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    Seeing the north gate of the star city, Qin Bo was in tears, and she finally returned to the civilized society. Along the way, they also passed through several large cities, but no matter how they looked, they were not as friendly as the Star City, where they felt at home unconsciously. Qin Bo quietly sent a text message with a hexagram: "I have entered the city gate." The hexagram replied, "I will be back in the evening." Hate! The excited heart suddenly cooled half. These four months have been enduring no contact with Fang Qingling, afraid that they have to rely on this journey can not be completed. He finally came back, wishing he could see him as soon as he entered the school gate, but he was not there. The dejected Miss Qin found that the city of stars was not as kind as it had just been. The archaeological team walked from the outer road to the West Gate. It was their Star Academy that surrounded the Crescent Lake at the foot of the West Mountain. After entering the gate of Bright Branch, a group of people went to return the horse first. The horse was rented by the logistics department of the school from the long-term cooperative horse farm. After checking the health of the horse, the staff of the riding group of the logistics department returned the contract for renting the horse to Luo Mi. Then the archaeological team went to the Academic Affairs Office to hand over their investigation project, and the specific score and report will come out in seven days. Out of the office building of the Academic Affairs Office, the archaeological team was officially disbanded. After saying goodbye to Shi Luolin, Qin Bo followed the remaining six people back to Holly Garden. She emptied the contents of her belt on the floor of the living room and stripped herself of her clothes. The odds and ends are returned to the study, and the stored dry food is thrown into a special food recycling bag. Take a quick shower,plastic pallet crates, wash your hair, and put on a coat. Clean up the garbage and send the dirty clothes. Two hours later, Qin Bo finished his chores, flew out of the window, and went straight to the boundary of the back hill via the crescent lake. When she soaked in the hot spring next to the bamboo house again, her dull and depressed mood was finally completely relaxed. With a long sigh, he sank to the bottom. Home at last. When Fang Qingling rushed back to the capital of stars,plastic pallet bins, it was just dark. There were warm magic lights everywhere in the bright branch, and it was still dark near the boundary of the back hill. Fang Qingling only considered for a second, decisively abandoned the dormitory building of Holly Garden, and went straight to the hot spring cabin. A bright magic lamp hung above the hot spring, indicating that someone was waiting for him to return tonight. The door of the hut was half closed, and the warm yellow light dimly drew a long mark on the ground in the doorway. Fang Qingling pushed open the door of the house, and the girl, who was fragrant after bathing, reclined lazily on the bed. Thick pillows were placed behind her, her long black hair flowed down, and her white legs curled casually on the dark blue sheets. Bright eyes stared straight at him. Wait a long time? Fang Qingling sat on the edge of the bed with a smile. Qin Bo put his hands around his waist, buried his head in his chest, plastic pallet manufacturer ,collapsible pallet box, inhaled deeply, and did not answer his question. Fang Qingling stroked Qin Bo's back: "Silly girl..." The following words could not be said, and they hugged each other tightly. Then there was a very natural kiss, which was different from the previous eagerness. This time, it was very gentle and lingering. The drizzle was silent and moist. Qin Bo gasped slightly and put his head on Fang Qingling's shoulder, depending on each other. Gently sniffing the breath that belonged to him, the breath that made her feel at ease. Do you know? I have a big discovery this time. Finally, the little sister of the Qin family, who was tired of it, began to talk about business. What discovery? There was a slight spoiling in the gentle question. Qin Bo proudly grabbed the jade slips on the bed: "What is this?"? Do you know him? Fang Qingling carefully observed the jade slips in his hands. Such a rough quality, spin wave can not be brought back for no reason, that is, what is inside. A wisp of divine consciousness carefully probed into the jade slips. Moments later he smiled. "You're lucky to find something like this." This is the jade slips of the immortals in ancient times, but it is a pity that the records are only some shops and so on. Not much value. Hey hey, Qin Bo smiled eerily and said, "Are you interested in being an archaeologist?" As he spoke, he took out a lot of jade slips from behind the quilt, "Maybe you can find a big secret!" "According to my analysis, someone must have sealed it there," she said in a vivid description of the ghost in the ruins. I don't know what the reason is. You may find clues in the seven small jade pillars and jade slips you brought back. You should come and study them. Qin Bo is very interested in the secrets of the ruins. Fang Qingling began to listen to Qin Bo's nagging with a faint smile, but the more he listened to it, the darker his face became.
    Aren't you going to archaeology? How could there be such a dangerous thing. If there was a person who was physically weak at that time, or a little medicine could not be supplied, would the spiral wave.. His heart contracted at the thought that the girl beside him would almost never come back. God damn it! Who told him that the project was very safe! No, he wants to check it. Qin Bo is speaking in high spirits, do not want Fang Qingling suddenly stretched out the evil hand, grabbed her skirt and unbuttoned. "What are you doing?" Qin Bo struggled to protect his robe. "Didn't you say you would wait until I built the foundation?" Where did she stimulate him? She was so beastly. Don't think about it. I'll examine you to see if there is any injury. Fang Qingling has a righteous face. I'm fine. Qin Bo pushed him away discontentedly. "It's been almost two months. What can I do?" "Physical examination, divine examination, your choice." Fang Qingling coldly said two options. Then check the divine consciousness. Qin Bo has the traditional shyness of Oriental women on earth. She can't do it now when she takes off her clothes to show her lover. Especially since her chest is not as flat as it was when she was a child. Fang Qingling did not think so much, a wisp of divine consciousness invaded Qin Bo's body, careful examination. In fact, for those who cultivate immortals, opening their bodies to let other people's divine consciousness invade is more serious than stripping off their clothes, and the internal circulation is more private and sensitive than nudity. Fang Qingling finished the inspection and found it later. The first time he saw Qin Bo, he had done such a rude act. At that time, those who did not know were not guilty. Now the situation is not like this, Qin Bo trembled all over, teeth clenched his lower lip, Fang Qingling's divinity brushed the spirit in her body,drum spill pallet, a tremor swept the whole body from inside to outside. She groaned unconsciously and fell limply into his arms. Damn it, if she comes here a few more times, will she still be alive. binpallet.com

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    "Be careful of that guy," the mink turned, looked at Lin Dong, and whispered. Lin moved slightly nodded, he knew that if the previous Qin Tian's tentative attack they did not find, I am afraid that now the latter is a violent hand to solve them. This Qin Tian, character is cautious, and even with strong strength, still know how to temporarily endure, this kind of person, quite difficult. Clang! And when Lin Dong put Qin Tian on the danger list in his heart, suddenly on the Baichao Mountain, there came an ancient melodious sound of the bell. The sound of the bell spreads and resounds through the whole core area, and the bell is melodious and long-lasting. And at the sound of the bell, everyone's face is a change, immediately everyone's face is a change, suddenly looked up, eyes fanatically looking at the top of the mountain. At this time, on the top of the mountain, clouds and mists gradually dissipated, a bright sun, as if suspended from the top of the mountain, and then, a majestic and vigorous voice, vast in this piece of heaven and earth, resounded through. The mountain opens in a hundred days, and the seal of nirvana at the level of heaven goes up the mountain immediately! (Please ask for a recommendation ticket! Please vote for Wu Dong after reading the update. (Thank you.) Chapter 612 up the hill. Accompanied by the vigorous voice, Zhong Yin resounded through heaven and earth,plastic pallet suppliers, and then spread melodiously, as if it had spread to the whole ancient space.. At this moment, whether there are people who have entered the core area or not, they all look up suddenly at this moment and look at the direction of Baichao Mountain with fanatical eyes. A year of penance, and that is today. Is it finally over. Lin Dong looked up at the towering huge mountain peak, his lips were also gently tight, and his heart was filled with mixed feelings. A year ago, he left the Dayan Dynasty and came to this place where geniuses gathered. At that time, he was just the most ordinary member in this space. The identity of the lower Dynasty was destined to make him the lowest level here. However, it turned out that Lin Dong was not ordinary. Along the way,plastic pallet manufacturer, he met countless opponents, one stronger than the other, one more difficult than the other, but in the end, he still stood in the end. This ancient battlefield is like a very cruel screening machine, the survival of the fittest, without mercy. But also is precisely this kind of cruel screening, in this one year time, causes the forest to move this piece of uncut jade, gradually sent out the dazzling brilliance. This kind of brilliance, even compared with those geniuses from super Dynasties, is not inferior at all. Lin Dong can feel that he has made great progress in the past year, and his vision is also getting farther and farther in this kind of training. [Qishu Network · E-book Download Paradise-wWw. QiSuu. COm] once the Great Yan Dynasty, in his present view, seems to be quite small. "This place." Pretty good Lin turned to look at the mink and suddenly smiled. At the beginning, the mink insisted that he take part in the Hundred Dynasties War, presumably with the intention of honing him, and the final effect was really surprisingly good. In one year, Lin Dong rushed directly from the realm of creation to the realm of nirvana, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic bulk containers, and also went through four nirvana plagues. This kind of progress is already quite rapid. Make do with it. The mink resumed his casual appearance again and said lazily, "This Hundred Dynasties War is a good place for the younger generation like you to hone. Of course, you may come into contact with more dangerous places in the future." Lin moved to smile, this is not surprising, if his strength to improve, contact with things and things as well as the strong, the strength of nature will be more and more powerful. On the giant tree, Qin Tian also looked at the top of the mountain, and then turned his head to Lin Dong with a faint smile, but that smile made the latter a little uncomfortable, for Qin Tian this person, Lin Dong is obviously holding the most vigilance. And Qin Tian also did not say anything more with Lin Dong and others, immediately turned around, a little tiptoe, is turned into a rainbow straight to the top of the mountain and swept away, behind him, the two figures are also followed. Shuo Shuo! And with the movement of Qin Tian, this area, suddenly became turbulent, those who have the seal of nirvana, all are immediately burst out, face fanatical to the top of the mountain.
    And some of the strong people who have not yet had the seal of nirvana, their faces are suddenly gloomy, their eyes are flashing fiercely, and after a moment, some people are suddenly violent, trying to seize the seal of nirvana of others at the last moment, so that they also have the qualifications to go up the mountain. Bang, bang! So, after that silence lasted for a moment, the area burst into some angry cries, and then a violent wave of force burst out. Bastard, what do you want?! "Why, hey, rob you of Nirvana, of course!" Damn it, I'm afraid you don't have that ability! Brothers, give me up! “……” All kinds of curses, almost at this moment completely broke out, the whole area, become extremely chaotic, those people in order to be able to have the qualifications to go up the mountain, is no longer able to care about anything, between the hands, are some crazy traces. Liu Bai, such as a large number of people, are surrounded by Lin and others, such a battle, but also no one dare to rush to them, after all, just now even Tianmo Dynasty was defeated in the hands of Lin, these people, no matter how crazy, I'm afraid they died in vain. Lin Dong looked at this scene with a calm face, but he was not surprised. He looked at the people around him and said with a smile, "Do you have the seal of nirvana?" Hearing this, Mo Ling and others also nodded excitedly. Previously, they received the nirvana seals of many strong people in the three Dynasties of Tianmo Dynasty. In this way, it directly led to their nirvana seals reaching the level of heaven. According to Mo Ling their strength, generally speaking, want to have the nirvana seal is a very difficult thing,ibc spill containment pallet, but now, with the help of the relationship between Lin Dong, they have hundreds of Chaoshan qualifications. binpallet.com

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    Hall of Immortals. In the secret room of Taizun, looking at Longfei in the mirror of Taixu, he laughed excitedly, "It's been three years, I've been under too much pressure for three years, boy, it's all because of you, now you're finally back, ha ha ha.." Three years is a difficult three years for Longfei. It's the same for him too. Because. In the past three years, he has been suffering from the crushing of the supreme elder Gu Tongtian all the time. This master has completely changed. , Become furious and bloodthirsty. Of course. All this is because he has only two years left in his life. Long Fei's disappearance made him extremely uneasy. Now the dragon flies back, too respect the corner of the mouth gently a hook, "did not kill you at the beginning, I regret very much, this time." You can't escape! —— The second chapter, reading friends, you can search "", can be the first time to find the site oh. Chapter 988 union. Time is changing,secondary containment pallet, everything is changing. People's hearts are also changing. These three years have been a torment for Taizun. Because. Gu Tongtian kept putting pressure on him, and he clenched his teeth to bear it. Those who achieve great things must endure the impossibility of ordinary people. He put up with everything. Is to wait for the return of Long Fei. As soon as Long Fei died, Gu Tongtian's last hope was dashed, so he had to wait for death! Three years. For three years, Taizun has been waiting for Longfei to come out of the land of death all the time. The stronger the pressure Gu Tongtian exerts on him, the deeper his hatred for Longfei will be. This time he will let Longfei die without a burial place. At the same time, the Western Demon Domain. In a pool of blood. This is a pool of blood made with the blood of tens of millions of virgins. In the center of the pool,plastic pallet price, the blood lotus meditates. The demon ancestor stares at it, and the whole person gets excited in an instant. What did you say "The dragon boy is not dead yet?" "Ha ha ha." Demon Zu laughed wildly, the blood in the pool of blood rolled up, the surging waves hit the shore, and was stirred up by his voice. The matchless ghosts trembled with fear and made a sound of fear! "It's good that you're not dead!" "It's good not to be dead." "If you don't die, you can open the Dragon Land and open the secret land of longevity, ha ha ha.." The same is true of the Western Demon Ancestor, whose longevity will not be long. For a strong man in the realm of flying immortals, nothing is more terrible than the exhaustion of longevity. Everyone is afraid of death. The stronger he is, the more afraid he is of death. Flying Immortal Realm, five hundred years of longevity. No one can break through the shackles unless you leap over them. Crossing the robbery and soaring? And Tiandou? This is a self-destructive existence. Countless strong people in the mainland of Tianwu have been destroyed by the power of heaven. In thousands of years, no one in the mainland of Tianwu has succeeded. Who can fight with heaven? No one! God wants you to die, plastic pallet crates ,ibc spill pallet, and God can't stop you! So. From the beginning to the end, they did not want to cross the plunder to fly up, they are constantly looking for, looking for the secret of longevity. Dragon clan. A powerful race from Outland. Their life span is not limited by the laws of the mainland of Tianwu. They have unparalleled physical bodies and millions of years of longevity. They also bring countless magical skills from the outer land, including the art of longevity. This is a legend that has been passed down for millions of years. For others, it is a legend, but for the Western Demon Ancestor, Gu Tongtian, it is not a legend, but their life-saving straw. It is also a fact that exists. As long as you can open the secret, you can find the art of longevity, you can have infinite longevity yuan, and you can live forever. There is nothing more tempting than to be alive. Just stay alive. You can give up anything. The Western Demon Ancestor laughed excitedly and said, "Old ghost, just do what we said before." In the void. With a big face and a faint smile, he said, "There are me and you in the secret land leading to longevity. We will be the first people in the mainland of Tianwu for thousands of years. Ha ha ha.." The Western Demon Ancestor also laughed loudly, "ha ha ha." …… "Long Fei is back!" Have you heard? Long Fei, who had disappeared for three years, came back. "Against the Shendi Academy, the president of the Eighteen Martial Arts Academies was killed in anger, and there were eight immortal temple elders. Long Fei is the hero in my mind. After Long Fei, there will be no Shendi Academy any more, and the same is true of Tongtian Immortal Temple.".
    ” "Long Fei brought hope to our ordinary warriors, and Nantian Dan changed our destiny!" "I will follow him!" "I'll go too!" "And me!" …… In the streets and alleys, all the people in Shendi City are talking about Longfei. Long Fei, who had disappeared for three years, returned to Shendi City. Let every warrior is extremely excited, Shendi Academy has made everyone sad in the past three years, there is no longer the spirit of the first Academy, Shendi Academy is like a brutal monarch, constantly crushing everything. Immortal domain big and small family, clan all want to offer. In the past three years, Shendi Academy has been hated! Long Fei's appearance ignited a glimmer of hope in their hearts. The horn of resistance is about to sound! Tianfeng Tower. The streets and alleys are all talking about you. Now there are tens of thousands of warriors gathered outside the Tianfeng Tower. They all come to seek refuge with you. Fu Tianlong was extremely excited. These three years were his happiest day. He had never been so happy as he is now. Fu Yunshan said slightly, "This is still the first day. It's still in the Shendi City. In a few days, more and more people will come to take refuge in you. Long Fei, you are the hero in their eyes. Everyone is waiting to counterattack the Shendi Academy and overthrow the tyrant." Everyone is looking forward to it. The people in the yard are also excited, looking forward to, watching the dragon fly. They are waiting for Long Fei's order. As long as Longfei gave the order, they would be the first to rush to the Shendi Academy and crush all the lofty and arrogant elders and deans into dregs. Long Fei ate the big leg of pork and did not speak. Fu Yunshan went on to say,collapsible pallet box, "Long Fei, we have been preparing for the three years since you disappeared. Every warrior in Tianwu Mainland remembers that you changed their fate. As long as you give the order, I believe you can call on thousands of warriors to join your camp. There is no need to worry about counterattacking Shendi Academy." "Besides!" 。 binpallet.com

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    As soon as Hongyuan thought about it, he thought of the Second Division City where he had lived for more than thirty years. Unexpectedly, there were thirteen practitioners there. But now, with Hongyuan's magic power, it was easy to defeat them. The reason why there was a second-level danger level was that there was no absolute thing in the world. As for the mortal warriors stationed in the city of the Second Division, the nebula map was not counted at all, and the mortals were just straw dogs to the gods. Hong yuan just subconsciously wanted to go back to his hometown to have a look, but he didn't expect to let the nebula map sum up such a mess of things, as if he had made a big mistake. He lowered his head and clasped his palms together to repent. However, Pipo Yu and Shi Pi Po didn't mean to complain about him at all. He just had a hard time with himself. Seeing that the nebula map was so magical, Zhaoping was already so happy that he could not close his mouth. He was afraid that someone would snatch it. He ran to the front and tore it up. After a long time, he couldn't take it down. He was so anxious that he was at a loss. With a sigh, Pipo Yu walked slowly and patted on the bulkhead, but something as thin as paper and as tough as skin fell down. He took it in his hand, rolled it up and handed it to Zhaoping. He said softly, "Keep it well. Don't lose it." Zhao Ping hurriedly took it in his hand, carefully put it in his bosom, pressed it on his chest, and felt indescribably happy. When he traveled through the three realms in the future, he would go wherever he wanted, and no longer have to worry about getting lost. Everything was arranged properly, and Pipoyu slowly turned around and walked out of the door. 11682 years ago, it was still the White Tiger Hall for discussing military affairs, but now it has become so desolate that the world is really impermanent. Pipoyu kept regretting as he walked, but no one could understand a word he said. How could he be so familiar with this ship? How did he know that this cabin was called the White Tiger Hall? How did he know that there was a nebula map in it, and that he knew how to use it? These questions were entangled in the hearts of Zhaoping, Shipipo, and Hongyuan, and could not be put down for a long time. Pointing to the cabin as he walked, Pipoyu said, "These rooms are all occupied by generals accompanying the army. There are about twenty-eight people, which are the twenty-eight constellations in the legend of the human world. Hehe, there has been no news of them for a long time." This sentence still makes people who call equality not know what is going on. Through the decayed corridor, conveniently pulled out a few embroidered dragon leopard Biao bear tooth flag, far away, in the corner of the second floor, there are several steps of dilapidated stairs, all people go up the stairs. There was only one large cabin on the third floor, and the roof had the appearance of flying eaves and corners. The cabin door was divided into two doors, one of which had long disappeared, and the other was barely hanging on the door frame. As soon as he got here, Pipoyu seemed to be so excited that no one paid any attention to him. He kicked the door open and rushed in, shouting, "Pojun, Pojun, I'm coming, I'm coming." There was no one in the cabin to answer, Zhao Ping, corpse Pipo, Hong yuan did not know what strange, hurried in, the cabin was full of dust, collapsible pallet bin ,plastic pallet containers, a good room was divided into two rooms, one big and one small, a big Taiji diagram hanging on the wall in the middle of the big room, has been buried by dirt, Taiji diagram on the ground, placed a tripod furnace, has been unable to see the original appearance. Pipoyu walked over slowly, stroked the alchemy furnace for a long time, and sighed softly: "God furnace, God furnace, can you tell me the news of the broken army?" There is no reaction in the Dan furnace. Pipoyu said so many words for no reason. Zhaoping, Shipiva, and Hongyuan were afraid. They shouted together, "God of War, God of War." They seemed to be calling back the spirits. In their shouts, Pipo Yu slowly raised his head. His eyes were full of confusion. Later, he waved to Zhaoping and said, "Zhaoping, you are lucky today. Let's call this tripod alchemy furnace the broken army God furnace. Look carefully. There may be a mental method to practice the skill of swallowing heaven on it. Remember it well and practice it hard. Don't let the skill of swallowing heaven be lost from now on." What? It's another treasure. I thought it would be so dangerous, but I didn't expect that I could get the supreme immortal method here for no reason. Zhaoping was overjoyed when he heard this. No matter what happened, he took two steps and carefully wiped away the dust on the broken army God furnace. Sure enough, there were dense small characters carved in the middle of the God furnace, telling about the origin and all kinds of wonders of swallowing heaven.
    Zhao Ping was overjoyed. He quickly wiped the furnace clean and looked at it carefully with his divine consciousness. It said: The Skill of Swallowing Heaven is the only secret method in the three realms. Only by practicing with the body of pure Yin can you use all kinds of magic. You can't be exhausted with one word. Otherwise, the disaster will add to your body, and you can't say that you can't wait. I was young and had many difficulties, and I died in the year of the crown. My soul was not destroyed, and I was reduced to the nether world. Relying on the body of a ghost pawn, I could not enter the reincarnation. I had been better than my peers. Two hundred years later, I was lucky enough to meet a great God. Seeing that I had a little spiritual root, I could not bear to fall into the sea of suffering forever, so I broke through the root and secretly passed on this method. I told me to practice hard, or In 1350, Fang had a little success, so with the body of ghosts and immortals, he ran amuck in the three realms with this method, which was rare. However, there are so many fates that I can't get a glimpse of the whole leopard. It's a pity that I can't die between heaven and earth. Only if this method is passed on, I will be a sinner in the three realms. Therefore, I will leave the book in the tripod, hoping that those who are predestined will get it. I will practice it assiduously. After it is destroyed, I can drive it as I wish, so as not to be hindered. If I have knowledge, even if both form and spirit are destroyed, Ha ha, the master of the furnace has such a tortuous experience. The more he looks at it, the more excited he is. According to the introduction of this passage, it is enough to run amuck in the three realms, and it is necessary to practice with the body of pure Yin. He has been dead for thousands of years. He has become an immortal spirit with the skills of Xuantian Change and Pipo Jade. There is no Yang Qi on his body. This is clearly the highest skill of ghosts and immortals. No wonder so many people, the God of war, only let themselves learn. How many people in the three realms can have this kind of fate? Hurriedly look down. Another line has been written in the small print, describing the content of the Divine Skill of Swallowing Heaven: The Divine Skill is divided into three layers. The first layer is the phase of swallowing, which can be shaped by the body and changed at will. I have incarnated tens of millions of people, so that people do not know the true face of Lushan Mountain, all of which are the works of this method.. See here, Zhaoping smiled,collapsible bulk containers, then the future is not able to use the enemy's body to change their image, no longer need to come out is a skeleton, often can scare people half to death. binpallet.com

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    "Song Xiya, wait a minute." The curtain on the stage of the auditorium was lifted. A man dressed in a navy blue suit came leisurely from the backstage, and every step he took seemed to step on her heart. Song Xiya seemed to hear her heartbeat. Thump, thump.. For a long time. Even faster and faster. Nervous. A deadly sense of tension spread through every inch of his body. It's getting worse. At this moment, she wanted to run away. Lin Jiayi took the microphone and spoke softly: "Miss Song Xiya, please come to the stage." This time, all the people present had no intention of leaving, and sat back in their seats, waiting quietly to see the follow-up. Hu Yang sat in the back row. Seeing this posture, he was stunned at first. Then he anxiously called Song Xiya in a low voice in the back: "Xiya, Xiya?"? You go on stage quickly. Violet and navy blue may not be a perfect match. But tonight, a man and a woman on the stage have the posture of heaven and man, with excellent appearance and matching aura, just like a pair of perfect people. Lin Jiayi turned his hand behind his back to the front of him,stainless steel tube 304, holding a large bunch of bright red roses. It refers to coquettishness. But they can't steal the limelight of these two people at all. The man's eyes were thinly covered with rippling water. He is a fool who walks all the way to the black, the road of secret love, and he has been walking for so many years. Today, he is going to put an end to this long journey of one person. Song Xiya didn't dare to reach for the bunch of roses. He just shook his head in a way that only he could see, and whispered to stop him: "Jia Yi,side impact beams, no.". I really can't. You are an idol. Never do such a self-destructive thing. Whether it was the scene or the audience watching the live broadcast, it all exploded. Hot search quickly reached the top, followed by a "burst" logo, and even the number of people in the live broadcast room began to surge. At the same time. The First Hospital of Pingcheng City is in a senior single ward. The tall and handsome man was dressed in a hospital gown, and his lips were slightly pale, but it was still difficult to hide his superior appearance. Instead, it has a morbid aesthetic feeling. There was not a trace of superfluous expression on his face, and his deep eyes had no waves in the ancient well. But I do not know why, so it seems, for no reason more than a trace of sadness. Fu Yunzhe sat on the hospital bed and slowly stretched out his hand to open the drawer of the cabinet next to the bed. The hands, Precision Welded pipes ,beam impact tubes, which were originally long and strong, with clear joints, were now covered with all kinds of scars. There are dark marks and obvious redness and swelling. There are also large and small cuts on the back of the hand. It was probably caused by smashing the mirror in the bathroom at home. Fu Yunzhe took out a fruit knife from the drawer. He played with the handle of the knife twice. Then he took off the scabbard and looked thoughtfully at the cold light flashing on the knife. The knife looks sharp. It's just, it's too small. I don't know if I can take advantage of it. When Zhang Yang entered the door, he saw Fu Yunzhe looking at the fruit knife in his hand with an expressionless face, and he was so frightened that he almost dropped the hot water cup in his hand to the ground. Thinking of what Dr. Liang had just said to him, he hurriedly raised his voice and shouted: "General Manger Fu!"! Put the knife down! Hearing this sound, the man sitting on the hospital bed finally shifted his eyes from the small fruit knife in his hand to Zhang Yang. He raised his eyebrows slightly and did not speak. Zhang Yang hurriedly stepped forward and put the cup in his hand on the cabinet next to him at random. At the same time, he grabbed the handle of the fruit knife with his other hand and snatched it out. Fu Yunzhe finally opened his mouth slowly: "What are you doing?" Hearing this, Zhang Yang felt his scalp tingling. The high-spirited, condescending man of life and death in the past now seems to be half in the dark. Sometimes manic and irritable, at home, in the office.. There are cars, can be smashed out of shape, and sometimes depressed, looking at the depression is difficult to solve. Dr. Liang said that this kind of mental illness is no different from normal people when it does not occur. But if the longer the time of onset, the time of non-onset is compressed and compressed, it will become more and more serious. Now this posture. It seems that the time that General Manger Fu is not ill has become less and less. But this kind of mental illness, if the patient does not take the initiative to cooperate with the treatment, no matter how hard others try, it is useless. In a hurry, Zhang Yang suddenly had a brainwave and thought of something. He hurriedly opened his mouth and said: "No, General Manger Fu, what are you doing here looking at this knife?".
    Today is the award ceremony of Jinhua Award Film Festival. There is a live broadcast. Don't you want to see if Miss Song has won the award and witness the scene of her winning the award? Yaya.. The scene of the award? She must be very happy. Even if you can't see her, you can steal a glance across the screen and steal a little of her happiness. She should also.. You're not angry, are you? "Help me find the live broadcast." Fu Yunzhe handed over his mobile phone. Ya Ya is sometimes his antidote, look at her, the heart more sad seems to be able to calm down a little bit. But most of the time, she is a poison, a poison that cuts the heart and bone. Make him suffer. He was so addicted that he couldn't refuse. Coincidentally, at the moment of opening the live broadcast, the camera was stopping on Song Xiya's beautiful and charming little face. Face-dissing close-up. She wears very delicate makeup today. This makeup, if you put on a big wedding dress,side impact door beams, should also be very suitable. The camera gradually opened and cut into a close shot, and then he saw that there was still a person standing beside her. The author has something to say: Send 100 red envelopes in this chapter ~ ~ Thanks to the little angels who voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution during 2019-12-09 20:24:13 ~ 2019-12-10 23:29:33 ~ Thanks to the little angels who irrigated the nutrient solution: 10 bottles of Li Bobo; 1 bottle of Tian En Xiaoer; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Chapter 41 Confession. The hand holding the mobile phone could not help trembling. The people around her are. That man. Fu Yunzhe stared straight at the live broadcast of the Jinhua Awards ceremony on the screen of his mobile phone. cbiesautomotive.com

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    She is a hard-working woman, down-to-earth, optimistic, even in the face of unfair treatment will not complain, will only be stronger, head up to face everything, overcome everything. During the half month when she stayed in his company to work hard without complaint in order to repay the repair fee of 18,000 yuan for breaking his laptop, he actually watched her every move all the time. Then, the more he looked at her, the more he felt that she was like his mother who had passed away. Many of her actions, reactions and habits were very similar. Because the poor eat bad food without complaint, but also eat with relish, and tell others to be grateful to eat, because there are many people in the world who are suffering from hunger and cold. Even when he has suffered a setback, he will not be discouraged. He will only comfort himself by muttering to himself and cheer himself up, saying that it doesn't matter. He can still recite the whole thing: Heaven is about to place a great responsibility on a person. He must first make his mind and will suffer, strain his bones and muscles, starve his body and skin, empty his body,side impact beams, and disturb what he does. Therefore, he is moved to be patient and has benefited what he cannot do. A man's fault is constant, and then he can correct it; he is trapped in his heart, and then he weighs it, and then makes it; he marks it in his appearance, and sends it out in his voice, then he is a metaphor. If you go in, you will not be able to get home; if you go out,impact beam tubes, you will be invincible to foreign patients, and the country will perish. Then he knew that he was born in misery and died in comfort. The first time he heard her standing in the pantry, brushing the sink and reciting the whole passage, he was really stunned. Also, she loves cleanliness so much that she is a little bit of a neat freak, which is similar to her mother. I was tired, but I couldn't stand the mess in front of me, so I had to clean it up. The same is true for the leftovers, which she collects and freezes in the refrigerator, and then finds time to send them to a place where there is a collection of hogwash. Originally, there were only five big boys in the company, and everyone was used to being casual. As a result, after she came, she was in charge of everything, precision welded tubes ,Cold Drawn Tubes, which made everyone very unaccustomed, and there were a lot of complaints about her in private. But strange to say, in less than half a month, she turned everyone's private complaints into hopes that she would stay. Jia Feifei is attractive with her beautiful inner and personality, which is totally different from the woman who relies on her sweet appearance and acts like a spoiled child to win the favor of others. But even so, I don't know why he's been comparing them unconsciously lately. What's wrong with him? Looking at the night scene in the distance, An Chenfeng took another puff of smoke, put out the cigarette and threw it into the trash can. When he was about to leave the top floor and go back to the company to continue working overtime, the mobile phone in his pocket suddenly rang. He stopped and took the phone out of his pocket, only to see a strange number on it that he had never seen before. He raised his eyebrows lightly and pressed the answer. "Hello?" Excuse me.. Is this an Chen Feng's cell phone? The voice of the other side was a little uncertain. I'm An Chenfeng. Who is calling, please? He answered. I am.. Chi Chiu-yue. An Chenfeng's head was left blank for a moment. Chi Qiuyue? How long had it been since he had heard the name or her voice? Two years or three years? But no matter how long it took, to his surprise, he could not recognize her voice at all, feeling like a stranger who had never known her before. Taking a deep, silent breath, he replied in his usual tone, "Hello, long time no see." "Long time no see." She answered softly on the other end of the phone, but then there was a silence. "What's the matter?" Since she did not speak, he had to speak, after all, he had work to do, no time to spend with her. Suddenly, he found that he had no emotion, but simply thought so directly, which made him suddenly see the light. It seems that the past has really passed for him. Over the years.. How are you Her slightly hesitant voice came from the other end of the phone. "Not bad." He replied with ease. What can I do for you? If there's nothing special, I might have to hang up because I have to work. "Hold on!" She asked quickly. An Chenfeng waited quietly, wondering what she had to do to call him suddenly after many years of breaking up. "Can you meet me?" She pleaded. "Is there anything you can't say over the phone?" He frowned involuntarily.
    "Do you still care about what happened back then, so you don't want to see me?" He frowned even more, and wanted to say "no," but this might be interpreted by her as bravado. She is such a self-righteous and self-willed woman. "Would you believe me if I said I don't care anymore?" He asked calmly. "Well, you can meet up if you want, but I can only spare an hour at most because I really have work to do." "Okay, one hour is enough. I'll come to you right now." She said hurriedly. "You know where my company is?" He asked doubtfully. "I know." She answered at once. "Don't come to my company." He frowned and did not want her to enter his life and world again. Where are you? Make an appointment in the middle and meet at a better restaurant or coffee shop. "Good." Her tone dropped markedly, as if she were aware of something. An Chenfeng didn't care about her mood at all. He asked where she was and then found a shop that both of them knew. After meeting there, he hung up the phone directly. Then he went back to the company first, took the wallet and explained some things, and then leisurely set off for the appointed place. Mood, calm as usual. Standing in front of the washstand in the ladies' room, Jia Feifei looked at herself in the mirror, who had been specially made up. She felt that it was really quite good. As expected, it fulfilled the saying that "people need clothes.". Cosmetics have always been a luxury for her, so on her dressing table at home, besides basic skin care products, the only two things that can barely be called cosmetics are lipstick and foundation barrier cream. Nature is beauty,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, and she has been hypnotizing herself, even though she is not beautiful at all. But look for a long time-no matter others or yourself, get used to it. cbiesautomotive.com

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    "This is not an ordinary woman, to see the officer was killed, not only not afraid, but dare to step on the blood to follow the murderer." Chu Dan Mo looked at it. Bloody footprints, thoughtfully. Let's follow first. These murderers are cruel. If the woman is found, she will not come to a good end. Zong Zheng Luo Yun Jian Discuss the way. Chu light ink nodded, when the first line, Feng Qinglan keep up, Zong Zhengluoyun tail. After only two steps, Chu Danmo stopped and turned to Zong Zheng Luoyun, saying, "Elder Martial Brother, did you put Diexiang on the shopkeeper of Tianxiang Building?" "After I lost him last time, I found an opportunity to sprinkle some butterfly incense on him. The weight was very light, and the sensitivity of the younger martial sister was really different." Like. Zong Zheng Luoyun praised. It seems that the shopkeeper who went downstairs this day has been mentioned today. Chu Danmo stepped forward. Maybe the last time I followed him, he was surprised, so the time was advanced. Zong Zhengluoyun looked around and felt waves. Cold in the morning breeze. Maybe they have something big planned for today, so they're ahead of schedule. With a wise light in his eyes, Chu said in a low voice, "If." They just came to give people away, and there was no need to kill the yamen runners they had bribed, and even if they did, there was no need to waste the fresh corpses. Why don't you take them up to the ghost '? "? "Mo'er is as careful as dust." Feng Qinglan's eyes are flowing with warm waves, smiling at Chu Dan Mo. In fact,Precision steel tubes, you have already seen it. Chu Danmo gave him an angry look. Feng Qinglan smiled without a word. Zong Zhengluoyun looked at the tacit understanding in front of the two people, Qing Zhan's eyes quickly flashed a dark light, and then quietly continued to inspect the environment. The woman was found, and they did it here. Chu Dan Mo walked to a fork in the road, looking at the bloodstains, and those messy. Vegetation, squatting down to pick up a leaf and a broken grass, "These leaves are intact, but they are shaken off by the inner strength,beam impact tubes, and these broken grass are broken out neatly." It should be cut off by a sword. "It's a sword." Feng Qinglan stood in front of a piece of ancient wood with deep sword marks, looking at a small pool of blood under the ancient wood. "It was a woman who used the sword." And she suffered some serious internal injuries. Chu Dan Mo immediately quickened the pace of tracking, Feng Qinglan hurriedly dodged to keep up. There's a lot of blood here. After chasing a winding mountain road, there was a dense forest, and Zong Zhengluoyun looked at a cluster of shrubs and grass with sharp eyes. A long arm swept, a strong wind swept, a short Bush, and a corpse appeared. Chu Danmo immediately walked over, looking at the dead man, his pupils shrank. This man really looks like a ghost. He was stabbed to death with a sword. Yes. However, his face was as yellow as wax, his eyes were concave and convex, and the most terrible thing was his teeth. There were two extremely long teeth on the left and right sides, like a cruel wild. Beast, still with traces of blood, fingers into a claw shape. His feet were not shod, they were as rough as animal skins, stainless steel 304 pipes ,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, and he was really a beast. This should be the person who escaped from Qinxian County. Chu Dan Mo concluded that his face became dignified, "Qinglan, these people may eat people." Because it may not be so simple. Feng Qinglan pursed her lips, and her dark eyes became deeper. While Feng Qinglan was meditating, Chu Dan Mo turned around and looked at the scattered blood, his eyes swept over, and he saw some dust on a few giant trees. "One by one, they were swept away, and then their eyes were fixed on one point, where the bushes and grass were swelling.". These bloodstains look messy, but in fact they have traces to follow. Someone should try to confuse people's tracking routes. The bloodstains have been following this path. Chu Dan Mo walked to a path, pointing to the road, "here the soil was trampled very heavy marks, obviously there is at least no one toward this." As he went away, he thought it was the group of murderers, with butterfly incense floating in the air, and the shopkeeper of Tianxianglou was among them. Chu Dan Mo said a change of subject. However, they were in a hurry to chase people, but they did not see that the grass on the roadside was also stained with blood. As soon as Chu Dan Mo's voice fell, she looked back at the bushes and grass along the bloodstains on the grass, and she raised her lips and turned her feet. Younger martial sister. As soon as Chu Danmo's footsteps moved, Zong Zhengluoyun stood in front of Chu Danmo, shook his head at her, and dodged away. A clap of the hand was split by the wind.
    "Elder Martial Brother, show mercy!" Feng Qinglan's eyes flashed a word inserted in the hilt of the sword on the corpse, and when he looked up, he saw Zong Zheng Luoyun making a move. Make a sound to stop. When Zong Zhengluoyun heard Feng Qinglan's urgent drink, he immediately stopped, but the strong inner strength was still not all withdrawn, and the grass flew across his palm. A woman with a bloody body appeared in the public's sight. She leaned against the tree trunk, fainted, and her clothes were a little broken. Chu Danmo's line of sight crossed Zong Zhengluoyun and saw the fainted woman. His eyes flashed with amazement: "How could it be her?" -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Who is she? O (∩ _ ∩) O Haha ~ We'll find out tomorrow! Chapter 37: But for other reasons. Chu Danmo did not expect that she would meet Fu Yingchun here, and was scarred, covered with blood, so embarrassed Fu Yingchun. The same Chu Danmo also did not think that Fu Yingchun, who seemed to be physically weak, was also armed with martial arts. Zong Zhengluoyun stayed to deal with, Chu Danmo and Feng Qinglan continued to track, but halfway up the mountain, the clue was suddenly broken, even The smell of Diexiang was also broken, and those people seemed to have disappeared from the world. Chu Danmo and Feng Qinglan searched everywhere, but there was still no trace. Also at this point, thinking of Fu Yingchun body injury can not be, Zong Zheng Luoyun is a man after all, many inconvenience, so two people turned back. Chu Danmo not only brought back Fu Yingchun, but also brought back the man Fu Yingchun killed, because she found that this man was very unusual, as expected. Under the exploration, many doubts were found. Qinglan, I think the people who escaped from Qinxian County have become medicine people, and they are carrying a kind of poison, the symptoms and pestilence of this poison attack The most terrible thing is that anyone who has any physical contact with these people will be infected like a plague. Small building,cold drawn tubes, Chu light ink After a thorough investigation of the body, he said to Feng Qinglan, who was waiting for the results. cbiesautomotive.com

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    He suddenly felt that he was afraid of spattering blood on the scene. He stole a glance at Mr. Ku's expression, but did not see much anger. Instead, his lips were straight, his eyebrows slightly frowned, and he only looked at him steadily. His eyes were like fire, almost roasting the skin and flesh of Du Yunting's head. Even the bones were soft. He said shyly to the system: "If he looks at me like this again, I will be wet." 7777 He snapped and said, [Calm down!] Du Yun stopped the spring water of the Manjiang River, which was frightened by the sentence of the small system, and almost flowed backwards. Du Lin next to him stepped forward, wiped his sweat and explained to Gu Li: "General Manager Gu, this is my stepson.." I may have had two more drinks today. It's offensive to talk nonsense. Please forgive me. He went to pull Du Yunting again, saying: "Why don't you apologize to General Manager Gu?" Du Yun stopped opening his mouth, and the words of apology gushed in his mouth, but he could not say them. He only stared at the person in front of him, looking at his cold and indifferent eyebrows and eyes. The small mole on his eyebrows made him dizzy and dizzy, and he could not say a word. That's the truth. It's not nonsense. He had been thinking like that for many years, but now he was beaten into nonsense by his cheap father, and there was still a little inexplicable grievance in his heart. Just as he was thinking that he had really become delicate, he heard Gu Li say lightly, "Isn't that true?" Du Lin's forehead oozed more sweat, wiped it with a tissue and smiled. What did General Manager Gu say? "I'm asking you." Gu Li didn't even give him half of it out of the corner of his eye. He just stared at Du Yunting and repeated, "It's not true?" Du's heart beat like a drum, and the bumping deer in his chest almost made him brain-damaged. He opened his mouth for a long time and uttered the word "yes". The man frowned and heard Du's desire to cover up and remedy, "I really want to talk to Mr. Gu about investing in shops.." 7777:【……】 It's over, it's over, and the cowardly tentacles have shrunk back! The man's expression also changed for a moment, not happy or interesting, but gloomy, looking a little scary. Taking advantage of this time, Du Lin hurriedly crowded up, several bosses who had a good friendship with him also rushed up, blocked Gu Li's road, and apologized to Gu Li with a smile on his face, "The children of every family are not sensible, and they haven't woken up yet.." As he spoke, someone had already pulled Du Yun to stop. Du Yun stopped to earn a few times, did not break away, looking back, far away from the group of middle-aged bald bosses can also catch a glimpse of a particularly unusual style of painting Gu Li. He was put into Du Lin's car. After a while, his cheap stepfather opened the door and got into the car. He opened his mouth and asked him, "How did you get here?" Du Yunting said, "I drove here myself." Du Lin's tone was not good. "Driving while drunk?" "I'm not drunk, aluminium coated tubes ,side impact door beams," said Du Yunting. Du Lin's eyebrows showed a few gullies, and he patted his leg fiercely. Not drunk? Look what nonsense you are talking in front of Gu Li! No one cares about you these days. Are you playing too crazily? Are you talking nonsense like that outside? His stepson said nothing, but turned to look out of the window. The lights in the car were not on, and the brilliant neon night outside only illuminated the small half of his face, which was as beautiful as a woman. Du Lin could not bear to see him like this, that appearance, put on Soho, that is full of amorous feelings, but put on such a man, and he has no blood relationship, he only felt not pleasing to the eye. He snorted heavily, said nothing more, leaned back, and the driver drove in fear, not daring to glance at the father and son. When they arrived at Du's villa, the driver got out of the car and opened the door for Du Lin. No one stopped Du Yun. He pulled the door open and went out. He faintly heard his cheap father say to the driver, "It's useless.." Du Yunting knew that he was talking about himself. He became happy and said to 7777, "If I become a useful person, I'm afraid his eldest son can't sleep well." 7777 I have a bad feeling in my heart. After entering the door, the first thing I saw was Soho, who was leaning slightly and arranging flowers in a white porcelain vase.
    The flowers set off her delicate white fingers and painted the same eyebrows and eyes, which made the years more and more quiet. Du Lin liked the coolness in her bones, which was not at all the same as her warm appearance. Such a woman gives people a great sense of achievement. What's more, Soho was a rich man who could never bear any hardship. He could not live without him and had to return to him, which made Dulin feel safe. At his age, although he had money and could raise many beautiful girls, none of them had the face of Soho. None of them have the fascinating desire to conquer Soho. If this were not the case, he would not have allowed a drag oil bottle to live in Du's house in any case. Du Yunting's stepson is just a gift for the beauty to get. He said, "Why do you arrange flowers by yourself?"? Be careful to prick your hand. Soho did not pick up his words. He raised his eyes slightly and said flatly, "Are you back, sir?" Durin said, "I'm back." He took off his coat, put it in the nurse's hand, and stepped forward to look at the vase of flowers. Du Yunting thought he had escaped the disaster and was about to go upstairs quietly when he heard Soho say, "Yunting came back with you." "The cloud stops!" All of a sudden, Du Lin's memory was recalled again. He called out that his stepson was not allowed to go up again. "What did the cloud stop doing today?" Du Yunting knew that he could not escape, so he had to listen to him with his hands down. Du Lin taught him to be very skillful, because he was not his own child, absolutely not to hit him, but to talk about his failure in words, some hate the taste of iron but not steel, "Gu Li is not easy to offend, how can he be provoked?"? The things you usually do, I'll clean up the mess for you. Stepson did not say a word, put in Du Lin here, obviously is not obedient to discipline, the heart has complaints. He sighed,aluminium coated steel tube, waved his hand wearily, and said, "Forget it.". How can you force it? It's such a child. 。 cbiesautomotive.com

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    Eccentricity of fast penetration

    "How do you make your Uncle Wu think of us" "You have to make it clear that Feifan is surnamed Wu and you are surnamed Zhang" A pile of scolding spurted out of Wei Yan's mouth In particular the last sentence was particularly hurtful and it was said that Zhang Qingya was a drag Chapter 017 Zhou Qingya looked at Wei Yan with an expressionless face and waited for her to finish before asking "So" Should I go to Zhang By the way did Zhang pay alimony If not let's sue him Wei Yan seemed to be so angry that she lost her temper and really felt Pesticides that she didn't know her daughter What do you mean Are you going to find your father just because I said something to you I worked so hard to bring you up Did I raise a white-eyed wolf Wei Yan always said what she wanted to say to Zhang Qingya and never considered whether Zhang Qingya felt uncomfortable Zhang Qingya would occasionally mention her father when her parents just divorced It's just that Wei Yan said every time she mentioned it "Your father doesn't want you anymore Why do you mention him" Or "Did you mean to make your mother sad" Such words succeeded in blocking Zhang Qingya's mouth and she never mentioned her father again The bottom of my heart is even more inexplicable hatred for my father Later Zhang Qingya did not know who to blame and who to hate She was already clever and sensible enough Although her mother was partial later she could not deny her previous efforts Although her stepfather was not close to her he really gave her food and school So who should she hate except the man who doesn't care about her Zhou Qingya knew that this was actually a knot in Zhang Qingya's heart On the one hand she wanted to know if her father was really so cruel to her On the other hand she didn't want to hurt her mother Sure enough she just mentioned a word Wei Yan used this kind of words to stop her mouth Really know how to hit the heart At least she knows how to hold her daughter's life It's a pity that the soul in this body is no longer her daughter Mom you're wrong Why are you looking for my dad as an ingrate Doesn't that lighten your load You see I can't drink milk or eat chicken wings What does it mean It means that the family's economic conditions are too poor So I went to my irresponsible father and asked him to be responsible for supporting me Isn't this a matter of killing two birds with one stone Don't worry I will be filial to you in the future Zhou Qingya said sarcastically In fact the family economic conditions of this group are good Wu Wei's annual salary is about 250000 because he is doing technical work and the salary is not bad Wei Yan is doing ordinary administrative work with a salary of about four thousand and five hundred a month Perhaps it was this huge wage difference that led to Wei Yan's lack of confidence Plus it's a second marriage It is undeniable that this society is still more harsh on women and men Women who remarry find it harder to find a partner than men let alone those with children Why don't you understand people at all You are not willing to accept any grievance What's wrong with you being wronged Wei Yan did not understand why Qingya refused to take a step back as long as a step back everyone can live well It's just that she forgot that this owner doesn't include Zhang Qingya Zhang Qingya retreated again and again China Chemicals Suppliers and finally the wound in her heart was still unable to heal If I am wronged I can't eat well and sleep well which will affect my physical and mental health Okay let's not talk about this Let's talk about whether my dad gets alimony or not You don't want it I do If he doesn't take it I'll go to him Zhou Qingya went on to say the previous topic There is not much memory of her father in Zhang Qingya's memory so she really doesn't know if her father has given alimony Qingya always asks this question of course she really wants money and has no other ideas The original body is constantly struggling and successful but she is still unhappy So when Zhou Qingya came she was not going to struggle It's best to be comfortable first How can I be comfortable Of course I can only be comfortable with money All right if I say one sentence you can stop me for ten sentences I did something wrong in my last life and I gave birth to you okay I won't talk to you Go to bed early Wei Yan said this and turned to leave the elegant room Elegant but feel Wei Yan a little guilty quite a bit of the feeling of running away So the father of the original body gave alimony I just don't know why Wei Yan doesn't want the original body to know Zhang Qingya had never talked about these things before because of Wei Yan's attitude so of course she didn't find out
    Zhou Qingya suddenly felt that this was a little interesting When Wei Yan returned to her room Wu Wei was already asleep She seemed a little restless Zhang Qingya's father is Zhang Feng When they divorced it was not very peaceful It Pesticide Adjuvants was Zhang Feng who wanted to divorce and she was not very willing She once suspected that there was someone outside Zhang Feng but later she found nothing And eventually divorced There is nothing to divide the property The house was bought by Zhang Feng's parents before marriage and it has nothing to do with them As for the joint property of husband and wife apart from the usual expenses there is little money left And finally the baby Zhang Feng did not give up his daughter at the beginning but was begged by Wei Yan to give up the custody of his daughter And pay a thousand alimony every month Even if Wei Yan moved home changed her contact information and transferred her daughter to another school Zhang Feng's monthly alimony was still on the card But that's not what Wei Yan told Zhang Qingya She told Zhang Qingya that Zhang Feng did not want her disliked her as a burden forbade Qingya to mention Zhang Feng again and forbade Qingya to contact other members of the Zhang family again or do not recognize her as a mother When Wei Yan and Zhang Feng divorced Zhang Qingya was still young She felt that the whole world had abandoned her Only her mother loved her and wanted her Of course she listened to her mother and didn't want to hurt her mother's heart But she never thought that her dearest mother would lie to her Wei Yan didn't want to cheat her at first but Zhang Feng insisted on divorce which made her angry She hated Zhang Feng's ruthlessness so she deliberately vilified Zhang Feng in front of her daughter She told so many lies that she had to believe them But I didn't expect her daughter to ask her about alimony today What else could she do besides changing the subject She was a little afraid of what her daughter would think of her when she knew the truth She really didn't mean to lie to her globalchemmall.com

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    Rogue master II

    The Department of Material and Heat has always been a traditional strong team in the history of CUHK such as the current main players Lan (Luo Lan) YezI (Ye Ziluo) Sun Move (Sun Zhebing) Velver (yuan Yanfeng) and others are all recognized by CUHK as strong men with their own characteristics Lan's condition is very stable but as long as he is a little worse than him he will certainly be able to win SunMove's violent soldier ability is second to none in Zhongda Many people always doubt whether his main mine is one more than others Otherwise Fertilizers why can he produce much more soldiers than others in the same two mines YezI is the best player in Zhongda Protoss Arbitration Stream while Velver is the captain of the material heat an unkillable Terran player Several league matches were elected MVP players with the highest winning rate Last season although Murong was indisputably named the rookie king he lost to Vel in the match with the Department of Material and Heat These people of the Department of Material and Heat have all won the championship of some big or small singles competitions and the strength of the second-tier players of the Department is also very strong In this way even if a group of people left in their senior year The bottom can still keep up So when it comes to tradition and heritage it's like a leek Cut one crop and another Several horses of IHS are in Wu Xian Lan who is known for his steady performance was the first to appear in the physical and thermal department and it took only seven minutes to defeat TZG the old bird in the electromechanical Academy After winning TZG a group of people in the Department of Material and Heat did not have much excitement because in their view a team like the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering is a pure team of fish or there is a Murong who can play the Department of Material and Heat will have to consider all the second-line The second venue of the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering is their captain Hu Shuo a wretched man who used to be in the QO Guo Xixi and the venue of the Material Heat Department is the vice team Sun Move He despises nonsense at all He thought that he was the captain of the Mechanical and Electrical Institute because of his good popularity If he was born in the Department of Material and Heat he would be a second-line bench player at most SunMove 1] There is no dispute that the violent tank comes alive to pile up nonsense but I didn't expect that the nonsense suddenly used the big move of 8 BB SunMove's tank factory had just been built and the nonsense pikemen and SCVs rushed over so he was very unwilling to usher in the first place of the new season thinking that he could not sleep well for N nights in the future The score became one to one and Murong came on the stage with a mouse amid the fanatical shouts of hundreds of electromechanical cattle Such fanatical shouting surprised a group of people in HIS and at the same time it also made YezI one of the four masters in the Department of Physical and Thermal Affairs jump in the eyebrows China Chemicals Suppliers Isn't it a team that successfully relegated last season Isn't it the rookie king of last season that many people said on www Didn't Veler kill him last season YezI felt that he could also kill Murong and the glorious achievements and glory of the Department of Material and Heat were not comparable to those of the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering but the people of the Department of Material and Heat did not seem to be as fanatical as those of the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Is it because of jealousy YezI couldn't say what it felt like but he felt that he and the King of CUHK were more qualified to have such fanatical supporters so he decided to wake up the so-called newcomer Wang and the people of the Dizzy Mechanical and Electrical Institute Vigorous! The previous two games have made several people in HIS feel that the level of the Department of Material and Heat is really high Although the second game of SunMove was done by the nonsense the speed of operation and the confidence of the people also made HIS feel that the Department of Material and Heat is quite different from the previous Department of Materials and the School of Foreign Languages After the match between YeZI and Murong started His people were even more surprised watching the speed of the two people's rapid screen switching and the rapid click Bat and ro were stimulated The two men were dumbfounded and whispered that both of them had three hundred hands right "Three hundred" Wu Yingda gave a sneer
    In normal times Wu Yingda would not take the initiative to talk to others and use this Speaking to the people around him Wu Yingda often said on the Internet that he was angry to make money But looking at Zhou Xiaoyu and Miwei excitedly looking at Murong's appearance in the race Wu Yingda felt very uncomfortable At this time when he heard the two horses discussing around him he was very angry and answered "YezI's hand speed is three hundred and two Murong's hand speed is more than three hundred and fifty!" Three hundred and fifty Isn't that about as fast as Fang Xiang Several people in the team looked at Wu Yingda in surprise but Wu Yingda ignored them and watched the race by himself A few people Fertilizers can only be extremely shocked to continue to watch YeZI wants Murong to know that the title of a newcomer king is nothing because YezI used to be a newcomer king He quietly wanted to use the dragoon RUSH and knife first In fact there is an essential difference between the level of amateur players and the level of professional players Generally in the professional league the probability of a top Terran player being directly hacked to death by a hidden knife is less than 40% but there are countless examples of being hacked to death by a hidden knife in the college league Even many famous Terran masters in Zhongda will feel in a hurry when facing YeZI's fierce dragoons and just want to build two more tanks to block the dragoons RUSH YezI's hidden knife will follow But YezI didn't expect Murong to be the first to attack and he laid down his barracks in the eighth SCV 8BB! All the people did not expect Murong to say the same trick Looking at his calm appearance the people in the players' rest area suspected that the trick of talking nonsense was learned from him Because obviously his action is faster than nonsense the operation is also more efficient but YezI's luck is good he first point to explore Murong's base after discovering Murong's intention he made a fork at the first time with the beginning of the fork he and Murong entangled for a long time both sides did not take any advantage in the end Both of them put down the gas mine because the economy was a little worse at the beginning so YezI's Dragon Knight came out a little slower and YezI's Dragon Knight just ran out of the base but Murong's troops rushed out again globalchemmall.com