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    Amy and others had just returned to Reg from the wind dragon chapter, only to find that Reg was now spurting blood from his mouth, his gray beard and dirty magic robe had been dyed red with blood, and the old magician held his right hand left and right, both hands at the same time, struggling to draw the last character-all the other multicolored characters had been neatly arranged around the magic array. Only the piece in front of Reg was empty for the last place. The last painting of the silver hook of the iron pen is finally completed! The Peach Blossom Lake behind Lei Ge was boiling in an instant. Countless water columns rose from the lake but did not fall. Red patches, which should be countless peach blossom jellyfish in the lake, floated up from the water column and then floated to the magic array, one by one! The tree herder in the distance gave a deep sigh and retreated! When the Peach Blossom Lake really meets the sky, the magic power contained in the chapter will erupt in an instant, and the power of the chapter to act against the sky is not something that intelligent life can resist at all. The magic array became more and more red, and eventually, like a red pillar thousands of meters high, the seven people in the magic array looked at the blood-red old magic teacher outside the red pillar, Amy and Daqingshan bit their lips tightly, and the bones on their hands made a series of explosions.. Boom! The earth suddenly trembled, and countless peach blossom jellyfish were instantly blown into blood foam. Instantly driven by the hexagonal magic array,dap diammonium phosphate, a pillar of light came down from the sky, and countless magic spirits flew out of the water of Taohua Lake and shot into the hexagonal magic array! Moments later.. The magic array has disappeared. Countless water columns fell back to the Peach Blossom Lake from midair. "Oh.." I say who, unexpectedly really has the ability of'reaching the sky ', unexpectedly is Amy brother. "I always thought that only the hermits like us would have such a big hand." In the rapid lift-off of the seven adventurers, their ears, eyes, and internal organs were all under great pressure,calcium nitrate sol, and the countless sounds in their ears became one, while their eyes were simply dark and nothing could be seen. When they managed to get up from the ground, they could barely hear the voice of a young man. Then everyone felt a metal point on their chest. Qingluo is very clear about the metal tip of the chapter, and the arrow is lost. Www.xiaoshUotxt.cOm Chapter 97 goodbye old friend. Big. Learn . Sheng . Small . Say the net Amy took it, wiped the dust off her face, and carefully wiped the face of the mercenary beside her, including the little girl's delicate pointed ears. When the small whiteboard opened its eyes, it immediately saw the night without trace with an awkward smile on its face. The little girl's white and tender little hand mercilessly pointed to the night without trace's head and squeezed out four words from between her teeth: "despicable and shameless!" "Brother Amy, your wife seems to be very prejudiced against me." The night has no trace and a helpless face. Oh If honesty is also a kind of prejudice. I'd rather be prejudiced to the end. Also. There is no old man like you, and you don't know how to sympathize with subordinates at all. Brothers, don't always pull the bowstring, your fingers will touch the ground. Amy waved a friendly hand to the dark elves around her. Take it, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,Magnesium Oxide price, always give Amy a little face, speaking of, last time, although it ruined our business, but also saved the dark elves once. Grace is greater than enmity. The night has no trace to wave. Only then did the members of the small mercenary regiment have the leisure to stand up and observe the most brilliant pearl of human civilization. The first thing that comes into view is the dark curtain, which extends from infinity to the top of the head. The neck is a little hard, and the black curtain extends from the top of the head to infinity in another direction. Under the dark curtain should be the famous city of the sky. It looked very large, and the tallest buildings were nine magic towers, much higher than those Amy and others had seen in the crypt, and the spire was directly on top of the dark curtain. Without the nine spires, the whole city of the sky would be like a cake on the black curtain.
    From time to time, a group of lights burst out on each spire, blue, gold, blue, green, silver.. The colors are different, and the various colors of light are sometimes attracted into a variety of snake-shaped lightning, breaking away from the original magic tower, swaying and hissing to another magic tower, each time the snake-shaped lightning hits, the whole black curtain will be illuminated, and the city will tremble.. Tut, tut.. It's not just the little mercenaries who are surprised. The dark elves were also attracted by the scene in the sky, and the big leader, Ye Wuheng, raised his head and made a series of tuts in his mouth: "My God, the magic array of nine stars.." I always thought that the highest magic array ability of human beings was the hexagonal magic array, and they actually mastered the highest magic array at night. Great.. "If the gods want to destroy it, they must first make it mad.." The night without trace murmured in his mouth. What do you mean Amy was helped to her feet by a small whiteboard. Asked, frowning. Nine stars Lianzhu magic array, can attract the power of heaven and earth, chapter is the magic power that can directly compete with the gods. "What I don't understand is your last sentence," Amy interrupted. "Oh.." Ye Wuheng pursed his lips. The ancient race of elves had existed for many years, but he met a human who seemed to have eaten himself. It was also rare: "Brother Amy, you said that the dark elves existed in several creation gods, during which we also used magic to control the whole world.". Why was the Magic Empire overthrown by all the forces in the world only 2000 years after its founding? Remembering the past and sighing at the present. "Why?" Amy had a half-smile. Amy doesn't hate Night Without Trace. Everything he does is what he should do in his position, and he does it better. In addition, the most important thing is that Night Without Trace loves to show off. It is estimated that Zhang, a powerful guy,Magnesium Oxide powder, is too lonely to face his compatriots who can be counted for hundreds of years. Love to show off.. Love to show off well, the chapter is probably the world's most favorite bad habit for Amy. If you don't ask anything, you can listen to others one by one. stargrace-magnesite.com

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    "Brother Tang, you may think that we are very weak like this, but you are not from the chaotic base, you can not understand the kind of crisis that can lose your life at any time and anywhere, in the chaotic base, we have to keep alert all the time, guard against being attacked, but also to endure their temper, swallow their pride, only in this way." We can survive in the chaos base, otherwise, we don't know when we will die. Wang Yan said that there was a strong bitterness in his voice. In the final analysis, it is because our own strength is too low. If our strength is very strong, then no matter where we are, no one will provoke us. We don't have to swallow our pride when we encounter things. We can live in a high profile. Zhao Tiemu said. In that tone, there is a yearning for great strength. Hearing Zhao Tiemu's words, Wang Yan, Wang Pengfei and Li Bingru all showed the same feeling. After hearing this, Tang Fan was silent. To tell the truth, it is difficult for him to understand the feeling in the hearts of Wang Yan and others. Because Tang Fan is a strong man, even when he is weak, his heart has never been weak, with a strong heart, with strong confidence, firmly believe that he can get through the difficulties again and again. Therefore,potassium sulphate fertilizer, Tang Fan can not understand Wang Yan their mentality, it is a weak mentality, with such a mentality, in any case, can not become a strong. Volume II: New Age of Chaos 551 Black Skull 551 Black Skull Goshawks do not associate with songbirds, because the height of goshawks is different from that of songbirds, and the vision of goshawks is completely different from that of songbirds. Now, Tang Fan is like a goshawk, while Wang Yan and others are like sparrows. If they can't change their vision and change their mentality,Magnesium Sulphate producer, then no matter what opportunities they get, they can't become strong, that's the mentality. There is a saying that mentality determines a person's achievements and height. If we confine our vision to a small scope, then no matter how hard we work, the ultimate achievement is just so so. Only when we take a long view and relax our mentality and see through the empty universe, can we become a real strong man. Of course, mentality is not something that can be changed immediately if you want to change it. It needs a gradual process and some special opportunities before you can really realize it. Otherwise, it is impossible to change such a mentality just by one or two words from others. Therefore, Tang Fan did not say what Wang Yan and others, as just said, everyone has their own way of life, others can not control, do not need to interfere with what. As a result, Tang Fan was silent, because he could not understand the mentality of the weak, the sadness of the weak. The atmosphere suddenly became a little dull, as if the air was about to freeze. Sitting in the car, Magnesium Oxide price ,calcium ammonium nitrate price, the speed of the car is very fast, making a roaring sound, running rapidly in the direction of the chaotic base, behind the car, rolling up a burst of dust and smoke. After about an hour or so, the car drove into a spacious road, the road looked very smooth, obviously after a rest. The car drove smoothly on it, without any ups and downs, and there was no dust and smoke billowing. In addition to the car in which Tang Fan and others were sitting, there were other cars, some coming from the front, and some coming from other turnouts to this smooth road. Tang Fan glanced at these cars, some of which looked very good and were estimated to be worth a lot of magic points, while others looked very ordinary. At this time, only heard a roar of sound, like countless running thunder roaring rolling in, and then, Tang Fan felt a cold breath, from the distance to diffuse, sent over. Wang Pengfei saw something in the rearview mirror and suddenly turned the steering wheel. Suddenly, the car moved quickly to one side of the road. The wheels rolled over the ground, and the sound of violent friction sounded, dragging out clear traces. With a loud sound, a strong storm swept by, and the dust and smoke rolled away repeatedly.
    Tang Fan and others only felt a cold breath from the side, like a sharp blade cutting through. At the same time, I saw a huge black and red figure, as if crashing and smashing everything, rolling towards the front, and the ground shook violently. On this broad road, all the cars in front of them quickly dodged to the side to avoid being hit by this cold black figure, which was bound to be the end of car crash and death. This is a very large vehicle, or a chariot. This black and red vehicle has a height of nearly 10 meters, and its length has reached about 25 meters. It looks like a huge object. In front of this vehicle, the vehicle of Wang Yan and others looks like a small raft compared with a 10,000-ton giant ship. This huge chariot, with a thick black and red metal carapace, the front of the water chestnut, showing a curved triangle, the left and right sides like sharp blades, and the front, is a sharp enough to crush everything. The black and red metal carapace is covered with a crisscross of tusks, which is extremely cold, like purgatory. And the wheels of the car, not ordinary wheels, but metal tracks, like tanks, rolled over, everything, all smashed into pieces. When this terrible chariot rolled over, it gave people a feeling of shadows, which was very terrible. Wang Yan and others, is staring at the black and red figure gradually away,Magnesium Oxide MgO, the car has already been parked on one side, seems to be frightened hands and feet weak. The earth was shaking violently, but it did not affect them at all. Tang Fan's eyes froze and fell on a flying flag at the rear of the black and red chariot. It was a scarlet flag with a black symbol on it. It was a black skull symbol with two skeletons crossed under the skull. It looked like the flag of a pirate ship. stargrace-magnesite.com

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    "Yes.". But I should have told you first that the plantation was in chaos at that time. The body of the overseer was found, as was the blind old man in the master's bedroom. No one can explain how such an old man could appear and find that I had disappeared from New Orleans. Sister reported to the police and by the time we got back to Pudula, several policemen were already there. By this time the sky was dark. Lester reminded me briefly not to let the police see me where there was light, not even a little light, especially as my flesh was too conspicuous at the moment. So I talked to them in the shade of the oak tree in front of the house. They asked me to come in and talk, but I ignored them. I explained to them that I had been in Pudula the night before and that the old man was my guest; as for the foreman, he had not been here, he had gone to New Orleans on business. The matter was thus settled. The aloofness I had just acquired played a big part in this. The next thing is that I'm facing the problem of the plantation itself. The slaves were at a loss and did not do any work all day. At that time, we had a large Polygonum blue dye factory, and the management of the foreman was very important. But I still have a few very smart slaves. If I had discovered their shrewdness and not been afraid of their African appearance and manners, they would have fully displayed their talents like foremen. After studying the situation of several of them,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, I handed over the management work to them. I promised them that I would give the foreman's house to whoever did the best job. I called the two young women who were working in the fields back to the main house to take care of Lester's father. I told them to try not to disturb me. As long as they don't affect me and Lester, I'll pay them extra. I didn't realize at the time that it was these slaves who first suspected that Lester and I were not ordinary people. It never occurred to me that they had a much better experience of gods and ghosts than white people. Because of their lack of experience, I thought they were just rough people who had been domesticated by slavery and were simple-minded. At this point, I made a serious mistake. Let's talk about the other night. I'm going to tell you about my first murder. Lester botched the operation because of his lack of common sense. "Messed up?" Asked the boy. I should never have cut people off first. However, I can only learn this kind of experience by myself. No sooner had he dealt with the police and settled the slaves than Lester asked me to go into the swamp with him. It was late at night,Magnesium Oxide powder, and the hut where the slaves lived was dark. We soon lost sight of the lights of Pudula. I felt restless, the same feelings: remembering fear, bewilderment. If Lester had any natural intelligence, he would have explained the situation patiently and gently, telling me not to be afraid of swamps, that insects and snakes would never harm me, and that I should concentrate on my new ability to see objects in the dark. Instead of doing so, he kept blaming me, caustic calcined magnesite ,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, which made me upset. All he cared about was the prey and helping me get a head start and keep me going. When we finally found the prey, he urged me to act. It was a small group of escaped slaves, gathered together. Lester had attacked them before, about a quarter of their total. He watched from the darkness, waiting for one of them to leave the fire, or attack them when they were asleep. They were not at all aware of Lester's presence. We watched them there for more than an hour before we saw a man — they were all men — finally leave the clearing and walk a few steps into the bushes to relieve himself. When he turned to go, Lester shook me and said, 'Go and kill him.' "The vampire looked at the boy's wide-open eyes and smiled." I think I was scared. "You'd be scared, too," he said. But at that time I didn't know that I should kill animals first, not people. I hastened to say that I was not likely to catch him, but the slave heard my voice, turned around, turned his back to the distant fire, looked into the darkness, and quietly and quickly drew a long knife from his belt. He was naked except for a pair of trousers and a belt. This is a tall and strong young man. He spoke a French dialect and walked forward.
    I know he can't see us, and I can see him clearly in the dark. Lester appeared behind him with lightning speed, holding his neck in one hand and his arm in the other, so fast that I couldn't see it. The slave shouted and tried to shake Lester off. Lester lowered his head, and the slave froze as if bitten by a snake. Then he bit the man's knee and drank the blood quickly. At this time, all the other slaves ran to this side. "You make me sick." He said this to me when he came back to me. We hid like black worms in the night, watched the slaves come and go, found the wounded man, dragged him back, and did not notice us at all. They fanned out among the trees, searching for their attackers. 'Quick, we have to catch another one before they return to camp,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, 'he said. So we ran quickly to an outlier. I was still nervous, thinking that I had no ability to attack and no desire to attack. I said there are a lot of things Lester should tell me and a lot of things he should do. He should have been able to enrich my experience, but he didn't. "What should he do?" "What do you mean?" Asked the boy. 。 stargrace-magnesite.com

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    She doesn't need to go to the canteen to eat, to clean up the room, to clean up. In this way, part of the time is saved. More importantly, she was finally able to explain a problem to someone. Although there were only three people who listened to Lin Cha's explanation. Min Jingfeng and I are really not boyfriend and girlfriend. We are not in love. "No, it's good.". You are still young now. Lin's father and mother believed it very quickly this time. Lin Li has just finished shooting a movie this time, so now she is resting at home. Hearing what Lin Cha said, she opened her mouth and said: "It's a good thing not to be a couple. Now some things about Min's family are exposed on the Internet, which is not a good thing." Lin Cha frowned, she did not pay attention to the network this period of time. Lin Cha thought of this and took out his cell phone, and sure enough, he soon saw the push. # Minjia Charitable Foundation # # Behind the Min family # The Minjia Charitable Foundation has been sued. It turned out that the head of one of the charitable foundations had an accident with her child. She herself believed in Buddhism and felt that all this was retribution, so she joined several former victims. Lin Cha read the whole report from the beginning to the end, and then found that the reporter wrote, "I just don't know how Minmou, the enthusiastic citizen who acted bravely for a just cause, will feel when he sees the situation now." Lin Cha felt that it was really unfair that Min Jingfeng's father was a typical pit son. Min Jingfeng has nothing to do with anything good, but when something bad happens, Min Jingfeng is bound to be implicated. Lin Cha hurried to brush his teeth and wash his face, and then ran to school. The place where they live now is no longer the area where they used to live. It is very close to the school. Because Lin Cha's parents feel that her special ability now is to change the existence of the existing world view. How can such an important person not be on guard? Lin Cha: "…" In fact, I was worried that my parents would not be able to accept this, but I didn't expect them to accept it so well. When Lin Cha went downstairs,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, she saw Min Jingfeng waiting for her downstairs. Min Jingfeng had bruises on his face. Lin Cha's good mood suddenly flew away. He stood on tiptoe and looked at his face carefully: "What's going on?"? Is that halo coming back again? The former black pattern is because of the bite back. Min Jingfeng shook his head and said, "I was beaten by my father." Lin Cha was even more angry: "Why did he come to beat you when he was free?"? I want to hit him, too! Min Jingfeng said: "He wanted me to come forward to help him clarify some problems, but I refused to come forward to help him, so he hit me." Lin Cha has seen the news, of course, knows what the other side wants to clarify. Such a big thing, even if Min Jingfeng wants to help, it is very difficult to help. When Lin Cha saw him like this, he was even more distressed: "It's all right. Don't worry about them. We will be a family in the future!" Min Jingfeng was not prepared to take care of them, but he found that the children who grew up in a happy family had some ideological deviations from him. For example, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Sulphate price, many people think that even if your parents are not good, you still have to help them. Strangely enough, when his father hit him, he could have avoided it, but at that moment he could not tell how he felt. Anyway, he just thought of Lin Cha and her attitude towards her parents. He did not avoid it. This is probably selling miserably? Just like at this moment, Lin Cha is very angry with the Min family. However, there can be a more angry time, someone actually picked up Min Jingfeng on the Internet, saying that Min Jingfeng was not a good young man who acted bravely for a just cause as the Internet said. What really makes Lin Cha so angry is this sentence: "There is no such thing as a good bamboo shoot in the world. My parents do all kinds of evil, and my children don't have two good things!" Lin Cha could not help but reply to him: "Is the world around you?" "Anyway, he is not a good man. I don't know his character, but I know that every penny he spent was earned by the Min family in this way full of blood and tears. That is to say, his comfort is based on the pain of the child who really needs help. Such a person should not be said to be innocent.".
    ” Lin Cha replied, "You really don't know anything!"! Do you want to check the background of Min's family on the Internet? Min Jingfeng is the eldest son, who was born by his ex-wife. He didn't live in Min's family a long time ago. His money was earned by himself. "Certainly not a good person, I have a classmate with him in the same school, when the hot search said that Min Jingfeng this person is completely different from the hot search said, he also received protection money." Lin Cha replied: "Nonsense, not to collect protection money at all, but to help the victim get back the protection money, but did not expect the other side to bite back." The other party replied: "Are you a fanboy?"? I just saw you alone in the comment section. Lin Cha was very angry. At this time, Min Jingfeng came back and saw her scene. Seeing that his little milk dragon was once again angry and became a little Tyrannosaurus Rex, he couldn't help laughing and said, "Don't care about this with them. I didn't take it to heart, and you don't take it to heart either." Lin Cha admires Min Jingfeng very much is this matter, he is really able to achieve the collapse of Mount Tai in front of the same color, elk in the left and instant. But then I thought about what kind of things I had to go through to get to this point. When I thought about it, I felt distressed in an instant. The news on the Internet is obviously related to the Min family, and the other party probably wants to use Min Jingfeng to divert attention. Official Weibo also came out to say that it was vicious competition within the industry, which belonged to malicious slander, and had decided to hand it over to lawyers. Lin Cha still wants to continue to look down, was taken away by Min Jingfeng mobile phone: "a little while to have a class, listen to a good class." Lin Cha: "…" Well, you should listen to the class. When Lin Cha attended the lecture, Min Jingfeng sat in the last row but was not idle. People in the circle know all about the Min family, but few people will reveal it,Magnesium Oxide MgO, and the marketing number has been warned. Now netizens are cursing angrily, not believing in the explanation given by the Min family, while others in the circle are watching. stargrace-magnesite.com

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    Chi Chi turned to look at Gu Xi, holding the meat pie with dried plum vegetables. It's really delicious. Would you like to try it? Wearing sunglasses, Gu Xi pointed to them before and after: "We are in the scenic spot, you have been eating, you do not know whether things are clean or not, you still eat!"! Is your name Chi Chi or eat? "Miss Gu, you can rest assured that the meat pie with dried plum vegetables is our specialty here. In addition, there are dragon boat cakes, green balls with shredded bamboo shoots, pickled green plums.." said the staff of the scenic spot who had been following Gu without saying a word. The health inspection is very strict, and it is absolutely clean and hygienic. Gu Xi waved his hand casually: "I don't have a problem with the specialty you sell..." Chi Chi asked the guide curiously, "Where is the dragon boat cake?" Through the sunglasses, Gu Xi stared at Chi Chi: "Have you forgotten that we are here to survey the scenery?" The girl silently swallowed the last mouthful of plum dried vegetable meat pie in her mouth. With such a big investment, we will definitely treat you to a good meal in the scenic spot. What will you do if you are full now? With an assistant holding an umbrella behind him and a road cleared for tourists in front of him, Director Fei had already taken a tour bus directly to the freshwater shoal where they wanted to build a harbor and a palace. Gu Xi's star is full of pomp and circumstance, but the girl around him is always out of place. Others came to work, but she was as leisurely as a tourist,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, and she would not admit that she was envious and jealous. In five minutes. The dragon boat cake was originally stuffed with dried plum and meat. This pickled green plum is very good. Would you like to taste it? Gu Xi has given up the treatment of Chi Chi: "No, you eat it yourself." While looking at the scenery, Gu Xi would also cast her eyes on the little girl who was happily eating. I haven't seen her for a few days, and the breath on her body seems to be much heavier? It's good. Young and mature actresses are certainly not as attractive as lively and beautiful female stars.  ...   Chapter 28 stunts. This year, There is no popularity that is difficult to make money, a lot of people do anything for a gimmick,brushed stainless steel sheet, You don't see some of the original unknown scenic spots because of a well-known film, Do a variety show with ratings, It has become a famous scenic spot, From now on the tourists, Line up in the celebrity eat and drink la sa place group photo, Hate can't oneself through time and space, To put on the little faces of celebrities. The scenic spot that Gu Xi brought Chi late will naturally not let go of publicity gimmicks such as "the shooting site of Daughter Country" and "three movie queens eating, drinking and sleeping balabala". What's the stunt? It's money! Money! Who doesn't like it? So from the local government to the park staff are trying to serve the whole crew in place, must leave this future lucky cat. So when Gu Xi felt a little tired walking in the garden and the sun was a little hot, the accompanying staff immediately arranged for them to take a boat to their destination. The antique motor boat moved forward slowly, and Gu Xi leaned lazily on Chi Chi's body. Some of the assistants and bodyguards sitting behind them looked at the sky and some at the water, but they didn't look at the big shadow queen who was sticky on the little girl's body. The tour guide was a little embarrassed, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, but later he was relieved when he thought about it. The two beauties together were all pleasing to the eye, which was much better than flowers inserted in cow dung. The breeze is blowing, the green water is slightly, the water edge is full of land enclosed by bamboo fence, the water is pushed away by the forward boat, and the waves gently beat on the bamboo fence, without a trace of earthly atmosphere. The people sitting on the boat were talking about the most vulgar things in the world. It will cost tens of millions of yuan to build this real scene. If it were not for the local tyrants who are engaged in real estate, I would not dare to think about it. Gu Xi is still wearing sunglasses, bright eyes looking at the water, hands. Not very pure on Chi Chi's slender waist, but also brought back to touch. Chi Chi inserted a piece of watermelon with a small fork. "Do you want to eat it?" "I'm losing weight, and I can't eat anything except the list given to me by the nutritionist." Gu Xi looked at Chi Chi without hesitation to eat the watermelon, had felt accustomed to the temporary slimming, watching Chi Chi eat so much for most of the day, let her feel that the appetite that has been forgotten by herself is ready to move.
    "How can you eat so much?" "I exercise a lot." Chi Chi has always felt that eating is a blessing and never wastes food. In her opinion, the best way to keep weight is to keep enough exercise every day. It's too cruel to lose weight by dieting. It took a lot of effort to learn yoga, and then Gu Xi, who was too lazy to do it, burst into tears. When you see the local tyrants later, you just pretend to be stupid and sweet, do you know? Who knows if a man in his thirties who has no gossip has any special hobbies? Innocent little girl, don't be dragged into the mire at once, just like herself at the beginning. Chi Chi eats the melon to look at the scene, originally does not take seriously, Gu Xi pinched on her waist, she immediately nodded to agree. Soon, they ended their journey of watching (eating) wind (small) scenery (eating). Leaving the boat and going ashore, far away from Gu Xi and Chi Chi, I saw Fei Ze, who was waving at the vast water. When the time comes, we will build a domed water village here, which should be large and supported by pillars, all standing on the water surface. Director Fei Da was so enthusiastic that he wished he could see an amazing wooden structure immediately in front of him. He just nodded to the arrival of Gu Xi and Chi Chi and continued to immerse himself in his imagination. How about making a pontoon bridge on the other side of the river? The kind with a big pillar, pulling the iron cable down from the pillar. He spoke casually, faster and faster, and his assistant memorized it in a muddle. As director Fei Da spoke more and more, the assistant's record became more and more chaotic. Gu Xi turned to Chi Chi a little helplessly and wanted to secretly complain about the madness of these artists. Unexpectedly, Chi Chi was listening attentively to Fei Ze. The dock must have a sense of depth on the screen, although we have to rely on special effects to complete the naval battle part,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, but the dock can not be too small, nor too big, in the screen to form a visual contrast with the King Ship and the giant sea monster.. 。 sxthsteel.com

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    Yingshu has been beautiful since childhood, with almond eyes and cherry mouth, which meets all the standards of Chinese classical beauty. When the young people are ignorant of love, Qingyu often jokes about taking him as a model for finding a wife in the future: Marriage seeking revelation Good health, reasonable, gentle personality. Appearance: Tongfeng Yingshu. At that time, Wei Qingyu was silent and stubborn. He once made an appointment with others to fight on the rooftop, with one against seven! He was outnumbered, so he focused on the leader, and they both ended up in the hospital. Unexpectedly, Wei Qingyu, who had broken off a sharp body, turned out to be as charming as the bone at the moment. Also finally clear, what is beautiful, and what is beautiful. Memory of childhood, although poor, but the sky is always blue, struggling together to believe that one day will have to escape and ascend to heaven. Always remember when they asked each other about the ideal of life, Qingyu said that he would build the happiest family in the world in the future, and he said that one day he would grow into a man of indomitable spirit. But now only a few years, he has not been able to grow into a vigorous tree,stainless steel welded pipe, and Qingyu has long been no longer the pure white youth in the sun. He only knew that there was a nightmare in Qingyu's life, and he only saw the scars after he woke up, and his hair stood on end. So he kept asking, asking, to find out the truth of the dream, not because he was curious and ignorant, but because he knew that only when he was willing to speak, the dream would really wake up. However,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, he refused to say whether he was still dreaming all the time. ++++++++++++++++++++ Note: The friendship between men in this article is often not pure, and this time I do not want to write a man to see as long as they want to overwhelm the small. He can also have a brother, that man is not greedy for beauty, they cover each other, pull each other in the mud. The first chapter is the cruel story of youth. 10. More sonorous than a sigh Qi Shaoting was always uncertain in his heart downstairs. He looked at the door unclosed from a distance. He wanted to get close but felt embarrassed. He gently reached into the small half of his face and heard only one sentence: "If I had died in the hands of the tree baby, I would not have felt any regret." There was a buzz in Qi Shaoting's brain: "Because only you can satisfy me." "If I had died at the hands of the baby tree, I would not have felt any regret." The two sentences kept circulating in my mind, and finally broke into a mess. When Yingshu came out of the room, there were still tears on his face, but his expression had been restored to the bared teeth and claws of Feng Yingshu. What is your relationship with Wei Qingyu? Yingshu gave a sidelong glance and smiled rather disdainfully. "It's not the kind of relationship with you anyway." He naturally despised him as just another man who had fallen under the fatal charm of Qingyu. Man, what is a man? Men are like clothes, and brothers are like brothers. What's going on with his body? Qi Shaoting knew what he meant and was embarrassed. Once a year! Yingshu deliberately did not say the key point and took it lightly. Before that, when he was sick, you were.. "I don't do that with him." "Master Qi, 304 Stainless Steel Coil ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe," said Yingshu proudly, "three-legged toads are not easy to find, but two-legged men are everywhere. Especially like Weiyang, he doesn't have to wave. Feng Yingshu deliberately vague concept, there is no need to let him know too much, if a person knows that he is too important, easy to be proud! Qi Shaoting clenched his teeth and turned livid. Yingshu knew very well that there was room to be a man, so he turned his face and said, "But this is the first time he has recognized a person. Master Qi is Master Qi. It's hard for a man or a woman to resist his charm." Is it?! Am I supposed to be proud? Qi Shaoting sneered. If the other side is night Weiyang, it should be possible! Yingshu picked his jaw and looked very rogue. But there's one thing I can't figure out. Why are you crying? "Well," Yingshu wiped his face as if nothing had happened. "I'm sentimental by nature. I just talked about some childhood anecdotes. I can't help being sad and crying." There was no sentimentality on his smiling face.
    Qi Shaoting is very helpless, this kind of true villain, really the most difficult to bear. When he left, Yingshu was driving alone, and the most violent music of Lincoln Park was playing on the stereo. Suddenly I felt bitter in my mouth before I knew I was crying again. I laughed and wiped it with my hands, but I didn't want to wipe it more and more. In the end, my whole face was wet. Finally, I couldn't help but fall down and cry loudly. Tree baby, from today on, you still call me Ye Weiyang? What about the night? At the end of the night ! The name Wei Qingyu should not have been used. Qi Shaoting has not known how to face this man, the mood is very complex, it seems that how to do is to betray, or betray the past, or betray the present. How much should I give you? It may be a good situation for both people and money. How much should I give you? "Don't worry about anything else, we just need each other after nightfall, right?" He deliberately said this sentence in his ear, and he was as angry as Lan. But, Qingyu. I never called him by his name. I used to just say'ah 'and'hello'. This name, not you call, I call night Weiyang, remember! Ye Weiyang narrowed his eyes slightly. I see! Qi Shaoting is used to being a winner, but now when he meets this man, he has no way to start, not to mention winning, he has no chance to lose. He doesn't fight with you, but you can't help following his train of thought. Naturally, he is not without resentment, the surface can not do anything, the heart has gnashed his teeth a thousand times: "Wait!"! Look when I don't need you anymore. But wait, when I don't need you anymore! Before that, they were still tied up, because they had lost, and they knew they could not afford to lose. Had to pay attention everywhere, see if you can catch anything, but everywhere left in the heart. At this time, he has been different from the beginning, at that time,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, he was still submissive, but now he shows his true temperament, a kind of indifference to the bone. sxthsteel.com

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    At this point, he seemed to collapse his shoulders and relax as if relieved. His whole body was soft and piled up, but his eyes were very clear. He went on to say, "But just now your expression made me completely awake. Your eyes were shining with pity, but what I want is love, since love is no longer there." The rest of the pity can only be an insult to me. I asked Chuming to call you because I wanted to make one last attempt, and I didn't call you myself because I knew you wouldn't come if I was looking for you. In fact, I had made up my mind before you came. If you still have me in your heart, we will get through the difficulties together. Of course, I also know that this assumption is almost untenable. It can be said that I called you here today to make myself give up. I do not want to live forever in the pain of the past, I do not want to make my parents sad, although I am very reluctant, but I have to say goodbye to our past, secret, finally let me hug you? This is my only request, let this embrace have you for the last time, just I was too impulsive, I should not be so rude to you, but I can not control, I am sorry. In fact, I really hope that I can keep a fairly good image in your heart,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, but unfortunately I have been destroyed by myself. I really hate myself. The more precious things are, the less I will cherish them. I have been with you for eight years before. I love you deeply, but I never know how to express it. Then Chu Guang stopped and took another breath. He seemed a little excited. I was surprised at what he said. He loved deeply but did not know how to express it. This introverted man buried his love in his heart. Unfortunately, I was not the woman who could read his heart. I mistook his deep love for heartlessness. Chapter 37 Then Chu Guang stopped and took another breath. He seemed a little excited. I was surprised at what he said. He loved deeply but did not know how to express it. This introverted man buried his love in his heart. Unfortunately, I was not the woman who could read his heart. I mistook his deep love for heartlessness. Chu Guang stabilized his mood and then said, "I always think that we have been together for so long that there are many words that need not be said, but I overestimated our tacit understanding,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, alas!"! Forget everything, let's not talk about it, can I hug you again? As he spoke, he turned to look at me with his usual gentleness and cautious desire. If a hug can make him resolutely abandon the past and firmly move towards the future, then I am not stingy, because my heart is open, this is just a hug of friendship, nothing else. I took the initiative to stretch out my arms, looking at Chu Guang in order to desperately hold back the tears in his eyes and twisted face, the heart will still be sad, can not bear to see, can only quickly put his head on his shoulder, ear to ear, missed is our eight years of the past and their future. Originally, the past eight years are just the process of our gradual approach to each other, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Bar, destined to be two straight lines crossing, so after that fatal point, we can only go our separate ways. Only then did Chu Guang respond to my hug. He slowly tightened his arms and finally pressed his face tightly against my shoulder. I felt his trembling and then the wetness on his shoulder, but I could only touch his back. About a few minutes later, Chu Guang gradually stabilized and released me, "Secret, thank you for coming today." He said, still looking down at me, I know he doesn't want me to see the tears on his face, he is still the big man who is very concerned about face. Because I was kneeling on the ground, my legs were a little numb. As soon as Chu Guang released me, I was soft on the ground. I could only turn around and put my right hand on the ground to stand up. But when I was about to stand, I glanced outside the door, and I was shocked. At the door stood Luo Feiyang with a pale face! He saw, look at his expression to know that he must have seen, if only happened to see me take the initiative to embrace Chu Guang that part is even worse. As soon as I was in a hurry, my hand fell to the ground again. I saw Luo Feiyang turn his head and walk away. I was more anxious. I struggled to stand up but failed repeatedly. My abnormality attracted Chu Guang's attention. He was stunned for a moment and immediately got up to chase him.
    When my legs could work, I went out and saw the two big men standing there like sculptures, their eyes were more round than a dollar coin. When they saw me coming out, they both looked at me at the same time. Without thinking, I said to Luo Feiyang, "Feiyang, don't misunderstand me." But the words only said this sentence do not know what to say, let me say to him that hug is just a friendship hug, that is the end of my eight-year love with Chu Guang? It seems that no matter what you say, it will hurt him, but if you don't say anything, it will hurt him even more. Don't blame him. I forced her. Chu Guang somehow said such a sentence, my heart secretly called not good, Luo Feiyang is not a fool, if he just saw me take the initiative to embrace Chu Guang, then Chu Guang this sentence is more and more black. Forced? Hum! Luo Feiyang snorted coldly, "forcing someone else's girlfriend, then you are worse than a beast, I ask you again, what is going on?" Just as I was about to explain, Chu Guang said first, "I forced her, it's none of Secretary Zhou's business." The voice did not fall to see Luo Feiyang's fist quickly brushed the bridge of Chu Guang's nose, "you ***ing look for a fight!" Chu Guang did not fight back at first, but after being punched a few times, he began to fight back. Two people wrestled with each other. I have never seen a real version of the fight. I was scared. How did the situation become like this? Chu Guang first is to drink too much wine, walking is not stable, and second is the body is not good, a few times was Luo Feiyang pushed down on the ground, watching Luo Feiyang round the fist to hit down,304 Stainless Steel Wire, this punch down Chu Guang was not beaten half a life to go? The two of them are red-eyed, but I can't ignore them. I desperately grabbed Luo Feiyang's hand and shouted, "Don't fight!" Luo Feiyang was stunned. Neither of us was paying attention. Chu Guang suddenly punched out and hit Luo Feiyang on the bridge of his nose. Two nosebleeds flowed down in an instant. I was silly. This would undoubtedly make him misunderstand again. sxthsteel.com

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    If I don't command well, I'm afraid my backup will be wiped out! "No.5, No.6, No.7, listen to your orders: don't worry about that female golden fighter and those clowns. Give me all your strength to attack Leo. He is suffering from internal injuries now, and most of his strength is used to suppress the cold in his body.". As long as you continue to force him to launch a powerful battle offensive against him, Leo will not be able to help fighting, when the cold on his body will become his fatal wound, Leo will be self-defeating. Solve Leo, the rest is not to be feared! Under the command of Galan, No.5, No.6 and No.7 began to chase around Leo. Karina and the Five Elements Killer wanted to stop them, but they had no choice but to hurt their feet and hands. The speed slowed down a lot and they could not keep up with the rhythm of the battle. If the force was a little bigger, the wounds on their feet and hands would keep bleeding.. And Leo? His condition is just as expected by Galan, because of the long-term damage of extreme low temperature, there is indeed a lot of cold in his body, and Leo is indeed using part of the golden fighting gas to suppress the cold. So in the face of the three golden fighters, Leo can only avoid them with a hidden step and dare not confront them. Jia Lan looked at the three small gold gradually gained an advantage, he could not help but secretly proud: "Leo, Leo, my mental induction is good, right?"? I even know what internal injuries you have suffered! Although you are still using your footwork to avoid the attack of the three small gold, but when the physical strength of No.5 and No.6 recovers, I will ask them to transform into the second form and attack you with gliding again, I don't believe you can avoid it! If you can't avoid it, your time will come! After I clean you up,304 stainless steel wire, I will unlock the ban, and then clean up the dark dragon in one breath, and subdue it as a phantom beast, then this trip to Panlong Mountain Death Valley will be a complete success! Hey hey.. You rushed to the dark dragon one day. Followed by Avans! More than thirty thousand soldiers of the Heroic Plains, as well as the five great magicians of the Magic Association and the dizzy Wind Wanli are all under the protection of the A-style boundary. They can only watch and do nothing else. Headmaster, what are you doing here? With 12 meters to go before the Dark Dragon, Youyi came to a screeching halt. Can't I come? Avans put away the magic wind and fire wheels and asked. No. It's just that you're late. You should have come the moment the Dark Dragon fell to the ground with two arrows (the Arrow of Light and the Arrow of Dark Light), and then captured it while its strength was not restored! You Yitian answered with some anger, after all, Avans missed such a good opportunity! You Yitian, what you said sounds good. Then I ask you, why did I catch the dark dragon at the moment when it fell with two arrows, instead of you? Idiot! Didn't you say before that you wanted to study the dark dragon? So of course it's you! "You Yitian!"! How dare you speak like this to the headmaster of the wise and powerful Avans School! After all, Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, you've been a librarian in my library for five years, and you don't even have the virtue of respecting teachers? Avans is angry. Besides, do you think your reason is right? Don't think I don't know, you also want to study the dark dragon in your heart, right? So if I was supposed to catch the dark dragon at the moment it fell, then you should have come at the moment.
    But why didn't you do it? Why You Yitian said angrily, "I really wanted to come here at that moment, but wasn't my eldest brother being attacked by Yalina's magic at that time?"? How can I watch my eldest brother turn into an ice sculpture? What about you? Why did you follow me when the dark dragon fell? Why did you follow me? I'm not a dark dragon! Who said I was following you? I went to see the ice sculpture! I want to see what kind of magic can trap even the Golden Warrior! As a result, I am not wrong, it is a new type of magic! If I wasn't studying it at that time, how could I have time to deal with the dark dragon? The dark dragon can be caught at any time to study its magic, but the magic here can not be seen at any time and anywhere. On balance, of course, I stood and watched the magic of Alina. Excuse me, what's wrong with that? The old and the young argued over a problem that was not a problem. ············ "Well, I'm afraid of you!"! I didn't expect you to be so old and energetic. You Yi said breathlessly. Young man, it's not that I'm energetic, it's that I'm right. When I was discussing magic with others, I had to face more than 20 magicians' questions at a time. I was right, so although there were 20 people arguing with me, I still won. This is nothing compared to what it was back then! Avans became proud. You Yitian murmured in his heart, "Really, if I give you three colors, you will open a dyeing room. If I just praise you, you will be sunny.". Why are all magic teachers like this? How could you know that, in fact, when they really reached the realm of magic teachers, their minds would gradually become single because they focused on magic, and they would not be disturbed by mundane things, coupled with their superior power, so they would live younger and younger. Avans is one of the typical ones. You Yitian no longer pays attention to Avans, and the power unfolds. You Yitian makes a further comprehensive scan of the dark dragon. You have to scan all the States of the dark dragon at this moment one day. The dark dragon is 65 meters tall and weighs 7034 tons. The whole body is dark, the energy is released from inside to outside, the epidermis skin is double-layered, can be turned over, usually black, when photosynthesis is black and green, the whole body cells are active, metabolism is vigorous, metabolic function reaches 93%.. Good eyesight Judging from the eye structure, its eyes have night eyes, which can penetrate the night (that is,mirror stainless steel sheet, to see objects in the dark).. Dark energy is not very strong. , accounting for 45% of the total body.. He suffered a severe injury to his abdomen The wound has healed.. In a flash, Youtian scanned the parameters of the body of the dark dragon. sxthsteel.com