Give you back sixty years (all for dreams)

Chi Chi turned to look at Gu Xi, holding the meat pie with dried plum vegetables. It's really delicious. Would you like to try it? Wearing sunglasses, Gu Xi pointed to them before and after: "We are in the scenic spot, you have been eating, you do not know whether things are clean or not, you still eat!"! Is your name Chi Chi or eat? "Miss Gu, you can rest assured that the meat pie with dried plum vegetables is our specialty here. In addition, there are dragon boat cakes, green balls with shredded bamboo shoots, pickled green plums.." said the staff of the scenic spot who had been following Gu without saying a word. The health inspection is very strict, and it is absolutely clean and hygienic. Gu Xi waved his hand casually: "I don't have a problem with the specialty you sell..." Chi Chi asked the guide curiously, "Where is the dragon boat cake?" Through the sunglasses, Gu Xi stared at Chi Chi: "Have you forgotten that we are here to survey the scenery?" The girl silently swallowed the last mouthful of plum dried vegetable meat pie in her mouth. With such a big investment, we will definitely treat you to a good meal in the scenic spot. What will you do if you are full now? With an assistant holding an umbrella behind him and a road cleared for tourists in front of him, Director Fei had already taken a tour bus directly to the freshwater shoal where they wanted to build a harbor and a palace. Gu Xi's star is full of pomp and circumstance, but the girl around him is always out of place. Others came to work, but she was as leisurely as a tourist,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, and she would not admit that she was envious and jealous. In five minutes. The dragon boat cake was originally stuffed with dried plum and meat. This pickled green plum is very good. Would you like to taste it? Gu Xi has given up the treatment of Chi Chi: "No, you eat it yourself." While looking at the scenery, Gu Xi would also cast her eyes on the little girl who was happily eating. I haven't seen her for a few days, and the breath on her body seems to be much heavier? It's good. Young and mature actresses are certainly not as attractive as lively and beautiful female stars.  ...   Chapter 28 stunts. This year, There is no popularity that is difficult to make money, a lot of people do anything for a gimmick,brushed stainless steel sheet, You don't see some of the original unknown scenic spots because of a well-known film, Do a variety show with ratings, It has become a famous scenic spot, From now on the tourists, Line up in the celebrity eat and drink la sa place group photo, Hate can't oneself through time and space, To put on the little faces of celebrities. The scenic spot that Gu Xi brought Chi late will naturally not let go of publicity gimmicks such as "the shooting site of Daughter Country" and "three movie queens eating, drinking and sleeping balabala". What's the stunt? It's money! Money! Who doesn't like it? So from the local government to the park staff are trying to serve the whole crew in place, must leave this future lucky cat. So when Gu Xi felt a little tired walking in the garden and the sun was a little hot, the accompanying staff immediately arranged for them to take a boat to their destination. The antique motor boat moved forward slowly, and Gu Xi leaned lazily on Chi Chi's body. Some of the assistants and bodyguards sitting behind them looked at the sky and some at the water, but they didn't look at the big shadow queen who was sticky on the little girl's body. The tour guide was a little embarrassed, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, but later he was relieved when he thought about it. The two beauties together were all pleasing to the eye, which was much better than flowers inserted in cow dung. The breeze is blowing, the green water is slightly, the water edge is full of land enclosed by bamboo fence, the water is pushed away by the forward boat, and the waves gently beat on the bamboo fence, without a trace of earthly atmosphere. The people sitting on the boat were talking about the most vulgar things in the world. It will cost tens of millions of yuan to build this real scene. If it were not for the local tyrants who are engaged in real estate, I would not dare to think about it. Gu Xi is still wearing sunglasses, bright eyes looking at the water, hands. Not very pure on Chi Chi's slender waist, but also brought back to touch. Chi Chi inserted a piece of watermelon with a small fork. "Do you want to eat it?" "I'm losing weight, and I can't eat anything except the list given to me by the nutritionist." Gu Xi looked at Chi Chi without hesitation to eat the watermelon, had felt accustomed to the temporary slimming, watching Chi Chi eat so much for most of the day, let her feel that the appetite that has been forgotten by herself is ready to move.
"How can you eat so much?" "I exercise a lot." Chi Chi has always felt that eating is a blessing and never wastes food. In her opinion, the best way to keep weight is to keep enough exercise every day. It's too cruel to lose weight by dieting. It took a lot of effort to learn yoga, and then Gu Xi, who was too lazy to do it, burst into tears. When you see the local tyrants later, you just pretend to be stupid and sweet, do you know? Who knows if a man in his thirties who has no gossip has any special hobbies? Innocent little girl, don't be dragged into the mire at once, just like herself at the beginning. Chi Chi eats the melon to look at the scene, originally does not take seriously, Gu Xi pinched on her waist, she immediately nodded to agree. Soon, they ended their journey of watching (eating) wind (small) scenery (eating). Leaving the boat and going ashore, far away from Gu Xi and Chi Chi, I saw Fei Ze, who was waving at the vast water. When the time comes, we will build a domed water village here, which should be large and supported by pillars, all standing on the water surface. Director Fei Da was so enthusiastic that he wished he could see an amazing wooden structure immediately in front of him. He just nodded to the arrival of Gu Xi and Chi Chi and continued to immerse himself in his imagination. How about making a pontoon bridge on the other side of the river? The kind with a big pillar, pulling the iron cable down from the pillar. He spoke casually, faster and faster, and his assistant memorized it in a muddle. As director Fei Da spoke more and more, the assistant's record became more and more chaotic. Gu Xi turned to Chi Chi a little helplessly and wanted to secretly complain about the madness of these artists. Unexpectedly, Chi Chi was listening attentively to Fei Ze. The dock must have a sense of depth on the screen, although we have to rely on special effects to complete the naval battle part,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, but the dock can not be too small, nor too big, in the screen to form a visual contrast with the King Ship and the giant sea monster.. 。