Dry Flip Routine [Ghost]

Li Hao also followed a glance, but after this glance, his face became a little ugly, mainly because he did not know what to say. Is this a modern version of Liaozhai, or is it a novel about the self-improvement of female ghosts? Why do I feel that there are too many slots to complain about? Not to mention that now the verification of identity is so important, she is a female ghost without identity and without a prototype that can appear in front of everyone, how can she be self-reliant? How to get to the peak of life? "It really is." Shaking his head, after turning off the computer, where did the two people come from and where did they go? I don't know why after sending the female ghost away, the two people felt a little blocked in their hearts, probably because they felt that this was not really art from life, but that life was slowly moving closer to the author's brain holes. Li Hao, do you think there will be such a situation, for example,aluminium laminated tube, because the girl accidentally provoked something, their family was afraid that the girl would have an accident, so they gave her a ghost husband or something like that [my ghost husband is a water ghost]. "You mean a ghost like Jiang Ling?" Li Hao rolled his eyes and thought for a while, and finally nodded very seriously, "I think it's possible." So on the eve of the Chinese New Year, the next head of the Xu family and the Li family suddenly assigned a task to the whole country,cosmetic tube, to disperse paper-shaped gods to all parts of the country, as long as there is a ghost entangled with the little girl, it will be solved immediately. Anyway, solving a little ghost is just a matter of a piece of paper for them. The main reason is that these people have pushed the routine a little too selflessly, and even have taken this as their mission for some time. The main thing is that it's very interesting to know, to know exactly what they're going to do next, and to nip these guys in the bud right now. Xu Sangsang and Li Hao two people's eloquence is very good, almost use this reason to Xu family old man and Li family old lady all persuaded, after that they quickly flew to another village, there is a little girl in trouble. This is to blame the mouth of some people, pump tube ,empty cosmetic tubes, saying that a girl was entangled for some reason, the family can not give her a ghost marriage or something. Xu Sangsang pinched his chin and turned around the little girl a few times, and found that the other side was quite good-looking, the eight characters were neither light nor heavy, but the black eye was a little heavy. Tell me what's wrong with you first. "I was just walking on the road, but when I went back to the dormitory to sleep at night, I felt a ghost pressing the bed, and a man said he liked me." The little girl's face was a little bad, but after she said this, a few people understood a little what was going on, probably because she was entangled by a male goat, but their family used a lot of methods to not let the male goat leave, there was no way but to let her marry a water ghost. Since your grandfather knows this very well, why not ask others for help, such as the sorceress or something like that? "My grandfather is afraid that the other party is a liar and can only cheat money but not do practical things." “……” This is really a realistic answer, even let them do not know what to say, but now that they have come to the male goat and the ghost marriage are strangled in the cradle. It is reasonable to say that this male goat should be solved by the water ghost who married the ghost. As a result, the water ghost had no chance to appear, and the male goat was stabbed by Xu Sangsang. He looked incredibly at the money sword inserted in his body and gave out a terrible cry, which made Jiang Ling so angry that he stuffed a copper coin directly into his mouth, which was completely quiet. All right, don't scream. As a goat, you can be a lady-killer when you are alive. If you die, you will spend so much. It is estimated that you will have to suffer before you can be reincarnated when you are the King of Hell. This time Li Hao did not let Xu Sangsang start, but he tied up the other side and threw it on the main road, so that the ghost could take him away when he saw him. Before that female ghost they can send away, after all, they did not do anything wrong, but this is different.
He's an old goat! Watching the other side being kicked several times, Jiang Ling burst into a burst of laughter like a donkey, but quickly took out his notebook and drew a big cross behind a person. "Now that this routine has been overturned by us, I don't know what the next one will be. Now I have some small expectations." "Take your time. We have plenty of time anyway." Lu Rui took the book from her hand and wrote five pages of routines on it, but they had just finished a few. Before that, we have to do the commission first,cosmetic tube packaging, after all, we have no money. "I happen to have one here. The little girl named yuanyang has a heavy Yang Qi since she was a child, but she is so strange that she can see ghosts. I hope we can help her to suppress her ability to see ghosts." Is it so strange? Go and see! 。 emptycosmetictubes.com