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As for competitiveness, Liu Chuanxiang is not worried, Lin Ji Inn's maple leaf stewed turtle, every day can only enhance a certain amount of physical fitness, eat more is in vain. Fenglin Restaurant is different, Fenglin Restaurant's Fengtong leaf stewed turtle, enhance physical fitness, the more you eat, the more you enhance physical fitness. Liu Chuanxiang is not stupid, after learning that Houdan Zong has Bai Ren Cao, he bought some tests, which can really enhance physical fitness. Then ask the people of Houdan Zong, this white grass itself can enhance physical fitness, if matched with several other common medicinal materials, the effect of enhancing physical fitness can be more obvious, but the sequelae will shorten the overall efficacy. This also means that Fenglin Restaurant's stewed turtle with maple leaves can not maintain a certain degree of physical fitness every day like Lin Ji Inn's stewed turtle with maple leaves. Liu Chuanxiang will spend more than half of the silver to buy so much white grass, is after careful consideration. With the efficacy of Bai Ren Cao, even if the addition of several other herbs will shorten the total efficacy, but in a stewed turtle with maple leaves, Bai Ren Cao only needs to put a dollar, only eat hundreds of portions, the efficacy will completely disappear. Hundreds of portions, stewed turtle with maple leaves as a meal, that also has to eat for more than half a month. Since the ingredients are exactly the same as the stewed turtle with maple leaves in Lin Ji Inn, the efficacy is different, no doubt because of the different weight. Although Liu Chuan-hsiang is not a warrior and has never opened a winery,Low Rpm Electric Motor, he also knows that whether it is alchemy or wine-making, if he wants to operate exclusively, the most important thing is to ensure that all kinds of ingredients do not leak out, followed by the proportion of various ingredients and the order of placement. The types of ingredients are already available, and the order is only to grind them into powder and smear them on the maple leaves first, but the proportion is missing. Not to mention whether Chen Yeyuan's eyeliner can find the proportion of ingredients, a total of only five kinds of medicinal materials, the total price will not exceed two taels of silver. Slowly match, half a month, although some hasty,12v High Torque Motor, but not match out, even if half a month can not match out, also more than a few days. At that time, as long as the disadvantage of the advisory card is reversed, Lin Ji Inn will absolutely not be able to compete with the literati of Fenglin Restaurant and the advantage of reducing the price of food and wine. The next day, Changlin Restaurant also made a counterattack, and more ruthless than Lin Ji Inn, once again announced that it was free. Liu Chuanxiang's first thought was to fight. Literati can't earn much money, but it's one of the advantages of attracting big families. Anyway, they still have tens of thousands of taels of silver on hand. Changlin Restaurant's legs were weak after half a month last time, and this time it's certainly not much better. Even if you fight for a month, there is already a way to deal with Lin Ji Inn, which is only four or five thousand taels of silver, not afraid that the remaining money is not enough to fight. In the backyard of Lin Ji Inn, after learning that Fenglin Restaurant was free with literati, Lin Dong resolutely decided that no matter how much money Fenglin Restaurant had, since it had wasted more than a month, this time, Brushless Gear Motor ,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, it must be decided. Chapter 116 of the main text, the former landlady. Chapter 116 the former landlady. Soon, Lin Ji Inn once again announced that the stewed turtle with maple leaves was one or two or four pieces of silver. All kinds of spirit animal meat and good wine are reduced by 10%. The prices of food and wine in the largest inn and the largest restaurant are falling desperately, and there is a Changlin restaurant in the middle that burns silver. The news, like a hurricane, swept across the city of Xilan, even overshadowing the recent hubbub about the news that the new county magistrate Zhou Zhengye went to visit the Liu family, but was beaten out of shape. Everyone wants to know which one fell down. If the people of Xilan City were to decide who would have the last laugh, 99% of them would choose Lin Ji Inn. After all, Lin Ji Inn is more popular, and shopkeeper Lin is a famous good man. But if let the people of Xilan City guess who can laugh to the end, I am afraid that 90% of the people will have no choice but to choose Fenglin Restaurant. Not to mention anything else, few people will believe that the most famous restaurant in the Han Kingdom, rich and powerful, will capsize in the sewer of a small county town, and the opponent is only an inn. The sun, which was glowing with light, was beginning to move westward. Ma Chun, with a strange face, hurried to the backyard and knocked on Lin Dong's room. Shopkeeper, Xiao Shuang is back. Lin Dong frowned, today is only the fifth day, from Xiaoshuang home every month, there are more than ten days to go.
Why didn't this girl come in? Are you in trouble? "No, it's because." Ma Chun's face became more and more strange: "Because the landlady also came back." One breath did not come smoothly, Lin Dong coughed several times in succession. The landlady? Speaking of the proprietress, Lin Ji Inn used to have one, that is, Yang Qingting, the fourth Miss of the Yang family. Of course, since Yang Qingting asked for a letter of divorce five years ago, there has been no proprietress in Lin Ji Inn. Is there anyone else? Lin Dong believes that although after five years, this Miss Yang Si may no longer regard herself as a servant of the Yang family, but she will not wait outside the door until after the announcement. Ma Chun secretly praised the wisdom of the shopkeeper and quickly explained, "Besides Xiao Shuang and the landlady, there is also a young man named Yang Ling." "Yang Ling?" Lin Dong looked stunned, the six young masters of the Yang family? Small frost is a daughter, there is no reason to meet. Yang Qingting ordered her predecessor around, giving benefits and suffering. In Lin Dong's eyes, this woman has nothing to do with herself. Yang Ling is different. This is the only benefactor of his predecessor. Prepare tea. With a command, Lin Dong strode to the lobby. In the direction of the lobby counter, Xiao Shuang is squeezing a little smile, asking and answering a chat with Yang Qingting. Beside them, a young man dressed in white and wearing a silver-white sword at his waist moved his eyes slightly and looked at the diners in the lobby. Six young masters. Far away, Lin Dong said hello. Yang Ling's body, a slight shock, looked at the big walk to Lin Dong, eyes suddenly some trance up. Resolute face, deep eyes, vigorous steps, looking at the extraordinary bearing of Lin Dong, Yang Ling was filled with emotion, open arms: "I haven't seen you for more than ten years?"? It's almost unrecognizable. "It's been almost ten years," said Lin Dong, nodding his head. "Six young masters, please come inside." Kind, but not intimate, this sense of alienation,brushless gear motor, Yang Ling heart slightly sour, had to put down his arm, nodded.