Young master, Gao Shuai left in a huff. Did he quarrel with you? He used to be very nice. How did he become like this? Xiaoli stepped into the small living room. Quarrel? What makes you think that? Dashuai is not a bad person, but everyone's goals are different, the road is different, it is inevitable that there will be differences, I did not quarrel with him, we are still good brothers as before. Chen Fei laughed. Young master, you've changed, too. Aren't you sad? "I have withdrawn from the mourning hall. Oh,industrial racking systems, my father and mother are just going on vacation. Believe it or not, one day they will suddenly come back." Chen Fei said mysteriously. I believe it! Now, I'm going to inform Sister Xiaomei that her uncle and aunt will be back soon. Chen Fei was speechless. Did he say "right away"? If the master is willing to make a move, it is almost the same,heavy duty rack manufacturers, grandma, the master changed a shape this time, but also a long beard, but is there a master like him? Say to come, say to go, New Year's money is not given, really. *** < < Postscript > > A hundred years in a hurry is a snap of a finger. In the mansion of a super resort in Paradise Star. Grandpa, metal racking systems ,asrs warehouse, your children's song is like a wolf howling. I still can't sleep. Will you continue to tell me the story of Chen Fei? In the bedroom, the little boy shook the sleeve of a big man and said coquettishly. Mimi, when I was in kindergarten, Grandpa's nursery rhymes had several'little red flowers', and he sang them from time to time. Why don't you know the goods? A big man pretended to be angry. Ture? If only I had gone to that kindergarten with Grandpa. The kindergarten aunt who taught Grandpa must be deaf. The little boy looked yearning and envious. Some big enjoy: "… …" "Grandpa, tell me the story of Chen Fei quickly." "Well, by the way, Mimi, where were we last night?" A big man scratched the back of his head. Speaking of Chen Fei just came back from the Anse Galaxy, his father and mother were killed by bad people, Chen Fei hid in the mourning hall to practice, and then Gao Shuai came and left angrily. The little boy has a good memory. It's just the same "Mimi virtue" as a big man. " Well, it seems to be here, Gao Shuai that guy left, somehow, soon disappeared, so after a year, Starburst Island's Mochizuki Palace Master Big Mimi Beauty. No, you can't teach a bad child. It's the wife of Mochizuki Palace who found Chen Fei and asked him for Longmen Jade. Chen Fei has achieved great success at this time, just like the handsome Chad that Grandpa told you before! Hey, hey, isn't that great? Chen Fei also abruptly divided Longmen Jade into two pieces, left one for himself,medium duty racking, gave one to the Lord of Mochizuki Palace, and asked her to take it back to Longzhao. Some big enjoy gushing. Grandpa, what does it mean to retreat in the face of difficulties? Is that Chad good? I don't think he's a good man. Said the little boy.