Xuan Yue Yin

You. People. Take a look at the wound on her body. Meng Kong looked at it, then suddenly raised his head and said awkwardly to Mei Ling and Fei Xi. When they heard this, they were slightly stupefied and looked at Meng Kong. Seeing this, Meng Kong was even more uncomfortable and said in a low voice, "I.." Men and women are not close to each other, and her injuries seem to be all on her body. "Hm?" When Feixi heard Mengkong's words, he couldn't help wondering that he was holding him in his arms and said, "Men and women are not close to each other."? Mei Ling turned her head lightly and looked at Fei Xi. There was a bitter taste in her charming eyes. She walked silently to Meng Kong's side, took Tianfeng, helped her untie her clothes, and looked at them carefully. After Mei Ling took the maple, Meng Kong got up and walked not far away, turned his back, and really no longer looked this way. When Feixi saw this, he curled the corners of his mouth, sighed in his heart and went to Tianfeng's side. He looked at her and saw that there were several wounds on her body, which were as smooth as jade. The wounds were black and purple blood flowed out constantly. Poisonous! Fei Xi saw the purple blood and said in a deep voice. Mei Ling nodded approvingly. Her face was gloomy. She pursed the corners of her mouth and turned to Meng Kong and said, "Master, she is poisoned. She needs your antidote." "Oh." When Meng Kong heard that Tianfeng was poisoned, he looked clearly flustered. He took out several small bottles from his body in a hurry, still carrying his back, slowly retreating, and put the small bottles behind him. Feixi took the bottle sent by Mengkong and saw Mengkong's body shaking slightly. He must be burning with anxiety, but he dared not turn around. The doubts in her heart could not help but be stronger, the first time she saw Mengkong, she felt that the old man was not a conformist, how could he be so awkward in front of this woman?! Fei Xi put the bottle into Mei Ling's hand and asked softly. Do the old-timers know her? Mei Ling looked up at the old man,iron nail machine, shook her head with a wry smile, and sighed lightly. Yes. Master will tell you about these things later. She said no more words, very careful to help Tianfeng medicine. Fei Xi in the side to help her, and carefully looked at the wind in general, she is fair-skinned, looks only thirty years old, how can she know this old-timer?! "Not good!"! They found this place! Meng Kong suddenly turned to their side and whispered. However, when he saw a little bit of spring on Tianfeng, his old face turned red. He turned his head hastily and said, "Go!" Feixi also heard the sound of the wind blowing his clothes and felt several powerful spiritual forces approaching this side. She and Mei Ling set up Tianfeng and retreated. Meng Kong was still standing where he was, and Su Rong looked at the two of them and said, "Miss Feixi, please!"! I'll stop the pursuers! When Feixi saw the look of death on Mengkong's face, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Iron Nail Making Machine, he couldn't help thinking of the snake spell on his stamina. He whispered, "You've been under the spell. You won't be their opponent. Let's go together." With a sneer, the old man's eyes suddenly gathered a strong and sharp, strong and unmatched spiritual power from his body, deep as the deep, vast as the sea. He said proudly, "No one will take advantage of Meng Kong!"! Walk quickly When Feixi saw the purple flames all over the old man's body, he couldn't help but be stunned. His spiritual power was so strong that he was stronger than his father. Let's go. Shifu can handle it. Mei Ling saw that Fei Xi was still in the same place, so she urged her to hold Tian Feng and recede toward the center of the woods. Snakes bite! The gloomy words suddenly sounded, and without waiting for Feixi and Mei Ling to go away, the snakes all over the sky appeared over them, like dark clouds. Bite the flame! The vigorous voice then sounded, Meng Kong saw the snake appear all over the sky, his hands turned over, and a purple ball of light suddenly appeared in front of his chest. The ball of light was big in an instant, gathering the whole forest, and the snake all over the sky was destroyed in an instant. So strong! Fei Xi saw that the prominent ball of light would be all over the sky in an instant, and he could not help sighing. Mei Ling looked at the disappearing purple ball of light and sighed lightly. As long as the master uses this magic, he will know his identity. Only the master's magic can seal the snake in the world. She said with a wry smile.
"But you can't close the snake in your heart!" "Eh!" There was a sound of surprise in the forest, followed by five figures flying quickly towards this side. Viper Heart Moon! The gloomy sound of the flute sounded, with a faint hesitation in his tone. Mei Ling's face suddenly stiffened when she heard the sound of "Snake Heart Moon". Sure enough, I was recognized! Miss Feixi, please take care of her! Then she left Feixi and ran to the position of Mengkong behind her. Uh Without waiting for Feixi to agree, Mei Ling disappeared into the dense forest, and a faint mist rose from the place where she disappeared. Her magic power is different from human spiritual power, and it seems that she can be invisible. At the moment when the "Spirit Snake Heart Moon" was shouted out, the spirit snake mark on Mengkong's stamina suddenly lit up, and under the strong light, the spirit snake mark pressed Mengkong's body down like the top of Mount Tai. He struggled to get up, but the mark on the back of his neck seemed to weigh him down. Five figures flew quickly, and the first one looked at Mengkong's body, which was bent by the mark of the snake, with a sneer, and the cold light in his eyes was even stronger. Sure enough, it's you! Chu Mengkong! "We meet again!" Meng Kong suddenly raised his head, showing a strange smile, his face covered with cold sweat slightly twisted, but the corners of his mouth with a resentful and strange smile. He raised his right hand suddenly and slapped the snake mark on his neck heavily, only to see a sound of tearing the air, and the snake mark on the back of his neck suddenly faded. A desperate fellow! The leading man saw the movement of Meng Kong, slightly stupefied, the figure hurried back a few steps, his whole body of four people hurried forward, blocked in front of the old man. Just when the situation in the forest was at daggers drawn,High Speed Nail Making Machine, the western sky once again flashed a red light, bright as blood, eerie and unusual. The second volume 050 old friends come. 3shardware.com