Disguising as a study slacker

Everyone in the game has a variety of names, for a time can not tell who is who, so we turn back to the class group voice chat, but also for the convenience of playing with later. Xu Qingqing's voice at home was a little noisy. She should still be eating. When she came up, she couldn't help shouting: "Forget the school committee, but who are these two idiots?" "You're in the wrong gang," Wanda said while wearing headphones. Liu Cunhao: "Are you an idiot?!" "I have a problem with Lao Xie," said He Chao. " “……” "No, no, I dare not." Liu Cunhao thought he was not in the class. When he heard this, he tried to save the word'silly cock 'he had just said. He racked his brains. "In fact.. The name reveals a hint of aristocracy in its triviality. Xie Yu endured the emotion of kicking He Zhao directly from this end of the corridor to the other end of the corridor when he saw him next Monday, and took part in the gang battle with the name of "thinking you will be addicted to Russia". Liu Cunhao served as a monitor for two years, bringing his innate leadership to the game, but he didn't practice his skills very much. It took him more than half an hour just to pull them through the phalanx. No matter how our technology is, our momentum must come out, and we will crush them when we enter. "Liu Cunhao shouted in his voice," Soldiers stand in the front, Dharma Masters lean back, wet nurses stand at the end,ultrasonic metal welding, walk neatly, I shout three two one, let's go forward together.. " More than 20 people walked in a small square of 4x6 in the game. On the side of the team, there is a soldier named "Addicted to Missing You" who is motionless, and there is even a trace of indifference in the eyes of the character modeling. Liu Cunhao kept repeating "321", and He Chao shouted in the confusion: "Lao Xie, go." Xie Yu opened the microphone: "If you call me again,ultrasonic molten metal, I will get off the line." The gang of Class 4 took the name of "Class 3 is my grandson". At nine o'clock in the evening, a large number of people crowded on the cliff. In fact, there is no technology to speak of in this so-called fight. If there are too many people, it will be a big melee. But when the small 4x6 phalanx of Class 3, which was missing one person, came out neatly, the people of Class 4 were still shocked. The Dharma Master on the opposite side is bleeding. Who will go up and make up a knife? "Mammy, give me a mouthful of milk!"! I'm dying, Mammy. Look at me! "Somebody control that idiot! Control him!" Everyone shouted in the voice chat, and no one noticed that a five-level novice named "Don't indulge in games" by Eddie had been attacked by several enemy skills, and the blood bar was about to be empty. Until Xue Kai Mai asked: "How to take drugs?" Chapter 97 The Cliff of Broken Love is a popular place for gang battles in Genesis. The reason for its popularity is very simple: if you really can't beat it, it's better to jump off the cliff than to die under the enemy's sword. Die with a little dignity. The contest between the two gangs, "Class 4 kneels down and calls for Dad" and "Class 3 is my grandson", ultrasonic emulsifying machine ,ultrasonic welding transducer, soon became popular and attracted many onlookers. Items column in the lower right corner, "He Chao said," the Sports Committee hid back, if not, jumped off the cliff, and the mouse went up to help block it for a while. Which is Liang Hui opposite? I'll go up and *** him. He Zhao harvested several heads at the beginning, with insidious tactics and coquettish position. Liu Cunhao rushed up to protect the five-level novice number behind him: "Your Lao Xie is already doing it." "Think you will be addicted to Russia" single-handedly into the enemy camp. Although Xie Yu hasn't played this game for a long time, Zhou Dalei likes to study new moves when he has nothing to do all day long. When he studies it, he shows it in front of him: "Boss Xie, you see my move, so I decided to name it the blade of Lei Zai. What do you think?" Xie Yu showed no mercy: "I feel very rustic." Zhou Dalei: ".." Liang Hui was unable to move by the soldiers of Eddie, but in just five minutes, their side had been beaten to half a team. You can't see the surrounding scenery clearly for a while, and the screen is full of special effects. Residual blood, a knife. Xie Yu finished, and before the people around him could react, he said: "I'm dead.".
” Liang Hui equipment is good, probably the idea of playing the game is on the high-priced equipment, the role of the game looks bright and beautiful, the actual operation is not very good. At this time, Xue finally took the medicine, and after returning the blood, he released several skills with almost zero damage, showing everyone the stubbornness of the five-level novice number. Twenty minutes later -- System prompt: [ "Class 4 kneel down and call Dad" wins "Class 3 are all my grandchildren".] The victory was so fierce that Liu Cunhao's voice was almost hoarse. At the final moment of revealing the victory or defeat, he shouted desperately: "Win, brothers!"! We won! Xie Yu had a headache because of the sound of Liu Cunhao, and he subconsciously wanted to reach out and pull out the earphone, and then there was a louder shout in the earphone: "You are going to die, have you finished your homework?"? Still playing games? Liu Cunhao's voice was so loud that he called Liu's father and mother over and pushed the door open and scolded them bitterly. Liu Cunhao was scolded to be honest in an instant and said in a low voice: "Mom, I will play for another ten minutes." I swear, I do. On the other side, there is a parent who doesn't play by the rules. Why don't you play? Play with the students for a while, ah, this game looks very interesting, do you want to buy some equipment, I see other children have bought. If you like it, you can buy it, and your mother will give you money. The whole class three was so surprised by the parents that they could not speak. Then they heard Xue say helplessly, "Mom, no, I'm not playing anymore. I'm going to recite the words." “……” Liu Cunhao wanted to cry: "Why is there such a big difference between people?" Xie Yu put his hand on the earphone line and laughed with the laughter coming from the earphone. Except for Liu Cunhao, who was still crying for the injustice of fate,sonicator homogenizer, everyone else was laughing wildly. Smiling, he let go of his hand and was about to quit the game when he saw the people of Class 4 shouting in public with a small loudspeaker on the "world". - "Willing to gamble and admit defeat". - "Sorry". The competition was originally put forward by their class on their own initiative, and now they have to admit defeat. fycgsonic.com