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    Lin Xun, who has already honed his combat experience, is naturally able to capture this imperceptible detail. Hateful! How dare you go against us, little man? You don't want to live? "Don't think that with the help of a strong man in the cave, you can be lawless. You are playing with fire!" On the ground, Xiao Fengru, Shi Zhan and Chang Ziheng looked angry and roared loudly. They were forced to kneel down, which made them very ashamed and angry, and their faces became very ugly. They did not believe that Lin Xunzhen dared to kill them, and because of this, even if they were forced to kneel at the moment, their attitude was still extremely arrogant. Lin Xun stood up with a smile and said casually, "Zhu Laosan, watch out for me. Whoever dares to get up will be the first to kill. You don't have to ask for my consent." Zhu Laosan nodded in silence. And Xiao Fengru's three faces changed again, this guy. Do you really dare to kill? Just when they were wondering, Lin Xun had already paced forward. He bent slightly and looked at the three men kneeling on the ground and said, "It's the first crime that you deliberately came late to challenge my patience when you made an appointment to visit at noon." "When I entered the main hall, I didn't know how to bow down to pay my respects, but I turned the tables and humiliated me with vicious words. From beginning to end, I never restrained myself. This is the second sin." Hear Lin Xun count before the festival, that Xiao Fengru and other three people instead dark a sigh of relief, in the heart sneer, is really a naive young man, do you still intend to convict them? Joke! They are from the side forces of the Lin family,wire nail machine manufacturers, even if it is punishment, it is not his turn to punish a young boy! And in their view, the more Lin Xun takes these bullshit reasons to say things, the more it proves that Lin Xun simply dare not act against them unscrupulously! They thought bitterly in their hearts that when they had the chance later, they must give this little thing an unforgettable lesson for life! But Lin Xun said to himself, "As the Lord of the Heart Washing Peak, I am the only heir of the Lin family, but you have committed the following crimes. You want to force me to give up the power of the clan and sign an agreement to betray my ancestors. This is the third crime." "The fourth crime is to humiliate the loyal uncle, to have a bad attitude,Nail machine supplier, and to behave in a perverse and domineering manner." "The fifth sin is that you, as a guest minister of a side branch, frequently provoke and trample on my dignity and regard the clan rules as nothing." Speaking of this, the smile on Lin Xun's lips disappeared, and there was a touch of cold and cold in his deep black eyes. "No matter which charge," he said softly, "I have every reason to put you all to death!" Xiao Fengru had been suppressed and knelt down, but Lin Xun did not take the opportunity to humiliate and fight back, nor did he retaliate by cruel means. He looked calm and wanted to do things according to clan rules, as if he would never get angry, which seemed very abnormal. But when he witnessed all this, Lin Dahong, who was sitting next to him, felt cold all over and felt an unprecedented sense of oppression. Not afraid of unscrupulous madman, afraid of calm to indifferent cold pervert! Obviously, Lin Xun at this moment is such an image in Lin Dahong's mind. But Xiao Fengru they obviously did not realize this, when heard all this, Nail Making Machine price ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, they more and more concluded that Lin Xun certainly did not dare to kill them, otherwise, which need to find so many reasons? "Boy," said Xiao Fengru with a sneer, "you talk a lot of nonsense. If you dare, you can kill us at once. If you dare not, you can let us go." …… Chapter 0342 strong counterattack. "Yes, do it if you dare!" Shi Zhan and Chang Ziheng, who were kneeling beside them, also sneered, and their eyes were full of resentment. The practitioners of Linghai are now forced to kneel on the ground, which makes them feel ashamed and indignant to the extreme. But Lin Xun suddenly smiled and said, "Your guess is right. I have listed so many reasons. I really don't intend to kill you right away." Hearing this, Xiao Fengru and other three people all became more and more fearless. But Lin Xun's next words made them look like they were struck by lightning. But the death penalty can be avoided, the living crime can not escape, the abolition of your cultivation, to show punishment is enough.
    ” As soon as the words came out, even Lin Dahong could not help twitching in his heart. It was too cruel. Where was the punishment? It was ten times more cruel than killing them! If a cultivator loses his cultivation, he will not only become a useless person, but also lose the power to survive and all the status and honor he has! This is the most terrible blow. Think about it, if Xiao Fengru's cultivation is abolished, how can they have a foothold in the three side forces of the Lin family? The greater the power, the more brutal the internal competition, as a guest minister deacon, can indeed be called incomparable style, but if the cultivation is abolished, identity, status, and enjoy the treatment, will be deprived one after another! At that time, which big power will support a few more useless people? Xiao Fengru three people are obviously aware of this, at the moment are a pair of panic, the appearance of the dead, completely confused sense of propriety. Nope! You can't do this! If you do this, you will be completely hostile to the three of us, and then your consequences will not be much better! Xiao Fengru screamed. Lin Xun, I come here not intentionally to embarrass you, but to receive orders, involuntarily, you. You mustn't put the blame on us. Shi Zhan was completely panicked and trembled. Chang Ziheng, however, was so frightened that he looked pale and lost his mind, and could not even speak. Look at their appearance at this time, and then compare their previous arrogant attitude, so that Lin Dahong can not help but feel a touch of joy, fortunately, he has been looking on coldly, not directly involved in this trip to the muddy water, otherwise. Lin Dahong shivered all over and dared not think any more. Lin Xun smiled and looked at the ugly faces of the three people on the ground, and there was a touch of indescribable disgust in his heart. Zhu Laosan, do it. Lin Xun waved his hand. How dare you "I'll fight you!" Xiao Fengru and others completely collapsed, like crazy, will jump up,Automatic Nail Making Machine, with Lin Xun as a threat, make Zhu Laosan throw rats and avoid weapons. But without waiting for them to make a move, the killing machine that had been firmly hanging over them suddenly became stronger!. 3shardware.com

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    The Nu Mountain in Miaojiang dares to enter the jungle, the fog valley and the magic cave. I met these two Miao girls there, and they were in a narrow phase at the beginning. Meet, swords meet, fight several times, swear not two save. The two girls were originally the daughter and niece of Miao Lin, the old leader of Miaoshan. Tian Changqing once rescued the old religious leader when he was possessed by the devil and his life was in danger. The old religious leader felt that this was a God-given fate, so he saw it. The opportunity, the chivalrous woman forced marriage, so that the three men and beautiful women have suffering complaints and have to follow. However, the old father's red line is not Tied to her daughter's heart, the two girls still try to lead Tian Lang into the magic cave, so that the monster in the cave will devour Tian Changqing, but it is difficult. From the marriage. Who would have thought that the monster was defeated by the young fast man, but he was unconscious under the claws of the monster, which was extremely critical. At that time, Tian Changqing sacrificed his life to save them. Of course, the two girls were moved, and later, when Tian Changqing was injured and unconscious, they quietly took his long beard. He shaved and cleaned the dirt from his deliberate disguise, revealing a handsome and beautiful face. From then on, the two Miao girls loved from the bottom of their hearts. I fell in love with this young man,Nail machine manufacturer, and I loved him very much. Then together they went through mutual help in adversity, the devil's cave to drive away danger and fight against stubbornness. Enemy, Pingzhu rebellion, snake hole lifesaving and other difficulties and dangers, Ermiao will be more deeply in love with Tian Changqing. However, Tian Chang was young and full of vigor and ambition, and his heart was in all corners of the country. He just wanted to make a living and did not want to be angry in this Miao Mountain too early. In the place of water, when the two Miao girls were thinking of celebrating their wedding, they skillfully slipped out of Miao Mountain and made two. Miaonu Kongshou Hancuixuan,Coil Nail Making Machine, hate to hold the Mandarin duck pillow, pain, vowed to go to find her husband, would rather go all over the world, must find Loving and happy young husband! Seven or eight years have passed, the three have experienced many vicissitudes of life, and now they meet unexpectedly, each of them has an indescribable taste in their hearts! "Long time no see!"! Are you two lucky enough to remember Tian Mou? "Lucky fart!"! You're so full of food that I'm looking for you everywhere! "It's been seven or eight years," said Miao Lan. "How many times have we met? It seems that I can't recognize it. I didn't call out the Five Dragons Club. I really didn't think it was you for a while. "It's called meeting thousands of miles away!" "It's not another meeting," said Tian Changqing. "I think it's a narrow road for enemies!" Miao Lan said, "In order to find you, I ran around Jianghu and caused a lot of trouble.." "I also made a name for myself!"! They are the only two female Taibao among the thirteen famous Taibao in Jianghu! "Still making sarcastic remarks!"! If I'm not looking for you, how can I make my way in Jianghu? Miao Lan said, "I was accepted as a subordinate by Master Chang Qi." Down. Eyes a sweep of flowers, then way: "I don't know how much we owe you in our previous lives, but we'll pay you back in this life." Hua Fang sighed and said, Automatic nail machine ,Nail machine supplier, "Miao Lan!"! He's been setting us up from the beginning. Think about where we live, Mucaolian. Days, no path of weeds, thorns everywhere, a barren, if not deliberately come to the door, will never run to that place! Fang Huaibing folded his fists and said, "Two girls!"! Good accounts can't be settled. Sit down and settle them slowly. The two poisonous girls smiled and sat down. Their eyes fell on Cheng Xiaodie at the same time. Miao Lan shook her head and said, "Again?" Cheat that? It's hard to change the nature of a thief! Huafang said with a smile, "What he cheated is heartwarming. Both of them are happy. What's the harm in cheating?" One day earlier, Cheng Xiaodie would be red-faced and unable to step down, but now Cheng Xiaodie can cope with the surplus and smile. "Two elder sisters," he said, "I'm not! Little sister wanted him to cheat, but he refused! He said he treated me like a sister. Are you really a brother and sister who have nothing to do with each other? "It's cheating, and it's enough for you to suffer!" "Little girl," said Hua Fang! Better lose your virginity than your heart. "Fortunately, the two sisters came just in time, and the golden words were thought-provoking!" "Little sister," said Cheng Xiaodie, "rein in at the brink of the precipice. In time. Answer in the mouth, two eyes have been looking at two people, can not see a poisonous snake, can not see a blood-sucking locust. You two have scolded enough! I was cynical, but I didn't lie to you.
    As I said, when fate comes to an end, you can't stay for a long time. By your side! "Actually," said Tian Changqing, "I also miss that period of lingering years, with beautiful women in my bosom, and I really want to see it. Look at you two! "Why don't you go?" Asked Miao Lan. "You two left too soon!" "I haven't made the trip yet," said Tian Changqing. "You two have already left Nanhuang." "We are more affectionate than you!" "It's hard to miss each other," said Miao Lan. "I've traveled thousands of miles to find my lover." "Don't listen to his nonsense," said Huafang. "Don't you think he'll come to you when you hear we're going to force him to get married? It's like lying with your eyes open. Don't be silly! "Yes," said Miao Lan! The crime is unforgivable. How can we punish him? "Punish him to stay with us for a year and not touch other women!" "Will you accept the heartless man?" Asked Hua Fang. Tian Changqing said with a wry smile, "Do you accept it?"? But to be clear, in a year's time, I'll be free! Miao Lan sighed and said, "Don't be so wronged. We just miss you and don't hate you." "I can't hate it even if I want to, but after seven or eight years, my memory has become more and more vivid." "Damn it," said Hua Fang! I often hate myself. Not promising, but as soon as we met, we helped him, and the three masters were captured by us. However, I want to know, how can you and Chang? Did Chi have a grudge? "For me!" Small square interface way: "I had a history with Chief Constable Guo and promised to help him a little, but I didn't expect that the trouble would come from Chang Qi, and I couldn't take care of him alone." "I had to drag Mr. Tian into the water." "Then Huafang and I have to thank you!" "If we don't drag him down," said Miao Lan, "we won't be able to find him. He Hua Fang glanced at Shen Dao San Taibao and said,wire nail making machine, "Have they been punctured?" "It was a very strange martial art that hurt them." "One to three.." said Tian Changqing. "Impossible!" Miao Lan said, "Three of them are skillful in swordsmanship. How can one man eat?" Stand up and walk nearly three. Man, reach out to touch the top of three people. Shen Dao San Taibao closed his eyes and did not move. 3shardware.com

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    "Mmm!"! This is a little bit of depth of the angel skill, before Yun Jia'er Xiu is not enough, can not run far, now can be relaxed. But don't worry, with the ability of the younger sisters now, they can easily use it. The second chapter is the magic arena. As Wu Ze pulled a young boy dressed like him to one side and sat down, a short, fat man with a big beard stood up in the crowd. I'll do it! See if I can get your title and become an officer! Let me double knife poison dragon, Du Fei to learn. Although Du Fei is short and fat, his muscle texture is faintly visible all over his body, and it is obvious that he has undergone some exercises focusing on foreign kungfu. It was a pair of broadswords, which were longer and wider than ordinary long swords, and the blades were shining with blue and different awn. I can't do it if I put down the weapon I'm good at like that useless Wu Ze! By the way, save you the trouble of not knowing how you died. Du Fei raised a knife in each hand. Under the light of the sun in the demon world, the red and blue color of the blade was strange and inexplicable: "This is fed with'break in the third watch '. It is guaranteed to seal the throat with blood. Those who died under this pair of knives, plus you, are exactly sixty people." Du Fei was so mean that he even used the poison, which was regarded as a side door in the demon world, on his own weapon. After many opponents who had clashed with him over this matter were buried under his sword, others only dared not speak out against him. Want me to die? It depends on your ability. Lu Yu still smiled, but the smile on his lips made the soldiers present seem to have been blown by a cold front, and the temperature of the training ground seemed to drop a few degrees in an instant, making people feel cold. Du Fei was excited by Lu Yu,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, and as soon as the two knives "clang", he attacked Lu Yu. Although Du was fat, short and fat, he had obviously trained hard. This time, he attacked quickly in front of the knife, and there was no dullness in his bloated posture. The left knife was straight and straight, and the right knife was slightly raised over his eyebrows, ready to go. However, Lu Yu did not give him a chance to cut the real double knife. Blood gas all over the air induction,Nail machine manufacturer, Lu Yu saw Du Fei's only flaw, in Du Fei's chest between the two knives, only one punch can pass. Without thinking carefully, Lu Yu's right palm straightened, his hand knife poured strength, his body leaned left and jumped out, avoiding Du Fei's straight stab. Before the right knife was cut down, Lu Yu's right palm knife had penetrated Du Fei's body, and the bloody blue right palm appeared behind Du Fei. Although bloody killing is often seen in the demon world, but du fat is tyrannical, because du fat not only double knife poison, also quite accomplished in knife skills, the body is more trained and far stronger than the average person, in the QinBing team who have to let him a few points. But now unexpectedly just a face to face, let Lu Yu take life, or hand knife through the body out. More than fifty intend to challenge the new captain QinBing team members, Coil nail machine ,nail manufacturing machine, at this time each heart is at sixes and sevens. The challenge is that they can stop the battle only Lu Yu can decide, and once the request for a truce, not only in front of Lu Yu can not raise their heads, spread out is to lose their face. But if you don't stop challenging, the next one like Du Fei may be yourself. Lu Yu withdrew his right hand, which was covered with blue blood, and Du Fei's two knives fell to the ground separately, making a string of metallic sounds. It's not impossible to use poison, but it's a pity that you challenged me today and ended up with a weapon against me. Lu Yu turned to the other more than fifty soldiers and said, "I know you are different from ordinary soldiers, but when you come here, you have to listen to me!"! Either come out now and die in my hands, or call your family to see who is better between me and him. I'm not in the mood to play with you one by one. Next, you'd better be prepared to go back to the original pool. "If you want to call someone, please call a stronger one as early as possible. If they fail, I will ask you to leave later." As Lu Yu spoke, there was a flash of red light on his body. His right hand knife was waved down to the ground in the void, with Du Fei's blue blood. With a dull bang, a half-foot-long crack appeared on the ground: "I haven't used this move yet. Is that all you can do?" Soldiers all can not hide the expression of panic, who does not know in the demon world, the strength of the outside will be at least the master of the level of Wu Sheng can do, and Lu Yu is just a wave, there is no preparatory action to accumulate strength.
    Challenge this kind of person. Do you want to die? "I don't need waste under me, especially the Qinbing team.". You'd better be psychologically prepared, or come to die, or give me to become the strongest QinBing, or I personally send you on your way. After Lu Yu thought hard about the realm of "hegemony", he naturally blurted out his words. Now Lu Yu is gradually changing, and he is no longer the gentle young boy in the past: "Wu Ze! Take it back and change clothes. If you want to die, you can stay. I'll solve it all at once. "Yes!" Wu Ze, who was named by Lu Yu, stood up hurriedly and saluted with his right hand flat on his chest: "Stand up!" More than fifty soldiers stood up dispirited with weapons, and a few of them were startled when they came into contact with Lu Yu's seemingly gentle, but cold and cruel smiling face, and their movements quickened a little. You can take your time, preferably so slow that I can't help it, and then I'll either imprison you permanently or I'll send you back. Lu Yu said, bent down to pick up the side of the ground, covered with a little sand uniform jacket, step forward, to the captain's room. Suddenly, not knowing who started first, more than fifty soldiers rushed to the dormitory, and a few of them used their family flying skills and jumped in the crowd. Although the strength of these people is much stronger than the average soldier, it is not enough. In the afternoon, beside the training ground, Lu Yu watched less than a hundred Qinbing teams practicing saber skills under the command of the camp coach. Because most of the officers of the Demon World Army have their own martial arts, in the case of not wanting to spread their own martial arts, the Demon World Army is equipped with a kind of martial arts coach, who teaches the basic martial arts to guide the soldiers in each camp, and teaches the basic martial arts that most of the men in the Demon world use to defend themselves after retirement. The basic martial arts used by the army are not as fancy as the general martial arts, focusing on the basic movements such as long knife chopping,Nail production machine, with the iron shield and short axe used by the army in the demon world. Such a basic way of attack, in the large-scale actual combat of the army, the effect is far better than the martial arts handed down by individuals. 3shardware.com

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    You. People. Take a look at the wound on her body. Meng Kong looked at it, then suddenly raised his head and said awkwardly to Mei Ling and Fei Xi. When they heard this, they were slightly stupefied and looked at Meng Kong. Seeing this, Meng Kong was even more uncomfortable and said in a low voice, "I.." Men and women are not close to each other, and her injuries seem to be all on her body. "Hm?" When Feixi heard Mengkong's words, he couldn't help wondering that he was holding him in his arms and said, "Men and women are not close to each other."? Mei Ling turned her head lightly and looked at Fei Xi. There was a bitter taste in her charming eyes. She walked silently to Meng Kong's side, took Tianfeng, helped her untie her clothes, and looked at them carefully. After Mei Ling took the maple, Meng Kong got up and walked not far away, turned his back, and really no longer looked this way. When Feixi saw this, he curled the corners of his mouth, sighed in his heart and went to Tianfeng's side. He looked at her and saw that there were several wounds on her body, which were as smooth as jade. The wounds were black and purple blood flowed out constantly. Poisonous! Fei Xi saw the purple blood and said in a deep voice. Mei Ling nodded approvingly. Her face was gloomy. She pursed the corners of her mouth and turned to Meng Kong and said, "Master, she is poisoned. She needs your antidote." "Oh." When Meng Kong heard that Tianfeng was poisoned, he looked clearly flustered. He took out several small bottles from his body in a hurry, still carrying his back, slowly retreating, and put the small bottles behind him. Feixi took the bottle sent by Mengkong and saw Mengkong's body shaking slightly. He must be burning with anxiety, but he dared not turn around. The doubts in her heart could not help but be stronger, the first time she saw Mengkong, she felt that the old man was not a conformist, how could he be so awkward in front of this woman?! Fei Xi put the bottle into Mei Ling's hand and asked softly. Do the old-timers know her? Mei Ling looked up at the old man,iron nail machine, shook her head with a wry smile, and sighed lightly. Yes. Master will tell you about these things later. She said no more words, very careful to help Tianfeng medicine. Fei Xi in the side to help her, and carefully looked at the wind in general, she is fair-skinned, looks only thirty years old, how can she know this old-timer?! "Not good!"! They found this place! Meng Kong suddenly turned to their side and whispered. However, when he saw a little bit of spring on Tianfeng, his old face turned red. He turned his head hastily and said, "Go!" Feixi also heard the sound of the wind blowing his clothes and felt several powerful spiritual forces approaching this side. She and Mei Ling set up Tianfeng and retreated. Meng Kong was still standing where he was, and Su Rong looked at the two of them and said, "Miss Feixi, please!"! I'll stop the pursuers! When Feixi saw the look of death on Mengkong's face, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Iron Nail Making Machine, he couldn't help thinking of the snake spell on his stamina. He whispered, "You've been under the spell. You won't be their opponent. Let's go together." With a sneer, the old man's eyes suddenly gathered a strong and sharp, strong and unmatched spiritual power from his body, deep as the deep, vast as the sea. He said proudly, "No one will take advantage of Meng Kong!"! Walk quickly When Feixi saw the purple flames all over the old man's body, he couldn't help but be stunned. His spiritual power was so strong that he was stronger than his father. Let's go. Shifu can handle it. Mei Ling saw that Fei Xi was still in the same place, so she urged her to hold Tian Feng and recede toward the center of the woods. Snakes bite! The gloomy words suddenly sounded, and without waiting for Feixi and Mei Ling to go away, the snakes all over the sky appeared over them, like dark clouds. Bite the flame! The vigorous voice then sounded, Meng Kong saw the snake appear all over the sky, his hands turned over, and a purple ball of light suddenly appeared in front of his chest. The ball of light was big in an instant, gathering the whole forest, and the snake all over the sky was destroyed in an instant. So strong! Fei Xi saw that the prominent ball of light would be all over the sky in an instant, and he could not help sighing. Mei Ling looked at the disappearing purple ball of light and sighed lightly. As long as the master uses this magic, he will know his identity. Only the master's magic can seal the snake in the world. She said with a wry smile.
    "But you can't close the snake in your heart!" "Eh!" There was a sound of surprise in the forest, followed by five figures flying quickly towards this side. Viper Heart Moon! The gloomy sound of the flute sounded, with a faint hesitation in his tone. Mei Ling's face suddenly stiffened when she heard the sound of "Snake Heart Moon". Sure enough, I was recognized! Miss Feixi, please take care of her! Then she left Feixi and ran to the position of Mengkong behind her. Uh Without waiting for Feixi to agree, Mei Ling disappeared into the dense forest, and a faint mist rose from the place where she disappeared. Her magic power is different from human spiritual power, and it seems that she can be invisible. At the moment when the "Spirit Snake Heart Moon" was shouted out, the spirit snake mark on Mengkong's stamina suddenly lit up, and under the strong light, the spirit snake mark pressed Mengkong's body down like the top of Mount Tai. He struggled to get up, but the mark on the back of his neck seemed to weigh him down. Five figures flew quickly, and the first one looked at Mengkong's body, which was bent by the mark of the snake, with a sneer, and the cold light in his eyes was even stronger. Sure enough, it's you! Chu Mengkong! "We meet again!" Meng Kong suddenly raised his head, showing a strange smile, his face covered with cold sweat slightly twisted, but the corners of his mouth with a resentful and strange smile. He raised his right hand suddenly and slapped the snake mark on his neck heavily, only to see a sound of tearing the air, and the snake mark on the back of his neck suddenly faded. A desperate fellow! The leading man saw the movement of Meng Kong, slightly stupefied, the figure hurried back a few steps, his whole body of four people hurried forward, blocked in front of the old man. Just when the situation in the forest was at daggers drawn,High Speed Nail Making Machine, the western sky once again flashed a red light, bright as blood, eerie and unusual. The second volume 050 old friends come. 3shardware.com

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    I grabbed his thin arm viciously. "I didn't say thank you!" It seems to cry out: "You are simply a little bully, I do not wash for you!" " I gave him a hard pinch on his tender skin. "Will you wash it?!" " Crystal clear tears rolled in the eyes. My eyes slowly moved from his face to his chest. Phoenix, a golden phoenix. Flutter to fly, lifelike. I couldn't help reaching out to touch his little chest: "Brother Xuanfeng, so beautiful … …" I've never seen anything look so good on anyone before. His body trembled slightly, but he did not speak. For a long time, my eyes moved down again. He hurriedly covered himself with his hand, blushed and said, "What are you looking at? Hurry up and take a bath." "Are you still in a hurry to order me?" Angry, he grabbed his hand and grabbed his little XX. With a cry of fright, he opened my hand and dodged aside. Now it's fun. I'm happy. Two naked kids are playing a game of catching little XX in the house. Suddenly, there was a bang! The door was broken open. The two of us had been turning the world upside down, and now we had to be silent. The old red nail monster stood in the doorway with a long face. He rushed over, carried one in each hand, and threw them all into the steaming water with high temperature. Ah, it's hot, whoo. "Ow!"! It's burning me! Red nail uncle Yu Huang wrong put Yu Huang,metal stamping parts, let me go out, let me go out, handsome and elegant red nail uncle. "" "Are you all right, Lin Yuhuang?" I was interrupted by the sound of cinnabar standing on the shore. Only then did I realize that I was holding the lotus in the water in a daze. I quickly shook my head and waved to them: "I'm fine, hooray, I got it!" " In an instant, a blue and snow-white interlaced shadow flashed lightly. Before I knew what was going on,titanium machining parts, I saw a tall figure flying gently from the lotus pond. Her long black hair glistened in the sun. The wind is blowing up to the waist, and the hair is dancing. Rub countless lotus leaves, like a graceful jade butterfly. Hands stretched out, the vulture down on the purple boots trembled, the golden light of phoenix embroidery flowed through, and the tips of the boots made shallow ripples on the sparkling surface of the pool. I wiped my eyes, and in the process of ecstasy, a pair of hands raised my armpits. I was lifted up in the air, and my wet clothes soaked his thin shirt. The summer wind scraped the skin, and the drops of water on the body became warm. For a moment, it was like flying. It was not until he stayed on the shore that he looked up and saw the perfect face of Chonglian Junxiu. The dazzling sunlight shone on his face, and his slender eyes suddenly met my line of sight. I didn't know which tendon was broken. I didn't even say thank you. I went straight to Shuijing's side and waved the lotus in my hand gently: "Xuezhi, CNC machining parts ,Investment casting parts, the lotus is here. Do you want it?" I always felt that Chonglian's eyes had been sweeping over me, and I was sweating. Everyone stopped talking. I can only say: "You see I picked the biggest lotus, so beautiful, very fragrant." I shook the lotus again and put it in front of my nose to smell it. Then I did something that made me almost go back and beat my face until it was swollen. I actually held the red lotus with crystal drops of water, kissed it gently, and then put it in the hands of Chong Xuezhi. Lotus is very fragrant, and lotus is also very beautiful. Just, water mirror, cinnabar, Chu Weilan, Begonia, your eyes are not small, no need to open wide. And Chong Lian, can you stop laughing? Your thoughts are too impure. Chong Lian looked at me with a smile on her face and said, "Stand down." Several girls left Yao Xuechi with red faces. I looked at my wet body and shook my hair, splashing drops of water. After wiping her face with the back of her hand, Chonglian came to me and stared down at me. "Right here?" Be flustered in the heart, have to pretend to twist the water drop on the hair: "What thing?" A pair of hands gently lay on my waist from the side of my body. I struggled slightly: "My body is wet, do not want to become a drowned rat, do not come over.".
    ” The heavy lotus floated a word in my ear feebly: "It will be wet anyway..." Then, in one breath, it blew into my ear. Twist the water until the root of the neck is red. Huang, today I realized that I don't know you well enough. Chong Lian smiled, her arms slowly tightened around my waist, and I was as nervous as a wood carving. The Yao Snow Pool looked so small, and the blue sky stretched as far as the eye could see. The heavy lotus hooks down the head, the dark purple pupil gradually narrowed up. Although I don't know what's wrong with my behavior just now, he misunderstood my meaning. However, it will be wrong, anyway, I also have this idea. I put my hand on his mouth and said, "I have something to say at night." Come to my room. Holding back my trembling hands, I took his head and kissed him on the lips. Chonglian opened her eyes wide and stared at me in a daze. I smiled at him, turned around and ran away, not knowing what he was thinking. Since he has good control, I will play with him. He has something to play with, and I have something to take. He said he realized now that he didn't know me well enough. But I really want to ask him, when did you ever want to know me. When I went back to my room, I heard a maid talking at the door. Pack up quickly. The Dharma Protector of Liuli said that the palace master would come here at night. "What is the Lord doing here?" "Don't you know, just." I can't hear the back clearly. No,car radiator cap, it used to be called to the palace master's room? Who lives in this room? He called the master of the palace over. You didn't see him? I think he and the young palace master seem. "Maybe the young palace master is not picked up, it may be the palace master's own flesh and blood." "You fool, it's a childe who lives here!" 。 autoparts-dx.com

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    Guo Shifen's purplish red face suddenly sank. He snorted heavily and said, "I don't know if Manager Chu meant that?"? Or is it the meaning of Jiang Da Childe? Chu Rufeng smiled and said, "What my brother said is common sense in Jianghu. Why should the old man be angry?" "Common sense in Jianghu doesn't apply to this," said Guo Shifen. Chu Rufeng said with a sneer, "If the old man says that, my brother will have nothing to say." Guo Shifen gazed at Chu Rufeng and asked, "How long has it been since the governor of Chu took office in Jiangfu?" Chu Rufeng said, "My brother has been in office in Jiangfu for less than four months." Guo Shifen suddenly looked up to the sky and laughed and said, "It's no wonder that General Manager Chu didn't even find out about this situation. Guan Tianfa was introduced to his brother by Mr. Jiang Da. As is common in Jianghu, Guan Tian made a mistake and absconded without a trace. My brother should instruct Jiang Fu to hand over the man!" Wan Zhenshan closed his eyebrows and said, "Don't get me wrong, Brother Guo. This dart is really a big deal. Otherwise, even if I lose some money, I won't dare to trouble Brother Guo." "So," said Guo Shifen, "Brother Wan's dart is not an ordinary red commodity?" Wan Zhenshan just clasped his hands and shook his head again and again. "Ordinary red goods can be compensated at a discount. Even if my brother can't afford it, the Jiang family in Jinling is still the major shareholder of our Bureau. It's not that they can't take it out. Alas, even the Jiang family can't afford this dart!" Guo Shifen said in amazement, "Brother Wan said so seriously. What on earth is that priceless?" "That's a small iron box," said Wan Zhenshan with a deep sigh. "Do you know what's in it, Brother Wan?" Asked Guo Shifen. Wan Zhenshan said, "When I received the dart that day, my brother went out and didn't come back. The insured man was a young man in a green shirt. He said that he had sent the thing to Wuhu. The bookkeeper of our Bureau asked him to open it and have a look. The guest said," As long as our Bureau sends the original thing to the field, there are priceless treasures or worthless rotten straw ropes inside. It has nothing to do with our Bureau. " With that,DIN screw plug, he took out a silver note of five thousand taels, put it on the table, and turned away. Our chief clerk felt that Wuhu was very close to each other, and the matter was really very loose. That night, someone sent a letter to the effect that no one in the world dared to protect the iron box. As long as it was out of Zhenjiang, it could not be protected. The chief clerk had no idea at that time, so he had to send someone to Jinling for help. After a short pause, he said, "At noon the next day,die casting parts, my brother went back to Zhenjiang. After listening to the accountant's report, he thought it would be better to carry a small iron box in his arms. Besides, Wuhu is not a distant place, so he took only one clerk on the road.". Although the brother did not believe the threatening letter, for the sake of prudence, the small iron box was handed over to the clerk to hide close to his body. Unexpectedly, as soon as he arrived near Longdu, he was attacked by more than a dozen black-clad and masked thugs. The brother was wounded in the battle, but the clerk was wounded under the "Eagle Claw Skill". The small iron box was finally robbed by the thugs. "Brother rushed back to the Escort Agency, only to know that Bu Qing's nephew had received a message from our Bureau waiting for someone to ask for help.". Pursued overnight, but also in the vicinity of Xiashu, was attacked and wounded. Only then did the brother have to tell the truth and send someone to tell the elder brother. Guo Shifen just listened to Lu Degui's words, the heart is only suspicious of most of the letter! Hearing this, he said, "Brother Wan, don't you know what's in that small iron box?" "I don't know," said Wan Zhenshan. "Did Brother Wan send someone to check the address he left in Wuhu?" Asked Guo Shifen. "I've checked, die casting parts ,Steel investment casting," said Wan Zhenshan. "This man left his address. Not only is there no one else, but there is no one else.
    ” "That's strange," said Guo Shifen. Wan Zhenshan suddenly lowered his voice and said, "According to my brother, that small iron box may belong to the Li family in Hebei." The more Guo Shifen listened, the more strange he became. The Li family in Hebei, Dongxu, Nanjiang, and Xiqin were among the four masters of Wulin. Will the things of Beili be escorted by Zhenyuan Escort Agency? Thinking, he said unconsciously, "Could it be the property of the Li family in Hebei?" Wan Zhenshan said, "Brother, it was reported that Ye Zongguan of Beili was killed in an ambush in Huaiyang a few days ago.." "Yes, brother," said Guo Shifen, "I've already heard about it, but what does it have to do with the small iron box that your Bureau is protecting?" Wan Zhenshan said, "It is said that Manager Ye carried a small iron box with him before he died." Kuo Shih-fen was stunned. "Could there be such a thing?" He asked. "Don't forget, Brother Guo," said Wan Zhenshan. "Li Guangzhi, the cactus, is convalescing at Baiyun Temple in Beixia Mountain." Guo Shifen's mouth surprised "ah"! Wan Zhenshan continued, "Brother, I think the things stored in this small iron box may have something to do with the life and death of the cactus." Guo Shifen was stunned again, but his doubts were even more intense! "After the Zhenyuan Escort Agency lost the dart, it was only a few days before and after," he thought. "How could he be so clear?" But his face was not exposed at all. He deliberately frowned and said, "As the elder brother said, this small iron box really has a lot to do with it!" Wan Zhenshan looked worried and said, "It's not just a matter of a lot. If that small iron box is really the property of General Manager Ye, how can Beili be willing to give it up?"? An unfortunate, perhaps because of this enmity, our Bureau, Jiangfu and Huaiyang faction, also involved in this dispute, therefore, brothers and Chu manager Baba came to Yangzhou, we discuss. Guo Shifen said thoughtfully, "Brother Wan has a well-thought-out plan '?". " "Brother," said Wan Zhenshan, "if you have any disputes, you won't come to Brother Guo. Really is this gang of bandits, after robbing the iron box, does not leave the slightest trace, simply disappears, can not find out the slightest context, only. As he spoke, he suddenly stopped talking. Guo Shifen said, "Is there only one clue to the rebellious disciple?" Wan Zhenshan said shyly, "Brother and elder brother have been talking about their friendship for decades. Brother can only admit it. The fact is the same. Guan Tianfa has been a disciple of elder brother Guo for more than ten years. Even if elder brother doesn't know what friends he usually makes, his brothers of the same school may hear some of them. So I want to ask your elder brother to help me choose some capable people to help me find out her whereabouts." Kuo Shih-fen snorted coldly in his heart and said, "So you've been talking for a long time, but the purpose is not to let go of the small iron box, but not to let go of Tianfa!" Chu Rufeng immediately said, "The eldest son wants his brothers to come,die cast light housing, because in the south of the Yangtze River, the Jiangfu has come forward to inform friends in the martial arts world from all over the country to pay attention in secret. To the north of the Yangtze River, I want to ask the elders to take care of me." 。 autoparts-dx.com

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    1. No Chapter 383 is going to have another meeting. Chapter 383 another meeting. "Yes." Teacher Cheng pointed to the direction of the bedroom, "in the room and Wei Wei fell asleep." As soon as Shen Fei's footsteps stagnated, he suspected that he had misheard. He looked at Teacher Cheng in astonishment: "Ha?" Cheng Weicai did not seem to see his strange expression, while busy sweeping and mopping the floor, while persuading him: "Or you come back later, they just rest, let them sleep a little longer." Weiwei just came out of the game, and your brother was tired after a few days in the parking lot. Shen Fei: "My brother and Bai Youwei sleep in the same room?!" His voice suddenly went up an octave. Teacher Cheng finally reacted and looked up at him. "What's wrong?" The tone was puzzled, as if he did not understand what was so strange about Shen Mo and Bai Youwei sleeping in the same room. Teacher Cheng said, "They both sleep together all the time." "They sleep together all the time?!!" Shen Fei's expression was even more distorted, and his voice seemed to tighten the strings, sharp and sharp! Teacher Cheng was startled by his reaction. He was afraid that he would think too much. He quickly explained, "No." Xiao Shen, don't misunderstand, your brother is to take care of Wei Wei, after all, Wei Wei's legs are not convenient. "There's no need to sleep in the same room no matter how inconvenient it is!" Shen Fei could not endure, a few steps to the door, raised his hand to bang on the door! The door opened quickly. Shen Mo stood frowning in the doorway,Stainless steel foundry, his face calm. Shen Fei was still in awe of his cousin. His voice suddenly weakened by seven or eight minutes. "Brother.." he buzzed. How do you, how do you sleep in the same room with a woman. As he spoke, his eyes could not help but glance in. When he saw that there was only one bed in the room, his eyes suddenly widened and he forgot to hide his voice: "You two sleep in the same bed?!" Bai Youwei in the room looked at the bed and nodded calmly: "Yes, this is a double bed." Shen Fei is excited: "This is not the problem of the bed!"! Yes Before he had finished speaking, he was pushed out two steps by Shen Mo, and the door closed with his backhand. What are you looking for me for? Shen Mo asked him. Brother Mo! Shen Fei was still shocked by his eldest brother's cohabitation with a woman. "How can you sleep with that woman?!"! How long have you two been sleeping together? When did it happen? How did it happen? Who brought it up?! Does uncle know about this?! A series of questions made Shen Mo have a headache. He frowned and asked,alloy die casting, "What are you looking for me for?" "Brother." Shen Fei gritted his teeth, grabbed Shen Mo's clothes, pulled them outside, pulled them to the corner, and said in a low voice, "You can't follow in Uncle's footsteps." Shen Mo frowned, "Wei Wei is different." As soon as Shen Fei heard this answer, he became more and more frightened. He covered his chest and said, "Brother, what do you mean by that?"? Are you really with her? You Did you have sex? Speaking of this, Shen Fei did not know what to think of, suddenly suddenly enlightened nod! "I know!"! You were impulsive, weren't you? I get it! Lonely men and widows together. Sometimes it happens! But you don't have to be responsible for her for a lifetime because of this! Brother, deep draw stamping ,metal stamping parts, times have changed, and your old ideas really need to be changed. Shen Mo disliked his noise and turned to go into the room. "If it's all right, I'll go in." "Hey?!"! Ouch! Ouch! Shen Fei hurriedly said, "something!"! Something's up! Professor Song asked me to invite her to the headquarters for a meeting! We're going to discuss the game on the 24th! Shen Mo stopped, turned to look at him and asked, "Now?" Shen Fei shook his head: "No, Professor Song knows that they are all injured, so the meeting time is set for tomorrow afternoon, let them have a good rest first." Shen Mo nodded slightly, "I'll send her there tomorrow." "One more thing." Shen Fei hesitated, "you haven't been to uncle's side for several days, before because you had to stay in the underground parking lot, there was no time, now that she has come out of the game, brother, should you." Go back and see your uncle? Shen Mo listened to silence for a moment, and then nodded, "well, I know.".
      ” There is something wrong with the follow-up plot. I need to revise the text. I will suspend the update today. I will not ask for tickets. Let you go. (End of this chapter) 384. No Chapter 384 Arrangement Chapter 384 Arrangement The next day, Bai Youwei slept until the third day, slept enough, slept enough, and finally got up to wash. Teacher Cheng is preparing lunch. There is no gas stove, cooking is very inconvenient, every time the teacher will start preparing a long time in advance. Talking and laughing and Pan Xiaoxin helped. Although sometimes they will help more and more. Morning time is calm and leisurely, Bai Youwei brushes her teeth while watching them busy, always feeling as if she had forgotten something. Have you forgotten Shen Mo? Should not be, Shen Mo went to see his father, he told her before he left. So, what else? Bai Youwei continued to think. Ah She thought, "Let's eat steak at noon!" Talking and laughing, Cheng Weicai and Pan Xiaoxin all looked at her blankly. Bai Youwei took out the golden key and opened the door of the dollhouse. She said cheerfully, "You are all here. After eating the steak, you can help me clean up the house." As soon as the door of the dollhouse opened, the golden light inside was dazzling and dazzling! All three of them were stunned. Talking and laughing almost didn't recognize the dollhouse. "My God!" He exclaimed! Viv, you got another house?! Is this a bonus for the new game? "No." Bai Youwei went in with crutches and waved to them in the middle of a pile of gold, silver and jewelry. "Come in, come in and talk about it." The three of them looked at each other and "squeezed" into the dollhouse one after another. It was so crowded that it was almost impossible to stand on the first floor. The floor was full of gold, silver, jewelry and beautiful clothes. There were seventy or eighty hats alone! Jeweled, furred, with silk flowers,car radiator cap, all kinds! There were also some gorgeous and expensive tableware that were randomly placed below, and they were trampled to pieces by carelessness. Teacher Cheng was very sad to see it. If you can't fit it in the house, throw it outside. Bai Youwei didn't care and went straight to the refrigerator and tried to move the heavy gold nearby to open the refrigerator door. She took out some steaks from it. autoparts-dx.com
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    Close the eyes of the mind. Liu Yunyang said in a low voice, "Are the masters of Cihang Sword Studio coming here for the sake of the monster of Pan Yang Lake?" Xiao Canghai said, "There is some truth in this inference." As he spoke, he continued to move forward and came to the attic in a moment. I met eleven people present. Everyone laughed at the arrival of the sea and Liu Yunyang, and looked at them with strange eyes, vaguely thinking about their purpose. Be cold and silent. Liu Yunyang watched the movement of the attic and found that the Dragon King of Shuifu was inside. But the situation is a little strange. Xiao Canghai's face was gloomy. He took one look at his heart and said indifferently, "Demons touch people's hearts in this world. Abbess must have come here for the people of the world.". With a cold look on his face, he said indifferently, "As a man of the right path, he should naturally do his best for the world.". "Why did Master Xiao come here?" "Laugh at a certain businessman," said Xiao Canghai. Of course I'm here to make a deal. As for success and failure. That depends on luck. Heart eyes slightly suspicious, but did not ask. "I'm afraid it's not easy for the master to avoid seeing you," he said. Laugh Canghai Hei Hei laughs: "Too simple trade, do not have fun.". Xiaomou still prefers excitement. Sheng Huo Lang Jun said with a sneer, "Everyone can talk big, but few people can really fulfill Chen's promise." He took one look at the Lord of the Holy Fire and smiled at the sea. "Have you ever thought about what kind of person you belong to when you say that?" As soon as the sacred flame Lang Jun is stupefied, hums way: "Is worthy of being the businessman, the lip service is fierce." Xiao Canghai said with a sneer, "Businessmen are not only sharp-tongued, but also have amazing means. Would you like to have a try?" Holy Fire Lang Jun's face turned cold and he said grimly, "Laugh at the sea. Don't be complacent. You won't have a good life if you offend the Fire Spirit Gate." Xiao Canghai said proudly and coldly, "Aoyue Villa is not afraid of someone. How can you care about the Fire Spirit Gate?" Sheng Huo Lang Jun was a little angry. He glared at the sea and said with a smile, "You have offended both good and evil. When the time comes, where can the world accommodate you?" Smiling at the sea, he said coldly, "You don't have to worry about this. You'd better take care of yourself." Holy Fire Lang Jun curled his lips and said, "What do I have to worry about?" Smiling, the sea asked in reply, "Why did you come here without land?" Holy Fire Lang Jun was at a loss for words. He snorted angrily and ignored it. After observing for a while, Liu Yunyang withdrew his eyes and smiled at Canghai: "The evil spirit in the attic is very strong, and the Dragon King of Shuifu is mutating." The voice was not very loud, but all the people present could hear it clearly. Xiao Canghai smiled and said meaningfully, "Those who change will change forever,deep draw stamping, and those who do not change will also change forever." Liu Yunyang is stupefied, saw him a few eyes, seem to have the way of feeling: "Yes, change is apparent, the person that does not change is hard to distinguish." With a snort, Duanhun Lang Jun shouted, "If Xiu wants to mince words, he can say what he wants to say. If he doesn't want to say what he wants to say, he can forget it." Liu Yunyang looked at him and said coldly, "If you want to ask, just be direct. Why turn around?" His face changed slightly. "I'm afraid you won't be able to answer," he snorted. Liu Yunyang smiled indifferently and said coldly and proudly, "I've never tried before. How do you know I can't answer?" Broken soul Lang Jun one Leng, he originally so answer, is to want to save a little face. Who would have thought that Liu Yunyang would follow the trend and take the initiative to accost him, which made him unable to guess what medicine Liu Yunyang was selling in his gourd. After pondering for a moment, non standard fasteners ,socket screw plug, Duanhun Langjun said, "Well, just tell me what the Dragon King of Shuifu is doing." Liu Yunyang's eyes moved slightly, revealing a few strange lights. He said in a deep voice, "There is a deep well in the attic, which contains an extremely terrible and powerful force.". At present, the Dragon King of Shuifu is contacting that force. Duanhun Lang Jun didn't understand. "So what?" He asked. Liu Yunyang looked away and gazed at the attic. "This is a strange place," he whispered. "There are a lot of hints left around." "Do you mean those patterns of human heads and animal bodies?" Asked the man doubtfully. Nodding slightly, Liu Yunyang said, "That's the symbol of the demon world, isn't it?" "Yes," said Duanhun Langjun, "that is indeed the symbol of the demon world, but so what?" Liu Yunyang smiled and said in a slightly strange tone, "Not so good. That just means that this is a passage from the demon world to the human world.".
    ” Hearing this, Lang Jun turned pale and exclaimed, "The passage of the demon world!"! Are you saying that the Dragon King of Shuifu is equivalent to the guardian who guards or opens the passage? On one side, the sacred flame Lang Jun's face changed in surprise, and his heart became serious, apparently realizing the seriousness of the problem. Liu Yunyang smiled and said softly, "If you live in a place where evil spirits gather for a long time, even saints will be changed by it, let alone mortals." Xiao Canghai looked at Liu Yunyang and admired him in his heart, but he said, "It is said that the Dragon King of Shuifu grew up by the river. What he learned is mysterious, and it is very likely that he came from the waters.". Maybe he's out of the demon world, which is also a matter of uncertainty. Liu Yunyang said indifferently, "Maybe, but …" Carefully, the tone of the evil spirit changed, Liu Yunyang's whole body flashed red, a majestic atmosphere surged out, laying a strong defensive boundary outside the body, just in time to collide with the breath spreading in the attic. At that time, I only heard the harsh sound of the howling air. The people who had never cared about it were all shaken by the air flow. Evil spirit fills the air, and everyone is small. With a light drink, the blue light of the whole body suddenly appeared and turned into a light curtain, blocking the eight disciples in front of them, resisting the evil spirit. Holy fire Lang Jun, broken soul Lang Jun each alert, carefully watching the movement of the attic. Smiling, the sea is indifferent and casual, the red light flows all over the body, and it is easy to open the air flow, looking at the wonders in front of us with interest. In the attic, a gray and black column of air rose and hovered in the air. The black mist was full of greed, cruelty, evil and gloom, as if thousands of greedy souls had gathered together to break some taboo. All around, the wave-like evil spirit is unpredictable, sometimes showing gray and black, sometimes changing into dark green, sometimes there are all kinds of water monsters in it,Magnetic Drain Plug, and sometimes there are dragons and fish. Coupled with some spooky sounds, the whole gives people a feeling of being in the fantasy world. The heart is paying attention to everything, and the beautiful face is shaking. autoparts-dx.com

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    Now he has trapped Xunchuan on the locked Sendai on the top of Tianchi Lake, and let Xunchuan bear the pain of washing the marrow of the water of Tianchi Lake, the pain of thunder and lightning, and even cut off one of his dragon horns and stripped off his keel. Obviously, it is a way to lead you into the urn. He's seducing her. Send her to the door. Even if she already knew that this was a conspiracy, a conspiracy against her and Xunchuan, she would follow it without hesitation. The endless years of waiting and searching have smoothed all her edges and corners. She just wanted to see him, even if it was a glance, this life has been fulfilled. She walked alone across the bridge, and occasionally, when she had leisure, she walked aimlessly in the wilderness, looking at the various scenes he had said and she had heard. It was the place where he had promised to accompany her, but even if the scenery was beautiful, it was still lonely. She had no place to express her bitterness and grievance, no place to vent her anger and hatred, and it seemed that she had finally found an outlet. Even if what awaits her is the endless cold water of Tianchi Lake, the pain of washing the marrow; even if what awaits her is the dragnet woven by the people she once knew and knew; even if what waits for her is reincarnation from generation to generation, and her soul is destroyed,38 tube fitting, she will seek justice for herself. She just wants to see, this heaven, how to do with her! The wind blows through the mountain forest, and the bamboo shadows whirl in the forest. A woman was sitting on the jade just now, and there was nothing else except two drops of blood on the jade wall that had cut the palm of her hand. Everything was quiet, and no one noticed that the broken jade had quietly absorbed the two dazzling red drops of blood. It is no accident that jade turns into spirit. Chapter 75 There are nine skies in the sky. The top of the Tianchi Lake stands on the Nine Heavens. Apart from the Lingxiao Palace and the residence of the Jade Emperor and his wife, there are few traces of immortals in the Nine Heavens. Even the top of Tianchi Lake, which has always been known as the first viewing platform in the fairy world,hydraulic fitting supplier, rarely has immortals passing by. There are tides in the sea, and there is a saying that the tide rises and falls in Tianchi. It is one of the major tourist attractions in the whole fairy world. It's the water in the pool. It has a little temper, and it's a little difficult to deal with. The water of Tianchi has the effect of moistening all things, such as the most noble grass in the world, which can not survive anywhere, only the bank of Tianchi is the only place for them to survive. Of course, Huiyuan, the divine grass growing next to the Jade Pool. It's a little weird and a little different. But apart from these fragile flowers and plants, it is like a hacksaw to anyone in the three realms, touching it like a saw bone, which is painful. Therefore, to deal with the immortals who have committed heinous crimes, the Jade Emperor usually sends them to the Lock Sendai on the top of Tianchi Lake. Or let Lei Gong Dian Mu give a small punishment, brass tube fitting ,14 needle valve, or use the water of Tianchi to wash the marrow into the mortal world, not to mention other punishment methods. That is to say, the smoke of the war between gods and demons has been burning for thousands of years. The top of the pool has long been in vain. There are not enough people to kill the enemy. Even if you make a mistake, you will only be sent to the battlefield. You can be a vanguard or a death squad. Anyway, you can't waste your head. As a result, the top of the Tianchi Lake, which was almost deserted, was opened again because of the great dragon God Xunchuan in the war between gods and demons, which shocked the whole three realms. When the Jade Emperor was carried from his wife's bed to the Lingxiao Palace by his subordinate Aiqing, the whole immortal body was not very good. Perhaps it was because the immortal body was so ill that it was too subtle and obscure, and several Aiqing, who usually had a lot of eyes, all suffered from eye diseases and turned a blind eye to them. The Barefoot Immortal was so angry that he couldn't help stamping his feet: "I thought it was inappropriate when Lord Xian Yi sealed the Dragon Lord of Xunchuan. This time he acted even more arrogantly. Although he is the only descendant of the Protoss, how can he go beyond His Majesty's authority to imprison the Dragon Lord on the top of Tianchi Lake, lock him on Sendai, and use lynching.." When the words fell, he took a proper look at the Jade Emperor. The eyes that want to speak and stop, only to move a "Your Majesty, you are so weak" to the table. The Jade Emperor looked away with some heart and looked at yuanshi Tianzun. yuanshi Tianzun respectfully bowed his hand to the Jade Emperor and said, "That's what I think. During the war between gods and demons, Xunchuan Longjun was the greatest contributor. It was criticized that he was not rewarded.".
    Just because of a prophecy of Xian Yi Shen Jun, he sealed Long Jun privately. Where is Xian Yi Shen Jun to Your Majesty? I was a little narrow-minded. I wondered if it was because I was afraid that Longjun would replace his prestige in the future. He could no longer do whatever he wanted to be unreasonable to Longjun. The Jade Emperor is a little upset. yuan Shi Tianzun just pointed at his nose and scolded him for his incompetence. Feng Bo is old, his eyes are dim, and even his hearing is not so good. After the room was quiet for a moment, he said, "Your Majesty, I thought that no matter how big the matter was, it was because Your Majesty gave the order.". It's one thing to give face, but it's one thing not to let people ride on your head. Your Majesty, you have changed so much since you married your wife. Feng Bo rolled his beard and squinted at the Jade Emperor sitting at the head. Without receiving any kind reminder from his companions, as well as the cough that would soon shake the whole heaven, he continued to scold the "evil deeds" of the Jade Emperor. The jade emperor's face is green. Although he was the Jade Emperor, there was a string God in front of him, and behind him came a dragon king from Xunchuan, who also wanted to give him some thin noodles. Speaking of these two gods, he actually likes to see them. It's better for both sides to lose, so that he can sit firmly on the throne and no one can tell him what to do any more. It's just that he can't say these things in his heart. Feng Bo was still in the crooked building, and the heavenly soldier in charge of the lookout outside the door suddenly came in, and a kneeling ceremony directly lay on the ground. The Jade Emperor raised his forehead and sighed, but his face was still serious. "Why are you so flustered?" The new heavenly soldier scrambled to his feet, straightened his heavy helmet and quickly replied, "Your Majesty, the Jade Pool Fairy grabbed the Demon Sword and went all the way to the top of the Tianchi Lake." "It's just that Shaohuan grabbed the Demon Sword and went to Tianchi." Wait The Jade Emperor, who was still somewhat confused,14 tube fitting, suddenly came to his senses. Angrily, he threw his hand at the armrest of the chair, which was inlaid with all kinds of round beads. There was a loud bang. Several ministers standing in the hall tacitly looked away and could not bear to look at the red and white faces of the Jade Emperor at this time. How painful it is to clap so many vulgar beads. chinaroke.com

  • Prehistoric time
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    On this day, Chang'e, dressed in the best fox fur of the tribe, was barefoot under an osmanthus tree. A pair of jade feet washed the water. Her naughty toes drew circles and ripples. Countless fish were attracted by the white lotus root-like jade feet. The faint fragrance of osmanthus lured countless fish and shrimps around their feet, which made Chang'e giggle. Since Hou Yi was rescued by the ancestral witches of Emperor Jiang, he recovered from his injuries in the Pangu Hall, but he said goodbye to the ancestral witches and went out to live alone, hunting for a living every day or helping the human tribes hunt and kill monsters. Over time, the human tribes are aware of such a warrior of the sorcery clan. In addition, the holy father of the clan has a friendly relationship with the sorcery clan, and the sorcerer clan is even more interested in this'same kind ' (the human clan is born with a Taoist body, and the sorcerer clan does not reveal its true body, but also appears in a human body.) Very loving, although the human race is extremely weak and has no supernatural power. But the human race is extremely intelligent, for this cooking is a lot of dabbling, coupled with the development of the human race itself over the years and love of cooked food. Often cooking is always fragrant, as time passes, many witches go to the human tribe to eat, and the human tribe is sheltered by the witches to drive away the monster. More and the human race female appearance is beautiful, petite and gentle, compared with the sorcery race female,tube fitting manufacturer, it is less tough and more weak. More sorcery men love, in addition to the sorcery intrepid magic power, many of the beginning of love of the human race girls heart of the sorcery men, and sorceries men for the human race women show tenderness is touched by the heart of unprecedented palpitations. Unexpectedly, many people married witches and gave birth to offspring, and these offspring more or less have the blood of witches. In addition to its hybrid, the descendants of this hybrid sorcerer are able to practice Xuanmen Taoism while inheriting the magical powers of the sorcerer's body. Xiu Cheng yuan Shen,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, all the ancestral witches were ecstatic after knowing it, and ordered the witches to intermarry with the human race. In addition, the relationship between Qingchen made the relationship between the two clans better. Hou Yi left the place where he was born and raised and lived in the human race, making a living by hunting. On this day, when I went hunting in the barren mountain, I saw a beautiful woman who was 28 years old in the distance washing her feet under the tree of sweet-scented osmanthus. She giggled and was so beautiful that her soul was taken away. The woman just looked up and saw that her body was strong, her muscles were no more, no less, tight and powerful. The young man with star eyes and sword eyebrows was staring at herself in a daze. Chang'e's face was covered with rosy clouds, and her shy smile turned pale. There was only a shallow smile between heaven and earth, rippling in the bottom of her heart. Smiling, she put on her shoes and ran away with a small step. As she ran, she looked back at Hou Yi and ran away gradually in shyness. Only Hou Yi was left in situ, looking at the touching figure in a daze. [Chapter 225 Chang'e's Mind and Hou Yi's Seeking Medicine] Hou Yi has a yellow and black tiger skin on his waist and hip, a black and shiny bear skin slanting across his shoulders, stainless steel tube fitting ,needle valve manufacturer, and an arrow pot slanting behind his back. He is a great man with a strong figure and a square and resolute appearance. All the good books are in the Hot Book Pavilion, and the reshuge. Com is just that the hero is sad about the beauty! The first time Chang'e saw Hou Yi, a strange feeling rose in her heart, and the lake in the girl's heart rippled. It seems that the tall and magnificent figure has already been branded in my heart, and the dull eyes of Hou Yi always appear in my heart when I return home every day. With a blush on his face and an unbearable sense of shame in his heart, he spat and fell asleep in his imagination. Tribal women are in the matriarchal clan era, and their social status is far higher than that of men, so the dignity brought by women at the peak of power goes deep into every man's heart, and the word "gentleness" hardly belongs to this era. It was said that Hou Yi was shocked to see Chang'e under the sweet-scented osmanthus tree that day. He was confused by Chang'e's beauty, her touching appearance, her delicate and smooth legs like suet white jade, and her shy and seductive smile. Hou Yi's mind echoed all the time, and he missed the place where Chang'e bathed her feet and played every day, but he never saw Chang'e every time. He always came with excitement and expectation, and returned with disappointment. Hou Yi did not know who the woman he saw that day was. He always waited in the same place every time, although he was always disappointed. This day, Hou Yi suddenly heard the sound of playing and fighting below. Hearing the sound, he rushed over and saw five young and beautiful women chasing each other in a sea of flowers.
    The sound of warblers and swallows was transmitted in the sea of flowers. Hou Yi's sharp eyes looked at the touching figure of Chang'e and set it up impressively. The delicate fragrance of the whole body accompanied by the breeze drifted to Hou Yi's nose, taking a deep breath of the delicate fragrance with virgin breath, Hou Yi's eyes slightly blurred looking at the petite and beautiful figure, staring blankly. After a long time of killing, Sha Fa's cold and incomparable heart melted quietly on his beautiful face. The tip of the iceberg is melted quietly by this beautiful and incomparable amorous feelings, and the shadow of a person is branded in Hou Yi's heart. At this time, a burst of laughter came from Yingying and Yanyan. Hou Yi woke up from a daze and turned to look. The five beautiful women pointed and looked at Hou Yi, and Chang'e also clearly saw Hou Yi's strong body, blushing, with infinite shyness on her face, and looked at Hou Yi shyly. With a smile, heaven and earth turn pale, and all things in the world seem to be eclipsed in this smile. I do not know when the white clouds come quietly, blocking the brilliance of the sun outside, it seems that even the sun is ashamed in the face of this beautiful smile. Hou Yi saw the soul flying here, there was no heaven and earth in his eyes, only the beautiful image that touched people's hearts and souls. Quickly forward to the front of Chang'e, looking at the beautiful eyes. Chang'e has never seen such fiery eyes, only feel that Hou Yi's eyes staring at themselves without any secret to speak of, shy on the face, bow their heads and dare not watch Hou Yi's small hands wringing their skirts in a panic. The four women who followed Chang'e, although their appearance was not as good as Chang'e's, were always of capital. At this time, they saw Hou Yi watching Chang'e like this. Seeing that Chang'e was too shy to watch Hou Yi, she covered her mouth and snickered. Hou Yi was awakened by a silvery laugh. His handsome face turned red and he looked at Chang'e and said, "Hou Yi is a sorcerer. How dare you ask the girl's name?" When Chang'e heard this, she raised her head and looked at Hou Yi's burning eyes. "Little girl Chang'e," she said with a red face. But the voice was like a mosquito and a fly, and could not be heard. Fortunately,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, Hou Yi is a great sorcerer, equivalent to a strong man in the realm of Da Luo Jinxian. Although the voice of Chang'e is weak, it is not a problem for Hou Yi. chinaroke.com