The blood emperor of the last world

"Mmm!"! This is a little bit of depth of the angel skill, before Yun Jia'er Xiu is not enough, can not run far, now can be relaxed. But don't worry, with the ability of the younger sisters now, they can easily use it. The second chapter is the magic arena. As Wu Ze pulled a young boy dressed like him to one side and sat down, a short, fat man with a big beard stood up in the crowd. I'll do it! See if I can get your title and become an officer! Let me double knife poison dragon, Du Fei to learn. Although Du Fei is short and fat, his muscle texture is faintly visible all over his body, and it is obvious that he has undergone some exercises focusing on foreign kungfu. It was a pair of broadswords, which were longer and wider than ordinary long swords, and the blades were shining with blue and different awn. I can't do it if I put down the weapon I'm good at like that useless Wu Ze! By the way, save you the trouble of not knowing how you died. Du Fei raised a knife in each hand. Under the light of the sun in the demon world, the red and blue color of the blade was strange and inexplicable: "This is fed with'break in the third watch '. It is guaranteed to seal the throat with blood. Those who died under this pair of knives, plus you, are exactly sixty people." Du Fei was so mean that he even used the poison, which was regarded as a side door in the demon world, on his own weapon. After many opponents who had clashed with him over this matter were buried under his sword, others only dared not speak out against him. Want me to die? It depends on your ability. Lu Yu still smiled, but the smile on his lips made the soldiers present seem to have been blown by a cold front, and the temperature of the training ground seemed to drop a few degrees in an instant, making people feel cold. Du Fei was excited by Lu Yu,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, and as soon as the two knives "clang", he attacked Lu Yu. Although Du was fat, short and fat, he had obviously trained hard. This time, he attacked quickly in front of the knife, and there was no dullness in his bloated posture. The left knife was straight and straight, and the right knife was slightly raised over his eyebrows, ready to go. However, Lu Yu did not give him a chance to cut the real double knife. Blood gas all over the air induction,Nail machine manufacturer, Lu Yu saw Du Fei's only flaw, in Du Fei's chest between the two knives, only one punch can pass. Without thinking carefully, Lu Yu's right palm straightened, his hand knife poured strength, his body leaned left and jumped out, avoiding Du Fei's straight stab. Before the right knife was cut down, Lu Yu's right palm knife had penetrated Du Fei's body, and the bloody blue right palm appeared behind Du Fei. Although bloody killing is often seen in the demon world, but du fat is tyrannical, because du fat not only double knife poison, also quite accomplished in knife skills, the body is more trained and far stronger than the average person, in the QinBing team who have to let him a few points. But now unexpectedly just a face to face, let Lu Yu take life, or hand knife through the body out. More than fifty intend to challenge the new captain QinBing team members, Coil nail machine ,nail manufacturing machine, at this time each heart is at sixes and sevens. The challenge is that they can stop the battle only Lu Yu can decide, and once the request for a truce, not only in front of Lu Yu can not raise their heads, spread out is to lose their face. But if you don't stop challenging, the next one like Du Fei may be yourself. Lu Yu withdrew his right hand, which was covered with blue blood, and Du Fei's two knives fell to the ground separately, making a string of metallic sounds. It's not impossible to use poison, but it's a pity that you challenged me today and ended up with a weapon against me. Lu Yu turned to the other more than fifty soldiers and said, "I know you are different from ordinary soldiers, but when you come here, you have to listen to me!"! Either come out now and die in my hands, or call your family to see who is better between me and him. I'm not in the mood to play with you one by one. Next, you'd better be prepared to go back to the original pool. "If you want to call someone, please call a stronger one as early as possible. If they fail, I will ask you to leave later." As Lu Yu spoke, there was a flash of red light on his body. His right hand knife was waved down to the ground in the void, with Du Fei's blue blood. With a dull bang, a half-foot-long crack appeared on the ground: "I haven't used this move yet. Is that all you can do?" Soldiers all can not hide the expression of panic, who does not know in the demon world, the strength of the outside will be at least the master of the level of Wu Sheng can do, and Lu Yu is just a wave, there is no preparatory action to accumulate strength.
Challenge this kind of person. Do you want to die? "I don't need waste under me, especially the Qinbing team.". You'd better be psychologically prepared, or come to die, or give me to become the strongest QinBing, or I personally send you on your way. After Lu Yu thought hard about the realm of "hegemony", he naturally blurted out his words. Now Lu Yu is gradually changing, and he is no longer the gentle young boy in the past: "Wu Ze! Take it back and change clothes. If you want to die, you can stay. I'll solve it all at once. "Yes!" Wu Ze, who was named by Lu Yu, stood up hurriedly and saluted with his right hand flat on his chest: "Stand up!" More than fifty soldiers stood up dispirited with weapons, and a few of them were startled when they came into contact with Lu Yu's seemingly gentle, but cold and cruel smiling face, and their movements quickened a little. You can take your time, preferably so slow that I can't help it, and then I'll either imprison you permanently or I'll send you back. Lu Yu said, bent down to pick up the side of the ground, covered with a little sand uniform jacket, step forward, to the captain's room. Suddenly, not knowing who started first, more than fifty soldiers rushed to the dormitory, and a few of them used their family flying skills and jumped in the crowd. Although the strength of these people is much stronger than the average soldier, it is not enough. In the afternoon, beside the training ground, Lu Yu watched less than a hundred Qinbing teams practicing saber skills under the command of the camp coach. Because most of the officers of the Demon World Army have their own martial arts, in the case of not wanting to spread their own martial arts, the Demon World Army is equipped with a kind of martial arts coach, who teaches the basic martial arts to guide the soldiers in each camp, and teaches the basic martial arts that most of the men in the Demon world use to defend themselves after retirement. The basic martial arts used by the army are not as fancy as the general martial arts, focusing on the basic movements such as long knife chopping,Nail production machine, with the iron shield and short axe used by the army in the demon world. Such a basic way of attack, in the large-scale actual combat of the army, the effect is far better than the martial arts handed down by individuals.