time and found that I wanted to play with other children before I ran out. They said that I was old enough to go to school and should go back to my hometown. Yes, that's the reason. He wasn't thrown back for no reason. It's just, why did you forget? "I can't remember any more. I'll dream about it later." Now he always felt that his memory was not as good as dreaming, and that he had forgotten all the things he could remember in his dreams. You don't have to dream in particular. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. We're fine now, or do you want to reintegrate with Big Head and become an SS-level machine? The stream raised an eyebrow at him. Gong Wu hesitated for a moment and shook his head quickly: "Not at all." "The reason why I think about this is just because I find that I have forgotten so many things, and I am a little unwilling to recall them all the time, and reintegrate with the big head or something.." The palace shop looked down at the bottom: I don't know when the big head swam into the pool below him. Xie Kai stood on the edge of the pool, calling the name of the big head master, holding chocolate in his hand. Gong Wu inexplicably thought of his upper body is a person,ghana seed extract, the lower body into the appearance of a fish tail, or the big head of the kind of disproportionate small fish tail! Aversion to cold — — But an amusement park? I'll ask Xie Kai to use this as a supplement to look up the users who use scissors. Said the stream, and downstairs Xie Kai had seen him. Sir, can you get some energy fish? I think Master Big Head is hungry. Xie Kai immediately said to him. There is a kind of hunger, called Xie Kai thinks you are hungry-a black line, a smile on the stream's face,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, a flash of his body, he immediately ran away again, before leaving, he did not forget to say to the palace: "Don't worry, don't think about it if you can't remember it." Waving his hand to the stream, the palace shop watched the stream slip away. People are probably born with anti-bone, and his anti-bone is particularly big-Gong Si thought. The stream had told him not to worry and not to think about it, but he dreamed of the amusement park every day for several days in a row. At first, it was just a fragment, but after a few times, he finally found the key point in his dream. In his dream, fenugreek saponins ,tannic acid astringent, he was in a big amusement park. He saw a lot of balloons. The end of the balloon line was in the hands of a clown. The clown held the balloon in his left hand, but in his right hand, he held a pair of silver scissors, which were covered with red lines. He stretched out the scissors and cut off the balloons one by one. The clown smiled and handed the balloons to the children around him. Finally, the same clown handed him the tied water bag containing the goldfish, and the clown touched his head. Ah, ah, ah, ah! What a mess of dreams! Lying on the desk, Gong Wu gave a roar in his heart and pretended to be dead. It's lunch time now. In the classroom of Class F, all the students of Class F are there, and there is a supernumerary. Several people are sitting in the classroom for lunch and chatting. ↑ There are few people here and it is quiet, so it is the most suitable base for secret lunch! "I didn't go to see your game that day. I was pulled by the teacher to discuss the arrangement of the next issue of poetry magazine. But I heard that you all won and played very well. Congratulations." "Scales said to several people." I can't believe you didn't come to our game? We played very cool! A little disappointed, Malone opened his mouth and bit off the bread. He chewed it heavily. Can't it be more cool in the future? The scales asked him in reply. Chewing and chewing, Malone said, "It'll be even cooler." He has found the right direction of development, and now he is full of hope for the future of himself and Emin. That's all right. I think it will be more cool in the future. The scales said to him.
"I have an appointment!" Malone looked at him and saw the scales nod to himself, and then he talked happily about the game that day. After the game, it was the weekend, and Mr. Delin gave them a few days off to repair, so they started classes again. …… My secret skill with Emin is the bubble attack. We can store the attacks we have received before. By reciting the text, we can mobilize the energy of the relevant attributes to launch an attack. Now it takes a long time to read the article, but Mr. Delin said that when we are more powerful in the future, we can even trigger an attack by reading only one word! Malone puffed out her chest with pride. But it will be a long time later. Soon, his head drooped again. If you train hard, you may shorten the time. The scales comforted him. Yeah, too. Obviously very empty comfort content, but appeased Malone, is so easy to be beaten chicken blood, he was born to be an optimistic person. Then Malone went on to introduce the abilities of the deer and the star: "They are in the limelight this time, covering up the limelight of me and the palace shop!" Pulling the wrist of the star, Malone said to the scale, "The star can add BUFF!" To people. " "He's especially good at fighting. He's a violent wet nurse!" "It's really awesome. Look at how the people in Class S will show off in the future. The stars are still better than them!" He spoke triumphantly, as if he were himself. Letting Malone grab his wrist, the star did not rush to withdraw his hand. Originally, he was not used to being too close to people, but after coming to Class F,lycopene for skin, he changed every day, and now the star is no longer the star before. It's not that I'm good, it's that Ni Lu is good. The star smiled faintly and gave all the credit to the deer.