Poisonous Eye Dragon-Cao Ruobing _ txt Novel Paradise

Mention "cloud hillside" home, remind him of that night the enemy of his family extermination of the tragic situation, he saw the enemy. Killed his father, his mother was tied up by the enemy, the whole family of dozens of people, known as the ghost under the sword, only he was lucky to catch a horse. A good horse of a thousand miles finally escaped. These, bloody past events, one scene after another, were repeated in his mind. Sad Tears rolled out of his eyes, and he couldn't help but raise his head to the sky and make a few shrill whistles! Because of his incomparably strong internal force, the whistling sound, like the roar of a dragon and a tiger, resounded through the sky, shaking the sky and echoing. Ear, for a long time! Suddenly, hear a few exclamations, then somebody says: "This boy is very strong internal force!" Baokun's skill had been perfected at the moment, and his hearing and eyesight were incomparable. After listening attentively, he recognized that the voice was coming from the road. On a few big trees nearby. Baokun said in a loud voice, "Where is your friend? Please come down and talk. Why hide in the tree?" After a pause, Baokun still saw no one coming down. "If you don't come out again, I won't stand on ceremony," he said angrily. "You dare to try!" Baokun only heard his voice but did not see his shadow. "What are you afraid of?" He said angrily. He pushed out both palms at the same time! Dengshi is like The strength of the wild waves, rolled to the trees, suddenly several loud noises, a few trees, uprooted, rolled to ten feet away! At the same time as the tree was pulled up, five figures shot out of the tree! Baokun looked stupefied for a moment, and he never dreamed that he had such a big hand. As soon as the five figures shook, Falling in front of Baokun. Ten cold lightning, quickly glimpsed Baokun's face, can not help but exclaim at the same time, "this child is not?" Is it the person who teaches the main pursuit? Baokun's eyes shot out a strange cold light. He glanced at the five of them and asked coldly, "Who is your leader?" Among the five were a monk,water filling machine, a Taoist, and a layman. One of them, a black-faced, bearded monk with a bald head and cloud shoes, snorted coldly, "Who is the religious leader?" You don't deserve to ask. Now the poor monk wants to ask you, what's the boy's name? Baokun sneered and said, "The bald thief doesn't deserve to ask me my name." An old man with a long beard standing on the left said: "This boy is the one who teaches the main pursuit and capture, and I guarantee that there will be no pity!" Another middle-aged man in a Taoist robe, holding a whisk in his hand, said with a smile, "The five of us have been waiting in Huangshan for three years." Last month, did not see that boy come out, no matter he is now, recapture this boy to reply to say again! Baokun laughed and said, "Do you have the ability?" The big fellow, dressed in a Taoist robe, laughed sadly and said, "I want to have a try!" In the voice, Vegetable oil filling machine ,Beverage packing machine, the whisk in the hand suddenly came to Baokun! As soon as the whisk moved, there was a sharp roaring sound, which gushed out from each horsetail, like a huge current in the river and sea. Xiang Baokun has 36 main points in his whole body. Although Baokun got the true biography of the strange man, he lacked experience against the enemy, and now he saw this kind of fierce. Strange moves, can not help but stay, but forgot to dodge. The middle-aged man wearing a Taoist robe saw that Baokun did not dodge and did not hide, so he thought that Baokun Tuo Big, despise oneself, that pair of terrible strange eyes, burst out two vicious Ling light. He immediately increased the strength of the whisk by 30%. At that time, the strong wind was strong, the roar was like thunder, like a landslide surge, the flood burst the dike, and just rolled up to Baokun.
Baokun is suddenly like Wake up from a dream, but it was too late, the fierce wind, has swept all over the body, Baokun secretly called out: "finished!"! It's over! As soon as this thought swept up like lightning, Baokun suddenly felt a stream of heat in the depths of the Dantian, which filled his whole body and was sent out by the Taoist. The strong wind, the moment the whisk swept over him. The True Qi that covered the whole body immediately went out from thousands of pores! The whisk of the Taoist is like sweeping on a mass of cotton wool, and immediately the mass of cotton wool produces a rebound force, which shocks the Taoist to one. Ten feet away! The Taoist screamed and fell to the ground! Baokun was stunned and thought, "What's going on?" In fact, did he ever know that it was his body that was "positive"? The effect of the rebound force produced by "Qi". You know, Baokun was in the "Bloody Stream" cave, and the strange man had passed on to him a kind of "Qian Kun Xu Rou Righteousness. This kind of righteousness fills Baokun's limbs and bones. When Baokun encounters external pressure, this kind of righteousness naturally produces one. A rebound effect, the greater the pressure, the stronger the rebound force. Of the five, the Taoist had the highest skill. The other four did not expect that the Taoist would fall to the ground in just one move. Even if he was well-informed, he could not see what moves Baokun used to knock down the Taoist. The black-faced, bearded and bald-headed monk gave a low, gloomy sneer and said, "The boy is really evil!"! The poor monk came to see me You Baokun was alert this time. He quickly withdrew his sword from his back with his backhand. With a shake of his sword in his right hand, he shouted, "Give me your name." Don't kill nobodies in the hands of the young master! The bald monk said, "If you say it, you will lose your heart. The poor monk is empty." Teach one of the Five Dharma Protectors! Baokun asked angrily, "Did you, the Kongkong Sect, commit the murder of the Baojia tyrant on Yunshanpo Hill?" "Not bad!"! Dozens of people, only one child slipped through the net, probably your excellency? Originally, "Kongkong Jiao" is 20 years. A great religion rising in Jianghu. It is located on Kongkong Island in the East China Sea. In order to liquidate a bloody case in Wulin 20 years ago, the religious leader To personally lead the master west to the central plains. These five people are the five protectors of the Kongkong Sect. Black-faced, bearded and bald-headed monk named "Dog Meat Monk" Bu Aicheng, because he loves to eat dog meat and does not abide by Buddhist rules. To be driven out of the gate wall by the Shaolin Sect. Although Bu Aicheng is addicted to dog meat, his martial arts are extraordinary, with a ring knife in his hand. From the East China Sea to the Central Plains, the enemy is rare. The middle-aged man in Taoist robes was a "Seven Good Taoist", who loved everything, but the whisk in his hands was not fierce. Than, if not for Baokun's body has the power to rebound, "Seven Good Taoist" this move,water bottling line, Baokun is not dead or seriously injured on the spot. Can! The third of the five was a short old man with a rat's head. His name was Yin Wensha, a "frustrated soul". He had two axes in his hands, which were unique. gzxilinear.com