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This was not an escape, but an escape, because he knew that the monster he could not compete with even if he launched a high-level spiritual gathering had finally come out-the first ev plane. The horror of the first plane lies not in its power, but in its invincible, soul-penetrating T field and its immortal body. Who can compete with a monster that has been blown apart and can still fuse? Moreover, the first plane has gone on a rampage, and the pilot, Shinji Ikari, is completely integrated with the first plane and becomes the nutrient to support the activities of the first plane. He cannot identify the enemy, but will only attack the enemy who attacks him or sends out a powerful aura, and then eat the strong, becoming the nutrient to enhance his strength. In other words, Li Xiaoyao, who is supported by Zhenyuan's strength, is more likely to become the prey of the first plane than Meng Xiang, who has gathered momentum early. Li Xiaoyao is still calm, the face is not surprised "color", also do not put away the body of Wu Shen battle, slightly disappointed to look at the first plane, also do not know for the death of Shinji Wan regret, or to kill Meng Xiang and regret. Meng Xiang can not care so much, stepping on the advanced green magic board slowly left, the first plane has been Li Xiaoyao's true yuan Li, the momentum of Meng Xiang completely ignored, and Li Xiaoyao was also stared at by the huge monster in front of him, did not dare to act rashly, had to watch Meng Xiang leave. Meng Xiang's advanced Green Devil board is getting faster and faster, and the roar of the first plane has come from the rear. What was the outcome of the war? Li Xiaoyao, who has lost a lot of Zhenyuan power, may not be able to withstand the T force field of the first machine,filter nozzle, but it is not easy for the first machine to kill Li Xiaoyao. T force field spread out, the ground is still torn, Meng Xiang dare not stay, drive the Green Devil board with all his strength, 10 meters above the ground, take off at a high speed, leave this shocking battlefield.. The latest and fastest chapter, please log in [], reading is a kind of enjoyment, I suggest you collect. Inception Chapter 529 Fen Shen's tracking. [] Updated: 2012 49 1:21:27 Words in this Chapter: 4274 And EJ will go.. Guest ~ residence Chapter 529 tracking of Fen Shen. The power of the first plane, which went on a rampage and devoured two strong men, was astonishing. The unfolding T force field destroyed several square kilometers of buildings and creatures around it in the blink of an eye, and moved the area to the ground. And EJ will go.. In a twinkling of an eye, there is no creature nearby except the reincarnation with strong strength. This scene, even if the battle-hardened Meng Xiang, disc air diffuser ,fine bubble diffuser, can not help but fight a cold war. Meng Xiang left in a hurry, ran dozens of kilometers, then took out the Green Devil Board and flew in the direction of the confluence with Nakamura Koji at a high speed. Koji Nakamura, wait for me at the rendezvous point. I'm coming back now. Through his cell phone, Meng Xiang contacted Koji Nakamura. I've been waiting. Did you fight with the strong man of the plot reincarnation team just now? Koji Nakamura asked calmly. Yes, everything will be discussed in detail when I go back. By the way, Li Xiaoyao is not dead. You should be careful. "Not dead?"? Impossible. I don't lie to you, because.. Meng Xiang suddenly felt that there was a momentum approaching not far away, and the familiar energy fluctuation was Li Xiaoyao's true power. Did Li Xiaoyao get rid of the first plane? Meng Xiang did not know that he had little energy left at this time, but Li Xiaoyao's situation was not much better than his, so Meng Xiang was not too worried. Even if it was really Li Xiaoyao, he must have been beaten by the first plane and fled. Swish! The three flying swords came straight. Meng Xiang had already sensed the attack behind him by entering the tiny hole. He pulled out the crystal and cut it with his backhand. The three flying swords were shot down at the same time. Li Xiaoyao fell from the sky, but Meng Xiang felt a little strange. Because in front of Li Xiaoyao's face is expressionless, even the eyes will not blink, if he is not standing in the flying sword, I thought it was a wax statue. As soon as Meng Xiang's heart moved, the slightly different momentum and stiff facial expression of Li Xiaoyao were not quite the same as the Li Xiaoyao he knew. Fen Shen? Meng Xiang was almost certain that it was only Li Xiaoyao's doppelganger who had come after him with the power of Zhenyuan. Kej is going to.. % guest residence But even Fen Shen, also has the general potential to lock the strength of the level 4 strong, Meng Xiang dare not underestimate the enemy. Li Xiaoyao pinched the seal with both hands, and the flying sword appeared out of thin air, stabbing Meng Xiang from all sides.
The power of the Fen Shen Royal Sword is far less than the main body, Meng Xiang put away the Green Devil board, pick up the sky crystal straight over, as long as close the distance, then as Nakamura Koji said, the strength of the Fen Shen is not worth mentioning. Li Xiaoyao's doppelganger can communicate with the real body, and even has a small part of Li Xiaoyao's soul. It is precisely because of this that the doppelganger has an independent mind. Moreover, in the heyday of Li Xiaoyao, even the subtle movements such as facial expressions are the same as the real body, so Nakamura Koji can not distinguish them. At this time, Li Xiaoyao's true strength has been exhausted, not only the strength of Fen Shen has declined, but also the facial expressions and other movements can not be done. Meng Xiang must defeat Fen Shen as soon as possible, so he has done his best except for not launching Lingju. Dang, Dang, Dang! The four flying swords guarding Li Xiaoyao were chopped by Tianjing one by one. Meng Xiang, like a rhinoceros, rushed under Li Xiaoyao in an instant. His feet slammed on the ground and flew straight into the sky like a rocket. Although Fen Shen stepped on the flying sword and suspended at a height of more than 40 meters above the ground, Meng Xiang's jump had already used a subtle burst and "shaving", and Fen Shen was never the body, so he could not avoid it, but only blocked it with a long sword. This is in line with Meng Xiang's mind, even if Li Xiaoyao Zhengshen, Meng Xiang also has the confidence to fly him with Tianjing, not to mention Fen Shen? "Click!" The long sword and his left arm were cut off by Meng Xiang's sword. Meng Xiang was suspended at a height of more than 50 meters. Then he took out the Green Devil Board and dived down to give Li Xiaoyao a fatal blow. Suddenly, the human body image of the Fen Shen gradually melts, constantly emitting colorful light, and then the temperature rises nearby, and the colorful light emitted by the Fen Shen is like burning the earth. Chunchun's true power has long been seen by Meng Xiang in Shushan Biography from Nanming Fire Sword and Tianlei Double Sword. Fen Shen is like a small sun,Belt Filter Press, and the energy contained in it will explode at any time. Self-explosion? Meng Xiang came up with this idea in his mind, and he hurriedly controlled the Green Devil Board to fly away, and his whole body was in the strongest light defense.