Dongfang Yujiu Zhuan Xiao

Two people join hands to use the "Qilian double style", although the sword is like a rainbow, fierce, but also can not break into the endless silver flowers. In. This soul-stirring battle made all the heroes watching the battle extremely nervous and their eyes wide open, but what everyone saw, It is the light of countless circling swords, revolving around a silver flower, that's all! Fan Shaohua saw himself and Pearl join hands to kill, but still could only draw with Lady Huanhua, unable to take advantage. Potential, in a hurry,Narrow aisle rack, suddenly shouted: "temptress, I fight with you." Raise one hand flute, point out, this one move, it is the "nameless strange move" that tries a hundred times. How strong was his anger at this moment? But the sound of divination hit the "Zhangmen point" on the left flank of Lady Huanhua. With a stuffy hum in his mouth and a sword move in his hand,Pallet rack upright, Fang became sluggish. Xue Zhuer's seven or eight sword lights shot up at the same time, but listening to the sound of the skeleton sword, a piece of silver flower was immediately destroyed. With a wave of their left wrists, the two swords crossed, and Lady Huanhua snorted again. The sword fell to the ground, and the rain of blood flew. An arm, already shoulder-length cut off, a piece of blood all over her body, warehouse rack manufacturer ,Pallet rack beams, but she only retreated a few steps, then stopped, sadly way: "Chunhua, I didn't expect to die at the hands of your son." Suddenly, the True Qi burst out, shaking the heart and died, and fell back. With a murderous look on his face, Fan Shaohua took a steep step forward and said to his father, "My father and mother are spirits in heaven. The boy has avenged his blood today." "" The autumn frost dagger straightened and stabbed Lady Huanhua in the chest! "Shaoxia, show mercy under the sword." A gray shadow, flying down in the air, a big sleeve brush, an invisible potential, holding Fan Shaohua dagger, showing a satin woman. Ni, toward Fan Shaohua and ten way: "People don't hold grudges when they die. Shaoxia, you have avenged yourself. Give her a whole corpse!" As soon as the voice fell, he turned to the black devil and buried the dragon and flowers. The lady gave a salute and said: The poor nun has a pure heart and wants to ask the two benefactors for personal favors. Huanhua Palace has never intervened in Jianghu for hundreds of years. Twenty years ago, Elder Martial Sister is self-reliant and has done evil to Wulin. Now she has suffered the consequences. This is not the crime of Huanhua Palace. The culprit is dead. The poor nun wants to be Huanhua The disciple of the Flower Palace pleads for his life. Can he be taken away by the poor nun? From now on, he will never be in Jianghu. It turned out that she was the sister of Lady Huanhua. What was her intention? Hei Sha You Long and the Lady of Burying Flowers can't make decisions for a while, and they are feeling embarrassed! Just listen to match Zhuge ha ha a smile way: "The chief criminal has been punished. It's okay for Abbess to stay in Huanhua Palace. Wulin colleagues didn't destroy Huanhua Palace originally." Normal University can take Shen Ruolan and Princess Huanhua away. As for all the flower girls, they must abolish their martial arts and give them a reward. As a folk woman, she can't go with Abbess. Pure heart Abbess together way: "Thank you so much, benefactor." Sai Zhuge ordered Shen Ruolan and Princess Huanhua to leave with Abbess Qingxin. Fan Shaohua revenge, went to the front of Zhuge, worship down, way: "I have to avenge my parents. With the help of my military adviser, please accept my next worship." Zhuge laughed and said: "We belong to the same school. Why should we thank you,long span shelving, Younger Martial Brother?" With that, he took off a mask of human skin from his face. It turned out that he was Mr. Jiuyi, who lived in seclusion in Jiuyi Cave! Fan Shaohua surprised way: "You are indeed Mr. Nine Doubts!" Old Zhang Guo lifted his beard and said with a smile:.