Night interview with a vampire

"Yes.". But I should have told you first that the plantation was in chaos at that time. The body of the overseer was found, as was the blind old man in the master's bedroom. No one can explain how such an old man could appear and find that I had disappeared from New Orleans. Sister reported to the police and by the time we got back to Pudula, several policemen were already there. By this time the sky was dark. Lester reminded me briefly not to let the police see me where there was light, not even a little light, especially as my flesh was too conspicuous at the moment. So I talked to them in the shade of the oak tree in front of the house. They asked me to come in and talk, but I ignored them. I explained to them that I had been in Pudula the night before and that the old man was my guest; as for the foreman, he had not been here, he had gone to New Orleans on business. The matter was thus settled. The aloofness I had just acquired played a big part in this. The next thing is that I'm facing the problem of the plantation itself. The slaves were at a loss and did not do any work all day. At that time, we had a large Polygonum blue dye factory, and the management of the foreman was very important. But I still have a few very smart slaves. If I had discovered their shrewdness and not been afraid of their African appearance and manners, they would have fully displayed their talents like foremen. After studying the situation of several of them,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, I handed over the management work to them. I promised them that I would give the foreman's house to whoever did the best job. I called the two young women who were working in the fields back to the main house to take care of Lester's father. I told them to try not to disturb me. As long as they don't affect me and Lester, I'll pay them extra. I didn't realize at the time that it was these slaves who first suspected that Lester and I were not ordinary people. It never occurred to me that they had a much better experience of gods and ghosts than white people. Because of their lack of experience, I thought they were just rough people who had been domesticated by slavery and were simple-minded. At this point, I made a serious mistake. Let's talk about the other night. I'm going to tell you about my first murder. Lester botched the operation because of his lack of common sense. "Messed up?" Asked the boy. I should never have cut people off first. However, I can only learn this kind of experience by myself. No sooner had he dealt with the police and settled the slaves than Lester asked me to go into the swamp with him. It was late at night,Magnesium Oxide powder, and the hut where the slaves lived was dark. We soon lost sight of the lights of Pudula. I felt restless, the same feelings: remembering fear, bewilderment. If Lester had any natural intelligence, he would have explained the situation patiently and gently, telling me not to be afraid of swamps, that insects and snakes would never harm me, and that I should concentrate on my new ability to see objects in the dark. Instead of doing so, he kept blaming me, caustic calcined magnesite ,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, which made me upset. All he cared about was the prey and helping me get a head start and keep me going. When we finally found the prey, he urged me to act. It was a small group of escaped slaves, gathered together. Lester had attacked them before, about a quarter of their total. He watched from the darkness, waiting for one of them to leave the fire, or attack them when they were asleep. They were not at all aware of Lester's presence. We watched them there for more than an hour before we saw a man — they were all men — finally leave the clearing and walk a few steps into the bushes to relieve himself. When he turned to go, Lester shook me and said, 'Go and kill him.' "The vampire looked at the boy's wide-open eyes and smiled." I think I was scared. "You'd be scared, too," he said. But at that time I didn't know that I should kill animals first, not people. I hastened to say that I was not likely to catch him, but the slave heard my voice, turned around, turned his back to the distant fire, looked into the darkness, and quietly and quickly drew a long knife from his belt. He was naked except for a pair of trousers and a belt. This is a tall and strong young man. He spoke a French dialect and walked forward.
I know he can't see us, and I can see him clearly in the dark. Lester appeared behind him with lightning speed, holding his neck in one hand and his arm in the other, so fast that I couldn't see it. The slave shouted and tried to shake Lester off. Lester lowered his head, and the slave froze as if bitten by a snake. Then he bit the man's knee and drank the blood quickly. At this time, all the other slaves ran to this side. "You make me sick." He said this to me when he came back to me. We hid like black worms in the night, watched the slaves come and go, found the wounded man, dragged him back, and did not notice us at all. They fanned out among the trees, searching for their attackers. 'Quick, we have to catch another one before they return to camp,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, 'he said. So we ran quickly to an outlier. I was still nervous, thinking that I had no ability to attack and no desire to attack. I said there are a lot of things Lester should tell me and a lot of things he should do. He should have been able to enrich my experience, but he didn't. "What should he do?" "What do you mean?" Asked the boy. 。