Hua Rong Tian Xia by sounds of nature plus postscript

I grabbed his thin arm viciously. "I didn't say thank you!" It seems to cry out: "You are simply a little bully, I do not wash for you!" " I gave him a hard pinch on his tender skin. "Will you wash it?!" " Crystal clear tears rolled in the eyes. My eyes slowly moved from his face to his chest. Phoenix, a golden phoenix. Flutter to fly, lifelike. I couldn't help reaching out to touch his little chest: "Brother Xuanfeng, so beautiful … …" I've never seen anything look so good on anyone before. His body trembled slightly, but he did not speak. For a long time, my eyes moved down again. He hurriedly covered himself with his hand, blushed and said, "What are you looking at? Hurry up and take a bath." "Are you still in a hurry to order me?" Angry, he grabbed his hand and grabbed his little XX. With a cry of fright, he opened my hand and dodged aside. Now it's fun. I'm happy. Two naked kids are playing a game of catching little XX in the house. Suddenly, there was a bang! The door was broken open. The two of us had been turning the world upside down, and now we had to be silent. The old red nail monster stood in the doorway with a long face. He rushed over, carried one in each hand, and threw them all into the steaming water with high temperature. Ah, it's hot, whoo. "Ow!"! It's burning me! Red nail uncle Yu Huang wrong put Yu Huang,metal stamping parts, let me go out, let me go out, handsome and elegant red nail uncle. "" "Are you all right, Lin Yuhuang?" I was interrupted by the sound of cinnabar standing on the shore. Only then did I realize that I was holding the lotus in the water in a daze. I quickly shook my head and waved to them: "I'm fine, hooray, I got it!" " In an instant, a blue and snow-white interlaced shadow flashed lightly. Before I knew what was going on,titanium machining parts, I saw a tall figure flying gently from the lotus pond. Her long black hair glistened in the sun. The wind is blowing up to the waist, and the hair is dancing. Rub countless lotus leaves, like a graceful jade butterfly. Hands stretched out, the vulture down on the purple boots trembled, the golden light of phoenix embroidery flowed through, and the tips of the boots made shallow ripples on the sparkling surface of the pool. I wiped my eyes, and in the process of ecstasy, a pair of hands raised my armpits. I was lifted up in the air, and my wet clothes soaked his thin shirt. The summer wind scraped the skin, and the drops of water on the body became warm. For a moment, it was like flying. It was not until he stayed on the shore that he looked up and saw the perfect face of Chonglian Junxiu. The dazzling sunlight shone on his face, and his slender eyes suddenly met my line of sight. I didn't know which tendon was broken. I didn't even say thank you. I went straight to Shuijing's side and waved the lotus in my hand gently: "Xuezhi, CNC machining parts ,Investment casting parts, the lotus is here. Do you want it?" I always felt that Chonglian's eyes had been sweeping over me, and I was sweating. Everyone stopped talking. I can only say: "You see I picked the biggest lotus, so beautiful, very fragrant." I shook the lotus again and put it in front of my nose to smell it. Then I did something that made me almost go back and beat my face until it was swollen. I actually held the red lotus with crystal drops of water, kissed it gently, and then put it in the hands of Chong Xuezhi. Lotus is very fragrant, and lotus is also very beautiful. Just, water mirror, cinnabar, Chu Weilan, Begonia, your eyes are not small, no need to open wide. And Chong Lian, can you stop laughing? Your thoughts are too impure. Chong Lian looked at me with a smile on her face and said, "Stand down." Several girls left Yao Xuechi with red faces. I looked at my wet body and shook my hair, splashing drops of water. After wiping her face with the back of her hand, Chonglian came to me and stared down at me. "Right here?" Be flustered in the heart, have to pretend to twist the water drop on the hair: "What thing?" A pair of hands gently lay on my waist from the side of my body. I struggled slightly: "My body is wet, do not want to become a drowned rat, do not come over.".
” The heavy lotus floated a word in my ear feebly: "It will be wet anyway..." Then, in one breath, it blew into my ear. Twist the water until the root of the neck is red. Huang, today I realized that I don't know you well enough. Chong Lian smiled, her arms slowly tightened around my waist, and I was as nervous as a wood carving. The Yao Snow Pool looked so small, and the blue sky stretched as far as the eye could see. The heavy lotus hooks down the head, the dark purple pupil gradually narrowed up. Although I don't know what's wrong with my behavior just now, he misunderstood my meaning. However, it will be wrong, anyway, I also have this idea. I put my hand on his mouth and said, "I have something to say at night." Come to my room. Holding back my trembling hands, I took his head and kissed him on the lips. Chonglian opened her eyes wide and stared at me in a daze. I smiled at him, turned around and ran away, not knowing what he was thinking. Since he has good control, I will play with him. He has something to play with, and I have something to take. He said he realized now that he didn't know me well enough. But I really want to ask him, when did you ever want to know me. When I went back to my room, I heard a maid talking at the door. Pack up quickly. The Dharma Protector of Liuli said that the palace master would come here at night. "What is the Lord doing here?" "Don't you know, just." I can't hear the back clearly. No,car radiator cap, it used to be called to the palace master's room? Who lives in this room? He called the master of the palace over. You didn't see him? I think he and the young palace master seem. "Maybe the young palace master is not picked up, it may be the palace master's own flesh and blood." "You fool, it's a childe who lives here!" 。