Trapped dragon ascends to heaven

Hu Baodi sat quietly beside Tianyu at this time. Ren Tianyu is playing. Tianyu leaned back in his chair and said slowly, "It seems to be the land, but I don't get paid there. I haven't been to work there for a long time. Brother Li, you should know the purpose of our visit. Boss Hu wants to break away from the Tianshi Gang. What procedures do you need to go through? Do it today!" The young man looked at Hu Baodi and said, "Old Hu, do you really want to break away from our Tianshi Alliance?" Hu Bao nodded and said, "Brother Dragon Head, thank you for protecting me all these years. Without Brother Dragon Head's help, my Black Bear Gang would have been swallowed up by others long ago. Now I'm a little tired of the things on the road. I want to give my little gang to Tianyu to manage." The young man nodded his head gently. Said: "Our alliance is a voluntary alliance, well, Lao Hu wants to do it himself, then do it yourself!" Tianyu stood up and said, "How can we chat without tea?" Opening the door, Tianyu waved his hand, and a waitress immediately came over and said, "Sir, what can I do for you?" Tianyu smiled and said, "Bring three cups of tea, whatever you want." After ordering, Tianyu said, "Brother Li, you are not picky about what kind of tea you drink."! Who else is there in Brother Li's family? Do you have a sister? Hu Baodi hurriedly said to the young man, "Brother Dragon Head, don't be angry!"! Tianyu loves to talk nonsense. The young man said,juice filling machine, "Old Hu, now you don't have to call me Big Brother Dragon Head any more. Just call me Brother Li or Brother Li. Brother Liu, I have a younger sister at home. Why, are you interested in meeting her?" Tianyu immediately said, "Of course I'm interested. Brother Li, when you are free, take me to know one!"! Is your sister beautiful? "Not bad, Brother Liu," he said. "Now let's talk about something else." With a surprised expression on his face,PET blow moulding machine, Tianyu asked, "Is there anything else?"? Ok, I have nothing to do today. Brother Li, please say it! By the way, how old is brother Li this year? Little brother doesn't know your name yet. The man thought about it and said with a smile, "I am twenty-nine years old this year. I am a few years younger than your second brother. My name is not very elegant. Old Hu, we have known each other for such a long time. You don't know my name, do you?"! My name is Li Tianyi, Tianyu. I am the son of the Meiling family. Do you know the Meiling family? Tianyu raised his head and said thoughtfully, "I don't know yet, but I know now. Brother Li, your name sounds good. Li Tianyi, yes, yes. By the way, what's your sister's name?"? Can you tell me? Li Tianyi said, "If you have a chance, you can ask her yourself."! Tianyu, juice filling machine ,PET blowing machine, I heard that you have announced that Yunnan and Guangxi are already the territory of your God Gang. It seems that the Eagle Gang has been destroyed by your God Gang. Tianyu looked surprised again and said, "Has it gone out?"? "This period of time, I don't care too much about things over there, wait a while, I will go to ask, oh, tea is coming, let's talk while drinking!" Tianyu is holding the tea. He took a shallow sip and then said, "Brother Li, it seems that you have been practicing all these years. How is your skill now?" Li Tianyi smiled and said, "Can't Liu Laodi see that?"? Brother Liu seems to have a deep skill. Tianyu beat ha ( ha and said, "It's all right, let nature take its course!"! Where were we? By the way, the Skyhawk Gang has somehow let little Vietnam run amok all these years. Little brother really can't bear to see, put Yunnan and Guangxi up, Li eldest brother, you probably already know now! Since the younger brother to help the gods in charge of the two provinces, now little Vietnam is not even a fart also dare to put. Li Tianyi took a sip of tea slowly and said, "Brother Liu, I was busy with this matter some time ago." I don't care too much about the affairs of the gang, which leads to so many things. Now I'm going to make a good rectification. Brother Tianyu, how are you going to deal with the affairs of the Eagle Gang.
” Tianyu smiled and said, "This tea tastes good. I don't know what kind of tea it is. Brother Li, do you know?" Li Tianyi replied, "It's Drunken Immortal Tea from Huangshan, Brother Liu.". I'm talking to you seriously now. Tianyu nodded his head and said, "Well, I'm serious, too. The Skyhawk Gang is in its position and doesn't do anything. I have nothing to say if I destroy it.". Brother Li, after all, we are all on the road, on the road, what we say is fart, the most important thing is strength, I don't know if Brother Li believes it or not, if I want to, the whole Tianshi Alliance will disappear completely in a month, but you can rest assured that I will not do this, after all, before, you have been kind to my father-in-law. Little brother won't do that. Hu Baodi was so frightened that he sat and watched the original dragon head eldest brother listen to Tianyu's words, and his face slowly darkened. When Tianyu finished, Li Tianyi said coldly, "Liu Tianyu, can I take what you said just now as a threat to me?" Tianyu shook his head and said, "How can this ( be regarded as a threat? I am quite outspoken. I will say whatever I think of, and I won't play any tricks.". In this matter, if those people under you are not convinced, you can tell them. If they are not convinced, they can leave the Tianshi Alliance. I see which of those guys dare to leave. Li Tianyi was even more livid and said, "Do you mean that if my people break away from the Tianshi Gang, I will destroy them like the Skyhawk Gang?" Tianyu replied, "That's not true. After all,CSD filling line, we are gangsters. We just make some money to spend. Now I have enough money to spend. I'm not very interested in expanding my territory. Brother Li, this topic is over!"! By the way, my little brother has reached the seventh level now. 。