Qing Meng Tian Xia

Far away came a loud laugh, Kunpeng with tens of millions of demons disappeared in the edge of the demon world. Zhang Yu pondered at Chiyou, who was so anxious that he scratched his ears and cheeks. With a light laugh, he drove the clouds up and went straight to the temple of the Demon Domain. Chiyou and Hongling knew that Zhang Yu still had orders, so they hurried to follow closely, and after a moment, they went to the temple of the Demon Domain on the top of the Demon Mountain. Chiyou, Pangu Axe has been in your hands for a long time. When will you, the sage, return to your position? Zhang Yu sat on the cloud bed, holding the back of the black jade bed, and looked at Chiyou, who was standing in a well-behaved manner, and asked. Teacher, it's not useful. This Pangu axe is true, but in my hands, I can't even carry the power of a world. Zhang Yu suddenly waved his hand and interrupted Chiyou's nagging. He laughed and scolded, "Everyone has the heart of fear. I don't blame you for being afraid of death. How many people in the world can break through life and death?"? But you know, this heart does not go, the obsession is hard to cut, the position of the sage is like the water moon mirror flower, unreachable! Chiyou tilted his head and thought about it. He kept pondering in his heart: "What the teacher said is true. I know the way to behead three corpses. At present, I lack great perseverance and great mind. Every time I face the inexplicable death who just left, I am always suppressed. In the end,White Marble Mosaic, I dare not fight with him. When I first came to the demon world, my heroic spirit was worn out." It seems that the obsession of life and death is still at work! "If you don't fight to the death, how do you know Pangu's axe is not useful?"? The power of one world, ha ha, even if the power of three worlds can't shake Pangu's axe, what worries do you have? Zhang Yu said with a deep sigh: "The higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment." With your good fortune, carrying the power of Pangu axe, under the experience of the demon world,Granite Slab Supplier, chopping vegetables, there think of mud can not support the wall, it seems that Pangu axe really can not be possessed with you, really disgrace Pangu's prestige! Chiyou was scolded by Zhang Yu, his face was red, and his thoughts were rolling in his heart. He secretly blamed himself: "The teacher had planned for me millions of years ago, and even tried his best to use the demon world to help me, but I was as timid as a mouse and retreated when I was in trouble. I had no intention of being a hero, and I had no tough nature. If the teacher arranged Pangu Axe for any brother, he would definitely not want me to escape like this!" "Teacher, the disciple must be." The surging Chi You was about to express his love when he was suddenly interrupted by Zhang Yu: "The giant of the mouth, the navigation mark of the line!" One sentence pushed the excited Chiyou back, and Chiyou was suffocated until he was purple and red. He stammered back, "Teacher, what can a disciple do to become a saint?" "Qingmeng is all based on the understanding of all kinds of attitudes in the world, and the practice is the result of mixed Taoism with love and righteousness. Even the method of cutting three corpses, which abandons obsession, Carrara Marble Slab ,pietra gray marble, is based on Qingmeng. Your teacher, Xihe, is an example." "Does the teacher mean to let me participate in the worship of the gods?" Although Chiyou is a rough man, but does not mean that the brain is not bright, considering the problem or inherited Zhang Yu's meticulous style, so he thought of the coming great plunder.
"Yes, although it is a Taoist deity, it has changed. Buddhism, sorcery and blood have all been pulled in more or less. Of course, the Demons can't look at such a big cake and ignore it. Now in the Demon World, you are the head of billions of Demons. Who will stand out if you don't stand out?" Zhang Yu said indifferently, slowly got up and patted Chiyou on the head: "Since you want to behead the corpse, you have to take strong medicine. There will be your name on the Deification List!" "Huh?" Chiyou gave an exclamation of surprise. He was so frightened that his legs went limp. He put his arm around Zhang Yu's trouser legs and howled, "Teacher, you don't need the Dharma body and the primordial spirit to kill the corpse, do you?" "Not promising!" Zhang Yu laughed and scolded, and raised his hand to lift the limp Chi You up: "So afraid of death, how to see through the obsession of life and death?"? Don't think about it. No matter how good the Deification List is, he doesn't have the ability to accept Pangu Axe yuan Ling. If he really dares to accept you, you can break the Deification List from inside. Deification, seal a fart! The words, Chiyou said the heart at ease a lot, the heart thought with emotion: "Obsession is hard to cut ah!"! Now it seems that stepping into the threshold of the sage is a question of thinking, but this thought is so difficult. At the beginning, the creation of the Black Cloud Demon Zun, killing hundreds of millions of living beings can not prove the truth, or under the attack of the teacher to destroy the world to see through death, cut off the evil corpse, and prove the fruit of Hun yuan Dao. I am an ordinary demon God, of course, it is ten thousand times more difficult than the Black Cloud Demon Zun. "The Red Spirit will take charge of the Demon World for you. Hurry to meet Kong Xuan at the boundary of Dongyi to the east of the Shang Dynasty. Everything will be arranged by Kong Xuan!" Zhang Yu waved a blue light to Chiyou who could not stop thinking, opened the passage between the demon world and the flood and famine, and sent Chiyou into the flood and famine. Shibo! The Red Spirit called out softly, "Is that God of death the elder brother Kunpeng?" Zhang Yu's face did not change, but his heart flashed a trace of vigilance: "The matter of Kunpeng is a secret of Qingmeng. I didn't even tell Nuwa and others. How did Hongling know?"? Is that the land pressure said? If the land pressure can be calculated, then Hongjun, who is similar to the land pressure realm, must also be able to know. "Did your master Lu tell you that?" Zhang Yu asked in reply, pretending to be natural. No, it was Elder Martial Brother Hongyun who told the disciple that Chiyou had sent someone to Qingmengtian to ask Elder Martial Brother Hongyun to come to the Demon World to help him. After some inquiry, he drove Younger Martial Brother Gou's men away. At that time, I asked him about it, but he just said that there was no great God in the Demon World, and he didn't explain too much. Later, Younger Martial Brother Chiyou sent someone to invite him again and again, but Elder Martial brother Hongyun had no choice but When he came, he told me that if he was in danger of death, he would surely turn bad luck into good as long as he shouted to Elder Martial Brother Kunpeng! Hong Ling explained that Zhang Yu immediately understood the loopholes in his arrangement of the Demon World Trial, that is, Peng knew too much about Qingmeng Gongfa, and only a few people knew about Qingmeng's supreme Taoism. Chiyou did not think deeply in the game, but Hongyun was out of the game and had a thorough understanding of Zhang Yu's nature, not to mention using his head. Even with his feet,Marble Projects, he could imagine that the death of the canthus was the missing Peng. Red Cloud is clever! Zhang Yu praised, but did not clearly say his own arrangements, but this is heard in the ears of the Red Spirit with the admission of course there is no difference. forustone.com