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Original Title: Masks Exported to EU CE Certified PPE Covered Products PPE Directive Product Certification Scope: KN95,Medical Full Body Coverall,KN90,Medical Full Body Coverall,KN100, CE Certificate KN95 Mask ,KN95 Face Mask,KP90,KP95,KP100,FFP1,FFP2.FFP3。 Note: Flat disposable respirators are not covered by the PPE Directive. Protective mask CE certification process 1) Product type test report; 2) Review of technical documents; 3) Factory quality system review. Protective mask certification type 1) Module B + Module C2 (sampling test, valid for 1 year) 2) Module B + Module D (factory audit, valid for 3 years) Module B refers to the review and filing of technical documents,Against Bacteria Breathable KN95 Face Mask, which refers to the type inspection certification. Module C2: sampling inspection, valid for 1 year. Internal production control and random annual spot checks of products to ensure product consistency. Module D: Factory audit, valid for 3 years. Refers to the quality control of the production process in order to ensure product consistency. Protective mask CE certification cycle 1) Module B + Module C2: 6-8 weeks; 2) Module B + Module D: 8-12 weeks Contact: Mr. Song Phone 18926043348 Mobile station: Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.