Now he has trapped Xunchuan on the locked Sendai on the top of Tianchi Lake, and let Xunchuan bear the pain of washing the marrow of the water of Tianchi Lake, the pain of thunder and lightning, and even cut off one of his dragon horns and stripped off his keel. Obviously, it is a way to lead you into the urn. He's seducing her. Send her to the door. Even if she already knew that this was a conspiracy, a conspiracy against her and Xunchuan, she would follow it without hesitation. The endless years of waiting and searching have smoothed all her edges and corners. She just wanted to see him, even if it was a glance, this life has been fulfilled. She walked alone across the bridge, and occasionally, when she had leisure, she walked aimlessly in the wilderness, looking at the various scenes he had said and she had heard. It was the place where he had promised to accompany her, but even if the scenery was beautiful, it was still lonely. She had no place to express her bitterness and grievance, no place to vent her anger and hatred, and it seemed that she had finally found an outlet. Even if what awaits her is the endless cold water of Tianchi Lake, the pain of washing the marrow; even if what awaits her is the dragnet woven by the people she once knew and knew; even if what waits for her is reincarnation from generation to generation, and her soul is destroyed,38 tube fitting, she will seek justice for herself. She just wants to see, this heaven, how to do with her! The wind blows through the mountain forest, and the bamboo shadows whirl in the forest. A woman was sitting on the jade just now, and there was nothing else except two drops of blood on the jade wall that had cut the palm of her hand. Everything was quiet, and no one noticed that the broken jade had quietly absorbed the two dazzling red drops of blood. It is no accident that jade turns into spirit. Chapter 75 There are nine skies in the sky. The top of the Tianchi Lake stands on the Nine Heavens. Apart from the Lingxiao Palace and the residence of the Jade Emperor and his wife, there are few traces of immortals in the Nine Heavens. Even the top of Tianchi Lake, which has always been known as the first viewing platform in the fairy world,hydraulic fitting supplier, rarely has immortals passing by. There are tides in the sea, and there is a saying that the tide rises and falls in Tianchi. It is one of the major tourist attractions in the whole fairy world. It's the water in the pool. It has a little temper, and it's a little difficult to deal with. The water of Tianchi has the effect of moistening all things, such as the most noble grass in the world, which can not survive anywhere, only the bank of Tianchi is the only place for them to survive. Of course, Huiyuan, the divine grass growing next to the Jade Pool. It's a little weird and a little different. But apart from these fragile flowers and plants, it is like a hacksaw to anyone in the three realms, touching it like a saw bone, which is painful. Therefore, to deal with the immortals who have committed heinous crimes, the Jade Emperor usually sends them to the Lock Sendai on the top of Tianchi Lake. Or let Lei Gong Dian Mu give a small punishment, brass tube fitting ,14 needle valve, or use the water of Tianchi to wash the marrow into the mortal world, not to mention other punishment methods. That is to say, the smoke of the war between gods and demons has been burning for thousands of years. The top of the pool has long been in vain. There are not enough people to kill the enemy. Even if you make a mistake, you will only be sent to the battlefield. You can be a vanguard or a death squad. Anyway, you can't waste your head. As a result, the top of the Tianchi Lake, which was almost deserted, was opened again because of the great dragon God Xunchuan in the war between gods and demons, which shocked the whole three realms. When the Jade Emperor was carried from his wife's bed to the Lingxiao Palace by his subordinate Aiqing, the whole immortal body was not very good. Perhaps it was because the immortal body was so ill that it was too subtle and obscure, and several Aiqing, who usually had a lot of eyes, all suffered from eye diseases and turned a blind eye to them. The Barefoot Immortal was so angry that he couldn't help stamping his feet: "I thought it was inappropriate when Lord Xian Yi sealed the Dragon Lord of Xunchuan. This time he acted even more arrogantly. Although he is the only descendant of the Protoss, how can he go beyond His Majesty's authority to imprison the Dragon Lord on the top of Tianchi Lake, lock him on Sendai, and use lynching.." When the words fell, he took a proper look at the Jade Emperor. The eyes that want to speak and stop, only to move a "Your Majesty, you are so weak" to the table. The Jade Emperor looked away with some heart and looked at yuanshi Tianzun. yuanshi Tianzun respectfully bowed his hand to the Jade Emperor and said, "That's what I think. During the war between gods and demons, Xunchuan Longjun was the greatest contributor. It was criticized that he was not rewarded.".
Just because of a prophecy of Xian Yi Shen Jun, he sealed Long Jun privately. Where is Xian Yi Shen Jun to Your Majesty? I was a little narrow-minded. I wondered if it was because I was afraid that Longjun would replace his prestige in the future. He could no longer do whatever he wanted to be unreasonable to Longjun. The Jade Emperor is a little upset. yuan Shi Tianzun just pointed at his nose and scolded him for his incompetence. Feng Bo is old, his eyes are dim, and even his hearing is not so good. After the room was quiet for a moment, he said, "Your Majesty, I thought that no matter how big the matter was, it was because Your Majesty gave the order.". It's one thing to give face, but it's one thing not to let people ride on your head. Your Majesty, you have changed so much since you married your wife. Feng Bo rolled his beard and squinted at the Jade Emperor sitting at the head. Without receiving any kind reminder from his companions, as well as the cough that would soon shake the whole heaven, he continued to scold the "evil deeds" of the Jade Emperor. The jade emperor's face is green. Although he was the Jade Emperor, there was a string God in front of him, and behind him came a dragon king from Xunchuan, who also wanted to give him some thin noodles. Speaking of these two gods, he actually likes to see them. It's better for both sides to lose, so that he can sit firmly on the throne and no one can tell him what to do any more. It's just that he can't say these things in his heart. Feng Bo was still in the crooked building, and the heavenly soldier in charge of the lookout outside the door suddenly came in, and a kneeling ceremony directly lay on the ground. The Jade Emperor raised his forehead and sighed, but his face was still serious. "Why are you so flustered?" The new heavenly soldier scrambled to his feet, straightened his heavy helmet and quickly replied, "Your Majesty, the Jade Pool Fairy grabbed the Demon Sword and went all the way to the top of the Tianchi Lake." "It's just that Shaohuan grabbed the Demon Sword and went to Tianchi." Wait The Jade Emperor, who was still somewhat confused,14 tube fitting, suddenly came to his senses. Angrily, he threw his hand at the armrest of the chair, which was inlaid with all kinds of round beads. There was a loud bang. Several ministers standing in the hall tacitly looked away and could not bear to look at the red and white faces of the Jade Emperor at this time. How painful it is to clap so many vulgar beads.