Mie Shen Ji _ Heart Dream Without Trace _ txt Novel Paradise

Close the eyes of the mind. Liu Yunyang said in a low voice, "Are the masters of Cihang Sword Studio coming here for the sake of the monster of Pan Yang Lake?" Xiao Canghai said, "There is some truth in this inference." As he spoke, he continued to move forward and came to the attic in a moment. I met eleven people present. Everyone laughed at the arrival of the sea and Liu Yunyang, and looked at them with strange eyes, vaguely thinking about their purpose. Be cold and silent. Liu Yunyang watched the movement of the attic and found that the Dragon King of Shuifu was inside. But the situation is a little strange. Xiao Canghai's face was gloomy. He took one look at his heart and said indifferently, "Demons touch people's hearts in this world. Abbess must have come here for the people of the world.". With a cold look on his face, he said indifferently, "As a man of the right path, he should naturally do his best for the world.". "Why did Master Xiao come here?" "Laugh at a certain businessman," said Xiao Canghai. Of course I'm here to make a deal. As for success and failure. That depends on luck. Heart eyes slightly suspicious, but did not ask. "I'm afraid it's not easy for the master to avoid seeing you," he said. Laugh Canghai Hei Hei laughs: "Too simple trade, do not have fun.". Xiaomou still prefers excitement. Sheng Huo Lang Jun said with a sneer, "Everyone can talk big, but few people can really fulfill Chen's promise." He took one look at the Lord of the Holy Fire and smiled at the sea. "Have you ever thought about what kind of person you belong to when you say that?" As soon as the sacred flame Lang Jun is stupefied, hums way: "Is worthy of being the businessman, the lip service is fierce." Xiao Canghai said with a sneer, "Businessmen are not only sharp-tongued, but also have amazing means. Would you like to have a try?" Holy Fire Lang Jun's face turned cold and he said grimly, "Laugh at the sea. Don't be complacent. You won't have a good life if you offend the Fire Spirit Gate." Xiao Canghai said proudly and coldly, "Aoyue Villa is not afraid of someone. How can you care about the Fire Spirit Gate?" Sheng Huo Lang Jun was a little angry. He glared at the sea and said with a smile, "You have offended both good and evil. When the time comes, where can the world accommodate you?" Smiling at the sea, he said coldly, "You don't have to worry about this. You'd better take care of yourself." Holy Fire Lang Jun curled his lips and said, "What do I have to worry about?" Smiling, the sea asked in reply, "Why did you come here without land?" Holy Fire Lang Jun was at a loss for words. He snorted angrily and ignored it. After observing for a while, Liu Yunyang withdrew his eyes and smiled at Canghai: "The evil spirit in the attic is very strong, and the Dragon King of Shuifu is mutating." The voice was not very loud, but all the people present could hear it clearly. Xiao Canghai smiled and said meaningfully, "Those who change will change forever,deep draw stamping, and those who do not change will also change forever." Liu Yunyang is stupefied, saw him a few eyes, seem to have the way of feeling: "Yes, change is apparent, the person that does not change is hard to distinguish." With a snort, Duanhun Lang Jun shouted, "If Xiu wants to mince words, he can say what he wants to say. If he doesn't want to say what he wants to say, he can forget it." Liu Yunyang looked at him and said coldly, "If you want to ask, just be direct. Why turn around?" His face changed slightly. "I'm afraid you won't be able to answer," he snorted. Liu Yunyang smiled indifferently and said coldly and proudly, "I've never tried before. How do you know I can't answer?" Broken soul Lang Jun one Leng, he originally so answer, is to want to save a little face. Who would have thought that Liu Yunyang would follow the trend and take the initiative to accost him, which made him unable to guess what medicine Liu Yunyang was selling in his gourd. After pondering for a moment, non standard fasteners ,socket screw plug, Duanhun Langjun said, "Well, just tell me what the Dragon King of Shuifu is doing." Liu Yunyang's eyes moved slightly, revealing a few strange lights. He said in a deep voice, "There is a deep well in the attic, which contains an extremely terrible and powerful force.". At present, the Dragon King of Shuifu is contacting that force. Duanhun Lang Jun didn't understand. "So what?" He asked. Liu Yunyang looked away and gazed at the attic. "This is a strange place," he whispered. "There are a lot of hints left around." "Do you mean those patterns of human heads and animal bodies?" Asked the man doubtfully. Nodding slightly, Liu Yunyang said, "That's the symbol of the demon world, isn't it?" "Yes," said Duanhun Langjun, "that is indeed the symbol of the demon world, but so what?" Liu Yunyang smiled and said in a slightly strange tone, "Not so good. That just means that this is a passage from the demon world to the human world.".
” Hearing this, Lang Jun turned pale and exclaimed, "The passage of the demon world!"! Are you saying that the Dragon King of Shuifu is equivalent to the guardian who guards or opens the passage? On one side, the sacred flame Lang Jun's face changed in surprise, and his heart became serious, apparently realizing the seriousness of the problem. Liu Yunyang smiled and said softly, "If you live in a place where evil spirits gather for a long time, even saints will be changed by it, let alone mortals." Xiao Canghai looked at Liu Yunyang and admired him in his heart, but he said, "It is said that the Dragon King of Shuifu grew up by the river. What he learned is mysterious, and it is very likely that he came from the waters.". Maybe he's out of the demon world, which is also a matter of uncertainty. Liu Yunyang said indifferently, "Maybe, but …" Carefully, the tone of the evil spirit changed, Liu Yunyang's whole body flashed red, a majestic atmosphere surged out, laying a strong defensive boundary outside the body, just in time to collide with the breath spreading in the attic. At that time, I only heard the harsh sound of the howling air. The people who had never cared about it were all shaken by the air flow. Evil spirit fills the air, and everyone is small. With a light drink, the blue light of the whole body suddenly appeared and turned into a light curtain, blocking the eight disciples in front of them, resisting the evil spirit. Holy fire Lang Jun, broken soul Lang Jun each alert, carefully watching the movement of the attic. Smiling, the sea is indifferent and casual, the red light flows all over the body, and it is easy to open the air flow, looking at the wonders in front of us with interest. In the attic, a gray and black column of air rose and hovered in the air. The black mist was full of greed, cruelty, evil and gloom, as if thousands of greedy souls had gathered together to break some taboo. All around, the wave-like evil spirit is unpredictable, sometimes showing gray and black, sometimes changing into dark green, sometimes there are all kinds of water monsters in it,Magnetic Drain Plug, and sometimes there are dragons and fish. Coupled with some spooky sounds, the whole gives people a feeling of being in the fantasy world. The heart is paying attention to everything, and the beautiful face is shaking. autoparts-dx.com