Sanxiaoxiao Chuang Jianghu-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradise

As he spoke, he began to sob behind the strong man. These words made all the people present in a daze. People can not help but pity the little girl, have accused the shopkeeper, support the teasing girl. The strong man felt great when he saw the girl hiding behind his shoulder, and the whole inn was in a mess. The shopkeeper was burning with anger, but he was speechless. As soon as he reached out his hand, he would grab the teasing girl. The teasing girl twisted her body flexibly and hid behind the strong man. When the strong man saw what the shopkeeper had done, his sense of justice rose and he stepped forward to defend Dou Niu against injustice. At this critical juncture, Dou Niu stopped wading into the muddy water. She looked back and squinted at the shopkeeper's discomfiture and murmured, "Forgive me, Bodhisattva. I'm leaving." Slip out of the shop triumphantly. "The three little shirts were full in the shabby temple. They had a little strength. They laughed so hard that they twisted into a ball and couldn't untie it." You're so good at teasing girls that you can think of a way to get so much delicious food. Xi Pang worshipped him and said. The teasing girl is very proud and insufferably arrogant-she really depends on her today. Suddenly, he looked gloomy and said, "It's really hard to tease a girl today. However, my father said that if you are too smart, it's easy to get into trouble, especially for children who are not experienced in Jianghu." Kui Pang also worried: "Yes!"! It seems to make sense. You see, all the things we met along the way were caused by teasing girls. Dou Niu said innocently: "Don't worry, with my smart mind, come up with a smart way, not all right!" " Shaozai couldn't help but raise his voice, imagining the smelly expression of the shopkeeper of Shuanglu Inn, gesturing to expose the skin of the teasing girl,Slate Wall Panel, scaring her to say: "Be careful on the road in the future, otherwise-mile, mile.." The teasing girl laughed and scolded and forced the injured boy to be beaten, and Xi Pang also joined in the fun until the moon was in the west, and the Bodhisattva in the ruined temple did not rest until the day was about to dawn. It was slightly overcast and windy, and the weather was not very good, but there were many pedestrians on the street, and all of them were walking to the west of the city,Calacatta Quartz Slab, with incense and paper foil in their hands. Dou Niu saw an old gentleman buying joss sticks at the stall. He rushed forward and asked, "Grandpa, are you going to burn incense?" "Yes!"! There are so many people on the street today. Why are they all going to the west of the city? The fat man came up and asked. The old gentleman looked at the boy who was standing silent and said with a smile in a very incongruous voice, "Little boy, don't you know?"? Today is Buddha's birthday. There is a temple fair in Lingyun Temple outside the West City. It's very lively. The back of Lingyun Temple is very high. It's more fun. It's very rare for people to go up. Don't you go and have a look? "Yes!"! We just got here. Thanks for telling Dad! Make the girl smile and say thank you. The old man smiled, crouched down and picked up a load of oranges beside him, waved his hand and walked away. Dou Niu turned around and said, "Anyway, we're not in a hurry to find our eldest brother. Why don't we go to Lingyun Temple to see the excitement first?" Damaged boy nodded in agreement, and Xi Pang jumped up with joy. The three children followed the crowd out of the West City Gate. Sure enough, the road was full of pedestrians. After walking about five miles, they looked up and saw a bamboo forest on the front hill in the distance. There was a large temple in the sparse bamboo forest. Half a mile from the temple, Shaozai saw an old man sitting in the shade of a roadside tree in front of him, with a load of oranges at his feet. It was the old man on the street. Damaged young boy points to tease girl and Xi Pang to look, 3 people run before old gentleman, white marble mosaic ,Stone Honeycomb Panel, cry aloud: "Grandpa!" Grandpa! The old gentleman seemed to be startled by this cry. He raised his head, narrowed his eyes, looked at it for a long time, and said, "Oh!"! It's you! "Grandpa, what are you doing carrying this load of oranges to Lingyun Temple?" Fatty always only pays attention to what he eats. The old man laughed and said, "If you sell it in front of the temple, the business will be good if there are many people." "It's so hard," he said. "You're so old. Why does your daughter-in-law make you so tired?" Old Gentleman argues at once: "Today this kind of big day, quite special, I just come out, I won't come out normally! I won't come out normally!" Come, come, come! One orange per person. Grandpa's treat. As he spoke, he stuffed an orange into the arms of the teasing girl, the fat girl, and the injured boy. Then he said, "I'll rest for a while. You are young and fast, so don't wait for me." Then let's go first! See you on the hill. Tease the girl and go up the hill. Behind the old man's narrowed eyes, but flashed a touch of sharp eyes.
As soon as he said goodbye to the old gentleman, he couldn't wait to fill his stomach with oranges and shouted that they were delicious. Even the young man couldn't resist the temptation of the fragrance and ate them all after a few steps. Douniu and her party came to the temple. Lingyun Temple is on a large scale in the middle of the mountain, with devout men and women coming in and out with a pious face. Lingyun Temple is named because the rear hall of the temple is on the top of the hill. And the mountain road is very difficult to travel, to the rear hall of the natural few people. "Now that we have come to Lingyun Temple, it is useless to come to the real Lingyun Temple," he suggested. "Yes, I feel the same way. Let's go." The teasing girl said and went around the backyard. Miss, I'm afraid I can't climb up. You see, it's so steep! If it's easy, why doesn't everyone go? Fat is lazy and afraid. It's more fun and the scenery is better. Besides, didn't Uncle Hong say that there are often delicious wild fruits in the deep mountains where there are few people? Use the old-fashioned way to tease girls. Will there be? The poor fat man wavered again. Ture! Don't lie to you, if you don't come down and buy it for you! Damaged boy adds fuel to the flames. But before long, even the damaged boy felt powerless, a soft feeling all over his body, constantly expanding, and top-heavy, more and more superficial at his feet. Teasing girls and hurting boys, I'm not comfortable-I can't climb. Xi Pang is going to fall down. What do you think of teasing girls? Damaged young one staggers, reach out to hold the body that Xi Pang wants to fall down, look back to tease girl. See tease girl to lean on bamboo only, murmur say: "Be no good, really strange?"? How did this happen? The young man dragged Xi Pang to the side of the road and sat down, and he also fell to the ground, wondering in his heart. Suddenly someone on the mountainside laughed sharply and said, "What are you doing here, silly boy?" Hearing the sound, the young man looked back with an ominous feeling in his heart. Dou Niu opened her eyelids forcefully, looked at each other blankly, and said,Pietra Gray Marble, "Grandpa!"! What are you doing here? The old man wiped his hand on his face and said with a sneer, "Waer, you've forgotten all about me so soon!" 。