There is a way to control your husband in the rebirth of 80

He Peier said to herself, then wrapped the book in a purple cloth towel, covered her mouth and yawned, "You put it away quickly and go to sleep." She could hardly open her eyes, and when Xia Lin took the thing, she fell directly on the bed. After a few minutes, the woman's even breathing came into Xia Lin's ears. Still holding the book in his hand, he smiled helplessly at the thought of what the woman had just said. Come on, there are some things she will understand sooner or later, let nature take its course. He Peier was busy in the next few days. The day of the Lantern Festival was the day to go to the market. Business was so good that we didn't have a rest. At noon, we cooked a few more dishes in the shop, which was a feast for the festival. After dinner, Xiao Shaoping took the account book to the market to order raw materials, but did not want to meet Li Wenli on the way back. To be honest, he was not familiar with Li Wenli at all. He didn't know what she looked like before. He didn't look carefully when he rescued her in the water last time. Now he was startled when he suddenly saw her. This person's eyes are red and swollen, a look is crying hard, and the black at the moment is very deep, feeling like two days and two nights did not sleep, looking at himself is also a face of sorrow. Fortunately, it was during the day, and if it was at night, Xiao Shaoping would be startled, thinking that the female ghost from there had come to ask for his life. Xiao Li two families have so little quarrel, Xiao Shaoping did not speak,smart whiteboard price, straight to the side, just want to avoid this person in the past. But Li Wenli made a special trip to block him, so that he could just walk away. Brother Xiao, I have something to do with you. When Li Wenli saw that he was leaving, she immediately went up and pinched his arm to death. Xiao Shaoping felt pain in his arm and threw it with displeasure, "If you have anything to say, don't grab me!" Li Wenli still did not let go, heart way,face detection android, do not hold you, you can just run away. Brother Xiao, I'm just going to say a few words. Give me some time. Let's go over there and talk. Without waiting for Xiao Shaoping to agree, Li Wenli pulled people directly to the side of the supply and marketing cooperative. In this crowded street pulling and pulling is not a thing, Xiao Shaoping saw that she just let himself go to the side of the supply and marketing cooperative to say a few words, also followed her to go. But when he approached, he was surprised to find Tian Ying shopping on a cloth stall next to him. Xiao Shaoping suddenly uncomfortable, although he and Li Wenli have nothing to do, of course, with Tian Ying also have nothing to do, but this heart is not right, there is a feeling of doing bad things to catch the bag. Li Wenli did not know Tian Ying at all, and when she saw Xiao Shaoping's expression twisted, she thought she was pulling him to make him uncomfortable. Think of this reason, her heart is particularly uncomfortable, she thinks that although her face is not top-notch, but somehow it is above average, outdoor digital signage displays ,touch screen digital signage, not short, more than enough to match him Xiao Shaoping, such a good marriage, how can he not be happy! Li Wenli was upset, but she was smiling on her face. After they stood still, she didn't waste time. She pulled out her handkerchief and cried. Xiao Erge, you don't know how miserable I am now. Not only was I divorced, but I was looked down upon in the village. Now I have to come to the town to study. "I know it was wrong for my brother to make trouble with you last time, but I really lost the face of my family when I fell into the water. My husband's family came to get married the same day after hearing about it, saying that I was hugged, and their family could not afford to lose face.." Li Wenli cried as she spoke, but her ability to express herself was very clear, and every word she said did not stop. Tian Ying in front of the cloth stall could not help but shrunken mouth, she heard sister-in-law mentioned the matter of Xiao Shaoping, originally also thought that this matter is estimated to be over, unexpectedly there is follow-up, this shameless woman actually took the initiative to come to the door. Alas, this scheming is very deep. It is estimated that this is also keeping an eye on the pockets of the Xiao family. Otherwise, how can you insist on working harder. Li Wenli grinds and grinds here to sell miserably, thinking that Xiao Shaoping would pity herself more or less, so she cried and observed Xiao Shaoping's expression, but to her surprise, Xiao Shaoping frowned all the time, and before she finished, she turned her head and left directly. Hey!!! Chapter 168 elm head. "Hey, brother Xiao.". I haven't finished what I said. Why did you leave.
"Li Wenli also did not care to cry, hurriedly went up to pull people.". When she came over, her brother had given orders. If she couldn't handle Xiao Shaoping, it would be hard to see a good marriage in the future. Their family's reputation is now bad, of course, she knows how much this impact, but as long as she and Xiao Shaoping come together, she not only married a suitable husband, before those shameless things will become a good story. For the sake of her good life in the future, she came over with a shy face and fought hard. Being pulled again, Xiao Shaoping was very coy in his heart. He knew that Li Wenli was complaining in front of him, but these things were not her family affairs. Why did she say to herself. Did he fall into the water to save people? Was he wrong? Did he hurt her? If you still want to say this, don't say it. It's no use telling me. Besides, I'm busy. I really don't have the leisure to pull parents with you here. Li Wenli's pitiful appearance really let Xiao Shaoping rise so little sympathy, to say that this matter can have so much follow-up, this is not all her shameless brother provoked. There is such a large family of people who are out of tune, and she was born in that family. Xiao Shaoping said so, but the pace still stopped, Xiao's three children, he is the softest one, see others pitiful, he is embarrassed to refuse. He asked himself not to say those things, but Li Wenli came here today for the purpose of complaining, not to say these what ah! Li Wenli paused for a moment and looked up at Xiao Shaoping, who couldn't understand what he was thinking. Brother Xiao, I don't know why I want to talk to you about such a thing. Last time you saved me, I was weak and sick that night. Before I could thank you,digital signage screen, my brother caused such a thing. "Although my brother loves my sister, he did it too recklessly.". When I met you today, I would like to apologize to you on his behalf. I don't ask you to forgive me. I just hope you don't put it in your heart. 。